CCP pays millions on propaganda in US news; China firm fines workers who buy US-made cars or iPhones

published on July 2, 2020

an internal government document reveals

contradictions and what China's

Communist Party members can do and

what's laid out in the Constitution a

Chinese firm announcing you'll punish

employees who buy american-made cars or

Apple iPhones instead of China made but

some are pointing out the hypocrisy

Beijing unveiling plans to create a new

free trade hub on one of its islands to

replace Hong Kong the detailed blueprint

comes after Trump revoked Hong Kong

special status two weeks ago a new

Harvard research suggests the virus

could have hit Wuhan much earlier than

we thought

satellite images show a spike in traffic

around that city's hospitals as early as

August last year and a Chinese

propaganda outlet paid millions of

dollars to American news outlets to run

ads that look like news reports welcome

to China InFocus I'm Tiffany Mayer as a

member of the Chinese Communist Party

what aren't you allowed to do an

internal document from May 20th shows

the party is trying to control every

word and thought of its citizens the

document listed 20 restrictions for

Communist Party members and demands that

they carefully control their words and

actions even outside of working hours

any violation of the rules will result

in severe punishment some of the

restrictions are related to consuming

media the document forbids party members

from visiting illegal or reactionary

websites according to China that

includes Twitter and YouTube

all English mainstream media also aren't

accessible that's unless you get special

permission from authorities like China's

50-cent army who are assigned to spread

CCP propaganda on Twitter are certain

officials tasked with carrying out the

so called wolf warrior policy against

the Western world

another rule bans tuning into overseas

reactionary radio and TV programs for

decades these signals from BBC and Voice

of America have been disrupted by the

CCP no American TV programs reach normal

Chinese households either only by using

special software's can Chinese netizens

bypass the regime's firewall and catch a

glimpse into the outside world

roll also imposes regulations on private

life party members aren't allowed to

join local clubs alumni groups

classmates associations or veteran

associations that are not run by the

party the Communist Party fears any form

of social gathering outside of its

control because people could secretly

denounce the party speaking critically

about the party's principles or policies

even privately is also forbidden going

even further the party bans practicing

or believing in religions as well in

China there are two kinds of churches

one is organized and recognized by the

party even its bishops are appointed by

the party not by the Pope the other one

is the underground Church which doesn't

follow the party and is strongly

suppressed by the regime the same is

true for Buddhism Weger Muslims

Buddhists and practitioners of spiritual

meditation discipline Falun Gong are

severely persecuted in China now let's

compare the rules with China's

Constitution article 35 claims Chinese

citizens enjoy freedom of speech of the

press of Assembly of Association of

procession and of demonstration article

36 as Chinese people have freedom of

religion it adds that no state organs

social organization or individual is

allowed to compel citizens to control

others choice of faith that leaves the

question does the internal document

violate the Chinese Constitution Beijing

so-called National Security Law in Hong

Kong is highly controversial and widely

thought to erode the city's freedom the

Communist Party denies it yet the words

of Zhang Xiao ping deputy director of

the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office

tells another story this office belongs

to China state council Jung said on

Monday that the negative reports

published by Hong Kong media about the

regime are to overthrow state power and

subvert the leadership of the CCP that

means when the new law takes effect the

negative reports will be considered

criminal and subject to punishment just

like in mainland China one netizen wrote

freedom of the press in a communist

party is so terrible you can only

glorify the greatness and correctness

of the party another user referring to

democratic governments wrote any

political party in this world can be

subverted every four years Americans

consider whether to subvert the rule of

the Democratic Party or the Republican

party new documents filed with a US

Department of Justice reveal a Chinese

propaganda outlet paid The Washington

Post and The Wall Street Journal

millions of dollars to run propaganda

ads that look like news reports

according to the documents China Daily

has paid over 45 million dollars to the

post in nearly 6 million to the journal

since November 2016 China Daily is

overseen by the Chinese regime's

publicity Department which controls the

spread of propaganda it has a history of

spending millions to run propaganda

articles called China Watch in major US

newspapers including the journal The New

York Times and the post one Chinese

company has announced that it will

punish employees for buying Apple

iPhones or american-made cars if caught

employees won't receive their six-month

work bonuses the money will instead be

given to employees using Chinese tech

giant Huawei phones and cars

manufactured in China back in May

another Chinese company introduced a

similar policy and their announcement

they even used words like rascal and

nasty to describe the us's dealings with

Huawei the announcement quickly

backfired drawing backlash and criticism

one person even mentioned the US

technology that has been used to make

Huawei devices they asked should we

count the made in us parts inside

Huawei phones a new study from Harvard

suggests the virus could have hit Wuhan

much earlier than we thought satellite

images show a spike in traffic around

that city's hospitals as early as August

last year new research from Harvard may

suggest the virus outbreak occurred much

earlier in Wuhan than Chinese

authorities reported the analysis comes

from Harvard Medical School which

analyzed satellite imagery of hospital

parking lots in Wuhan the images show an

obvious surge of hospital traffic since

August of last year

the Chinese regime reported the first

case of the virus on December 31st in

one case researchers found that there

were 171 cars parked outside Wu Hans

Tenniel Hospital one of the largest in

the city back in October 2018 but during

the same time frame in 2019

285 vehicles were found the surge

coincided with a spike in online

searches for terms like cough and

diarrhea which are both symptoms of the

virus the research says the spike was

neither seen in previous flu seasons nor

mirrored in the COFF search data the

study has not yet been peer reviewed by

other scientists the study's lead

researcher told ABC News that they can't

conclude the spike was caused by the

outbreak but when they looked at other

external factors that could cause it

like mass gathering and natural

disasters they couldn't identify any

other reason for the surge the only mass

gathering that happened in the city

around that time was the military world

games but researchers say the data they

analyzed was taken before the games

began China's foreign ministry spokesman

hua Chong yang called the study

incredibly ridiculous TWEN about it at a

press briefing Chinese authorities have

insisted that they reported the outbreak

to the public and the World Health

Organization in a timely manner

according to an NBC report an analysis

shows that from October 7th to the 24th

of last year there was no cell phone

activity around the high-security area

of Wu Hans p4 lab that data suggests

there may have been a hazardous event

there sometime in early October that

required the lab to close down the

report also talks about the images from

October 14th to the 19th last year that

showed no outbound traffic from the lab

today marks one year since nearly 2

million protesters marched in Hong Kong

demonstrating against a bill that would

allow China to extradite fugitives from

the city and it didn't stop there but is

evolving into a long-term pro-democracy


dozens attended a peaceful lunchtime

rally in the central financial district

Tuesday marking one year since a massive

rally that sparked months of

pro-democracy protests a bittersweet

milestone supporters of the movement say

their feelings on the anniversary range

from hope to fear stand out to fight the

public have no right to assemble last

year about two million people hit the

streets in a city of 75 million against

the proposed legislation to allow people

to be extradited to mainland China where

the courts are controlled by the

Communist Party

one month later Hong Kong's leader

Carrie Lam suspended the bill but she

stopped short of a formal withdrawal it

would take nearly two more months and

many more protests before it was

formally withdrawn in September of 2019

now authorities in Beijing are about to

impose a so-called national security law

which activists fear will further curb

freedoms and protesters aren't giving up

hope this high school student says his

dream is for the Chinese Communist Party

to let go and let Hong Kong be free

again almost 9,000 people as young as 11

all the way up to 84 years old were

arrested in relation to the protests

over the past year more than 600 have

been charged with rioting Beijing is

unveiling plans to create a new free

trade hub in one of its islands to

replace Hong Kong the detailed blueprint

comes after Trump revoked Hong Kong

special status two weeks ago Beijing is

attempting to replace Hong Kong with

Hainan as the new magnet for foreign

investment the tropical island is about

a 1 and a half hour flight from Hong


yet experts say that's unlikely to

happen if Hainan lacks the features that

made Hong Kong an attractive place to do

business the most important feature is

the free flow of capital and currency

exchange under Hong Kong's former

special status the US dollar could be

converted into the Hong Kong dollar

while Chinese un can

what a shame withholding Lila the fact

that I can withdraw the money I invested

at any time is a condition that must be

met for any capital investment the

second factor is transparency and the

free flow of information Hong Kong has

freedom of speech without content

censorship it also protects data privacy

while in mainland China the Great

Firewall blocks Google and Gmail tools

many businesses rely on gold will father

Eugene Onegin information is changing

rapidly in a highly developed financial

environment the difference of a few

seconds can lead to significant gains

and losses under the one country two

systems policy Hong Kong operates under

its own law similar to the British this

is a common trait for major present-day

global financial centers but the

administration in Hainan follows the

same legal system implemented by

mainland China sonship let's not talk

about whether the mainland's legal

system can be trusted with transparency

and justice just the legal structure

alone does not match the anglo-american

system tong says the free flow of

information capital and a matching legal

system are conditions for any global

business hub yet none of these can be

found in mainland China so it's so in

such a situation you say you want to

turn Hainan into a free trade port to

replace Hong Kong I think it's a joke

the World Bank ranks Hong Kong the

world's 3rd easiest place to do business

while Hainan and mainland China as a

whole is ranked 31st this suggests the

chances of Hainan becoming the next Hong

Kong are very slim the value of China's

currency is sinking trade has also taken

a hit with both exports and imports down

for MAME it's the latest sign of China's

economic troubles admit the pandemic the

Chinese un is falling fast compared to a

basket of other currencies dropping for

a record 16 days straight the longest

run since the basket was created five

years ago his fallen 4% against the euro

on the Australian dollar the UN has also

been falling against the US dollar in

late May rising tensions with the us

contributed to the UN falling to near

its lowest level since 2008

and chill crisis in factors like the

honk honk protests in the us-china trade

deal could send the American dollar

soaring again pushing the UN even lower

if it continues falling it'll put major

strain on the country's entire economy

Chinese international trade is also

weakening in May exports fell about 3

percent and imports plummeted almost 17

percent compared to last year s biggest

drop in four years a large portion of

China's workforce are in the export

industry but during the pandemic

international orders have dried up

official data shows profits at China's

industrial firms fell almost 30 percent

between January and April it's another

day in a series of protests set off

after George Floyd's death officials

across the nation are advising

protesters to get tested for the CCP

virus if they've put themselves at risk

Aunt Edie's Miguel Moreno has more on

that this week Ellie's health director

told protesters to get tested for the

CCP virus and self quarantine if they've

been exposed to large crowds and were

around people without mass New York

State is asking all protesters to get

tested regardless of their level of

exposure again I'm asking all the

protestors to please get tests that is a

new question that has been dropped into

the mix we had all these at-home

measures and then we had thousands of

people show up for protests Cuomo says

he doesn't know whether the protests

will affect the spread of the virus but

the CDC has reported so-called super

spreader events during the pandemic

where one person affects many more in

one incident one person is suspected to

have infected 32 others during choir

practice senior scholar a mission Daljit

from Johns Hopkins center for health

security says the recent protests

present a significant risk of spreading

the virus there's a substantial risk of

transmitting or requiring kovat 19 in

these protests these are mass gathering

events where people cannot necessarily

social distance that well they are often

shouting screaming and chanting which

generates droplets which may then

transmit the virus they are also being

sprayed with pepper spray as well as ear

gas which induces coffee

there are many factors that lead to the

the belief that these protests are going

to start waves of transmission the World

Health Organization also urged

protesters to keep at least one meter

apart and wear a mask of their around

other people but a dull gist says the

masks don't make up for the lack of

social distancing hopefully we've had

we've taken the time since March to

develop the ability to diagnose these

cases rapidly to isolate them to contact

trace so that we can keep the number of

cases that result from these protests

bubbling over and putting our hospitals

into dress while Governor Cuomo is

asking all protesters to get a test adul

gist says he only recommends it to

people who weren't able to social

distance and were around people who were

coughing Miguel Moreno NTD news strong

warnings from the Federal Trade

Commission continue aimed at companies

that they say are making groundless

claims about treatments for the CCP

virus the Federal Trade Commission has

sent out at least 35 more letters

warning marketers nationwide to stop

making unsubstantiated claims that their

products and therapies can treat or

prevent kovat 19 the Commission advises

those who get the letter to immediately

stop making all claims that their

products can treat or cure Kovan 19 and

to notify the FTC within 48 hours about

the specific ways they're addressing the

agency's concerns the letters go on to

say that if the false claims don't stop

the Commission may seek a federal court

injunction and an order requiring

refunds to consumers Egyptians are

turning to honey for a sign of relief

and amid the pandemic they say it can

bring many benefits and even treat

illnesses business is buzzing for

Egyptian honey makers they say the CCP

virus has boosted demand for the golden

liquid Egyptians have been making honey

since ancient times some even believe

the sweet nectar can treat illnesses

this is due to the culture of the

society that considers honey and immune


but Harry says honey makers also supply

pharmaceutical companies honey is found

in many different types of drugs

especially for liver treatment vitamin

supplements and immune boosters we also

have a B product called propolis right

now there's no evidence that honey helps

prevent or treat the corona virus but

the pandemic is still driving sales up

in Egypt these days especially one

should consume more of it because of the

dark times we are living in the corona

virus pandemic Egypt produces close to

ten different types of honey it's widely

praised for health and beauty benefits

it's an encouraging week for New York

City businesses phase one of reopening

started yesterday here's a look at how

businesses are adapting to new rules and

how they feel about finally getting back

to work

New York City is gradually reopening

this week after three months on lockdown

phase 1 started Monday stores previously

deemed non-essential are now cleared to

reopen for delivery and pickup but

customers still can't browse inside for

employees at high-end clothing store

Paul Stewart it means adapting to a

virtual experience reopening means that

we are opening the boundaries that have

been set between us and our customer now

and we are us employees able to get in

here and start connecting with our

customers wherever they are but not in

these four walls

the shop is now offering virtual tours

of the store employees help customers

pick clothes through video calls we're

used to having quite a heavy foot

traffic it's kind of opened up the

opportunity for us to expand in our

business and really a kind of kind of

reach out in sort of a digital way the

vice president said he's glad to be back

we've been looking forward to this for

so we're back to doing some business

that's what we're here to do another

business reopening this week is royal

collectibles and queens the manager says

it feels great to get back to work again

you know as a self business you know

small business you need to work and we

employees have to rearrange the stores

layout to accommodate the new rules but

the manager says working will take their

minds off the virus we were in jail for

the last one two months three months

there's no relief you know on not just

for the mine for you know financially

and everything when florists near

Columbus Circle is also excited to

reopen we can finally make sure we put a

sign on the on the window that we keep

we are open

he says customers can still order

flowers and get them delivered but now

they can also walk into the store

although there's limited space despite

the good reopening news he says he's

worried about the future of his business

main business we have is with offices

and restaurants and until those gonna be

fully opened I don't know if we can come

back we'll go back to normal numbers we

gotta have just to take it one day at a

time and just work and progress the

weight comes New York City was the us

city hit hardest by the virus as a

country reopened small businesses in

America are becoming increasingly

optimistic about their business outlook

an index measuring small business owners

confidence about their future increased

to ninety four point four in May a

strong improvement from April's reading

owners surveyed by the Small Business

Association NFIB also expect the

recession to be short-lived

one of the hardest-hit sectors by the

pandemic the global airline industry

could lose a record of 84 billion

dollars this year as 2020 goes down as

the worst year in the history of

aviation the head of the International

Air Transport Association says if

there's no second wave the worst is

behind us but if there is he hopes the

government will take different measures

Macy's is reopening stores across the

us – better than expected sales

reports despite the positive sign though

the retailer says business will take

over a year to return to normal

according to its interim CFO Macy's had

considered all stores for potential

closures to cut costs in a Monday filing

Wendy says beef supply is almost back to

normal the restaurant chain faced beef

shortages last month as the CCP virus

temporarily shut down some meat

factories one analyst estimated that

nearly one out of five Wendy's was out

of beef last month

Google is adding features on its map

service to alert users about virus

related travel restrictions they say it

will help users plan their trips better

as big cities around the United States

like New York reopened more people are

heading back to work and getting back on

public transport but who wants to step

on a packed train in a time of social

distancing to that end Google on Monday

introduced new features in Google Maps

that will allow users to check crowd

sizes at train stations before heading

out an update to Google Maps will also

allow transit riders to check buses are

running on full or limited schedules the

transit alerts will be rolled out in the

US United Kingdom Argentina France India

and several other countries according to

a company blog post and the new features

won't be limited to public transport

Google Maps will also provide details on

highway bottlenecks and travel

restrictions due to health checks at

national border crossings between the US

Canada and Mexico with months-long

closures of restaurants around the world

it's not only restaurant owners that

fear for their business Spanish tuna

fishermen are worried about the decline

in export sales thousands of huge and

fatty bluefin tuna passed through the

Strait of Gibraltar during their

spawning season and the fishermen are

keen to catch some with the trap fishing

method named Alma draba an ancient

fishing technique which has barely

changed to more than three thousand

years but this year the virus added a

new layer of equipment to the fishermen

they brought us masks they told us the

guidelines to follow during the armored

robber to try to maintain two meters of

distance and all that in the Cadiz

region of Spain around 50% of the tuna

court would normally be exported to

Japan but the closure of restaurants and

bars there means demand has dropped we

have been very affected by the state of

alarm because it has caused an absolute

stop in the trade with bars restaurants

et cetera which are our main clients a

lot of uncertainty has been generated

because there has been a lot of

regulatory change with global travel

plummeting and no tourists in town to

eat fish locally sellers are trying to

find new

markets companies like for doctors the

Alma draba

has found one way to tackle the surplus

they are freezing tuna at ultra-low

temperatures of minus 60 degrees Celsius

to preserve it for a longer period of


lockdown restrictions have begun to ease

but people are still not allowed to

travel around the country while the

world's virus restrictions remain in


hadith stoon industry can't net the

profits it was accustomed to here at

China InFocus we dedicate ourselves to

bringing you truthful unbiased reporting

don't forget to Like and subscribe for

the latest updates and see you next time

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