Cats play in all-cat band

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

I've seen your videos of dogs playing guitar
And I'm not impressed You know what would

impress me? A dog in an actual band Or a
band of just cats Oh wait —

Since the dawn of the modern era, man has
invested untold mental capital inventing new

ways of subjugating the beasts which
roam the wild plane From games of poker to games

of Roomba, we have yet to find a way how
to take advantage of the untapped musical

creativity of our non-human planet partners
Until Rock Cats

Tuna and the Rock Cats are an all-cat band
from Chicago The recently raised over thirty

thousand dollars through Kickstarter for a
new tour van And it is sweet

That bus has taken the Cats all over North
America, from Toronto to Texas Led by Tuna,

star of a PetCo commercial and a Student Emmy-winning
short film, they've thrilled audiences to

such hits as

And who could forget —

No but seriously they do a whole acrobatic
show – and foster kittens and clearly are

really quite wonderful

If freeform feline jazz doesn't check all

the boxes for you, maybe you'd prefer dog-fronted
deathgrind Maybe you'd prefer Caninus

Caninus was fronted by two rescued pitbulls,
Budgie and Basil With some help from Justin

Brannan of Most Precious Blood, the band released
Now the Animals Have a Voice in 2006, including

such ragers as "Bite The Hand That Breeds You" and "No Dogs, No Masters"

Basil died in 2011, but left behind a surprisingly
robust catalogue, that includes not only their full-length

masterwork, but two splits
— one with the very-human Cattle Decapitation,

the other with Hatebeak

That's a parrot His name is Waldo He is
the vocalist for Hatebeak

The band also includes Blake Harrison from Pig Destroyer, but, most importantly, it includes a parrot named Waldo as its vocalist

Impressive, but c'mon Step it up, parrots
I'm waiting for my all-avian band

Got a video of an otter playing banjo, or
a really bad pun name for your all-lion rap crew? Let

us know in the comments, and check the description for a list of videos of all the artists we talked about today

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