Cardano Shelley, Ethereum, Bitcoin Price, and more! (Crypto Over Coffee 17)

by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen people of the internet welcome back to yet another episode of crypto over coffee I hope you're doing well in this fine Friday weekend or weekday whenever you're watching but if you're new here every single Friday I break down the latest

News and the hottest topics in the world of technology and cryptocurrency over a cup of delicious coffee and in today's episode we have a massive Cardno announcement some aetherium updates a nice sprinkling of Bitcoin news and of

Course our usual 404 logic not found segment but before we get into all of that let's kick it off with questions from the community from YouTube and Twitter so I'll head over to the good old iPad here and get started with those

If you want to get one of your questions answered though leave them in the comments down below or tweet me out of shoushi for and if you would be so inclined please do subscribe to the channel and hit that little Bell

Notification button so you can get a heads up whenever I post new content on the channel and let's get done with these questions all right first question on the books today is from Joe Coletti says thanks for the recommendation I

Want to try this I think this is talking about brave said you cautioned against importing passwords that were saved why I finally believed Lee bought into using unique passwords for each site doesn't want to pay – lame for the passwords and

Instead he wants to leave chrome but not have to re-implement of passwords so basically the question is why do I caution against importing saved passwords from Chrome into brave ultimately it's because I'm paranoid I

Believe that there are those instances where things go wrong in that process or breadcrumbs get left behind and passwords are very sensitive so I tend to just recommend everyone uses a password manager I use – laying these

Days but I've also used Keeper in the past and I love them they're both amazing password managers but in this case if you want to move things to brave that's totally fine but just be warned whenever you have passwords stored in a

Browser no matter how good that browser is it is always a risk so make sure you just understands the risk that comes with doing that so ultimately migrating them safely use the import tool on brave but Maya

I have to caution you against it use a password manager it's worth every single penny all right this next question I'm not even going to attempt the name I'm very sorry these are Russian characters that I don't understand why no basic

Attention token do you still like it this is I think in reference to my altcoin video where I had a bunch of alt coins that I was listing and basic attention token was not in that list here's why I believe in brave browser I

Believe in the basic attention token ecosystem I think what they're doing is amazing but in my opinion the basic attention token itself is not designed to accrue and value because the supply is huge

There's not a lot of work done on making the economics of basic attention token push the value up higher it's really just used as a means by which you can make payments and most people are probably going to convert it out to

Bitcoin or to aetherium or to other long term investments after they earn it for be 80 rewards for tipping or for ads etc so I don't think basic attention took it as an intended purpose as an asset to invest in long term people always

Associate a token with the product and think that buying the token is investing in the product and that's not always the case tokens are not always and designed to accrue in value so just keep that in

Mind basic attention token is an amazing an amazing invention that I think is important to brave browser but I don't think the token itself is something that I would hold as an investment per se

Thank you for the question I love brave love b8e it's just not something I think is a real investment per se thank you to hell with a bit bitanga I think I can help that name next question is from

That let's see people on the web claim against opera because the software is now proprietary of an enterprise from China after kwame and show me being accused of spying data and the recent Hong Kong situation I wonder if opera is

Really safe what do you think about it so I made a video a while back about opera Vivaldi and brave being great alternatives to the Google Chrome browser I myself have switched to brave and I

Don't use chrome anymore that being said at the time opera still had a fair of open-source components I think that Chinese acquisition was relatively new so I didn't really know a lot about it and I hadn't seen any indication

Personally that it was a risk just being a Chinese company does not mean something is risky so that's the first thing I want to lay out there just because a product is acquired by a Chinese company does not mean it's

Inherently now spyware so I want people to understand that however the increasing amount of software based from opera that is becoming closed source and becoming this opaque black box that I can't see and I don't use opera anymore

On any of my browsing opportunities out there on my work computer on my computer etc I'm now back to Firefox is my number two to brave and this is really because I don't know for a fact that nothing is going on behind the scenes and now that

I can't see anything behind the scenes I just don't trust them enough to say yep I'm gonna keep using opera anyway so if you're comfortable with those trade-offs understanding that there might be spying going on we don't have any proof for it

We don't have any proof necessarily against it that's kind of your decision but to me I don't really trust opera enough to keep it and there are better alternatives out there in light of all of that so that's my thoughts on opera

Definitely let me know in the comments what you think thank you for your question next one is from Allah Ariza Madrigal man great content like every other video I've seen on your channel thanks so much I really appreciate that

So he says he's a developer in finance I'm fascinated by blockchain and crypto and also a musician at heart do you know if they're any blockchain projects dedicated to music or to the music industry the answer is yes there are off

The top of my head here off the cuff I don't know if I can name you names of specific projects but I can of course add that into the video sort of on the screen here and and sprinkle those in I answer these things as they come I

Basically just scroll through and find questions so bear that in mind but I do know that a Mogan heap an artist she was working on a product that was basically to facilitate the payment for music licensing and stream by stream payments

Etc for music for artists onto blockchain using crypto currency based payments I don't know how far this got or if it's still actively developed but I dunno the idea was that cryptocurrency could be a great way to

Start to make the playing field a little more level for the small smaller artists and even some of the bigger ones that don't get paid nearly enough for their art and they get screwed by the streaming services out there so I think

Blockchain and cryptocurrency itself has a great deal of applicability to both the payment side and licensing side of music but also to the copyright protection and ownership ownership licensing side of music as well so I

Think we will see blockchain and crypto moving in that direction thank you very much for your question and I think those are all the questions we have today because we have a fair bit of stuff to talk about in terms of the news so

Thanks so much for your questions again if you want one of your questions answered in the next episode or one in the future leave them in the comments below so let's kick things off right with some Cardno action because I'm

Super stoked about this news from Charles Hoskinson himself one of the main leaders behind Cardno the long awaited staking and incentive features intended to bring the network to decentralize proof of stake is about to

Become a reality with Hoskinson shouting out some of the dates on which we can expect the shellye may not release to come as early as next week on the 9th of June 2020 the closed test net running the full Shelli codebase will be opened

Up to the public to test and use from their testing will continue as the state pools and public staking network run live and if all goes well and to end throughout this process in the public testing then it's time for Maine Net

Towards the end of June so if things go awry though or bugs are found and things need to be worked on from a stability perspective this may net launch may run into July or a little bit later but that's the extent of potential delays

That Hoskinson mentioned at least now there's a lot to unpack here because of course one of the major criticisms laying toward Cardno over the year or maybe even two years past has been their inability to meet deadlines that they've

Talked about now I've long defended them on this front because they think that the complexity of what they're building is severely severely underestimated and I also think that the first deployment to maintenance

Needs to work well and actually needs to work perfectly it can't fall short so I think they needed to take their time that said I think that this right now is the real deal I think that by the end of the July period we're gonna have a fully

Functioning proof of steak network on the Carano main net and surely thereafter I think we'll see Gogan bringing smart contracts in the cardinal world because it's being worked on in parallel now if they can get both proof

Of steak and smart contracts running in main net by the end of 2020 I think cardano's in a really really really good position going forward into 2021 now let's just say hypothetically that Shelley is delayed until later this

Summer for a bug or for some stability issues is that the end of the world should we abandon card ah no no it's not the end of the world but it would be damaging to the credibility of IOH kay and Charles Hoskinson after repeatedly

Missing deadlines however I personally don't see that happening based on where the test Nets have been thus far and close testing and just based on the fact that I know they've learned their lesson on this front now we'll know more during

The first week of public testing but I'm really really stoked to get started using this Carano test net public version of Shelley now I wanted to take a quick minute to shout out a company that I've really been digging lately and

Keeping with the coffee theme of this series that's what this company is all about the company is called bottomless and they work with local Roasters to get the best coffee for their customers on a subscription basis but there's a really

Cool feature that they offer that I've been looking for for forever they enable the subscription to automatically order new coffee when you're running low so you don't have those days where you're ready for that cup of coffee and you

Just don't have enough in the pot for a cup essentially you set up an account you pick some coffee or a rotation of coffee you like and they send you a digital scale which I have right here they send you this digital scale you put

In your counter and whenever you're done making coffee you put your coffee bag or your jar on the scale and it tracks your consumption pattern to learn when to order you more coffee you don't have to use the bag either of course I have my

Little jar here it's like an airtight jar and you can zero the scale to that as well for example I drink a ton of coffee so when my jar hits like about a third full they send me an email letting me

Know an orders coming so that I can get it within three or five days when I'm about to run out I am obsessed with this service because so often I have a subscription set up that just doesn't accommodate my needs I either have too

Little coffee or way too much and at least this one I know it really tracks based on what I'm drinking so I reached out to them so we could collaborate and they're hosting a page for me that shows all my favorite coffees that I'm

Drinking these days so if you want to grab a bag from them and drink along with me on these weekly shows crypto over coffee you can do so using the link down in the description below bottomless is a relatively new company and I really

Believe in their product I believe in their mission and I love it if you could show them some love and get your next coffee reload through them again I'll leave the link down below for that and thanks so much in advance we can go back

To the crypto world now in the world of aetherium you may have read about congestion on the network driving fees upwards and causing slowdowns with the continued growth of defy apps and other high-volume DAPs

On the network this activity is drawn calls from notable developers and organizations in the etherium community to once again increase the gas limit within one block of transactions on the etherium network to quell the concerns

About network congestion essentially gas is a fee measure of computational cost for a given transaction or action on the network remember that miners have to be paid for validation of blocks of transactions and that includes the

Complicated transactional operations performed by smart contracts so gas is used to pay these fees and also note that each node of the network must process the operation to validate the miners work so when you execute a

Function on a smart contract it's not just you or the miner executing that it's everyone on the network now this is what makes aetherium a world computer because it's a network of a bunch of nodes on the network agreeing on the

Deterministic output of a series of transactions boom that's blockchain now the calls to increase the gas limit per block basically are equitable to the increase in block size in Bitcoin that people call for the

The gas limit the more transactions can be executed within one consensus cycle this means that an increase from the current 10,000,000 gas per block to 12 or 15 million gas per block is being proposed now and this is after already

Moving from 8 million gas to ten million gas where we are today and that change only happened it like September of 2019 of course this is not a simple nor uncontroversial idea because increasing block gas limits also have consequences

In terms of network security stability and decentralization now if you increase the gas limit per block too much then you can potentially make weaker nodes with less computing power in the network unable to process transactions fast

Enough to keep up with the network so you're essentially pushing these weaker less Hardware capable nodes off the network you can also open up new attack vectors that take advantage of computationally intensive but gas cheap

Operations on the network effectively stonewalling weaker and less capable nodes from even participating at all now this debate is much like the block size debate in Bitcoin it's not as simple as just flipping a switch changing one

Parameter and then scaling there are consequences to raising block gas limits as well as raising block sizes when you're trying to scale now in my opinion they should raise the block gas limit by 1 million gas from 10 to 11 and then

They should retool the gas costs for different operations to tailor the network better towards secure but cost-effective transactions especially for those like ERC 20 and ERC 677 this whole process is intricate and it

Requires extreme care because gas is arguably one of the biggest attack vectors in aetherium today and it's caused a lot of problems in the past when they retool the rules and they open up a vulnerability in DAPs so I'll be

Watching this closely and keeping you informed but just something to be aware of now if you've watched my channel for any length of time and thank you to those of you who have I really do appreciate it you'll know that I've been

A huge fan of brave browser for years and I've done quite a bit of content about it on the channel and if you've not yet downloaded it I I can't tell you enough you should download it and give it a

Try'n I'll leave that link down below but that being said brave has achieved some really significant milestones this past couple months in April in May brave grew over 1.5 million active users and broke into the 15 million monthly active

Users mark and actually nearly 5 million daily active users these days for a browser that's has such a short history it's so new and it's in such in each position that's phenomenal those growth numbers are really promising now I think

The growth is in part due to the increased focus on privacy online which brave offers in contrast to Google's popular Chrome browser brave offers ad blocking tracker blocking and privacy focused features out of the box without

Sacrificing on user experience of course it's not perfect it remains a work in progress there are things that I'm very critical of like the absentee sink features but it remains my go-to daily browser for good reason it's fast it's

Private and has the same UI feel of Chrome which is something I actually do like now the browser is getting attention and deservedly so notably recently by Joe Rogan the host of the popular podcast with over 150 million

Actually close to 200 million monthly downloads he just said on air that he uses brave himself I mean this type of notoriety is a great sign for brave and it shows that there's an increasing number of users

Coming into play for this browser it's just awesome to see and a bonus benefit here actually there are over a thousand advertisers now on brave that I've seen nowadays a huge uptick in the number of ads that I'm getting on my Mac

Especially here in the US so that means I'm earning more basic attention token in other news you all know that I am continuously harping on cybersecurity and how to best protect yourself online but more and more examples keep cropping

Up illustrating how important it really is we as individuals need to demand more effort and investment from organizations that we trust with our data to protect and safeguard our information like it's their own I can't stress it enough I

Mean just recently three universities Michigan State University of California San Francisco and Columbia College of Chicago all breached with ransomware claiming to have seriously sensitive information

Taken about students at these institutions this is a continuing trend these days is more and more and more universities and educational institutions are being targeted by hackers for personal info it's clear and

So obvious that the cyber security posture at major universities businesses and even government's are not nearly adequate and we have to change it we have to change it fast the world is so dependent on technology these

Organizations gladly take our money but our information is basically up for grabs I mean it just blows my mind the way that we go about these things this is one way that the crypto community though can help the world we need to

Promote zero knowledge security models encryption decentralized architectures and other solutions that can help our world get better and smarter with data security at least to just take it seriously now I really am desperate to

See change in this regard it drives me crazy and it's gotten so out of hand it's like a new hack every day oh it's crazy honestly speaking of crazy though ladies and gentlemen it's time for 4:04 logic not found and for those who are as

Of yet uninitiated in this little firecracker of a segment I basically highlight notable tech related fails or otherwise stupid moves in the world that need to get some attention speaking of attention if you want to help this video

Get some attention just hit that like button on my behalf really quick hit that like button thank you in advance now last week I had to take some time off due to upgrades to my studio that are still ongoing and as of

Yet not done so this story is from last week but I think it needs to be discussed in this segment anyway now you may have heard the drama about Goldman Sachs investor call that basically dismissed Bitcoin claiming that it's not

An asset class they backed up this argument by saying that it's too volatile and it lacks consistent cash flow opportunities for clients and as such it can't be qualified as an asset class these arguments are extremely

Puzzling not only because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for that matter have indeed earned plenty of cash flow throughout their history but because Goldman Sachs clearly did not put in even a fraction of the research required

To make these types of statements to their customers this is evidenced by the fact that they claim bitcoin is not scarce because bitcoin cash and bitcoin Satoshi's vision copied the network in a

Fork and created their own bitcoin this is yet another embarrassing conflation of a fork creating new bitcoins when in reality this is an example of new assets completely being created that standalone it's not new bitcoins being copied and

Created now I guess Goldman Sachs is really just used to a centrally controlled financial system where only a select few get to print money with impunity I don't know overall it's a really disappointing and

Discouraging sign to see an organization with such brilliant people making such closed-minded and poorly researched statements I know that there are people who understand and support bit coin and crypto there at Goldman Sachs but

Clearly not the ones who are leading that call 404 logic not found now one story that I'm particularly stoked to share with you moving away from the bad stuff is the recent nomination of crypto friendly SEC chair

Has to purse to another term lasting until 2025 if approved by the Senate miss Pearce will be an important ally for the cryptocurrency world within one of the most important and influential regulatory bodies in the US for another

Five years and this is huge news as the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow and mature it will be even more important for there to be allies both in regulatory and legislative positions inside the US government as well as

Abroad to be honest to ensure that regulation does not stymie growth and adoption lost also keeping investors and users safe now I had the pleasure of speaking with Hester at a conference recently before the whole world shut

Down and I'm really excited about her ideas and approach towards innovative technologies like blockchain cryptocurrency and even more outside of that in terms of their regulatory approach she's a great ally for the

Space and that's why this is such great news I hope the Senate approves in terms of Bitcoin as promised here's some interesting stuff in regards to good old BTC let's sprinkle this on the crypto over coffee episode this past couple

Weeks we've seen it all we broke over 10k then we drop down like 800 bucks down to like 9 grand and in like a matter of minutes and then we went back up it's been a real roller coaster ride but what's more interesting is the

Results after the halving and what we're seeing these days the mining difficulty in in Bitcoin dropped about 9% maybe more in response to the inevitable minor capitulation that resulted from the having lower block reward which means

That we're currently at like December 2019 or January 2020 levels of Bitcoin difficulty that's the difficulty of achieving proof of work or finding that value within a certain window in terms of hashes on the network now at face

Value you might think this is bad news but in reality it's proving out a common theme in the having's have passed and that is that the network is re cementing mining stability after the halving it's like a reset a hard reset for Bitcoin

The difficulty adjustment that we just saw should hopefully stabilize the miners that are still in the network and then we can start to see more hash rate and subsequent difficulty increases from that new baseline now these trends seem

To follow the expected outcomes from the having that we've seen in the past and that we talked about on previous episodes here but from here I'd expect plenty of volatility up and down roller coaster ride markets I'm just saying

That's what I think now there is good news here because after India recently relaxed regulations around crypto currency in the country a whole new influx of Indian investors have started to flow into the markets one service

Paxville has seen a 28 percent increase in signups month-over-month recently which is likely a result of these new investors coming into the mix and as new regulations continue to come in and old regulations continue to loosen more and

More exchanges will become active in India and I would expect this to become very consequential in terms of prices not only for Bitcoin but for crypto at large we're talking about billions of people with the propensity to use and

Invest in the industry and in crypto currencies overall this is something that people need to be thinking about as we go into the remainder of 2020 it could be a major factor and of course if you want to keep the party going you

Should check out the second half of my top 10 alt coins peaks in the video linked up on the screen here but otherwise if you don't have time to stick around I hope you and your family have a fantastic

Weekend and week to follow thanks so much for watching and until next time Cheers

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