Cardano ADA Price Prediction 2020

by birtanpublished on September 23, 2020

If you were to put just $13,500 into Cardno at its all-time low and sold it at its all-time high you'd be currently a millionaire okay card oh no ad a very interesting cryptocurrency in my opinion very undervalued and in this video we're

Gonna be doing a price prediction they have a very unique sales proposition they talk about how they have legitimate peer-to-peer scientific studies and they use high assurance code to guarantee success keep watching what's going on

Everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video and today we're talking about card I know a da okay it's number 11 I'm Corey market Capcom almost a billion dollars USD in its market cap I believe that this is a very

High-quality cryptocurrency one thing about it very undervalued in my opinion so that's why I want to talk about it today but before we get started guys if you haven't already subscribed to my channel my name is Alex I talk about

Everything internet entrepreneurial so if you're looking to making money on the internet this is definitely the channel for you all you have to do is hit that subscribe button as well as the push notification bell so you can get videos

Like this all the time guys I'm not trying to brag or showboat or anything like that I give you real practical advice that you can use in your life like today I invested in card I know maybe it's something you want to look

Into but keep in mind guys this is not investment advice this is just simply me giving my opinions with my 6 plus years of cryptocurrency experience so let's jump right into it so card on o is currently at 3 cents

Very cheap ok and this is one of the reasons I like card honor they do have a huge total supply but card I know was at one point keep in mind guys you know a dollar and 33 cents or something like that some crazy number so this could

Potentially be some huge earnings for the future ok these are one of the coins that lost a lot of its value ok now I do believe that they have a unique sales proposition they are saying that they use peer-to-peer scientific studies so

They basically do it the real way like as if there's somebody was creating a rocket ship right aerospace engineering they use peer to peer scientific studies to implement their code which gives them a broader range of

You know I guess you could say exposure to solving problems with their code right there they're not gonna just learn by trial and error they're gonna run through as many academic minds as possible before they you know put in a

Piece of code that could potentially ruin the whole network right and that's why they call it high assurance code so that no one can hack it there's no scalability issues basically they're saying they're more professional

Than other crypto currencies they're solving one of the same problems you know they want to make the next infrastructure of the internet they want to create the world computer right for smart contracts for you know staking

This this is a proof of state coin I think it's a very unique way that they're going about it and there's a reason why they're number 11 and I like this coin specifically again it's because the money earning potential so

I'm just gonna quickly look here let's just I'm not this is not a review video this is simply a price prediction video I will make a review video and later on in the future but basically look Cardno is a

Decentralized public blockchain a cryptocurrency project and it's fully open source Cardno is developing a smart contract platform which seeks to deliver more advanced features any other protocol previously developed so they're

Basically creating a bird generation block train the first one was like Bitcoin the second generation was like aetherium now they're solving theorems problems you know you guys know a theorem 2.0 is coming out soon oh I

Don't know how soon but it's coming out to solve scalability issues we all know a theorem cannot scale so they are hopefully a third generation cryptocurrency so I'm just gonna jump to the price predictor so we can get into

The nitty and gritty just to give you guys some fun math here like always I want to see what it would have taken to become a millionaire off of card ah no so if you look here the price of all time high was a dollar and 33 cents I

Believe it was a little bit more let me just double check that number but guys if you haven't seen the price predictor calculator I give it in my course blockchain basis because there's all this stuff I'm talking about here

Sounds like a foreign language which when I first got into cryptocurrency it sounded like it was foreign to me all you have to do is check it out use a link below it's 50% off for the holidays and it basically gives you all the

Fundamentals of blockchain okay but as you can see here all-time high was at a dollar and 33 cents so if I come back over here let's look at so at the whole time high $1.33 okay the price of the coin today is

About three cents three point seven cents and at the all-time low it was you know a cent guys one point seven cents so we're pretty close to the all-time low um I think that's a good thing because if this actually does stuff

Which I believe it is because I mean guys any of the coins in the top twenty top three are gonna hopefully make you money in the future hopefully go back to our least its all-time high you know further than that you know becoming you

Know the world internet I don't know but if you're looking to just make money which in my opinion you know I'm not going this is not the type of coin you go all-in on right but maybe you put a couple hundred bucks which like I am I

Have like a couple hundred maybe a thousand bucks in it you know this could potentially make You huge earnings right so at its all-time low it's it was if you were to put thirteen thousand five hundred dollars in it it would've gave

You a ridiculous amount of coins it's so cheap right and the percentage increase would have been seven thousand five hundred and sixty-three percent and that would have made you a million dollars if you sold it at all-time high

Right obviously not dumb you know nobody can perfectly buy it at its all-time low and sell it perfectly at its all-time high it's almost impossible but I like to do the numbers because it shows you guys what cryptocurrency is right we're

Dealing with something different here we're dealing with you know big social shifts on the internet and the world right huge percentage I was talking to my friend the other day and he was I was trying to explain to him how serious

This is how big of a transfer of wealth this is and I came up with this situation here I want you guys to think about you know for example the most influential company right now like a Facebook or Amazon if you were to take

The price of Bitcoin and you were to match it up to one of these massive companies and looked at the parabolic jump you know and both of the compared it would be almost laughable it would be you know comical right now of

Course there's a lot more money in Amazon and there's a lot more money in Facebook keep in mind there are a lot older okay there are a lot older but the jump in Bitcoin has just been the best producing asset and all of the past

Decade and obviously 2019 yeah we see these big drops of course but if you can be emotionally stable enough to hold these coins I mean there's people out there trading of course I never recommend it if you don't know what

You're doing you know for the most part all I do is accumulate collect it like a yugioh card it's funny you know I say that but it's the truth I just collect these coins and they have all always you know returned my money on my investment

I was buying a theory about $7 yeah it went to 1,300 now it's only I like what 150 you know that's a huge loss but for me it wasn't because I waited long enough now if you bought it at 1300 nobody told you to buy it 1,300 that's

You should have subscribed to my channel I'm just kidding but guys here I'm rambling let's go to card on oh here so if you were to invest $1,000 today it would give you twenty six thousand eight hundred and twenty six coins and if it

Went to its previous all-time high that would be a three thousand four hundred and sixty seven percent increase that is not bad okay guys I want you to really understand that is not a bad percentage increase and that would be a thirty-five

Thousand dollars that would be 35 thoughts so let's let's just play around and oh say put five grand because that's more you know of a good number somebody might actually have in their bank account that would give you one hundred

Thirty-four thousand coins and your five grand can potentially turn into almost two hundred thousand dollars if it just went to its all-time high which guys if the next bull market comes the possibility of if it's going to its

All-time high it's past all-time high it's pretty likely in my opinion I could be you know just shilling cryptocurrency on the internet because I'm biased but chances are the decentralization of the internet you know how inefficient the

Internet runs currently chances are cryptocurrency is here to stay and I'm not just saying that I've looked into a lot of different businesses I created a lot of different businesses I'm not just in cryptocurrency and you

Know from what I've seen from my technical technological understanding of how everything is kind of working on the Internet as well as human beings this is the direction that we're moving towards blockchain technology is trustless okay

Artificial trust first time we've ever had artificial trust they are very its innovating almost everything the way we communicate right I'm rambling again but let's go back over here to the investment so now let's make a future

Price prediction okay to make a future price prediction you have to predict the market cap which is how much money's in the coin and the circulating supply so first I like to underestimate I like to get worst-case scenarios okay mixed with

A little bit of optimism so I'm not too optimistic but let's let's take the worst case scenario circulating supply what's the worst case you can get with a circulating splat if you guys don't know what that means

Basically to keep it simple circulating supply is how many coins are out there okay how many coins are in circulation people have access to them and are buying and selling right now I just took the worst-case scenario which is the

Total supply how much a DA are gonna be out there in total okay as you know the way they distributed their coins was was different it wasn't like mining like Bitcoin it wasn't proof of work okay so they were pre minted so there's no way

Possible to tell you guys exactly how they're gonna be released on the market so that's why I took the worst-case scenario and in this case the worst it can be is the total supply so all the coins let's do the math for all the

Coins so I put that in their future circulating supply if you because if you look at this a little simple formula here coin price equals market cap divided by circulating supply okay by the way guys if you don't know if the

Price predictor is you get it with my course do you get it free but and it does automatic calculations so you can do this for yourself if you don't like the way I'm calculating the coins you can do it for yourself now let's look at

The future market cap here the future market cap is basically how much money is it gonna be encrypt okay so now doesn't hold relevant here because you know obviously Carano is not touching Bitcoin right now

Right it's a number 11 cryptocurrency but what I like to do is kind of give a rough estimate and kind of keep it very conservative so if we look here at one point the market cap of Cardno was at what 27 billion dollars okay so if we

Look at the future hopefully I can go past you know what it's at now right hopefully Cardno in the bull market in the future maybe three to five years from now you know after all of their coins are released right all of them are

In circulating supply we can see something a little bit bigger than you know twenty seven billion dollars now what I like to do is compare to other crypto currencies in the market so let's go to for example let's say it kills a

OS now let's look at us right now it's number seven spot let's look at the market cap of Eos so currently the market cap is at two billion dollars okay now at one point the OS is market cap was let's look right here fourteen

Billion dollars okay so actually the OS monkey cap there's a lot less let me just double check my numbers I forgot here but cardano's market cap here let me just double check that go to card on Oh was that

Okay twenty billion so card I know had a bigger market cap okay and the reason why the price of Els went up higher is because they have a less supply so let's try to match it with something that has more supply

So let's look let's look at stellar let's see what's tellers market cap was in the past during the bull market this always happens for some reason let's go to charts let's look at the market cap of stella lumens

So at one point stellar was at it's not giving me accurate maybe fifteen billion dollars fourteen billion dollars so we see you know these coins the alt coins if we have some future potential if Bitcoin goes to like 50k or

Something like that we can make you know if we look at all the past market caps in the bull run we can make a prediction and say maybe maybe in 50 50 billions too much let's say for example 30 billion now that's not too far off right

Because at one point like we looked in you know Cardno it was at 20 billion so let's say it just goes up in extra ten billion okay so that means the price of the coin and now this is realistic guys like people are gonna show some you know

Weird predictions on the internet just so that they can get your views and clicks okay I'm not gonna do that giving you guys a realistic prediction now this is basically saying that Cardno is not gonna go to its all-time high so it's

Just gonna stay at 96 cent right so if you put a thousand dollars in I'll give you twenty six thousand dollar coins right now for twenty six thousand coins right now now we took the worst-case scenario a

Future circulating supply and I would say this is a very conservative future market cap right keep in mind bitcoins going 50 50 or 50 thousand dollars that's my opinion maybe even about a hundred thousand dollars so I would say

That this is very conservative this is probably in the near future okay ninety about a dollar a coin dollar coin which turns your money to twenty five grand that's not bad guys and traditional

Markets you're not gonna get that you know in any way shape or form so I think this is a very conservative prediction you guys let me know in the comment section below if you think that maybe the circulating supplies should have

Been a little bit less and maybe the future market cap can be a little bit more let's play around with these numbers right let's say the market cap goes to 50 billion let's say cryptocurrency takes off in five years

That's a dollar in 61 cents per coin that turns your thousand dollars into forty three thousand dollars okay keep in mind guys some people make twenty grand a year all right some people make twenty grand a

Year and this could potentially make you forty three thousand dollars with a thousand dollar investment without having to do thing okay let's play around even more let's just say you put five grand in

Okay it's 215 that this this is what they mean by the biggest transfer of wealth we have ever seen since the creation of the internet when the internet first came out a lot of wealth got transferred to technologically smart

People that created websites that actually worked like Amazon Facebook you know Google these types of websites took a lot of the wealth from the old rich guys all right now we're doing that again it's happening again right there

Decentralizing the internet they're making it more efficient for everybody they're giving the data and the money value back to the people it's democratizing the internet so this is what they mean by biggest transfer of

Wealth right you know first people in always get rewarded but that concludes it for this video if you like the quality of this content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism below subscribe

For more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys catch you in the next one

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