Seize of Closing Dragon Spacecraft on the ISS

published on July 3, 2020

dragon continues its journey towards the

International Space Station after

departing that 30 meter hold point now

moving to 10 to 12 meters away you get

another look at those two emblems below

the P on SpaceX those are too small

International Space Station somewhat

tattoos to mark that it has been here

not once and not only not only once but

twice before this will be its third

mission to the International Space


as we mentioned this is dragons 20th

commercial resupply mission to the


wrapping up the CRS 1 contract the next

flight of a dragon will look a little

different because the craft itself will

be a little different those solar panels

you've seen now instead of being giving

dragon about a 54 foot wingspan those

panels themselves will actually be on

the trunk of Dragon this will be a

similar body style to that of the SpaceX

crew dragon where SpaceX is helping us

return American astronauts from American

soil to the International Space Station

as part of the Commercial Crew program


dragging about five meters away from

that 10 to 12 meter capture point

everything continuing to move along


if you look closely you can see that

grapple fixture outside of the Dragon

it's that three-pronged point that's

what the latching end effector on the

canadarm2 will grapple once it's been

commanded to do so by the astronauts

aboard the International Space Station

things continuing to move smoothly for

Dragon we should see it reach that

capture point very shortly

station Houston to confirm kept report

hold per step six and one decimal one

zero two

and as you heard our capsule

communicator report to the crew dragon

is now at the capture point ten to

twelve meters away from the space



he's sensational on TV first step six

and we can confirm capture conditions

are confirmed we did want to consult

with you on the lighting conditions how

far we are from sunrise and checking

turn back with you on – we have seven

minutes exactly to give you the go for

capture and then y'all have 15 minutes


before sunrise so if you want to capture

during sunrise will have to wait for the

Knights to capture window

I'll be in that padam standby

sensation onto four dragon step 6 we'll

go with the lighting conditions and

we're ready to perceive as you go

to recover y'all you're go for capture

sequence perform step forward one

decimal one zero dragon capture begin to

monitoring the back way cue card and

I'll remind to meet exercise and

constraints that the whole will need to

stop on a rib

y'all Adam we're go for capture and

we'll put step four and work and as you

heard the crew is go for capture dragon

now at that 10 to 12 meter hold point

the crew on board is stepping through

their procedures we'll start to see the

canadarm2 there at the bottom of your

screen get closer to Dragon capsule and

that capture point which you can see

outside of the spacecraft

this is the final flight of this style

of Dragon capsule this will also be the

last grapple and berthing arrival of the

Dragon spacecraft in the future dragon

will dock to the International Space

Station meaning it will be an automatic

automated installation and we won't see

this procedure

team on the ground reporting all capture

conditions are still looking good for

Dragon still moving quite ahead of

schedule this morning

you sensation on to first strobe we've

commanded a table copy

as you heard NASA astronaut Andrew

Morgan reporting they turned off the

strobe light on the SpaceX capsule the

crew does have the ability to command

part of the SpaceX dragon once it is

this close to the vehicle they're

continuing to step through their

procedures and prepare to drive in the

canadarm2 that's the view you're getting

right now from the latching end effector

we'll be waiting for their confirmation

that they are driving the arm in toward

the capture point at the center of your


and the arm is now in motion

they're moving in toward dragon in the

capture point arm now six meters away

arm is 5 meters from Dragon

four meters

the Dragon capsule is in free drift and

the arm is three meters away

two meters from capture

one meter

cannon-armed – over the pin

caPSURE has been commanded and snares

are closed around that grapple fixture

and at 5:25 am Central time and 262

miles 262 statute miles over the

Northeast Pacific Northwest of Vancouver

British Columbia we have captured the

spacex 20 dragon spacecraft dragon

arrives today with over 4,300 pounds of

supplies and experiments equipment and

more for the crew or onboard the

International Space Station completing

its two-day journey after launching on

Friday March 6th captrick was commanded

by this morning by a NASA astronauts

Jessica Muir and Andrew Morgan aboard

the International Space Station working

with teams here in Mission Control


that capture is complete by the crew on

board the space station everything

looking nominal controls of the arm will

be handed over to Houston

they'll reposition the vehicle and

prepared for berthing to the harmony

module which we will also share with you


Houston station on two four dragon do it

on do Jessica Adam capture is complete

we are go for post capture

reconfiguration copy all congratulations

to you Andrew on a successful capture a

Cirrus 20 final capture for Dragon 1

Castle Thank You Adam SpaceX 20 mission

is a milestone for several reasons it is

of course the 20th SpaceX cargo mission

but it is also the last basic cargo

vehicle captured by the Canada as future

vehicles will automatically dock to the

space station it is also the last cargo

vehicle that will visit during our

current cruise time on ISS this is

actually the third time that this

specific Dragon capsule has arrived here

at station demonstrating the more

sustainable approach that will be

paramount to the future of spaceflight

we welcome to day 620 and are eager to

reveal its bounty of science and Space

Station hardware and supplies

congratulations to the SpaceX and all of

the ISS partner teams involved

great words Jessica thanks for me

Houston and all the team here

you can see sunrise approaching in the

background and dragon in the foreground

captured at 5:25 am Central time this

morning as the Space Station was flying

262 statute miles over the Northern

Pacific the Northeast Pacific and with

capture complete commanded by NASA


Jessica Muir and Andrew Morgan controls

of the armor handed over to Houston and

the robotics officer here on the ground

over the next while they will perform

some checks on dragon to make sure it is

ready to be birthed

to the harmony module aboard the

International Space Station as mentioned

by Jessica Muir this is the last time

that the Dragon spacecraft will be

captured by the canadarm2 and then

birthed to the space station in the

future it will dock with its new vehicle

style we're going to take a break as

some of those checks occur and that

preparation for berthing and we'll come

back to continue our coverage of the

SpaceX dragons arrival to the space

station at 7:00 am Central time in the

meantime that concludes our coverage of

the capture of SpaceX's dragon on its

20th commercial resupply mission

join us and for that live birthing

coverage at 7 am central signing off

for now this is Mission Control Houston



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