Capone – Movie Review

published on July 2, 2020

Capone was written directed and edited

by Josh Trank and stars Tom Hardy as Al

Capone and this film tells the story of

his final year of life after his release

from prison he spends one more year with

his family in Florida as his mind slowly

deteriorates he starts having visions

hallucinations he can't control his

bowels anymore basically he's a shell of

a human being I was very intrigued to

see this movie because I liked Josh

Trank's first film chronicle quite a bit

his second film Fant for stick had

basically no redeeming qualities

whatsoever but I was very excited to see

him have a comeback and I loved Tom

Hardy when Tom Hardy has given the right

role and he really sinks his teeth into

that role and it's paired with a

director who really understands what

he's going for and is doing his best to

achieve that vision Tom Hardy's

excellent unfortunately I don't really

think these elements coalesced to make a

good film with Capone I think the

concept of this movie is really

intriguing let's take one of the most

notorious gangsters and criminals in

history Al Capone and show you him at

his worst when he literally can't even

remember who he is or any of the people

around him when he chews carrots instead

of cigars vomits and shits all over

himself and can't remember who his own

wife is let's take that guy and show you

him at his worst great concept but

unfortunately the execution of that

concept is extremely dull I didn't find

myself caring about much of anything

that was going on and it was difficult

to understand what Trank was trying to

communicate with this movie because the

times it does feel like a parody but at

other times it feels unintentionally

hilarious Tom Hardy's performance

doesn't just swing for the fences it

swings for the next fucking continent he

is going so over-the-top that you can't

even see him anymore

his voice is sort of like a combination

of Nick Nolte and warrior and burgess

Meredith as the penguin

there are scenes where it definitely

feels like drank is going for humor like

a scene where Hardy and Matt Dillon are

in a car together and Hardy has decided

to dress up like a woman

as Al Capone so that's really funny but

as the movie begins to turn into a

series of hallucinations and visions he

begins to imagine people that aren't

there and there are scenes that

establish characters that are later

revealed to be imagined but the scenes

that established the imagined characters

were separate from Al Capone took place

somewhere else where Al Capone wasn't we

were introduced to a character and this

characters later revealed to be

imaginary so the film doesn't really

have any rules for its scenes it seems

like anything could actually be in

Capone's mind even scenes where he's not

present and so it's really difficult to

follow and the editing which again was

done by tranq is extremely bad and it

feels almost purposefully bad like in a

way to make you feel disoriented or make

you feel like you have dementia or

you're suffering from what Capone is

suffering from I understand this tactic

it's an interesting technique but it

feels almost like he edited the film

poorly on purpose it felt like quick cut

editing but for a dramatic film which

was very off-putting and I imagine that

was probably his goal and if that was

his goal he succeeded but that doesn't

mean that it necessarily worked for me I

think there are films that can make you

feel strange can make you feel very odd

or even a little upset and those movies

are kind of supposed to feel that way

for instance when I watched the movie

Detroit I was mad because the true life

story and it's horrible and I was

supposed to feel mad and that anger felt

justified well watching Capone I just

felt uncomfortable and and it seemed to

to make me want to feel nauseous but not

in a way that felt earned or justified

in a very simple way like look at this

older man who's vomiting all over

himself who's shitting the bed literally

who's imagining horrific violent gory

scenarios that play out before our eyes

in extreme grotesque detail look at this

man isn't

gross well yeah it is but why should I

care about that why should I care about

this notorious murderer who's suffering

from dementia I just don't I don't care

about any of his visions no matter how

bizarre or strange they are I do think

this film has cult potential I could see

a lot of people were you watching this

especially just for Tom Hardy's insane

performance but there's a point in the

movie where I have to ask myself what is

this about what is this telling me you

know what's the story beyond the

intriguing concept of let's look at this

horrific criminal while he's suffering

from dementia and if Trank was going for

comedy I also don't necessarily

appreciate that I have had people in my

life who have passed away who have

suffered from dementia and in no way is

this a funny situation it's horrible

it's depressing it's horrific and I just

don't find it funny and so there are

scenes that go for funny and I just felt

uncomfortable by that and that's gonna

be something that's probably subjective

to the viewer whether or not you've

dealt with someone in your life who's

had dementia probably watching this is

gonna be more disturbing than funny

because it's gonna remind you of some

really horrible memories the other issue

I have with the movie is that character

motivation doesn't seem important at all

for really anyone most characters in

this movie are just dealing with the

fact that Capone has lost his mind

Capone obviously has no motivation

there's a slight little suggestion that

he has hidden money somewhere and people

are trying to find out where this money

is some of the characters in the movie

need to find out where that money is

otherwise there's going to be dire

consequences for them legally the law is

also involved in the movie people are

spying on Capone trying to find out

where that money is see if he's still in

any way involved in his criminal empire

and those characters seem to also have

stakes in their lives on whether or not

they can find this information out you

cut back and forth sometimes as one of

the agents who goes to his superiors and

his superiors are like look this is our

last chance you're gonna have to find

something out pretty soon or we're just

gonna forget about this because I don't

give a shit about Capone he's old and

nothing really happens with that

storyline either

storylines are just sort of tossed out

the window so while I respect what the

movie is trying to do and I certainly

respect Trank as a filmmaker none of it

really worked for me I found this to be

a very disappointing movie

with a somewhat unintentionally

hilarious performance from Tom Hardy I'm

gonna give Capone a c-minus guys thank

you so much as always for watching this

movie hit VOD today so it is available

on Amazon and other services for you to

rent and check out if you want to see it

thank you guys as always and if you like

this you can click right here and get

stuck mine eyes


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