CANON PIXMA MX925 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer – Unboxing [HD]

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

everybody this is my book to the fullest
today today we have an unboxing of the
colonel Pixma MX 925 this item in
purchase from Curry's PC world for
$99.99 so just I'm just under 100 pounds
there I think this product was
previously 129 pounds in 99 pence oh I
actually bargained a pretty good deal
there yes I bought this in full I didn't
know get a new disc on I think so I was
a kind of a bad thing but yeah I got
this I got this item in full which was
very good so yeah so as you can see in
front here we have different different
specifications of the actual printer as
you can see you can print has a 250
sheet cassette which means you can put
250 sheets of paper into the printer one
time early it can print two-sided ADF
and it has altered mm print it has a
Pixum ah link and it has a mobile
printing it also has 15 IPM in black
color I'm 10 IPM color and in terms of
ATF copy it has 8 color okay so I this
this printer has different ink
cartridges it has I think it has
different ink cartridges like I think it
has blue one a pink one a yellow one and
a black one so he can like from he can
change it also what was printed to us it
has five single ain't as wireless
printing as well
it has mobile printing it has fixing
McCloud link it has Ethernet it can so
you can collect you don't have to
connect by Wireless you can't buy
Ethernet as well also as well as having
such thing this put up it constructs as
well because protocol sucks you can
collect your Ethernet I don't think you
can't cut fax over wireless I think all
this one oh yeah so it has faxing
scanning full HD movie print which is
very good two-sided ADF and it also has
disc print this is this is one of the
reasons why I bought this item because
it has direct your sprint so I can put a
black disc into it and I will print like
an image on the black disc which
very cool and yeah that's one of the
reasons why I bought this out you just
turn on the back and see what this fits
on the back this is like saying exactly
same thing at the side it says the same
thing and obviously here it will say
this also on this arrow here so this box
it's a sharp knife tip okay so if
anybody knows how to work with your
let's all buy the printer a ton of
freaking crap in here okay so there
there are the manuals which you get for
the inside the box so and also you show
you guys what you get inside we get the
current pixel my MX line 20 disc ROM
photo paper plus glossy paper – so you
get some free photo and glossy paper
inside awesome print your own blu-ray
DVDs and CDs that's the one thing which
I want to be focused on so yeah I think
you can see the box is we get these ink
cartridges we get a free 550 black ink
cartridge as you can see there we also
get five different colors as well as I
was telling you black purple whatever
black purple we get we also get five
free cartridges which cost a fortune in
the shop I'm guessing every time you buy
canon printer you get free ink
cartridges always you don't worry about
people who shop my black oh you know
what you have to buy ink cartridges so
I'll give it off laughs you buy no
because I'm not that dumb that you I
know that they already give you one it's
having free so why not buy one I let
this take from State when I first you
bought my printer
the more manuals which you don't need to
worry about for you see take out the bag
so it's a standard power cable again it
has this standard tennis look inside so
yeah Ethernet cable inside inside the
box as well
Ethernet cable adapter as well okay so
these things now we're just gonna see
printer the color MX 925 and this is
pretty much their books for the printer
there's nothing much I can unbox the
printer say anything on the printer
because I've pretty much done everything
I can so this is a quick review of what
I've books today we can see there here
we have our five free ink cartridges we
have our Ethernet cable also Ethernet
adapter we have our charging cable we
have a power adapter and we have our
manuals which I guess everyone out there
will be reading I might have to read the
disc one because ice obsessed time I
came across this printer but apart from
that that's pretty much it so I hope to
just video guys don't forget to give
this video a thumbs up if you enjoy my
unboxing and then don't forget to
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on more unboxings and if you want me to
make a review anybody out there who
wants me to make a review on this
printer then feel free to drop a comment
down below and a review will be made
within this week so yeah so again I'm
trying my best now because all my
example fish and everything like that
I'm kind of free now partially free
actually and I will try my best to make
some videos now every week and if that's
possible so yeah hope enjoys video guys
they were subscribe and just choked on a

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