Canon EOS R6 LEAKED! Sony a7 III Competitor?

published on July 20, 2020

Photography News has been a huge bummer parks travel sports weddings everything has been canceled but there is some good news canon is bringing us a new camera in just a couple of months and I think it's going to be the bestseller of 2021 let's

Talk about exactly what that is and what it means to you and how it compares against the leading cameras now first I want to thank our sponsor Squarespace whether you need a domain website or any kind of online presence

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10% off thanks Squarespace and thanks to canon rumors calm for bringing us little whispers about what is coming in the future can it hasn't said anything official about this but they are

Extremely credible and they've been right so many times in the past and also this is kind of believable the canon eos r6 is basically a Canon 1dx mark 3 in Live View mode the 1dx mark 3 is canon $6,500 pro sports DSLR body it has

Amazing mirrorless capabilities and a 20 megapixel sensor that a lot of pros prefer even though it's a lower megapixel they just like the faster workflow Canada is taking all those guts all that engineering work they did and

Packing it into a little our body like this and I think they're gonna price it to compete with cameras like the Sony a7 3 and Nikon z6 the rumors say that it's going to have 4k at 60 frames per second and 1080 Full HD at 120 frames per

Second it's a big deal that puts it a step ahead of the competition they're saying that it's going to have some sort of sensor stabilization though in canons official announcement for the eos r5 they said that they had a

Approach to sensor stabilization I think this means they're not physically moving the sensor but rather they're going to use digital stabilization and stacking like cameras like the Samsung S 20 the iPhone and the Google pixel smartphone

Do the rumours are that we'll have two cards and I'm guessing that both of those will be SD here's the thing they're calling it an r6 and in the name itself they're indicating that it's going to be positioned lower than the

Canon EOS r5 the r5 was parallel to the Canon 5d series which was their high-end professional and I suspect the r6 will be parallel to the canon 6d which was their entry-level full-frame camera and typically priced around

$1,600 so I think it'll be somewhere in that ballpark it has less weatherproofing than the higher-end us r5 and canon rumor says it could be a may announcement but I think any any sort of projections of

Future dates right now could be pushed off much of Japan where they're doing the engineering is going to be working from home right now and to me that always means reduced productivity so I also think the rumors of a June 2020

Launch are probably going to be pushed back nonetheless I do think we'll see it at some point in 2020 at least an announcement or a development announcement it's also supporting the image Canon at least I suspect it well

Because the r6 supports this and I think it's such a cool feature this will allow your camera to constantly synchronize pictures to the cloud if you choose to allow it of course you don't have to sign up for this but if you do that it

Can send it over directly to your computer or to Google Drive that way no matter where you are your files are waiting and even if somebody steals your camera you know that wedding you just shot all the files are safely backed up

Off-site I think the EOS r5 is going to be positioned at that nine dollar price point where a lot of cameras launch this puts it squarely up against the Sony a7 three which is selling well more like $1,900 nowadays

Though sometimes you see at $1,800 the z6 is selling right at $1,800 now after a steep price drop from launched and the Panasonic s1 is even cheaper than that at 16 hundred and fifty dollars that's started out at more like twenty five

Hundred dollars so these cameras have really come down in price let's take a look at how the r6 fits into the rest the Canon are meritless lineup we have at the entry level the $900 yo SRP which we now own seven of because

We use them as video cameras and they work absolutely fantastic the $1600 ESR which is sort of for enthusiasts and then the $2,500 yo sare which is that same Ozark camera but with a specialized sensor that's better for

Astrophotography that's a very specialized camera and will sell in very small numbers and that's the only reason that it costs $2,500 Dios r6 will fit right above the EOS R it's a little hard we'll compare them directly in a second

It is better in some ways and worse in others but nonetheless it's significantly newer and it has two card slots so I feel like they're going to be positioning it as a pro camera the sr5 will be their higher-end

Pro camera for general use everything ranging from event photography portraits weddings commercial photography and even some sports and then at the high end I think we'll see a future version of the sr5 with a very high resolution sensor

Maybe it's a hundred megapixel sensor I'm hearing like 75 to 150 megapixels so I think it's going to be some really high res sensor similar to one of my favorite cameras of all time the Canon EOS 5d SR that had 50 megapixels long

Before 15 megapixels was cool we don't have rooms that they get I just kind of expect to see something like that soon this leaves two big gaps in the Canon our lineup they need an entry level camera everybody wants everybody that's

A kit that cost $500 I think they'll start out with a body that costs five hundred dollars and maybe the kit will be used 700 or 750 dollars I don't know it was gonna be called higher number probably something like

ESR nine and I expect to see that either at the end of 2020 or sometime in 2021 they might not drop all the way to the $500 but they're gonna try to get closer than they are now at $900 so maybe it'll be six or $700 and then I expect at some

Point maybe 2022 Canon will finally develop the mirrorless tech that allows them to create a proper sports body to replace the one DX mark three DSLR I think that'll be positioned at about the same price of $6,500 and it will be

Called the eos r1 and then cannon will basically have a well-rounded lineup and they'll just need to sort of rev and improve their existing bodies let's see how the canon eos r6 compares to the existing canon eos r I think there'll be

About the same price but I think the introduction of the r6 will drive the Canon EOS ARS price down from the current price of $1,900 probably to more like $1,600 I think Canon will retain this original

Camera that they launched them out with just for enthusiasts you know it's kind of mid-range it only has a single card slot when this camera comes out I'm sure the autofocus saying will be so much more improved that it will make the EOS

ARS autofocusing seem antiquated the USR had a really good sensor in a 30 megapixel sensor vitas r6 is rumored to only have 20 that seems a little weird because this is a pro body with two card slots but a lower megapixel sensor I

Think the way this will work out is Canon will take the guts of the high-end pro 1 DX mark 3 body with 20 megapixels and position this as a great second body they'll be like this is the sensor that you love in your 1 DX now it's in this

Tiny little form factor so when you don't want to drag out a big one DX you can take this little body slap on your existing lenses using an adapter or use our new mirrorless our lenses it advertises 12 or 20 frames per second

Which are almost exactly what the 1d x mark 3 offers the 12 frames per second comes with a mechanical shutter which freezes rolling shutter that's what you'd want to use anytime you're shooting something fast action

The 20 frames per second is the electronic shutter which does potentially introduce rolling shutter if you're say doing a whip pan like panning sideways but for general things like portraits still photography are just

Fine the 4k 60 frames per second is much better than the ESR which only offers 4k at 30 frames per second and then at an almost unusable very high crop level and the canon eos r6 will have two card slots which is a real frustrating point

For us with the ESR the first time we used it our card failed and lost a bunch of video we'd record it and even though we've continued to use it since then I I know I'm taking a risk every time I use it the second card slot would be much

Appreciated let's compare the canon eos r6 to the champion the sony a7 mark 3 the sony a7 mark 3 really brought so many pros into the mirrorless world it launched at a ridiculously low $2,000 price point with 24 megapixels two card

Slots and a pretty good focusing system as well as a pretty good 10 frames per second it's really what put Sony mirrorless on the map so many SLR shooters amateurs and pros alike could finally pick up a reasonably priced body

With a pretty good assortment of lenses and benefit in all the ways that mirrorless allows you to like providing sensor stabilization and I detect autofocus it's been an absolute hero it's always top of the sales charts I

Think that's why Canon is going to directly target it with both capabilities and price with the eos r6 you can see the eos r6 is a lower megapixel at 20 vs 24 but those numbers sound so similar I don't think many

People will appreciate the difference when we have compared 20 megapixel cameras to 24 megapixel cameras you see the difference that's substantial but I don't know I don't see that people care the frames per second with the r6 is

Higher at 12 with the mechanical shutter or 20 with electronic shutter the a7 mark 3 is limited to 10 frames per second regardless of the type of shutter the r6 will have twice frame rate had 4k 60 and I do believe it

Will be full width Sony currently has more mirrorless lenses for their amount than Canon does for there are mount but the canon lenses are better when we've tested them side-by-side the canon lenses tend to be sharper and Cannon has

Lenses that there is no Sony equivalent for like the 50 millimeter f12 like the 28 to 70 f2 and like the 85 millimeter f12 that I'm filming this on and as somebody who shoots both Stills and video professionally for a living those

Unique fast and sharp lenses though they're expensive they allow me to pretty easily distinguish my work from everybody else's and pros will really appreciate those types of fast lenses that Sony does not currently offer

I know pros are chomping at the bit to use these cool new fast lenses and we've just been waiting for Canon to really give us a pro body I think the r6 will be the body that pushes everybody to the arm mount

Compared to the Nikon z6 just now of course a little bit older or not as good the c6 is still at $1,800 and 24 megapixels and both those will beat the r6 but the r6 has a 12 frames per second mechanical shutter and a 20 frames per

Second electronic shutter substantially beating those e6 now the c6 in the real world never really achieved those numbers not when I had to do any sort of auto focusing it was always like very slow we'll see how that actually works

On the r6 in the real world when we get our hands on one be sure to subscribe to see that video of course the r6 does 4k 60 instead of 4k 30 and everybody slammed the z6 for only having one card slot including us

It was a nice fast card slot but it was still only one I really do miss that redundancy and the r6 will give that to us the z6 has a top screen whereas the r6 does not for better or worse I do like

Having a top screen so I can adjust the settings while the cameras on a strap around my neck without having it tilt it but I like the Canon glass better than the Nikon glass it just so happens that Nikon

Opted to start with more consumer-oriented say f-18 primes and f4 zooms whereas canon decided to start with really high-end expensive glass so if you're looking for that high-end glass the canon eos our system has it

Now if you're shopping at the lower end of the range the Nikon z mount has it now I know a lot of people are gonna be mad there and saying why are you comparing it to the Sony a7 three and nikon z6 those are like two years old

Now you should be comparing it to they semaphore though these are the cameras that exist right now I can't I'm sure I'm basing this on rumors but I can't make up some fictionalized version of the next one of these I have to have

Something to go on so yeah as soon as there's some shred of information about those upcoming cameras that I'm sure will be released at some point I will definitely compare them so stay tuned for that and thank you to our sponsor

Squarespace Squarespace makes amazing websites very very easy if your big brain super nerd and you know all about CSS and HTML you can do that you can inject all that fancy code into your website and if you're not a big super

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In the comments down below I would love to hear what you guys think of the r6 what you hope to see what you're already disappointed in and how you think the competition Sony Panasonic Fuji nikon how are they all going to respond to

Stay competitive thanks so much and we'll see you soon bye

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