Can Vegan Sushi Satisfy A Sushi Lover?

published on July 2, 2020


this is so good I could eat it every

single day if you say all-you-can-eat my

next words will be sushi that's like

your equivalent of wagging your tail I

feel hey everybody what's up its your

girl merle and today we're gonna be

doing make it vegan from home it might

look a little bit different but it's

still gonna be totally fun and we're

gonna make it work

so today i'm gonna have my very good

friend jasmine pack on the show which is

very exciting you guys may know her as

the producer from giant food time on

bring me she's a huge foodie and i

happen to know that her favorite food is

sushi so today i'm going to be sending

her since sushi from my favorite vegan

sushi spot and then i'm going to show

her how to make her own homemade vegan

sushi and we'll see which one she likes

it is ring ring oh it's so good to see

your shiny face i just want to pinch

your cheek

yeah pinch me is real all right jasmine

straight up you love sushi

tell me talk to me about how much you

love sushi and why do you love sushi

Merl it's so good i put my face really

closely you know i mean serious business

if you say all-you-can-eat my next words

will be sushi all-you-can-eat yes no if

you have had sugar fish in LA is

thebombcom i could eat it every day

sometimes i do if you've had their tuna

roll it's super soft tender supple you

can cut through it like butter I also

love the eel roll that Lou Mommy in it I

think it's a very unique flavor and you

can't not have eel when you go get sushi

so you're painting quite the picture for

me here we got a modern-day Bob Ross

okay okay so today we're gonna be trying

some vegan sushi from Shogun which is a

hundred percent plant-based sushi place

I know what you're thinking it's vegan

and sushi what is that but listen I

think it's gonna blow you away jasmine

oh I am very excited because last time

you made me fish and chips from celery

root it tasted just like it

okay likeness to fish zero okay okay

with the shade it looks good it just

wasn't the same you know funny you

should say that a little birdie it tells

me you've got a special delivery oh my


alright let's go eat okay jasmine let me

tell you a little bit about why I love

shogen so much yeah sell it to me they

pride themselves on using only the

highest quality ingredients that are

organic when possible and they avoid

refined sugar table salt and gluten

alright jasmine so first we're gonna be

trying they're dynamite roll which is

one of their top selling items let's do


this roll features spicy tofu which is

the tuna and it also includes avocado

spicy mayo and beet sauce okay good

holy what I appreciate is the complexity

and the flavors working together and I

know it's made with tofu which I can

actually taste but I love tofu I

actually I love this I can't lie

he doesn't taste like fish neither it

just tastes like really good sushi I


now we're gonna try their other most

popular item which is their baked crab

cake hand roll and this one has crab

cake made out of enoki mushrooms avocado

vegenaise and a smoky sweet tamari sauce


that's good hmm sound like you're not

buying it I think it's this I have a

very sensitive flavor palate and I love

love mushrooms so it doesn't even taste

like crap to me all I can taste is like

it's a delicious fried enoki much

sort of concoctions if not fooling you

but it's delicious yes I thought it was

super good but I don't think everyone

has a vegan sushi spot near them it's

funny you should say that I'm going to

be teaching you how to make it out of

your own kitchen yeah I mean let's hope

the mine stacks up to your expectations

now that I've given you this delicious

vegan sushi I don't know how you're

gonna be show Jen damn don't spare my

feelings okay so as you know show Jen

used tofu to recreate the tuna in their

roles but what we're going to do in

today is we're gonna be using Tomatoes

so we're using tomatoes to make tuna

listen I've got a point in here okay

it's gonna be delicious okay so the

first thing we're going to do with our

tomatoes is we're gonna take a sharp

knife and we're going to make a little X

incision on the bottom there and then at

the top you're just gonna use the pointy

tip of your knife and you're gonna pour

the tomatoes as well we've got a pot of

boiling water here we're just gonna put

our tomatoes right there in the boiling

water for about 60 to 90 seconds and

then once you start to notice the skin

peeling away from that little X on the

bottom you can transfer them with a

spoon over to your ice bath okay so the

first thing we're gonna do with your

tomatoes is you're gonna take them out

of their ice bath and then we're just

gonna gently peel away the skin it's

really fun it kind of reminds me of like

when you put glue on your hands you know

oh yeah alright so now that you're all

peeled to the bones you're gonna take

your tomatoes and you're gonna cut them

into quarters so you can just follow

those X's you made on the bottom all the

way through can you see where we're

going with this sushi thing a thousand

percent it really looks like tuna all

right and then once you've got them all

quartered we're gonna take the seeds out

alright I know this is a vegan show but

my cutting board is looking like a

straight-up crime scene I feel like


yeah this looks gruesome okay so now

that we've got all of our Tomatoes

seated we want to make our marinade and

our marinade is going to consist of half

a cup of low-sodium soy sauce and then

we're gonna do half a cup of rice

vinegar and half a cup of a neutral oil

it smells like sushi we're cooking up

miracles here I'm feeling good and then

we're gonna do a teaspoon and a half of

granulated sugar and finally to give it

the real fishy kick we're gonna put in a

nori sheet remember when you made a

salmon out of carrot I sure do I'm proud

of that recipe if this one is as good as

that one I'll give up non-vegans sushi

what a week okay now we're gonna mix er

up and we're gonna plop them right in

there and then we're gonna put these

sleeping beauties in the fridge to

marinate all right so Jasmine we're not

done yet now we're gonna make something

that resembles the eel sushi that you

said you liked so much

using eggplant whoa that was way more

badass okay so the first thing we're

gonna do is take the tops off the next

step of this is gonna be to peel the

entire eggplant which I know you're

thinking oh that's a lot of work but

listen I got something to keep your mind

busy while we're doing it oh yeah I

think it's time for some vegan

70-percent yes that's right according to

a report by Greenpeace what is the

biggest plastic polluter in our oceans

today I would say micro plastics or

plastic water bottles discarded fishing

gear they estimate that six hundred and

forty thousand tons of commercial

fishing lines gear Nets traps and pots

are discarded into the ocean every

single year which is the equivalent

weight of 55,000

double-decker buses every single year in

our oceans and that's just commercial so

that doesn't even include private

plastic in our oceans isn't the only

problem with fishing there's also over

and of course bycatch bycatch basically

means that we're accidentally catching

other marine life and disturbing marine

ecosystems while we're trying to get the

fish we want to eat oh my god now it

doesn't even matter if this tastes good

I'm gonna make it anyway

okay so first we're gonna cut our

eggplant right in half like so so we've

got two pieces here and then with each

half we're gonna cut them into about 1/3

inch slices

what is 1/3 of an inch Oh cute alright

so now you've got your slices and I'm

gonna lay down a cloth better to use a

cloth or reusable one if you can so I'm

gonna lay out my slices and I'm gonna

salt the first side and then I'm gonna

flip them over and I'm gonna salt the

other side as well okay I'll salt it

good work jasmine we're gonna let these

sit here for about 30 minutes and in the

meantime we're gonna preheat our oven to

375 degrees Fahrenheit that is 190

degrees Celsius are you ready for this

ready okay great all right now for our

sauce we're gonna use 1/3 of a cup of

sake 1/3 of a cup of maple syrup 1/2 a

cup of mirin and then 1/2 a cup of more

low sodium soy sauce so we're gonna mix

this up until it's very well blended

okay so now this is simmering and after

about 20 or 25 minutes we will take this

off the heat once it is reduced by about

half ok so now we just took our sauce

off of the stove and we have let it cool

down a bit and finally we're going to

Pat our eggplants dry and then we're

gonna cut these like planks into fourths

if you have a smaller one then you can

cut it into thirds and then you're gonna

transfer it to your baking mat now that

we have it all evenly spread out nicely

on the mat we're gonna take about a

quarter of our mixture and we're gonna

evenly spread it over all of our pieces

then we're gonna flip them and do the

same thing with another quarter of the

mixture on the other side if you find

that it's insanely tedious to flip each

individual piece like I've decided it is

you can just really once you got the

glaze on there mix them around like a

roller skiing rollers cake make a roller

skating rink alright we're gonna pop

these in the oven for about 10

and then we're gonna use the rest of our

sauce and cover them one more time and

then pop them back in the oven again for

10 more minutes we've done a lot today

it's been a packed day but now we've

reached the final stage it's time to

actually build these little sushi

friends for those of you who don't know

a little tip is to wet your hands a bit

first before you're handling the sushi

rice cuz oh she gets sticky all right

she gets real sticky so we're gonna form

it into a little oblong shape I think I

wet my hands too much now it's falling

apart here's another a hot tip if you

want to keep your little tomato to stick

on the top better put a little bitty

teeny dot of wasabi on there really

small especially if you don't like spice

cuz that's got a kick and a half to it

then we're gonna pop our vegan tuna on

top now we're gonna take our seaweed and

we're gonna wrap it in a little package

of love oh my goodness I'm gonna take

this little guy to prom with me I'm so

excited about this Wow

alright I'm moving on to my second sushi

slab this looks like a good one you have

been chosen as tribute and then we're

gonna brush just a little bit of our

leftover sauce on top

now I'm gonna wrap her up okay so the

moment of truth has arrived

Jasmine you've got all three of your

sushi options there you've got your

favorite sushi the tried and true the

ten in your book from sugar fish and

then you've got the ones that we got

from shogen earlier today and then of

course you have our homemade versions

that we just made I'm so excited

okay so Jasmine I'm gonna have you go

ahead and try your sugar fish sushi

first don't mind if I do

that's like your equivalent of wagging

your tail I feel so good sugar fish

never lets me down I mean come on eel is

unmatched nervous no go ahead and try

the show gin again

mmm I mean the spicy tuna roll like I

said earlier can still taste the tofu

but it's also reminiscent of spicy tuna

and still reminds me of the sushi

experience okay what are we trying first

I'm gonna do the tomato on thoughts

feelings okay

visually gorgeous experience amazing

taste impeccable but not too not okay

okay okay I mean it's not tuna but you

don't think it tastes anything like tuna

no there there's a bite to the tomato

that the tuna from sugar fish doesn't

have what I love about sugar fish tuna

is that it's super soft and mop like

butter the tomato tuna I enjoy it for

what it is I don't think it tastes

exactly like tuna but I would feel like

I had a sushi experience all right I'm

satisfied with that now won't you try

the eel Wow okay feels like an eel no I

feel like slimy the eggplant eel is

really good I could put each one of

those over sushi rice as a bowl and just

scarf it down the experience of eating

the eggplant eel is very similar to

eating yield because it looks like it

like visually it's just they're all so

the sauce is on point

yay okay I'm feeling a little more

confident now okay it's time free to

pick just walk me through what you're

thinking about both of your options here

the Shoji was super good I'm super happy

that you introduced it to me while I

thought the spicy tuna was amazing I

wasn't in love with the imitation crab

roll and I could still taste the tofu in

the spicy tuna roll for the ones we made

today I could taste the tomato in the

tuna but the eggplant eel sauce

life-changing so what are you gonna

write these two shogen taking everything

into account I give it an 8 oh wow and

for the ones we made today I give it up


seven point seven six no I shouldn't

have encouraged you to be honest it's

respectable and I understand

I thought Shogun's were incredible also

okay but I need to clarify okay even

though I gave a shogen a higher number I

still like the eggplant it will be made

today more than I do the imitation crab

roll from shogen interesting so you just

like the tofu one so much from show Jen

that was the one that like threw you

over the edge

yeah it's so innovated so many different

flavors this is healthy there's protein

it's complex what's not to love about it

I don't feel like there's a need to

imitate the foods so if it's an

imitation crab roll why not just call it

the in fried and milky hand roll because

I would be able to appreciate it for

what it is and the ones we made today if

you just called it marinated tomato you

wouldn't have ordered it I would have

enjoyed it I get what you're saying I

think that's a really good comment about

like innovation over imitation and I

think a lot of people that aren't vegan

can res it that will resonate with them

overall though the ones we made today

we're absolutely delicious I would not

mind swapping these out a couple times a

month just to reduce my sushi intake

okay I'm glad you had fun and honestly

thank you so much for being on the show

you're such a treat every single time I

talk to you thanks for having you learn

so much thank you so much for watching

if there's anybody you'd like me to have

on the show to try to veganize their

favorite dish or if there's a certain

dish that you would like to see me make

vegan let us know in the comments below



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