Can This Chef Make Froot Loops Fancy? • Tasty

published on July 2, 2020

– Hi, I'm Rie

I'm a Tasty producer

Today, I've been challenged
to take a common food

and make it fancy

Let's see what we are making fancy today

Froot Loops

As you can guess, I've
never tried this before

Growing up, I ate a lot of Cocoa Puffs

I am hoping it tastes like fruit

I hope different color
has a different flavor

Look like a pile of poison

Doesn't taste like fruit

It's all same flavor

I like the crunch

Internet likes colorful dessert

It can be really pretty

It's not too bad

But maybe if you are eating bunch,

it might be a little bit too sweet

So color is actually
cute and very festive,

so I think we can make some fun dessert

I'm excited to make it fancy

All right, here is what I got

Butter, heavy cream, eggs, and milk

From the pantry, I got
cornstarch, salt, vanilla extract,

sugar, flour, white chocolate,
food coloring, and brandy

Okay, let's get started

Make it fancy

(elegant music)

First step, I'm going to use Froot Loops,

and I just realized Froot
is spell like F-R-O-O-T,

not like fruit fruit

It's just like a meme, if you
know what I'm talking about

Four cups of Froot Loops

Three cup of milk

– [Producer] That's a big breakfast

(Rie laughs)

– I also don't know what
is the appropriate amount

of cereal you have to eat for breakfast

Sometimes, like just bowl of cereal

doesn't look like enough

So I'm heating up medium-high heat,

kinda extract more
flavor from Froot Loops

As soon as little bubbles
coming from the milk,

that's ready

Just don't boil the milk

– [Producer] Rie, do you
recognize the bird on the box?

– No

Is he famous?

– [Producer] He's famous

So, his full name is Toucan Sam

– I used to have that bird that talks,

like parakeet, like little one

He came to my grandma's
yard and she kept it,

and I think it was bird
from some sort of station

It said like, "Next
stop is such and such"

I know the little bird that talks

They are smart

Milk with simmered,
I'm going to pour over

And gently push so there's no dry spot

Just steep this about one hour,

and we are moving onto next step

Two cups of Froot Loops

So you kinda wanna make it like a pebble

Like this size

So I'm going to just
use big piece for later

Sugar part it's going to
go through the mesh sieve

If you don't have a food processor,

you can just put in bag

and crush them with
rolling pin or something


It's kind of pretty

It's like fairy dust

And moving on to the next step

Okay so we be steeping
Froot Loops for one hour,

and we are going to strain

It's kind of jiggly

Sounds like you are
stepping into the puddle

(Froot Loops squelching)

Half cup of cereal milk

Half cup of water

And we gonna save this later

I'm going to use one stick of butter

and cut it small sizes so it melts faster

And two teaspoons of sugar

Melt all the ingredients

The color it's not as
good as I was hoping for,

but I think we have some idea to fix

Everything is melted,

so I'm adding one cup
of flour, medium heat

Dough it's kind of shiny,

and it's kind of fall into one big blob

Take off the heat,

and you want to wait
this dough cool to touch,

about five minutes

So dough is cool down

Add egg, one by one

I think we will need four eggs,

but its depends on the consistency

Mix it

You have to make sure
all the egg is absorbed

The second

If you have a stand mixer,

you can use stand mixer
with paddle attachment

It's expensive machine,

so I just wanna show you
how to do it by hand

The dough has to be a little bit runny,

and gonna go for four eggs

I think we might need one more

I'm cracking fifth egg,

but I think I'm gonna
use just the half first

Eggs come in different shape,

so consistency it's the
indicator, not the amount of egg

Let's test that

You kinda bring out the dough

Think it still need just a little bit


It's a good workout

Yeah, like that, that's a good texture

Quarter cup of crushed Froot Loops

Pretty, look!

It's became gray to rainbow

Put this in a piping bag

and put the piping tip and twist

And insert, and bend

so when you put the dough
it doesn't overflow

It's alive!

I'm going to pipe this
dough onto the baking sheet

I sprayed oil underneath
of the parchement paper

so it stick to the pan

Brush water into the paper,

so it helps pâte à choux to
puffs up without drying out

Make sure each dough has

enough room because it's gonna rise

So when you're squeezing,

you don't want to squeeze from here,

you kinda want to squeeze
your dominant hand on the top,

and also you don't need to do swirl,

you just have to steady pipe

We made a pâte à choux
at the culinary school,

also this was maybe my first
pastry I made with my mom

I love making pâte à choux,
I like the transformation

I sometimes even wait in front of the oven

so I can see when its puffs up

And this is ready

– [Producer] Rie, you're fast

– Oh, I have seen faster

Whoever doing this as
a professional level,

they are so fast

Cool, cute!

So you don't want this point,

so you wet your finger with water,

and kinda make it flat

And this moisture also
helps this puffs up

Oh, I like this, it's cute

Anything round is cute

So, I was a little bit worried because

when we steep Froot Loops, it was gray

But now because of the egg,

and because of the crushed Froot Loop,

its looks very festive and cute

It looks almost like a funfetti cake

So this is the egg wash leftover,

I think we don't have enough,

so I'm gonna add a little bit water

It kinda gives a shine
when we finish baking

So we are going to bake this

at 400 Fahrenheit for 20 minutes,

and then lower the heat to 350 Fahrenheit

Bake for 10 to 15 minutes
until golden brown

When you are baking, don't open the door

If you open the door, it won't rise

So I have reserved
Froot Loop infused milk

Heat it up

Two egg yolks

Two tablespoon of sugar

I'm gonna mix it until pale

They say it's a little bit crucial part

when you're making custard,

you have to make sure the sugar
is absorbed into egg yolk

Two tablespoon of cornstarch

And one teaspoon of vanilla

So milk, its start bubbling

Add just a little bit so
you're kind of tempering

Put gentle stream

Bring this back to pot

Turn on the heat, and cook
this until it is thickens

You want to consistently
mix with rubber spatula,

because it will burn if you don't do that,

or it's become like curdled

Pastry cream it's done

Transfer to a bowl

Not the prettiest color,
but we gonna fix it

You want to make sure the plastic,

it's touching to the custard,
so it doesn't form a skin

Chill this until completely
cool, about 30 minutes

And, it's not pretty

Let's make it pretty

One tablespoon of brandy

Just mix it

And separate this into three

I usually avoid using food color,

but this color is a
little bit off-putting

I like the kind of color for Froot Loops,

so I'm adding a little bit of food color

We have pink, we have
blue, and we have purple

– [Producer] Rie, what's
your favorite color?

– You know, it's a difficult
to pick your favorite color

Whenever people ask me that question,

I don't have the answer

But I tend to choose (mumbles)
color for my clothing,

and red for accessories

Set this aside

I'm gonna whip some cream

Gonna start with one and half cup

I know there's a one person on Instagram,

he made at least three or
four thing from Make It Fancy

We should give him a prize

Perfect consistency

So cream is whipped, it's a stiff peak

Add to custard mix

It's just one big scoop,
it's like eyeball

Okay, the fillings are ready,

and I'm going to use this piping bag

Using the special kind of
tool if you don't have it,

you can just make one color

I want to make like unicorn effect,

so I got special tool that
makes three color cream

One done

And two done

Three done

Put them together

So I'm gonna set this aside
and move on to the next step

All right, look how cute it is

Perfectly puffed up

I'm going to cut top part,

you can see the Froot Loops inside

Pipe your unicorn in


I'm very happy

If it's not hollow enough,

you can just push the inside part

Look how pretty they are!

I don't know, I don't
like eating colorful food,

but I like making colorful food

Dip white chocolate, it's melted

Put like a hat and put Froot Loop

I'm topping with Froot Loops

because it kind of gives nice poppy color

and adding more flavor and more texture

So cute!

I'm very happy!

It's the cutest thing I've
ever made on this show

Gonna put on the plate

This looks great, and we are done

(relaxing music)

They are unicorn Froot Loop cream puffs

Welcome back Jasmine!

– Thank you!

(Jasmine giggling)

– Can you tell what I made fancy from?

– Can I smell it?

– Yeah


– Froot Loops?

– Yes

(both laughing)

Can you tell the difference

between Fruity Pebbles
and the Froot Loops?

– Well, that's why I asked to smell it

– Oh, it different?

– Yeah, I can smell the difference

Fruity Pebbles smells a
little more like juicy

– Uh huh

– And then Froot Loops
smell a little tangier

– But you have a good smell

– Yeah, people think I'm a dog

– Oh, wow

– Yeah

My hunch is that you've
made cereal cream puffs

– Yes

– With a (snifflng) a whipped filling

and a doughnut icing top

Of some sort

– Yeah

– Ooh


This is delightful, very fancy, I love it

– Thank you!

– Some rainbow foods are so saturated,

to the point where they
taste chemically sweet

– Yeah

– This is light, fluffy,
nice crunch with the cereal

It's heavenly

Froot Loop everything,
but not too overpowering

– Yes!

So Jasmine, did I make

– Rie

– Hi

– Hi

(both laughing)

– Did I make Froot Loops fancy?

– Yes you did

– Okay, thank you

– Thank you

– [Both] Make it Fancy!

(relaxed music)

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