Can Taiwan Save the Indo-Pacific from China?

published on July 3, 2020

Taiwan is under constant threat from

China not just the military but also

infiltration in its democracy how is

Taiwan resisting welcome back to China

uncensored I'm Chris Chappell

Taiwan is on the front lines of a battle

with the Chinese Communist Party and few

people understand that like DPP

legislature wanting you he's chairman

the Legislature's Foreign Affairs and

national defense committee I sat down

with him in Tainan to talk about the

tactics the Chinese Communist Party uses

to destroy democracy and how Taiwan can

save the indo-pacific region from a

dangerous authoritarian state well thank

you for joining me today

assess for your time yeah you bet so how

is the Chinese Communist Party trying to

infiltrate Taiwan they try to do this

for decades more than 40 years and now

go is the technology development they

have a new way to Tullio tricks for

example in Taiwan they have three basic

tactic to penetrate travel society first

using their economic power to seduce to

lure Taiwanese botanic businessmen

become their investment and then using

all these economic condition too tight

too tight

Taiwanese businessmen make them follow

cherish the relationship with the

Communist if you need a relationship to

to your business in China then you need

need to be a good friend you need to

show your good wheel step by step then

they can use they can eat some pizza

using the business businessman through

inference policy making second way they

are using some we call psychological

warfare they are using their Air Force

Navy Corps on Taiwan Island it's not

only try to shake in Taiwanese will try

to surely a muscle to block loss help

from United States in Quan Island or

Okinawa and our neighborhood country and

they try to tell Taiwan

listen to us you can have the

relationship to to business to make

money if you don't listen to us listen

to Chinese Communists you have you will

face the missiles you will face that

crisis all the possibilities to create a

tiny war now they will destroy your

stock market will inference your life

and the third way is ongoing now and I'm

afraid maybe they are doing this in all

a democratic country around the world

they try to use in some eco they call

education that using some little rich a

cultural cultural engagement try to ask

Taiwanese primary school the teens the

principal's the students come to China

the only the only thing you need to

justify the tickets everything there

where they were taken take care of it

you know it's interesting that some of

these tactics you're talking about

because with some differences it does

sound very similar to things the Chinese

Commerce party is doing in the United

States as well that we that you for

example if your capital he'll try to

pass a law favorite i won

maybe maybe layer ambassador we are

protested himself but they will try to

answer some big company in the united

states try to influence your lawmakers

net we net sometimes they will pilot

advertisement in cable TV try to create

some kind of voice to interfere

democracy function because chinese

communist and they know one thing you

know in those

Korea or China this kind of country the

head is the most important the leader

that that one dictator Xi Jinping ginger

and lay on a most important they are

everything but in our country as a

democracy country election by people we

create the power to fear to steal to

control this country so if you can

influence the rule of the game of

election you will control democracy

country so they try they know that so

they tried using some use money to

contribution to contribute donate some

money to some certain guy try to beat

democracy by democracy way and I'm happy

to observe these two years United States

Trump administration Taiwan Japan

Australia Canada they own notice this

situation is quite this serious we have

a lot of plan and program we cooperate

together since maybe two years ago well

seems to me that if the rest of the

world wants to understand what the

Chinese Communist Party is doing in

their own countries they really need to

look at Taiwan yeah Taiwan we are in the

front line the cyber attacked three

internet attack our like our our formal

our government attack our traffic

control system attack our civil system

every month more than 45 million times

cyber attacked every month 45 million

times and the content this information

attack each day almost 1 million each

day each day almost 1 million spread in

France they are using VPN

maybe sent up fake news or this

information from China but they will

jump to Mexico then Mexico to Taiwan

something like that and that amount

create chaos especially during election

they were they they were manufacturing

some heavy havoc then total effect and

throw this content by a from layer

platform then inside of our country has

layer work on echoing echoing system

will catch that sure let's spread lend

some TV station mass media there are

layer allies partners using the kind of

rumours gossips news become a true

news broadcasting to TV then people will

believe that well I know the Democratic

Progressive Party recently passed the

anti infiltration Act what is that bill

about actually a but we call it national

security law lawmaking process

we have two major part the first major

part is focused at spying or military or

some similar warfare so we we fix our

crime law we met China to become Chinese

spy we put them on our crime law is life

sentence to death penalty we increase

the penalty and we fix our national

security law if you are helping Chinese

Communist to develop layer organization

in Taiwan then before maybe only to

under two years now it's born in seven

seven years to life sentence so let

there learn losses especially focus at

the spy

sabotage and then the second part is

that what we just passed this is we call

the democracy protecting law you know in

a democratic in a democracy society we

encourage people to vote to become a

tented ette to donate to love can you

tell your favor to speak you can have a

prayer you can have a demonstration on a

street you can lobby you can love before

the law you want you can sending out or

receive all different kind of

informations all this behavior is

democracy themself when we encourage

them to do that but if least normal

democracy behavior got polluted by your

enemy do you need forbid that in Taiwan

we for we we have law to regulate party

political party military and the

government cannot own media you cannot

own media media must be must be owned by

people cannot be political party

military or government we have struggled

takis to establish with this law for

about 10 years ago

so if taiwanese military Taiwanese

government Taiwanese party cannot own

media can we allow our media owned by

Chinese Communist Party piano 8

certainly not so we will not become as

we just passed a law we just regulate

the behavior if you receive Chinese

Communist money order authorization to

donate to certain party or candidate

using layer illegal money to interfere

our normal democratic behavior

thank you violates the law so that's

sort of how the Chinese chemists party

uses democracy to undermine most we we

have observed this we we try to we try

to establish a law system but we don't

want to shock the democracy itself

because the freedom that democracy is

what we are proud of now first tywin's

stand for so we cannot have a low

otherwise we just become a North Korea

that will be easier but we don't like

that so we have a lot of debating

arguing and using a lot of time then we

regulate fight behavior this fight

behavior also authorized our sponsored

by Chinese Communists by our foreign

enemies then you break a lot we have a

we have a example ID to drink an echo

you didn't break a law to drive a car

you don't break a law but if you trade

if you drink alcohol and the driving a

car you break a look something like this

so if you are doing business with

Chinese Communists even you get money

from Chinese government yeah you didn't

violate any law you you become a 10

candidate you donate money to some party

or candidate you love you love you for

your the fit your law your favored you

want to send in some information it's

okay but if you got ordered and get

money then to become a candidate or to

sponsor or to sabotage you some

demonstration rate or to spread some

fake news then you break this law and

according our poll shows the majority of

Taiwanese people's support to establish

a stop because they are worried about is

well I know there's been some pushback

to the anti infiltration act from

Taiwan's other dominant political party

the KMT

why is that look empty they are in a –

this low there

awkward position voters may say they

want is no because they know Taiwan need

this page in just of course they don't

want is no obviously and the chem T

coming down near lair

they are China friendly party and then

they have strong relationship and the

connection with China so they are in in

some awkward situation the one the one

in they want to win the election they

need votes but if they don't follow or

don't cooperate with their friends in

Beijing maybe something bad will happen

because they they have to too many

things in communist hands so as I recall

that day we try to pass it along

empty their legislature come inside to

the hole sit on the ground you know some

slogan then put a mask on and a keep

silence for five five hours then the law

passed the didn't that didn't resist

they didn't try to stop the lawmaking

process but they they are showing their

attitude that they don't like this no

but they know even they using physical

comfort to stop the law they will lose

the trust of voters so democracy

democracy win yeah so as chairman of the

Foreign Affairs National Defense

Committee what are some other National

Defense issues you think the Taiwan

government should be concerned about

this is a big question because we we

have a lot of them need to catch up with

now in in Indo Pacific or ei Oriental

Asia there are full potential crisis

these four potential crisis will cause

if something bad

and with word this will kill the economy

globally North Korea is the China Sea

Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea

these four potential crisis not only

inference that we regional politics but

also influence the global economy and

the Taiwan prey important role in three

of these four so we have we have a lot

of discussed with discussion with United

States I was told my friend is in

Capitol Hill I say once ty was secured

in the Pacific will be secured once

Taiwan stabilized this original this

region will be stabilized so how to

stabilize we Taiwanese we know this

country is my home the only one has a

responsibility to protect Taiwanese

ourselves we cannot rely on Americans or

the other friends friends can help but

we need to depend on ourselves and what

we need we don't have enough

high-technology weapon since 2013

PLA Chinese people liberation I mean

they they have modernized their

equipment they put a lot of money in

their air force power and the naval

power yeah they want to be a world

superpower we want to defend our home

it's kind different kind of straight

strategy consideration we don't need to

fear that Taiwan so big to against China

we just need enough power to protect

Taiwan and to fulfill our

responsibilities in is China's Taiwan

Strait and the South South China Sea we

own the largest island in South China

Sea we have a Kentucky beauty cannot

give you detail figures we have hundreds

of our young men and a woman post in

South China Sea

so we need underwater equipment like

submarine and we are building it alone

and I do believe we from now on within

three years we will have the first

megabyte high one the most modernized

submarine I believe so

and since our friends help we have we

are going to have the first one a 2t the

better tank you know what we have my

army using the tank we are using now is

40 years ago mm-hmm what war – yeah and

after 20 years we've eventually we got a

f-16 V so this is how we're and we we

the past three years we have new

regulation and a new pension system we

increase the military those young men

and women we increase their payment we

increase their retired pension so try to

stabilize our military so this is inside

to strengthen our own power and using

Taiwanese we have some strengths and

auto control we built a lot made in

Taiwan weapon system to protect our city

or something like that but for TPP in

the future for the coming four years

what we need or actually what Lee is

reaching need because if you believe

Taiwan stabilized then you can stabilize

this region whatever need is we need

more opportunity to cooperate with our

international friends also what would

you like to see happen far as us Taiwan

relations may be invited I went to join

the RIMPAC you know Rebecca is a

military exercise nothing big deal but

in Asia Taiwan in the North Korea

the only two countries never got invited

I went in there North Korea those two

countries usually aren't mentioned in

the same sentence but no United States

they they cancel the invitation to China

last time so I hope this year every two

years they have a reenact military

exercise I hope we can cut in what

invite it's kind of simple it's also


it means our part we are partners we are

in the system once the system strong

enough the conflict won't happen whoa we

are happen only in imbalance the

situation if the the all all the power

they got even in this situation the

crisis only crisis they won't happen

some serious conflict so for the twenty

to twenty twenty I do believe we will

have more opportunity to have some

special occasion our young military men

young ladies can have opportunity to

train with United States Army's and

maybe according to United States and DEA

a or Taiwan Travel Act you can send your

some kind of ship come to Taiwan Mercy

Medical Strip not battleship try to use

in this kind of hint to tell someone

don't do something stupid you cannot

afford it so if we keep sending this

message don't do something stupid you

cannot afford it now that will be very

good strategy to stabilize in the

Pacific make this place become a

democracy a democracy and freedom a lies

and that the economy can be keep

prosperous so what the signal we need

you need to know by lateral

discuss and we are working on that

hoping is going to happen in this year

thank you for joining me today yeah it's

amazing me thank you




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