Can Taiwan Deliver Democracy to China? | Huang Kuo-chang

published on July 3, 2020

the Chinese Communist Party's trying to

undermine Taiwan's democracy but it

might be Taiwan that helps democracy

come to China welcome to China

uncensored I'm Chris Chappell come to

you from Taiwan we are just days away

from Taiwan's election Taiwan is

dominated by two major political parties

the DPP and the KMT but more and more

third parties are making their mark i

sat down with Fong quote Chung a

legislator in the new power party to

talk about how third parties in Taiwan

are changing democracy in Taiwan and

maybe even in mainland China thanks for

joining me today my pleasure

so what would the Chinese Communist

Party like to see happen in this

election I think they won't tempt his

candidate mr Han to win the

presidential election but as far as I

know protecting from what where we spend

right now is not going to happen why is

the commies party interested in the KMT

candidate winning the election there is

no doubt that a can be candidate is very

Pro Beijing government more than lat

they keep silent when a political leader

should speak out where the Beijing

government pressure the human rights in

China and the KMT candidate is quite

cooperating with the Beijing government

with all kinds of political agenda they

are pushing against the Taiwan can you

give me an example of an instance where

right sakes see what happened in Hong

Kong okay this past summer I think all

people around the world this support

Hong Kong people's right to fight for

the basic human rights para came the


we have quite awkward during that period

they try to say something but they have

a great pressure from the Beijing

government so as a result they kept

silent that is not acceptable for the

Taiwan people because we have been there

we fought for our democracy we fought

for our freedom for the past 40 years

and the camp is candidate quite

cooperate with the Beijing government I

think that is not acceptable for the

Taiwan people because that is not our

best interest you see that as going

against Taiwan's principles of democracy

sure is the Chinese Communist Party

doing anything to ensure that its

interests come to fruition in the

election I think is from what we soared

from the last election I mean last

year's local election the Beijing

government tried their best to penetrate

our democratic system to influence the

final result actual election

interference yes I think that's

happening again this time yes they tried

their best to influence the result of

our eruption in order to fit their own

interest but that was not acceptable

follow how on these people because our

democracy should be decided by Taiwanese

people not by the Beijing government we

understand the cross-strait relay

is quite important everyone wants peace

but we put human rights above all that

is what we stand for as a result I think

Taiwanese people are growing stronger

and stronger to immune from those kinds

of inference from the Beijing government

I know you mentioned the Hong Kong

protests how do you think that has

affected politics in Taiwan it has a

huge political impact on politics in

Taiwan because Taiwanese people observe

what will happen if we accept one

country to sister as pushed by the

Beijing government Hong Kong used to be

a society with legal order that is why

many foreigners love to invest in Hong

Kong but since the Beijing government

tried to interfere with the public order

in Hong Kong

many people are observing the legal

order is collecting in Hong Kong that is

not only bad for Hong Kong people's

human rights but also hurting their

economy from Taiwanese people that kind

of thing as we observe this past rosamma

in Hong Kong is terrifying most

powerless people cannot accept what that

is going to become what we are going to

become now

interesting you mentioned the economic

impact that happened in Hong Kong

because I know there are people in

Taiwan that say closer ties to mainland

China will be better for the Taiwanese

economy but you don't think that's the

case if you do get what happened for the

past 20 years before 2016 that is the

previous administration tried to

persuade Taiwanese people if we sign the

cross-strait service trade pact it will

help the economy in Taiwan but it's the

is a trade war between the United States

and China Taiwan actually benefit from

we are not part of the trade pattern

with China otherwise when the United

States sanctioned that China Taiwan may

might become the collateral damage so if

you look at the economic number for the

past three years Taiwan is doing better

and a better what is the most important

for us is to upgrade our own industry

not put our hope in to China in the long

run if we put our whole economic growth

if we put our hope on a Chinese market

that is going to hurt us

I can tell you're very concerned that

China's authoritarian regime could

damage Hong could damage Taiwan's

democracy do you think it's possible

that Taiwan's democracy could likewise

have a positive influence in China that

is what we have been hoping for the past

20 years as long as

taijuan can have a healthy democracy the

whole world will witness in a so-called

Chinese community democratic life is not

only possible but also beneficial China

has been clearly in the whole world

democracy is not suitable for the

Chinese community I think if you do get

what happened in Taiwan Taiwan's

democracy becomes stronger and stronger

how honest people human rights have been

taken care of and everyone who lives in

Taiwan can pursue their happiness and

their dreams democracy can work not only

in Western countries but also in Chinese

community so it seems in this election

the candidates most likely to win the

presidency are either they're tying one

of the Democratic Progressive Party or

Longo you of the KMT party first what do

you think would happen to Taiwan China

relations if Taiwan from what I observe

president's high is going to win her

second term there is no doubt about that

but what is more important is the

congressional election because there are

a number of important legislations which

have not been finished in all turn it


have to be finished by NASA Congress so

we are hoping the pro-democracy camp can

win a majority seats in Congress but as

far as the president goes I think

prisoners high is going to continued her

previous pace trying to protect Taiwan's

democracy and at the same time maintain

stable relation with the Beijing

government trying not to provoke the

Beijing government but also show all the

people in China democracy can work in

Taiwan it also can be done in China so

what do you think would happen if one

were you wins the presidency or the KMT

wins the majority in the Congress it is

how horrified scene if hungry wins the


I'm afraid the Xi Jinping's political

agenda my come to reality the so-called

one country to sister will be

implemented it implemented by Hungary

you think it would be that bad

yes even after the Hong Kong protests

you think well I mean one wouldn't most

people in Taiwan

against that specifically the one

country two systems model even if Han or

the KMT one but Han did not say anything

to protest the political agenda

Pilar CGP that is why his credibility is

also is always in doubt for most

colonies people we are not sure how

aggressive he will become if he do win a

presidential election but that chance is

not the kind of chance we can take so in

2014 the massive sunflower movement

protests showed that many people in

Taiwan were very concerned about the

economic ties between Taiwan and

mainland China do you think that's still

the case today if you look at the number

the traitor between China and Taiwan is

still going on does not interest by the

fact that DPP is the ruling party but

our government is trying their best to

to invest more in other countries

Allison Maynard China I think the

economic situation around the world we

have become quite complicated given the

fact that the trade war went to in the

United States and China is quite

uncertain we are not sure

what is going to happen for the next two

hours three years but in any event is

very important for Taiwan to keep

growing our own economy and trying to to

have a sustainable system we have to

avoid relying too much on the Chinese

market otherwise is very possible for us

to lose our own political independence

so as leader one of the most successful

third parties in Taiwan what does your

party see the future of Taiwan China

relations I think that is a very

difficult question because in some sense

it will depend on what will happened

within China we always support all kind

of democratic movement or any fights for

human rights within China

we are hoping more and more Chinese

people there stand up to fight against

the Chinese communist regime if that

happened then we can seize the moment to

improve the political system in China as

long as the political system changed

within China the Taiwan came become


and Taiwan can grow a more healthy

relation with China

so you think Taiwan can play a big role

in bringing democracy to China sure that

is I I think that that is very important

and significant if you look at what is

happening in Hawaii why there are so

many Chinese people who fought for

democracy used hyewon as an example to

show the whole Chinese people democracy

can work the most important thing for us

is to continue to support that kind of

democratic efforts happening in China

that is not only beneficial for the

Chinese people but it is also the best

interest of Taiwan so moving forward

what would you like to see happen

between us and Taiwan relations we want

to established a formal official

relation with the United States we are

very grateful for all kinds of good

efforts done by the US Congress for the

past two years such as the Taiwan Travel

Act and the Taipei Act they are very

helpful for Taiwan to continue to grow a

stronger relationship with Washington DC

but more than lat

I will be happy to see we cyber trade

deal with the United States to continued

the economic partnership but who in the

United States and at Iowa and moving


bi mát eventually I hope we can

establish an official that diplomatic

relations with Washington DC well thank

you so much for joining me today we're

very anxious to see what happens in

these elections my pleasure thank you


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