Can Ripple (XRP) Reach $100? (SOON!?) | Let’s Be Realistic

published on August 2, 2020

Hey guys k crypto here back with another video and today i'll be going over whether or not xrp can actually hit 100 us dollars um before the video starts um if you guys could like and subscribe that would be amazing if

You don't know what i do in this channel basically i try to make my videos as short and sweet as possible i'm packing as much information as possible because i hate youtubers that make videos filled with basically

No information and they just ramble for like 30 minutes um so yeah i'm trying to be a channel that brings actual value and that helps you guys make the most of the of the upcoming cryptocurrency bull run um so yeah let's

Get right into the video so guys before i go more into um price predictions let's first quickly talk about what xrp is for those of you guys who don't know

It'll only take a minute um basically um xrp is a digital asset built for payments um it is the native digital asset on the xrp ledger uh which is an open source permissionless

And decentralized blockchain technology that can settle transactions in three to five seconds um xrp can be sent directly without needing a central intermediary making it a convenient instrument in

Bridging two different currencies quickly and efficiently if we quickly if we quickly look here we can see the benefits of using the xrp ledger firstly xrp settles transactions in four seconds

Which if you compare it to other blockchains it is extremely extremely fast i mean four seconds in my opinion is basically instant you don't really need it to go faster

But yeah on top of that it is also more scalable than all of the top blockchains xrp can do 1500 tps on top of that it is also a distributed network um it has 150 plus validators globally

Um and yeah it is stable it's been out for seven years it is one of the oldest cryptocurrency projects ever built um and it's remained at the top as well that entire time so

Yeah it shows stability it shows good tech and yeah so guys let's get into the juicy information about xrp and that is their list of amazing partners

Um i didn't mean xrp i meant ripple by the way um if you guys don't know ripple is the company behind xrp um but yeah let's get right into their partners so yeah guys let's get into the juicy

Information um if you don't know ripple is the company behind xrp they actually built the software um and the blockchain um and yet ripple is actually partnered

With many many leading banks and just general companies um globally so let's get more into it on top of that you also have american express and santander who are partnered with ripple you've got sbi

Holdings if you don't know what they are um sbi holdings inc in japan has been a long-standing partner of ripple since 2016 sbi has partnerships with both ripple and r3

To streamline remittances and instantaneous cross-border payments um yeah i forgot to go over that but um a lot of the ripple technology is used for mental remittances and cross-border

Payments um but anyway a consortium of 47 banks is working towards a ripple solution to build an rc platform this platform will act as a settlement layer

For the payments and remittances between banks currently it takes more it takes around two to three days for confirmation and settlement of payments for cross-border transactions in my

Opinion that should be instant and that is what ripple aims to solve i'm just going to quickly run through the rest of the major partnerships you've got moneygram you've got national bank of um fujihara

I'm i said that wrong uh you've got money match started charter bank um westpac institutional bank and bank of australia royal bank of canada um unicred reese bank atb national bank of abu

Dhabi ubs and two others mufg bank the dbs bank of singapore and oh that is just massive but what is the role played by xrp um xrp is a cryptocurrency which provides

The bank with on demand liquidity a liquidity pool of xrp which is used to source the international pool for users of ripple net in many cases after validation and

Confirmation of payments the bank of the receiver is paid before a settlement from the pes bank and the actual settlement occurs during a later time this is how the

System has worked for all this sorry has worked over the years and even the transfer between customers takes two to three days which is just crazy long um while

Ripping that right sorry while ripple net aims to solve the problem of confirmation and db management the xrp on chain liquidity aims to provide instantaneous conversion and payment

Into any fiat currency on demand according to ripple it will help reduce the cost for banks by 40 percent to 60 percent um currently only asimo and moneygram

Seem to be using the on-demand liquidity according to to the official web page um so yeah only really these two banks are using xrp but in my opinion that doesn't really matter

Um the company behind ripple has so many banks using other products that in my opinion if they offer another product such as xrp that reduces their costs even more why wouldn't any

Of those banks trust ripple and start using xrp as well um yeah it's just mind-blowing but does any of this mean that um the price of ripple can actually reach 100 us dollars um firstly

Let's actually calculate how big of a market cap xrb would have to be in order to reach 100 per coin i'm gonna be assuming a lot of things such as the circulating supply as you know that supply keeps on

Increasing month after month but yeah i'm just going to assume um let's say 10 years down the line if it does happen that xrp has a supply of 80 billion and if we do the calculations

Um we can see that xrp will actually be worth um 8 trillion us dollars and that is in my opinion really massive um but yeah let's get into whether or not it is possible

Now in my opinion that market cap is absolutely absurd it is massive 8 trillion us dollars i don't think there's even a company out there that is worth that much if i take a look at that

Market cap of gold gold market cap yeah it's around 9 trillion so um xrp would have to be almost as much as gold um it's not impossible if xrp becomes a world reserve currency

For example um then it could reach that but yeah um let's get into crypto tickers price prediction and their opinion as to why xrp will never reach 100 usd

In my opinion that market cap is absolutely absurd but i it's actually quite good to look deeper into stuff like this because i think you'll be surprised about how it could actually reach a hundred dollars

Um but yeah um ripple has won the most active communities in crypto um and it is one of the most heavily promoted cryptocurrencies on social media um the short answer is yes xrp can reach

100 and it can go as high as 480 in my opinion if that were to happen it would probably take many many decades so yeah but let's get into it um there is a

Catch though in a scenario where xrp's market cap goes higher than a trillion dollars it's likely that the dollar will be overly devalued which means that one hundred dollars and

Four hundred and eighty dollars may not be as um may not be worth as much as you think um in my opinion this is why i'm reading you guys this article this is a really valid point um 20 years

Down the line imagine how much inflation um the usa would be producing um i mean inflation is already going up year after year in my opinion in the usa that is also crazy um so yeah guys one dollar in 20 years will probably be

Worth a lot less than it is now so a trillion dollars um will be much less as well um but yeah on top of that xrp would also be competing with um every other cryptocurrency that is also

Intermittencies um technically speaking people could use ethereum people could use bitcoin cash they could use eos they could use plenty of new coins such

As avalanche which has i think sub second finality um yet there are so many other options out there that xrp is technically competing with granted xrp does have ripple which in my opinion

Would help um onboard customers onto xrp and eventually onboard the world onto xrp um but yeah i'd say all in all if we're being realistic here i'd have to say from a statistical point of view that it

Would probably be unlikely for xrp to ever reach 100 us dollars and if it does reach 100 us dollars it would probably be over many many years and many many

Decades um it won't be like a swift spike up to an 8 trillion or at the moment a 48 44 trillion dollar market cap um but yeah so to conclude um yes it could reach

100 us dollars um although it would be unlikely and it would take many many many years and by the time it does reach that the actual value of the dollar may have gone down

Um due to more people adopting adopting cryptocurrencies or um really big inflation but nevertheless i do believe the price of ripple will go up and looking at this chart it does look very bullish in my opinion

It will go up to at least its last all-time high but if it does get to the last all-time high in my opinion it'll probably go much further as well um but yeah um i don't think there's

Really much points in projecting um prices that far into the future anyway because there's no way that um i or anyone else on this planet could actually know the answer

So it would be more useful in my opinion to focus on price predictions that are a bit closer and that xrp could probably reach in the next few years um one of those that i think it

Could definitely reach is its last all-time high which if i just get a mark right here i think it was 320 um i remember back in the day i made i actually made quite a lot of money i remember longing from

Here and i think i sold at around two dollars but yeah i made a killing on xrp um and i'll probably do that again if it starts going up but yeah um i predict it could go past this

All-time high i'd say something like five dollars is a good i guess medium term price target for xrp and by medium term i mean in a few years so yeah guys um that is my answer to the

Question of whether or not xrp can reach 100 us dollars um yeah i tried to keep this video as short and sweet as possible and just pack in as much information as possible um if you guys did like this video make sure

You like and subscribe and also in the comments down below i want you guys to tell me your price predictions for xrp whether or not you like the project or just any cool information i missed that

I should check out um so yeah i will see you in my next video all right guys if you enjoyed that video make sure you check out my patreon that is linked in the description down

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In my next video

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