Can Pasta Hold Your Weight?

published on July 9, 2020

I'm proud to present coming straight toyou from a beautiful villa in Rome Italythe world's very first noodle chair aportion of this video was sponsored byLastPass now let's goVsauce Kevin here with a very simpleengineering project all you need is a

Phone disk some spaghetti and suddenlyyou're demonstrating the compressivestrength that allows tiny rods of pastato hold up the weight of a hardcoverbook when I saw this I thought to myselfwhat if I'm the book can pasta hold me

And then LastPass came along and theysaid Kevin we'd like to work with you oncreating your dream video and I said mydream is to build a noodle chair inItaly and they said hahaha no but reallyand I said hahaha yes but really so I'm

Gonna do it I am literally going to flyto Italy and build a chair out ofnoodles while I travel over 4,000 milesto Rome let me thank LastPass forsponsoring this video if you don't knowabout LastPass I use it for all my

Logins I was tired of forgettingpasswords getting locked out of accountsor dealing with websites that havedifferent rules about what a passwordcould even be so I got LastPass and itautomatically fills my usernames and

Passwords everywhere safely and securelywith unlimited password storage andcross-devicesync thanks again to LastPass forsponsoring this portion of the video soif you want to eliminate your password

Frustrations foreverclick the link down in the descriptionbelow I am in Romeand if you're gonna build a chair out ofnoodles you need to hire the big gunsso I've flown in two competitors from

The world spaghetti bridge buildingchampionship in Budapest Hungaryintroducing Norbertthey're here from Alberta University torepresent wretch the annual worldchampionships and spaghetti bridge

Building we're using just spaghetti andepoxy competitors build bridges thatsupport hundreds of times their ownweightthese goliaths of gluten truly are pastaengineers and it's time to procure the

Noodles that we need to hold my heiniewe all jumped in a taxi from the villato the supermarket to get our pasta Imean we're in Italy there's no reason tobring your own noodles from home rightwrong that was a mistake in the World

Championships Johnny and Norby used puredurum wheat pasta for its amazingstrength they panicked when all theycould find at the market was cannelloniwith egg added to it it honestly neveroccurred to me that an entire aisle

Filled with pasta wouldn't have what theguys were looking for but it didn'twithout action what's plan B we kindlyasked an employee to help us findeggless noodles but even with thelanguage barrier it was pretty clear we

Weren't going to find the catalonia weneeded here's why it's a problem egg isadded to pasta to help give it a yellowcolor to add some additional nutritionalvalue and to influence water absorptionbut it also changes the pasta structure

Egg noodles are more brittle than whatnorbi and Johnny usually use in materialscience brittleness matters it's themeasure of how much stress a materialcan absorb before breaking durum wheatstrong egg but we didn't have any other

Choice it was egg or nothing our onlycourse of action was to grab life by theyolks and call upon Ceres the romangoddess of agriculture and wheat tobless our egg fortified noodles if ourpleas go unanswered what's the worst

That can happen I fall through the chairand break my tailbone okay and thatwould be bad please holdegg cannelloni please all right so we'reback from the store on our epic pastarun and here's what we've got we've got

Five boxes of bucatini sixteen boxes ofcannelloni one box of lasagne one bag ofextra long spaghetti five boxes of epoxyone tube of silicone five boxes ofsuperfast epoxy a bag of silicon discs apile of wooden support blocks a digital

Caliper various tools and six metaldowels that were supposed to be woodendowels but uh well here's a littlereenactment of what happened when wefound out no one brought wooden dowelsNobby hand me a towel I didn't leave it

Ours did you bring the tower's I thoughtyou brought ourswhy do you guys need dowels to makestraight cubes like this you can breakmy light stand apart if you like anywaynow that we have everything that we need

To create our magnificent noodle chairthat means it's time for one thing andone thing only and that is to whip outour noodles we've absorbed egg adversitywe've dealt with a dowel disasteragainst all odds was finally time to

Start building our noodle chair firstlet's talk about the sticky stuff we'reusing epoxy because it's not awater-based adhesive that way it won'tsoak into the noodles and compromisetheir integrity it also creates rigid

Joints that transfer force to thenoodles because we want the noodlesthemselves to bear all the weight achair made entirely out of epoxy resinwould support thousands of pounds butthat kind of defeats the purpose of what

We're doing here we want to push thelimits of pasta and we don't have a lotof time because epoxy takes a full 24hours to cure Norby and Johnny needed tobuild fast so Norby and Johnny startedby building the chair seat out of

Meticulously selected pieces ofcannelloni a cylindrical noodle that'soften filled with ricotta cheesewe're not however gonna fill our chairwith cheese we're not gonna fill ourchair with cheese they've gone through

Box after box to find the best shapedcannelloni so they're grind of the mostconsistent noodles will have the higheststructural integrity you know what theysay one wonky noodle and we've got aserious weak point nobody says that

And that's when a quality-controlcalamity struck it turned out one brandof the cannelloni that we bought wasalmost completely worthless becausenearly all of the noodles were missshapen and most of the nicely shaped

Ones hadwe needed perfect cylinders so in aninstant our supply of materials was cutin half at this point we officially hadno room for errorthe top and bottom layers are composed

Of fourteen three noodle rows and thetop layer is rotated 90 degrees to crossthe grain like a plywood composite thisincreases the stiffness of the materialwhich is a measure of its ability toresist deformation from an applied force

In this case my butt the seat willtransfer the force to three legs each ofwhich are comprised of three pipes ofcannelloni every piece is sandedcarefully so the joined surfaces are asclose to perfect as possible and then

They're constructed into a tube usingour tripod dowels as a mold and jig thethree tubes are then attached to make achair leg that distributes force throughone of the strongest shapes inengineering an equilateral triangle

Norby and Gianni worked straight throughuntil 5 amplanning measuring grinding and gluinguntil they finished what they needed toand as the Sun rose over roma thehard-working hungarians collapsed

Bongiornoit is now day two noodle constructionwent on until 5:00 am this morning andthe lingering question I have in my mindis this why does boiling pasta turn ahard thing soft but boiling an egg turns

A soft thing hardand weirdly enough both processes arethe result of the same thing waterretention let's start with the egg theproteins and eggs mostly albumin arecompacted with weak bonds think of them

Like clumps of cord that don't reallyinteract with each other when heated thecollision with excited water moleculesmakes them all smash together and thosebonds break causing the proteins tounfold then the unfolded proteins tangle

All together creating new bonds there'sstill a lot more water present thanprotein but the water is now divided upamong countless little pockets in thecontinuous protein network so it can'tflow together anymore and thus a liquid

Egg has become a moist solid moist solidsounds gross okay but why does boilingspaghetti make it soft because itrehydrates the pasta okay cool wait whatdoes that mean well uncooked pasta isbasically a zillion raw starch granules

Embedded in a matrix of gluten proteinwhen cooked in water starch granules atand near the noodles surface absorbwaterswell soften and release some dissolvedstarch into the cooking water this

Process is called gelatinize ation andwe can visualize this using superabsorbent polymer spheres just imaginethese spheres are these starch granulesinside the spaghetti rehydrating it intothese soft delicious noodles ready for

Saucinglet's get back to our chair and day 2 iswhen Johnny and Norby decided toradically change the chairs design theiroriginal plan was to build a chair withthree legs crossed in mutual support

Early on the second day they decided toadd a fourth leg for a more traditionalchair that meant building another legthat we hoped would dry and cure in timeto be tested because with so manyproblems and Gamble's already why not

Push our luckthen it was Brooker teeny time bucatiniis like a thick spaghetti with a hole inthe middle so it was the perfect choicefor a top layer for the seat that couldevenly distribute downward force to the

Cannelloni layer johnny nor be bracedthe bucatini with strips of lasagna foreven more strength oh and a chair needsa back doesn't it it does they puttogether a simple open back with rows ofnoodles similar to the seat the joint

Between the back and the seat just isn'tgoing to be very strong without manylayers of lasagna so this one's gonna bedelicate but just as you'd expect thelegs are pretty much everything when itcomes to holding my weight if the legs

Don't work the chair don't work so theyattach the legs to the seat usingsilicone pads to give a bit more surfacearea to make up for the gaps between thecannelloni then it was about leg tofloor contact they precision sanded the

Feet to just the right angle so that allfour would rest evenly on the floor ifjust one leg is too far off the downwardforce from my body will be distributedunevenly which means the other legs willhave to absorb additional stress and

That's bad with the egg noodleuncertainty a dwindling supply ofacceptable cannelloni and the clockticking on epoxy curing time they usedextra long spaghetti to attach flatsupport beams between the four

Cannelloni legs look when you're quicklybuilding a noodle chair every little bithelpshere's a question why are we usingcannelloniwe chose cannelloni because they're a

Lot like these ionic columns from Greekand Roman architecturenow when building noodle furniture someof the things to consider are thenoodles tensile strength which is itsability to resist tension that will

Elongate and break it then compressivestrength which is withstanding forcethat compresses the noodle and then it'sshear strength which is its ability tohandle parallel forces acting upon itit's crunch time it's the eleventh hour

The Sun is going down soon and we needto test this chair we all have flightsto catch with the back assembled to theseat and the legs as sturdy and preciseas they can get from our incorrectnoodles we're finally ready to Oh God

The back broke yeah so the back is justbroken off our noodle chair we didn'teven see what happened one minute it wasgreat the other minute it was not wedidn't even get it on video becausethere was nothing to film we weren't

Gonna record hours of glue drying butdespite the back tragedy norbi andJohnny's scrambled to reattach andreinforce the back so we'd be ready fortesting and finally to finish things offwe added a little spaghetti Flair hey

We're in Italydesign matters the Flavian dynasty builtRome's Colosseum Michelangelo paintedthe ceiling of the Sistine Chapel inVatican City and here in a cozy Romanvilla

Norbi and Johnny present to me theirnoodle chair well there are days we'redone what do you think I hope it's aperson I think it's rightI'm proud to present coming straight toyou from a beautiful villa in Rome Italy

The world's very first noodle chairto make this video I assembled a teamfrom Budapest Hungary Bristol EnglandCooperstown New York and Las VegasNevada collectively we traveled 47thousand seven hundred and seventy-six

Kilometers that 7701 kilometers morethan the circumference of Earth to athree acre villa in the heart of RomeItaly and we spent day and nightbuilding a chair out of noodles and nowfor the very first time none of us have

Tested this yet I'm gonna sit on it andif it works it works and if it doesn'tworkhere we goit works it totally workedHungarian engineering at its finest I

Gotta brace myself it's going down wellit turns out if you dumb canoodle chairin a pool and then sit on it it willbreak the endsthe ricotta removedMasuda this thanks to norbi and johnny

And the rich world spaghetti buildingchampionship and huge thanks to domburgess for shooting this whole thing hehas a science youtube channel calledevery think i'll put a link down in thedescription below he's got a video on

How to build a time machine how when wefind aliens they'll be robots you wantto go subscribe to every thing if youliked this video i mean i thought it wasa lot of fun to make let me know ifyou'd like to see more stuff like this

And as always grazie for watching

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