Can I Transform This Gross Vintage Recipe? • Tasty

published on July 2, 2020

– Hey guys, it's Alix!

The other day, I was browsing the internet

because I was pretty
bored, and I came across

a vintage recipe that was
so bizarre and so random

that I wondered if I could
take that same recipe

and turn it into
something super delicious

So that's what I'm gonna do (laughing)

This recipe is from 1973

It was published in McCall's
Great American Recipe

card collection, and it's for

ham and bananas hollandaise


You take a bunch of bananas,

you wrap them in mustard and ham,

and then you cover them
in hollandaise sauce

– [Taster] I'm gagging a little
bit just cutting it apart

– That's not fun

(silly music)

Now you guys know I love bananas

But I have to say, this takes it too far

(light jazz music)

So I'm still gonna try to use
the key elements of this dish

I might, you know,
deconstruct it a little bit,

add a couple things,
but for the most part,

I wanna keep the spirit of the dish alive

Even though I don't know if
it really should be alive!

The ham kind of reminded
me of a croque madame

So a croque madame is
like a croque monsieur

with an egg on top

It's almost like an elevated
grilled cheese sandwich

but it's super creamy and
gooey and cheesy and delicious

So I'm gonna add some banana to it

This might be really good, or
it could be totally bananas

(light jazz music)

Now the original recipe calls
for a hollandaise sauce,

but, to stick with the croque
madame theme a little more,

I'm gonna go with bechamel

It's gonna go in the sandwich,
on top of the sandwich

It'll be great!

Bechamel is great because
it's a super mild flavor

I mean, it's just butter,
flour, and then your milk,

so I think it can go with a
lot of things, like bananas!

You just wanna whisk it pretty constantly

so that it doesn't burn or end up clumpy

Looking good

Nice and thick

So now I'm just gonna season
it with a little bit of salt

and a tablespoon of Dijon mustard

So in the original recipe, the
mustard was spread on the ham

that was wrapped around the
banana, which is a little weird

So to incorporate the mustard
in a way that made sense,

I thought it would be really
nice to add the mustard

directly to the bechamel

I'm gonna give a try


That's actually really nice

It's not too mustardy but
it has a good tang to it

I think this just might work

So now for our banana

I am gonna slice up one banana

Now in the original recipe,
the bananas were left whole,

but I think by slicing
'em, it might make it

a little bit more palatable

So now I'm gonna put my
sliced bananas in a bowl

and top them with a
little bit of lemon juice

This will help prevent
the bananas from browning

It's also another element that they did

in the original recipe

This is so weird (laughing)


Next, this is where it
gets a little crazy

If it's not already

So first I'm gonna start by spreading

some of our mustard bechamel
on both slices of white bread

(light jazz music)

So I'm gonna top the bread

with a little bit of Swiss cheese

Now Gruyere is more
classic to a croque madame,

but I feel like Swiss is
a little bit more common

And, I'm hoping that the
tanginess of the Swiss cheese

helps in cutting down some of
that sweetness of the banana

So now, I'm gonna top the
cheese with our banana

(light jazz music)

So in the original recipe,
the ham was wrapped

around the whole bananas

Here, we're sticking
it inside the sandwich,

kinda like ham is supposed
to be used (laughing)

And then finish it off with
even more Swiss cheese

And now just place the other
slice of bread right on top


That is a big sandwich

(epic music)

All right, so now we're
gonna cook this baby

so she gets really nice and
melty and gooey and delicious

(light jazz music)

All right

Gonna put my sandwich on
a foil-lined baking sheet

and we're gonna top it
with even more bechamel


That is looking real good

And even more cheese

All right, now I'm gonna
pop this baby in the broiler

to melt down the cheese

(light jazz music)

So now we're gonna put a
delicious fried egg right on top

because that's what
makes it a croque madame

(pleasant acoustic music)

Honestly, this looks pretty delicious

The cheese is melty and crispy

Got that fried egg on top

I know the bananas are
a bit of a wild card,

probably a pretty big
wild card (laughing)

All right let's cut this baby open!

Shouldn't cut the baby,
don't cut the baby

(light jazz music)

Oh yeah

That runny yolk!

There's nothing like a runny yolk

All right, it's time to try it

I'm actually kind of excited

Here we go

(suspenseful music)

I'm into it

I'm actually really into it!

Honestly, it's super delicious

You get the saltiness from the cheese

That egg, that gooey-ness
from the bechamel

And then just a hit of
sweetness from the bananas

They're not like, aggressive

It just adds like a
nice little sweet tang

It's a little weird (laughing)

I could eat this whole thing

I'm into it!

The original dish was,
like, banana blasphemy

But this, this is a banana blessing

You're welcome (laughing)

Okay, here's my mom!

So Mom, I'm gonna let you try what I made

(laughing) Uh oh

– [Mom] I think I would praise
you for your creativity

(Alix laughing)

(light jazz music)

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