Can Bitcoin Serve as a SAFE Haven in 2020? | LIVE Q&A

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

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Haven could you know stock market to be going down to the plummet and where we're gonna put our value right we're gonna put our money I have all the money everybody's going crazy come now livestream popping let's go

Alright let's get this going people alright done done thanks guys I appreciate you guys sharing that see done shit hits the fan in a few hours what does that mean we mean by shit hits the fan in few hours

Oh cuz there they might close the stock market okay we're gonna be talking about that imma be diving into that you guys have any other questions about anything you want to talk about before we get into it

At 7:00 we're just waiting for 7 o'clock about 15 minutes here and then I'll start jumping into it in a Serie on a serious note we'll start diving into specifics about what's going on with cryptocurrency and everything like that

Hold on she okay what do you think about so okay if you guys if you want me to look into courses and stuff I mean I took coins and stuff I could I could look into it real quick I'll look into it real quick let's see coin market cap

Let's see what it is I don't even know what it is maybe I should know but I see sol is it a crypto okay web-scale blockchain see what we're looking at here with scale blockchain

Okay interesting they got coin desk mentioning them Yahoo Finance Wall Street Journal interesting okay okay what tokens do they have no soul okay now see I know the tickers I don't know

The name sometimes soul let's see what we're going on here okay it's obviously brand-new I would have to obviously look at more depth for sure let's see what they're doing though let's see what they're doing

Checking out the demos you source code I so white paper I just like going to the white paper to cancel out all the noise I don't know if is the right white paper alright thought on XRP I've talked about XRP let me just look into this real

Quick alright so you know let's see there you go ok it's up ok so I see oh see what's going on baby from a proof of history a proof verifying order of passage of time between events past this time of Elijah

Relative time structure mhm ok I would ask like how many let's see where they are coin workshop you got how many tokens ok that's actually pretty bad not that bad 127 million ok they just started ranked I mean the guys

It's in the it's pretty far fetched I will admit you know how far you know this tokens 17 159 I'm Corey Marquette I don't like that I don't like how there's only there's nothing invested into this coin guys I would stay away from this

Just by looking at this information here there's no volume yeah definitely stay away from this coin until we start seeing something a little bit more interesting then I'll start diving into it so I'm gonna like kind of not waste

My time on that so for XRP our new altcoin safe right now new I would never say a new old coin is safe just because you know you don't know unless you know something specific about the new old coin unless you're

Seeing it like do something that's playing with the big players because there are some new all coins is actually what I'm going to be talking about next week or so that I think it has some serious potential to make some money but

You know when it comes to new all coins I would be very very skeptical I would say that 99% of them are trash okay well you see transfer from stocks to crypto I wouldn't say specifically stocks I would say that we're gonna see a lot of

Value captured currently in USD because right now cash is king a lot of people are trying to get hold their cash which is having a problem liquidity for stocks so I mean a lot of people are saying cash is king right now so I would say

That we're gonna see a lot of people buy some more crypto for sure not right now I know but as we see the having event as we see you know sound money play affect on the world people are gonna start buying cryptocurrency that's

A fact Doc's on thoughts on alright guys so like I don't want it I did that one coin because we're trying to kill time here but if you guys want me to look into a coin it's I would appreciate so a small

Donation just because I've had hundreds of people ask me in my DM and I will tell you that most of these coins are not they're not solid they're not worth time honestly and I just kind of want to like kind of weed

Out the people that are serious versus not so if you do a small donation I'll look into your coin what do you think about handshake okay I'm not gonna look into these clips see you guys who hit me with all these coins man if you want me

To look into a coin in the next ten minutes small donation is appreciated yeah so wait in ten minutes here guys if you're new I see that we have some more viewer excuse me I got allergies I don't got the virus I promise if you guys are

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The group chat or the live chat please do me that favor it will help get more people into this we're starting in approximately nine minutes okay so XRP I've talked about this in multiple videos I like it as a cryptocurrency XRP

Is a great cryptocurrency well I say that there's other better crypto currencies yes I feel like there are better cryptocurrency am i rich depends on what you mean by rich and you know there are better other other

Cryptocurrency I like more I'm not gonna stay here in bash XRP because it has its place it's the bankers coin you know it has a little bit of centralization going on there when it comes to the supply but I do think that it has this place and I

Do think overall it's a positive for cryptocurrency bringing being that it brought a lot of you know people into this space got people a little bit more comfortable you know what's going on so I'm not really

Bad at it but as a person that's an investor I would say that I don't have a lot of X or P a very little X R P so just throw that out there how long before the stock markets closed feel like Trump is testing the water right

Now there's a likelihood they're dabbling with that idea I don't know there's no what nobody knows only Trump knows when the stock markets gonna close but I will say that if we see these huge dumps that work we

Keep consistently seeing it's very likely and this is not the first time the stock markets closed so it's it's not like you know Trump's doing anything different so it's there is you know likelihood I have the same view

Especially during uncertain times but even big players are properly tested thoughts on grin I like grin I like the steampunk stuff that they got going on there okay thoughts they go small donation I appreciate it man X D B let's

Look into it let's look into X DB see what we got here digital bits okay so we have rank 571 and Cormack Capcom I don't like the supply 1.5 billion that's not a good look let's look on to it I'm not gonna dive super

Deep for time preferences so the circulating supply is pretty low let's see their website let's see we got going on here not a lot of price history it's only been out for what since October 2019 yes so September 2019 let's see we

Got here at nice website not that bad click load times okay I'm not gonna watch the video I do want to see what they're doing what is this what is this coin here side deck okay let's see what the slide deck is keep in mind guys when

I dive into something it's a lot more detailed but most coins are easy to kind of just weed out so what is this print what is branded currency this or value VOC 1/3 so they're just explaining past to mass adoption not inflationary token

Okay so they're saying not inflationary abour does that really mean though okay focus on existing app integration hmm they're comparing it to speller that I trying to be on money okay so they're trying to okay how do we achieve this

Solving a real-world problem okay they're trying to be okay large brands are facing increased competition let's see what we got going on here many customers Richard let me see I want the white paper man I want the

White paper are you in the market or out of the market I am currently extremely exposed to I'm in the market and not only am i in the market but I'm also purchasing more which I'll explain the reasons why I'm

Purchasing more okay where's the all right let's see the roadmap let's see what's going on here text pull my stone hard for Castelli okay so it's a hard Fork of stellar Oh interesting

Okay I'm glad you brought this coin to my attention here this was in 2017 let's see what's going on I like this how it's a extremely detailed here it's pretty interesting community milestone I cash rewards okay

So it's just another money I don't okay so let's just look at it from a big picture perspective here I don't like that there's only you know from an investor standpoint there's only two million dollars okay and the market

Cap it's pretty bad okay volume there's only 48 thousand pretty bad rank 571 now I'm not saying it's in you're saying as camp Moon there might be a potential but from you know pumpa mentals and actually you know my analysis of moon coins I

Would say that the total supplies too high the coin is too young and there's not enough money I don't invest in coins with two million dollars I don't and if I do it's like

Less than 100 bucks for sure so just from those indicators I would say to kind of stay away and try to guys like if it's like not on top 200 to 2 top 300 you have to have a very compelling reason and just by the website I don't

Have a very compelling reason starting staking how does the tezo's airdrop work what are your top three coins I have a video on my top three coins but just to quickly reiterate it it's gonna be chain link chain link I mean the top three

Twenties change I can't sit here and give you guys a top three coin but let me let me just if I were to kind of throw one together right now let's see for sure a chain links one of them I'll just give you like a top five chain link

IOS obviously Bitcoin but I won't include that I like tezo's I like what they're doing man I really do like what they're doing and I like basic attention token a lot I like basic attention token

A lot let me say it again and I would say those are like kind of like what I'm really holding right now this truth I have more obviously and I do plan on dropping a video to show you guys more all right we're coming up to seven

O'clock here more people in it quick thing guys I just want to throw this out here guys if you're just new to chat please do me a favor hit that share button as many people as you possibly can share this

Because it's gonna be a serious video if you have friends that are in the stock market and they're looking to buy ups and stocks if you have friends that have lost money in a stock market or any type of commodities gold silver because

Everybody's losing money at this point you lost your job any any of that and you're looking to make money looking to get into new opportunities share this video with them this video will be the truth it's going to show you that

Bitcoin can play as a safe haven and you know there's a lot of reporters out there saying that it's not a safe haven because of what had just happened I have proof on all sides what do you think about kcs guys if you want me to talk

About a cryptocurrency a small donation is appreciated Ted Daniels you are the first one to do a donation I appreciate it again just two quick thoughts on xdb I would say that man like just try to

Focus on coins with a little bit more money in it so look at the top 400 if it's you know number 400 I have to have a serious compelling reason why it's gonna go up like a huge partnership or something like that you know the one of

The things that made me really bullish on chain link and how I called it really early like six months ago it's because they have this huge partnership you know with Google and Oracle and you know that's that's a big one you know besides

All the money in it and everything like that besides crypto are you investing in stocks currently no I don't have any stocks and the reason for that is because the market for stocks are very

Scary to me you know it's funny because a lot of people think cryptocurrency is scary but when you start looking into macro economics Austrian economics starts to become you know the traditional finance is very scary so

Currently no I've had stocks before I purchased Tesla if I were to purchase stocks it's gonna be something that I really believe in being that I am an entrepreneur I'll be looking into stocks that have great entrepreneurs behind now

If you look around the leaders and I primarily use fundamental analysis long term so I wouldn't be day trading stocks or anything like that so I mean if there's a couple of projects I would say that I love

Definitely Tesla just cuz I love the car I love you know you know SpaceX of course I'll be looking for blue ocean strategist people that really change things right do you think okay I'm not gonna again data if you guys want me to

Talk about a coin small donation will be appreciated I'm not gonna talk about coins oh we got here I could talk about if you have more time but we have literally one minute one minute one minute left and we're gonna jump into

This livestream here guys alright let's see who's let's see if we got some people coming in I got someone that cool cool cool cool all right we're just about ready to start here okay uploading all right

Let's get it started 7:00 p.m. thanks guys for joining my livestream is Sunday here I'm still working hopefully you're still doing something not playing video games all day everybody's going crazy Cova 19 is

Running rampant what do you think of alts only portfolio I think of alts only portfolio as the recipe for failure you need Bitcoin I have you guys know my own portfolio is 50% Bitcoin 40% aetherium and the other 10% is another

Old you don't have Bitcoin I feel sad for you but let's jump into it sorry guys so I can share it with the many peoples Popples possible you can just jump into the video so guys everybody's going

Crazy things are running rapid you see the toilet paper problem you see all these news outlets going crazy taking advantage of you taking advantage of you know your your consciousness and everything like that there are views and

Trading bots on ok trading BOTS trash let me stop it I'm telling you right now most of the cryptocurrency is trash the best strategy ever is dollar cost averaging I've talked about it most of my videos the more you do the less you

Make so you know you guys are seeing the world you know what's going on here if I come right here you can just see that you know even people with a lot of money are getting scared right luxury house owned by dr. Phil is for sale and people

Are finding lots of things very wrong with this design alright dr. Phil is selling his home come over here Mitt Romney former Utah you know mountain real estate is hitting the market people are selling their houses I even saw a

Video today about Grant Cardone and how he's going bankrupt on lane laid off 90 people maybe you're in a job where they might have laid you off or you saw people getting laid off or you know you can't go to work you know think

About it man like if you can't go to work if people are really locked up in their house the economy is not gonna function right hey Alex do you know of any platform I could buy crypto using wire bank transfer instead of credit

Card I believe you could do that on coin base and Gemini exchange but I'm not a hundred percent sure I've never used the wire transfer but I'm pretty sure I heard somebody doing it so you know all right I want to try to slow down on the

Question answering I'm just gonna jump into the video here for why you guys really can't its crypto of safe-haven right so another big one right here is Ray Dalio if you guys haven't know who this guy is he's a billionaire you know

And he has a hedge fund a big hedge fund you know Bridgewater associates I know you guys heard of that before hopefully that name sounds familiar if you're in finance and he you know a couple months ago he actually put a bet he bet 1.5

Billion dollars more than 1 1 billion bucks that the market will crash in March you know it's he was right he was literally I mean obviously he went to the media if you read articles if you

Dive into depth you know he goes on and media and he basically says that you know he didn't make that bet that's not what it was but if you know anything about finance you know that he actually did make that bet he was correct I don't

Know for whatever reasons but I will know that you know this guy's a genius I've read his book and you know he does things for a reason so I mean if you ever follow whales if you follow money this guy is definitely someone you want

To look out for so another thing I kind of want to show you guys everybody's kind of going crazy there's blood in the streets things running rampant I'm sure you feel it but as you can see here here's just another example you know we

See Bitcoin dropping like 60 percent we kind of you know gone back up above the 6,000 level which is really important which I'm to talk about in more detail but you know look at Boeing Man Boeing I mean obviously they're closing like

Airplane you know flights and everything like that domestic potentially but international for a fact in United States you know to Europe and everything like that so Boeing is looking like a Ponzi scheme so the big argument with

Cryptocurrency one of the big argument arguments is the fact that it's so volatile right the cryptocurrency so volatile it swings up and down like crazy but when happen we can see that you know

Financial markets with way more money in it I want you guys to really understand that way more money in financial markets these can be just as volatile okay it's all about economics which I'm gonna explain in more detail as we go to this

Video so another thing here okay guys it is so bad right now that the feds are doing everything in their power to print as much money and do as many you know kind of short-term gain tricks to prop up the stock market because of the

Liquidity problem and you can see here that Trump is literally thinking about halting the stock market in the past they've done that in the past they actually halted the stock market for the same reasons and the day that it came

Back online the stock market dropped another 14% so that we see all these basically I'm gonna tell you right now that these guys are panicking for a fact they can look calm and content all they want and their speeches but it's a big

Charade they are panicking and they're doing everything in their power to prop up what's going on people are not going to work I want you guys to really think about what that means when people don't go to work what does that mean for the

Economy we can literally edit and you know the cases of the virus which I don't want to say the name of the C virus you know is going parabolic it's going parabolic people are you know schools shut down people can't go to

Work nurses are being paid you know four times my girls my girlfriend's a nurse she could literally get four times to pay five times the pay than what she usually gets you know this is crazy so they're going they're basically you know

Run around with you know their head off their shoulders and everything like that dude what all coin do you suggest now have videos I talk about the all coin I want you guys to really look how other videos so sp500 so this is basically if

You guys know what the S&P 500 index of the top 500 country companies and uh you know United States and everything like that and it says basically the performance around us recession so how the US the sp500 looks and recessions

Here's a history of it the average is basically about a 30% decline so once we see the sp500 decline about 30% on average it's usually a recession so if we look at SP 500 right here we can take this rule

Here if you guys don't know how to do it to see percentage decreases go from the top here go all the way to the bottom and we can see that we're at about you know a 32 to 33 percent decline so we are officially in a recession now that

Is really bad right obviously for obvious reasons we're in a recession nobody likes a recession everybody loses jobs in recession things go sideways in a recession but another reason that's bad is because like let's go over here

Here's an this was like a 60% 57 percent drop look how long it took right 2007 to 2009 two years right we basically did half of that in a month's time so I want you guys to see the severity of how quickly it's like a

Flash crash look at how quickly things are happening is in my opinion this is all opinion based is all is not financial advice you know I never have financial advice but in my opinion this stuff is it we're going like is this a

Very you know crazy time here guys this is something to really look out for it's not something to shrug off your shoulder we have to look in-depth to see what's exactly going on because you know that was quick it is basically what I'm

Saying there's a reason why they're trying to stop the stock market right they're trying to put that stopped for a reason so here's some just some other you know evidence that we're in a recession as you can see here

Probability of recession just keeps increasing and this source is from JP Morgan or like at a 90 to 70% percent chance of a recession all these fundamental factors which brings me to my next point here guys

You know throughout history and I'm gonna dive into history in this video this is gonna be a crazy you know I'm gonna dive into a lot of different variables in this video I'm gonna show you guys something really interesting

But you know throughout history when humans had control over the money supply every single time and you could trade traces back you know thousands of you every single time every single time they took advantage of it okay we see now

It's coming to light okay as people stop you know let me just answer a question do you think about the 1.5 trillion dollar plan so we're gonna talk about the 1.5 trillion dollar plan proposed by Congress we're gonna talk about all that

Stuff okay so you know history people have always taken advantage of the money supply because it's just too easy like you if you have advantage of the money supply you're essentially slaving all the people that

Have money savings it's it's not actual slavery but you're devaluing the mana the purchasing power of the money right that's usually what they do they do like quantitative easing that we see in the government now we take Keynesian

Economics right so we're gonna dive into deep right here so they do things like you know as you can see your quantitative easing you know looking permanent and I come back here you know senators of cues of insider trading so

Basically this guy sold like a million dollars worth of stocks like two weeks before the drop because he heard about the coronavirus he heard about the severity of severity of it and notice how you guys are just now learning about

It and they're already down you know you guys are just not feeling the severity of the coronavirus and you know the stock market's already down they're doing all these tricks you know there's other people that actually sold accused

Of insider trading is a huge offense here you're basically stealing from your pocket if you guys didn't understand that quantitative easing now looks permanent you know turn to central banks and a pseudo government central banks

That have all this power they get bailed out of these horrible situations they can because we do what they want doesn't really matter because if a bank goes down it's gonna be horrible for the economy so essentially the government

Always bails out banks we've seen it multiple times the Federal Reserve has taken massive steps to help the market here's what's left an arsenal so they're doing they're calling emergency meetings to try to solve this problem and they're

Using more Keynesian economics to solve it right for example the Fed has taken another steps to help stem the damage of the coronavirus care among the 50 basis point interest rate cut so if you guys didn't know they cut the interest rates

From zero to 0.25 percent we have never liked it so it's this is a big one guys we see it in you know Europe negative interest rates basically what that means is if you wanted to borrow money this is very simple five version two for my

Comment viewer but if you want to borrow money if you have negative interest rates they actually pay you to borrow money to to give them the cash right so it's it's crazy what's going on the federal request you know they're talking

About the 1.5 trillion dollar and liquidity for financial industry so what's happening now is that there's a liquidity stress scare so what basically the stocks people can't

You know people need cash cash is king everybody trying against cash right so literally they're selling their stocks to get cash and nobody's buying the stock stocks back up so that's what we see it and this is what it means by

Liquidity scare so you know they're doing everything in their power they're buying up the stocks themselves the government's printing money and buying up to squat stocks or so some Wall Street veterans thinks the feds gonna go

Beyond rate cuts into more creative means of course they're gonna do everything in their power to try to stop this which involves in Keynesian economics printing of more money in different ways all right

Hey anyone interested in the technical report I have a PDF okay let's move on so now there's another thing I want to show you guys here that's kind of a little history lesson here in 2013 if you guys know what Cyprus is the

Republic of Cyprus was involved in exposure of basically all right I just want to sum this up because I'm not gonna read this basically you know the European Union made a deal with Cyprus that if you had more than a

Hundred thousand dollars in your bank they effectively took 50 percent of it because the country of Cyprus was basically doing sketchy things just like the United States government they had massive amounts of debt and they

Basically needed a bailout and the bailout was the European Union was gonna help them but in doing so they actually had to steal money they had to steal money from their citizens about 50% of it this is a real event you could look

Into it for yourself the over let leverage local property companies and you know you can see right here I would say look uninsured deposits possibly about 48 percent of the uninsured deposits of the Bank of Cyprus was just

The islands largest commercial bank if you had literally think about it if you had like 250,000 dollars in your bank account they literally took 48 percent of it they took 48 percent of it and called it you know some like type of

Shared you know problem everybody has to like be imposed on this tax so like I want you guys to really understand that you know governments and this is the European Union this is like Europe guys as the European Central Bank it's not

Like a third-world country right I want you guys understand that you know this control is very very you know possible like things like that could happen I mean I pulled my money out of the bank a while ago right I have cash now cuz cash

Is king and if I want to go buy something I'm good I don't have to the bank so if you have money in your bank I suggest you put out a little bit at least write a little bit to help in nice you know a horrible time so I keep

Talking about Keynesian economics right so basically Keynesian economics came from John ok 1930s okay and this guy I mean there's a leak etat dive into the history of him and exactly you know his motivations and everything and I'm

Pretty sure nobody could ever know why he came out with this you know Keynesian economics but I will say that he's definitely a frontrunner he's definitely a guy I got paid very handsomely to create this kind of school of economics

That we are currently using in you know 2020 in the modern world in the past 49 years we have been using k-z economics now let me show you the difference between austrian economics and Keynesian economics so Austrian economics is

Essentially what bitcoins kind of follows ok so Austrian believes auctions believe that the nature should be allowed to run its course and that lesser the government interferes and free markets the better it is

Right Austrian School of Economics believes that human and social element plays an equally important role in understanding prices market movements as well as money and value creation ok I often dub the economic philosophers okay

So let's look at Keynesian right on the other hand they believe basically Keynesian economics that governments are an important market intermediary you know their role is not properly defined so they define it themselves and they

Believe that state intervention pricing policy controls are essential tools to controlling understanding of predicting market conditions Keynesian czar adept are using models they basically used map with math you know it's funny because I

Have a friend he's you know he works at aerospace engineering he's always told me you know even math is not death definite there's things in math we cannot even define so you got to kind of pick this not what side you're on but

You got to understand like where's your I guess you could say where's your fundamental principles coming from I mean and with Bitcoin it ought it's basically Austrian economics right so let me explain kind of a history lesson

Here it's pretty interesting it talks about Rome and you know how they did really well for hundreds of years and then ultimate demise and how basically I'm just gonna go over the overview I'll send you guys the article if you want

But basically this is what they're saying is you know they started devaluing their currency kind of like how we print money they did essentially the same thing but what they'll do is they'll shave off

Silver off of the coin they lit would be like really pure silver and they'll shave off the silver and actually make new coins with it and they'll shave off all their coins and actually it's crazy let's see right here

Innocent improved good let's see so that basically true they were saying here trade was you know a big part of you know their their car economy and everything like that administrative logistic military cost

Kept adding up an empire found creative new ways to pay for things a lot of other factors led to hyperinflation you know a fractured economy and localization to trade heavy taxes and financial crisis okay the mill the major

Silver coin used during the first 220 years of empire always Demaryius right they can see here ninety percent fifty percent silver so you can see that they started devaluing it right however the finite supply of silver and gold entered

An empire spending limited by the amount of America be minted this many financial pet projects of empire challenging where does it actually say I mean I read this and specifically oh here go there by the time of Marcus Aurelius said the

Daenerys was only 75 percent silver then it just keeps a kid look five percent and like it got down to five percent only silver right so the real the real effects of debasement took time to me nearly materialized so this is why I

Want to explain to you guys so as we can see you know and real markets and I'll I'll leave this article for you guys but basically as we can see in the markets you know a lot of people are calling they're saying bitcoins not to

Say to even Bitcoin went down in value as well as you know a stock market it's correlated right but as you can see here silver went down in value pretty substantially we can see here gold went down in values it's not necessarily that

Bitcoin is not a safe haven it's just that sound money principles have not caught up to the marquee because what's happening now is everybody wants cash the liquidity problem everybody's you know basically holding cash making it a

Problem for stock markets they're purchasing they're printing more money to purchase the stock markets the debt and the stock markets their purchase they're going crazy right now they're doing everything they possibly can to

Emergency meetings everything like that quantitative easing you know basically pulling out all the the tool in the tool book right and you know that printing of money will devalue our current money so the money in your bank

Account same way that silver was devalued you see Bitcoin dropped too but you see Bitcoin kind of did like a little bounce back but you know the same thing with you know the silver right here we've seen it in history and we've

Seen it multiple times I just don't want to dive into specifics about that if you guys want to know about specifics read the Bitcoin standard the Bitcoin standard we'll explain it in more detail but we saw it the most you know in a

Society here they started devaluing it crypto I mean the crooks occurring they started evaluating there so the silver right and then over time it didn't happen right away over time things started hit the fan so it's just

Way too early to call Bitcoin to not to basically not call Bitcoin a safe haven it's just way too early the the sound money principles have not caught up okay so let me explain to you something really quickly so basically if you if

You look at the history of money we basically have gotten away from the gold standard so about 49 years ago is when we originally stop backing dollars buy gold and started printing money and started taking on Keynesian economics

Okay and so if you really think about it it's only been 49 years right which is a good thing Bitcoin hasn't seems like to me like Bitcoin has a fall yeah Bitcoin fell from 9k to like what three or 3,800 and now it's back at 6k so you know what

Was I saying yeah so 49 year experiment right 49 years that we have basically been looking at real Keynesian economics and you know having government intervention in the money supply printing new money but for the last 10

Years Bitcoin is completely dominated all top fiat currencies so I just want you to show you guys that like it's not it hasn't been that long like people keep saying that you know bitcoin is he's only ten years old and we need to

See more proof but you know Keynesian economics is only 49 years old so and we can see that it's been completely dominated so I guess the overall gist I want you to understand is that safe haven assets may sell off during

Liquidity crunch so right now we might see you know gold silver you know commodities sell off now but afterwards investors begin to see the need for ass and sound money properties that offer protection from the current devaluation

Okay if you don't know what sound money properties are I made a video on it okay I made a video on it let me just show you the video here and then I'll kind of give you a brief overview of what I'm talking about but the video here look

It's funny I see myself let's go to my actual channel right here warning Bitcoin investors original message to all bitcoin investors I dropped that video when Bitcoin was out like four thousand dollars and actually

If you would have bought at that time you would have made you have made a pretty good amount of money so Salamone principle is basically mean there's no way to manipulate the supply so in Bitcoin we know exactly how much there

Are and how much are coming out right and the block happening is coming up soon so actually they're gonna drop the amount that's coming out right B is BS V the real Bitcoin no it is not the real Bitcoin the real Bitcoin is

Number one a coin mark cap the real Bitcoin hat is worth five thousand eight hundred and eighty three dollars just letting you guys know on that but you know sound money we know exactly how much surprise coming out we know we can

Literally calculate it we can literally calculate it and see you know when 21 million is gonna be in fluent when there's gonna be it's actually finite right so back in a day the biggest the best sound money was gold okay they use

Gold that sound money and they backed the dollar by it and that's where we kind of flourished as economy the golden age literally called the golden age for some reason actually they there's this type of business creations it's called

Zero to one Bishop businesses and 1 to infinity businesses so they said that since Keynesian economics last 49 years we have never seen a zero to one business now what that means is zero to one businesses are businesses that

Basically change everything so an example would be like the telephone okay now people will say that the Internet's another version of telephone no the Internet is a 1 to infinity business because they kind of just elaborated on

The telephone so essentially a zero to one business is creating nuts nothing to something completely entirely we've never seen before and a 1 to infinity is basically making that better right so in the golden age we saw the

Most amount of zero to one businesses compared to we've never seen a zero to one business right now right and that has to do with the fact that you know it's the way that money's working you guys have to watch the video it's gonna

Take me a very long time to explain sound money principles but the way that money is currently being handled is actually negatively affecting the economy as a whole we're all paying for it whether you note it or not like the

Purchasing power of our dollar is going down and if you have savings it is literally devaluing your savings so you can't have like you can't save for the future which messes up everything there's a you know a whole book again

Written on this I do talk about it and the video I showed you guys there but Bitcoin has the good properties of gold and the fact that it has a finite supply and it's used kind of like a store value but it also has the good properties of

Cash being that it's divisible so originally cash was made as a way to be able to transfer it across the world the gold was the problem we they were using gold as a standard right everybody does have a problem bringing gold you know to

Different countries and plus you can't split up gold to a small amounts you can't buy a cup of coffee with gold right so they used these receipts these little receipts that came out and that was the

First banknote that was essentially you know money right and they used that backed by gold to make these smaller divisible purchases now we moved away from that 49 years ago with the Nixon and everything like that and Keynesian

Economics and now you know the dollar is not backed by anything so it takes the good value of properties of gold being that it's finite being that as a store of value and it takes the good properties of money being that it's

Divisible and you can you know bring it across the world almost instantly and it puts both of them together and it kind of subtracts the bad properties right so the bad properties of gold is that you can't you know the divide it up right

But we know that there's a hundred thousand satoshis I think yeah 100 thousand stores you get vide into a hundred it's literally smaller than one twentieth of a penny so it's more divisible than even a penny right it's

More divisible than even cash and the bad properties of cash or that you know the bad properties of cash are that you know they're printing it at thin air and there's no finite supply so it takes the good of both worlds puts it into an

Algorithm that's not no third party can control it and they kind of put out all the you know the negatives right which brings me you know to the that's like the last you know explanation so you know sound money guys that's what you

Should be looking for I don't care about the short-term price of you know cryptocurrency and Bitcoin the only thing I really care about is is my money gonna save value over time and I mean

I'm pretty sure most of you have seen this chart here I'm pretty sure most of you have seen a logarithmic scale of Bitcoin and how it's just completely dominating everything else it's dominating fiat currency is dominating

You know gold silver every asset for the past 10 years since it has been made so that's my argument guys the reason why we haven't seen Bitcoin going up is because the macroeconomics haven't you know had enough time to come into play

Sound money principles will come into play eventually and we'll start to see you know we'll start to see you know Bitcoin be looked at as a real safe haven you know this liquidity problem that's

Happening right now it's just short term we're gonna see them print a whole bunch of money devalue the US dollar and then the cash will not be king anymore and essentially Bitcoin will overtake or you've already overtaken the value but

They'll basically be looked at as you know who you're speaking Portuguese they'll be looked at as a safe haven asset so you guys have any more questions about anything I'm just going to be answering questions so hit me with

As many as you got here I'm gonna say on for like another I guess you could say 20 20 minutes here I will just answer some questions all right Jill I know that might have been a lot for you guys so we can go over any main topics let's

See if I missed anything these presentations are a little difficult to make but yeah this it's crazy man like you could look into history and really see that coin debasement and inflation you know helped lead to the demise of

The Western Roman Empire Rome was literally fell because they had non sound money they were they kept debasing their money which in turn caused massive problems and the collapse of a whole you know world right why is BTC pegged

Against USD well BTC is pegged against USD because right now USD is the cash is king man cash is king USD is the world it's more like the world's currency than Bitcoin is there's way more money in USD

Then there is Bitcoin so essentially people are all trying to get USD do I suggest you have invest heavily in Bitcoin right now so my investing principles go is following I think you should increase your investment with

Your knowledge at the same time so if you don't know anything about Bitcoin and you're just taking my word for it you're gonna lose money almost guaranteed so if you want to actually make money Gaby pass me two shilajit

Real quick if you want to actually make money I highly recommend that you guys you know invest in your knowledge and as your knowledge increases it's going to increase the probability of you being able to make money with bitcoin so with

The sticker on it if you're on the sticker downstairs or something so make sure you guys understand it before you start investing heavily into anything all right so real quick yeah so real quick guys I

Just wanted to show you something let's see you read some questions real quick can we watch this live yeah you can rewatch the video all right where do you see Bitcoin price going in a short term long term and I truly believe through

The roof but you do think we're bottom we're going not honestly I wouldn't bet on Bitcoin going lower let's look at some Bitcoin TA put it right here and done let's look at some bitcoins he a real quick let's see what I'm what I'm

Looking at here so I look at the usually the weekly you'll see what's going on alright so originally this was the move right here we obviously broke through that okay all right and as we drop down we broke through that now basically I

Mean you can look at this in a logarithmic scale this is six thousand is a very like look at this look at this resistance of support right here six thousand is a very I guess you could say like even numbers people really look at

That so if we could keep above six thousand dollars which we are right now and we stay above that for a good amount of time and then pass this point here of seven thousand five hundred I would say that we will never see these prices

Again in the Bitcoin it's too cheap but I would never bet on that that's what I'm trying to say to you guys is that you dollar cost averaging is the best play because you're never wrong you essentially just you bet now

And if you're wrong it goes down you bet again and you keep going if you have if you don't know a dog wants a virginians highly suggest you guys recommend I mean I recommend you guys look at my course because right now so I know a lot of

People who were asking me my original course is it's it's on massive discount like a 90% discount it's basically basics of cryptocurrency so sending or receiving storing your transactions basic dollar cost average

But this limited deal okay I'm telling you limited because when I drop it they're gonna be a whole bunch of people that are mad because it's gonna be 10 times more expensive but this limited deal will give you free access to

Fundamental secrets fundamental secrets is basically a course that teaches you how to research crypto currencies in extreme depth extreme depth we're gonna dive into the traffic of the website we're gonna be looking at basically

Fundamental analysis which no other cryptocurrency youtuber or any other cryptocurrency guy I have ever seen has dove into this depth so there's a reason why it's gonna be expensive but if you support me now and you purchase the

Other course you get it for free so I mean I try to help people as much as I possibly can I'm not gonna give this course away for free to everybody all the time because obviously I have financial well-being that I have to

Uphold plus I don't want everybody getting access to this information right so if you guys are looking to learn more about crypto highly suggest you take advantage of your free time that you have now I'm not going to work and get

The hundred dollar course now because it may be 10 times more expensive but I'm done selling it but let me answer some more questions what do I see Bitcoin is short term I don't see I mean I specifically said on my live chat I mean

My Instagram if you haven't followed me mr. Campbell go follow me on Instagram link in the description below but I specifically said that we're gonna see a little pullback which we literally saw it was like a $7,000 so we're gonna see

A little bit pullback and then we're gonna possibly see it go above 7500 that's what I'm looking for 7,500 if it goes above that we're taking off and who goes below that we might see more pullback but again I'm gonna fit a long

Run okay we were looking at is it too late to start it is not even close to too late to start right so people are always asking all right Bitcoin is so expensive is it too late to start guys I have Bitcoin

Price prediction and you look for yourself but one Bitcoin of essentially in three to five years will be worth $100,000 okay for a fact no if ands or buts you know I'm sticking to that prediction

Because I know it's right history tells us this right in a long term hundred thousand dollars so that means if you put in a thousand dollars today that could potentially turn into like 15 grand so is that too late

When will the full course be available so the full course is going to be available I'm shooting for the end of this month but I will be honest with you guys I've been pushing that the deadlines for the past few months

Because I'm finding more and more information to put in this course and I don't want to launch it too it's complete and I know it's never going to be complete so let me just explain a little bit more about the course because

You guys are asking so essentially the course is gonna have a library videos I'm looking for like 30 videos right that's gonna teach you everything I know now and as things change I will upload one new video every week that you guys

Can look at and you look at the markets it's essentially gonna be like this live stream but it's gonna be like in kind of private access right and that's gonna teach you more now things change in the course that apparently have I will

Literally delete the video and re-upload it with the changed you know knowledge right so essentially you're getting a lifetime subscription to the knowledge of my cryptocurrency that's essentially what you're getting that's why it's

Gonna be so expensive and you know and a couple other things you guys going to get a live feed of my portfolio so the coins that are exactly invest in you know if I change it you guys did a live feed to that also you'll be able to

Contact me and have me research your coins if there's something that's really specific I'll look into it for you but I'm looking for again I'm looking to complete about end of the month but I'm not gonna put a you know guarantee on

That all right let's see other questions is there any hope for vsv I mean bsv just jumped ridiculously yeah I would say that there might be hope I mean guys when Bitcoin pumps the so does every other Bitcoin every other all coin right

You get paid to 27 so there you go man like the 27th get in and you should be good to go I'm not dropping it before the I'm dropping it at the end of the month okay what's your favorite corn besides Bitcoin in the etherium my

Favorite coins probably gonna be either basic attention token or chain-link but I don't know man I can't put a favorite I cannot put a favorite I you know let me see Qyburn Network I got some Qyburn Network I like Chiron

Network I purchased it before I put on this put on coinbase I like what they're doing carving up is a solid hold yeah that I would say carbon networks is definitely in my top like 10 or top five or something tezo's man tezo's I was

Going to make you guys a video but obviously I got a side to show tract this was before the big dump so I didn't make you guys a video about tezo's and their baking so essentially a baking is like staking but other people

Could stake on your platform you take fees tells a pretty interesting project I will admit I dived pretty deep into tezo's I like gos like coin I don't know man I'm losing faith in my coin there I only

Like coins that do I only like coins that do things crypto comm is pretty interesting should I do the unboxing should I do the unboxing I think I'm gonna do the unboxing let's do it now I'm doing unboxing Javid you know my

Credit card is okay I'm doing it now we're doing the unboxing all right so I just got this right here just to kill some more time all right if you guys didn't know I'll leave the link in the description below okay

This right here is basically a credit card from crypto calm and it allows you to you know use crypto currency to pay for stuff and I'm about to open it right now right in front of you guys I highly recommend you guys do it use my link

Obviously like all my other videos and support me with the channel and if you guys buy some cryptocurrency you get $50 as well as I do now it's really cool because obviously you get to spend quick though but I want you to to see what's

Going on what look this coin this card here is actually metal it's a metal card it's so cool this is my girlfriend's card because she just came in but I don't want you guys to see the numbers but you know this

Card is really interesting here and you know I just think that you know they have a cryptocurrency card is really cool so if you guys want to get your own cryptocurrency card I'll leave that in there for you guys so that you guys can

Get some access to it here to the actual platform but yeah again have another look at it buy some crypto with this metal card Lord can you hear it yeah I'm gonna make a full I'll make a full video for you guys so I could explain all the

Fees and everything about this part but I wanted to save a you know cool time to drop this and I think this is a pretty cool time metal card metal card what are your view on bars backed by gold I mean man honestly just buy the

Gold why do you need bars by backed by gold just buy the gold I'm not gonna look into it though you guys want me to look into a project again small donation you can donate a dollar you can donate five dollars if I ever offered you guys

You know value in the past I hope you know you guys can return the favor let's see oh nice thumbs up done for you sir thanks for the thumbs up I really appreciate excuse me I got like allergies it's not the

Coronavirus of problems do you think Bitcoin will go to the moon do you think it's uh I say go 32 II go 32 E is neo dead you know I would say most crypto currencies are dead if you're trying neo is called the

Chinese you know he theorem if you're trying to versi theorem come on man are you trying to verse aetherium the platform the most developers ever I don't know I don't think that's a you know cool that's not a good bet in my

Opinion I get paid any other questions thoughts of questions that mean come on let's keep it going a few have a safe haven yeah I mean Bitcoin is a safe haven so a theorem

Directly follows let's see if we got some more information here and I can show you guys no we don't I'll make a full video on the card hopefully you guys didn't see my credit card numbers we do hopefully you guys are not you

Guys are not bad people what view on gold bars mooned oh i mean potentially maybe yeah gold bars is I always looked at gold as a good thing I'll probably buy gold bars but I will

Say that right now gold is extremely overvalued gold is pretty expensive so I don't know you know I don't know if it's gonna go Belov above $2,000 you know I don't know I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that I'd like all right so

Investing for me is finding the best outlets to invest and gold is a good outlet don't get me wrong goal is a phenomenal outlet but I think bitcoins better it has better potential for sure so what's the point of me and buying

Gold I guess that you can argue with diversification but then again like I'm the type of person yes I diversify but I would say that I'm majority the type of person that kind of goes all-in on one thing you know they say you know don't

Put all your eggs in one basket well there's other contrarian views that say put all your eggs in one basket but guard that basket with your life and that's I would say I'm leaning towards that side I'm not a hundred percent

I do diversify a little bit but you know can you stop asking me about those bars I'm gonna ban you yeah this guy's just spamming the bars can I ban this guy let's see never banned anyone on the livestream

All right there you go you're done spamming fam is this still the same strategy as you showed is ripple a safe haven I would say currently all crypto currencies might be a safe haven a might but I wouldn't bet on it I just got a

Bitcoin like I said before you know I go to the best coins the best opportunity to ever see a question one question a bit off topic about the video what's up man asked me the algorithms have changed the algorithms have not changed if you

Guys are worried about the algorithm when you're creating a YouTube video you're thinking about it the wrong way is Apollo legit I've looked into Apollo I don't like it don't like it facts which do you think is the best wallet

And you have a computer you use USB one's the best wallet if you don't have a computer hmm I don't I use my computer I cannot gonna see here and comment on that if I don't use a phone wallet what's your

Price prediction for Bitcoin cash having honestly man like I don't look into Bitcoin cash it essentially the value that comes from Bitcoin cash or Bitcoin Ivete comes for bitcoins so why not just look at Bitcoin I don't know I just I

Can't sit here and comment on that when I don't look into it what do you thinks the best whoa what are you I like you Syria more than Bitcoin is that strange no that's not strange at all I'm like 50/50 on a theory on Bitcoin I would be

Honest with you I will say Viki theorem is more centralized they don't have finite and supply and they've gotten hacked before but they also are the war computer they have the most developers and they have the most potential so I

Don't know I would say I'm definitely leaning over to Bitcoin for sure though Bitcoin is the king and it will stay the king and it's doing what it's been doing it's supposed to be doing but everybody wants to talk about how has the slow

Transaction speeds and everything like that I think it's supposed to do that I think they're supposed to make you know pegged coins to Bitcoin like pegged digital currency back it like back it buy Bitcoin just like the gold standard

They back it by gold the the receipts same thing like Bitcoin they should back the digital currency that they have five Bitcoin and that will you know have though all the fast transactions everything like that guys check out ASX

Guys don't check out ASX down 8% since open no don't do that I mean you could if you want to but dang are you all invested envy chain definitely not I am less than 1% invested in fee chain just cuz I make a video on it does it mean

I'm all in on it Alex love your videos thanks for work I appreciate the comment man I really do yeah the paper wallets cold stores the best 3,600 real coming real soon I wouldn't bet on it I would not bet on it

Link to crypto card Gabi can you give me your link like right now Gabi all right let me call my girlfriend she has the link can you give me the the link to the crypto comm card and put it in the trap linked to crypto car we're

Gonna get you that link right now I love your videos thanks for the work 36 humming does your course include coaching no it does not clued in coaching I mean I will do like a live stream kind of going over everything

Like I said you get one video a week but in the future I plan on putting like a master class to include that coaching go ahead and comment it yeah comment the referral get that referral about the plumbing no I would not say it's about

To plummet maybe it is but I wouldn't bet on that above amazing content but I really appreciate you guys you know giving me that praise and everything like that 66 people hey share this video as many people as

Possible get more people in here I'm answering questions I'm here for the next 20-30 minutes get it at me give me as much heat as you possibly can I answer all of my know there's so many people that have been asking me about

Cryptocurrency this is the time to ask me guys this is what I do get in here now let's see whose people have been hitting me up it's dull Jenny good doges are basically over-explained dojos how do I explain

Doge Doge is a meme coin that goes off the volatility of Bitcoin it's not let me obviously there's no intrinsic value but all right so my Bitcoin extra investing strategy so basically when I invest in Bitcoin and crypto currencies

This is the best way to think of it and I know it's not gonna make sense but this is by far the best way you want to gut you want to get you gotta catch them all I know that's funny but it's just the truth you know you don't want to

Think about the stock market investor you don't want to think about cryptocurrency as money you want to think about it like like Jordan's right like valuable Jordans you got it we have valuable Jordans you put it in

There yeah value with Jordans is the best way to do it okay whereas I'm looking for that link for you guys I don't have it yeah valuable Jordans will be the best way to look at it because you know they

Don't really care about the current value of the Jordans because they're looking to hold it for five to ten years same thing with you know Pokemon you know everything like that this is you guys want to look at this in the long

Term and don't look at it like investing in money because it's not it's not investing money it's not money I hate the word cryptocurrency it's not a good word for it Don my thoughts on V chain

I mean V chain is still a great coin I mean like again I still stand where I made my video it's a great coin I did there is but again there's better coins the reason I made is because a lot of people are asking me on it it's

Definitely undervalued cryptocurrency but there's definitely better coins if there was right now I'll kind of get away from those coins I'll kind of jump into other things right thoughts on mining buy the coins right now don't

Mine don't mind the coins mine is not as profitable as buying it YouTube might allow okay yeah no no no just just send it to my facebook sounds of Facebook I'm gonna get that link for you guys in there so that we can make sure you get

Those cards again if you guys get the 50 bucks if you buy $50 I get 50 bucks and you get 50 bucks you might as well use it three $50 thanks for that trading jack appreciate that man is it too late to start mining

It's never too late to start mining it's always profitable it's just not as profitable as buying and holding coins buying and holding coins will always be more profitable alright thoughts on XRP I already answered that at beginning

This video you can go back on it but just to reiterate it one more time XR p is a great point but there's better coins that I look at okay facebook at now that's okay what are other things what is so much better than V okay so

Other coins that are votes right now you know what's super cheap chain-linked done that's all I got to say the chain links is super cheap right now if you send me a favor yeah all right good all right all right getting that link for

You guys I can't copy it I figure got it all right I got the link here for you guys i'ma put in the live stream what's your percentage of income do you choose to DCA and how often I take about like I would say 20 to 30

Percent of my income and I do it every thirty I would say 20 to 50 percent you have tons of training that's nice man get some Bitcoin so if you have tons of channeling you use some pick one but yeah dollar class average if there's a

20 to 50 percent anything more than like 25 percent I'll start buying some Bitcoin well Bitcoin survived the financial crisis not only will it survive the financial crisis but it will serve as a safe haven as sound money

Principles come into play believe in stock the flow yeah of course I believe in a stock the flow ratio it's one of the best you know data charts that possibly is let me put this link in here for you guys really quickly edit title

And description alright credit card alright there you go I put the link in there for you guys for the Bitcoin credit card look in the description Gaby can you double check the description make sure I have it in

There alright what do you think I happen on full lockdown what's gonna happen on full lockdown is there is gonna be no money like everybody's gonna literally lose a whole bunch of money people are gonna stop working in the economy is

Gonna come to a whole slow down and the government is gonna basically start printing money and every single way they can when they start printing money and every single way they can this is essentially the video that I talked

About so talked about in greater detail yeah the link is officially in there when they start printing more money I'll devalue the current USD and stuffs gonna hit the fan but look real quickly guys

Look at this right here this card if you're just coming into this chat is I use it for cryptocurrency oh that's upside down I'm sorry I use it to make purchases with cryptocurrency so I have crypto on this card and I could

Literally go buy things with this metal metal credit card you hear that metal credit card so if you want to do that I have the link in the description below go and check it out be safe during these

Crazy times but I really appreciate it you know I thanks for the donation man I really appreciate that but just to let you guys know I'm blooming right now I have an online business and it's actually doing better

Than it's ever done before so you guys like if you have a brick and mortar business if you have a job like I would say stay safe for you guys and I really hope things really work out I have a good question you think everyone's

Talking about do you think the majority of people are buying such investing into Bitcoin or other coins to only make dollars they're investing in Bitcoin mostly for a fact because the Bitcoin dominance is higher than the altcoins

But we can look at that specifically let's go look into it more depth so you guys can see what I'm talking about so Bitcoin dominance let's see if people are investing in Bitcoin let's see if they're investing in all coins so this

Will literally tell you that as you can see here this is total market capitalization okay this would sorry this was gonna tell you that let's go here so you can literally see yeah it's going up a little bit so it looks like

People are going into Bitcoin more I was saying in times like this man or it just dropped a little bit but see but I would say in times like this people gonna buy Bitcoin it's the safe one it's the safe asset the referral code for this credit

Card is in the description below the referral codes in the description below you guys can see this MCO credit card lots of crypto no Alex I didn't mean that well referral code for what man for protocol for what if I schedule a call

With you on calendly will you go over my portfolio and give me tips during yes so the call because if you didn't know there's also a link in the description below if you guys schedule call with me I know it says a half an hour but I do

That so people don't take advantage of me I usually sit on stay on it for as long as I can but the call if you schedule it with me I'll go over anything you want that's the whole point of the call whatever you guys want me to

Go over I'm gonna I'm going to knock it out make sure you're comfortable whatever is going on Chris Becker 0:02 make dollars okay so essentially yeah so people are investing in crypto to make dollars right of course

Everybody wants to make money man every moment that's it that's the way it goes there's not enough money in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for it to be the major currency but essentially what's gonna happen is when they're making their

Dollars and dollar losses purchasing power over time it's going to keep losing purchasing power then people are eventually gonna adopt saving Bitcoin instead of saving dollar it's a big thing we're looking at

20 years ago like 49 years we've seen this traditional finance you know only 20 M ago sorry 20 39 years only 39 years all right bitcoins only 10 years old let's wait let's let's give Bitcoin at 20 years 25 years and then we can start

Seeing stuff like that right thoughts on – does he cash told us apply 9 million also having a great country since clash yes I will admit the nine million supply is phenomenal it's great one of the

Greatest things about those coins and yeah I do have some so I would say that you know – and Z cash – those are good coins they stood the test of time there oh jeez they've been here for a long time I

Would always recommend someone to get Z cash in – for a fact okay opinion an orchid I love orchid you guys know I did a video on that 100x all coins talked about coin base and everything like that check that out if you want to but yeah I

Like the factor to have a working product or the VPNs and cryptocurrency decentralizing VPNs to make it even more secure than VPNs already are and they're doing pretty well so I mean they're not doing all right they're doing pretty

Well in the fact they got in a coin base but their price is not doing well so I do think it's undervalued I think they do think we're gonna make some money off that and if the stock closes oh if the stock closes boy it's gonna be a great

Day for cryptocurrency if the stock I don't know if it's gonna be exactly the day that the stop closes but eventually it's gonna be a great day for cryptocurrency alright more questions throw questions at me meaning the

Intention behind the investment yes oh okay of course so essentially when people get a crypto the intention always is gonna be to make money for people that go out there saying oh it's gonna save you know these third-world

Countries and you know I used to be like that and until I didn't I didn't really understand it but everybody saying oh it's gonna say the third-world country so cryptocurrency is the best thing ever because you know decentralization and

Blockchain technology yeah that's cool but that comes later right now people aren't gonna to make money and that's the fact so you know the intentions might be a little bit bad but it's necessary right now I just

Scheduled a call with you tomorrow and I paid for a nice man I'll see you i Slim will talk about anything you need and we'll go over specifics and you know of course it's not gonna be like a half an hour on the dot but we'll make it

Work or make it work fam we'll make it work so again guys just throw it out to you course 90% off my digital course 90% off card here by some cryptocurrency yes I'm selling you stuff of course I'm selling

You stuff I got to make a living here but it's not bad I only sell you guys good stuff that's the point of my channel right so card I have it myself only thing I've sold you guys I have I have it myself I do it myself

This card's metal show off to your friends they got a metal cryptocurrency card you can pay with cryptocurrency another thing everybody's going crazy right everybody's buying you know a whole bunch of toilet paper sanitation

Products and I and you know guys if you didn't know me you know I've been and you know the health industry I used to have a marketing agency when it comes to health I know a lot about health and I'm vegan I run I ran a marathon before like

I'm really involved in health and I had a supplement company and it's still currently have I just don't push it as hard and it sells something called pure Himalayan Choji and I'm also gonna leave that link in the description below

Basically pure Himalayan shilajit is a way to boost your immune system it's a mineral supplement coming straight from the Himalayan mountains 16,000 feet above sea level so they literally climb to Himalayan mountains to get the

Shilajit it's an all-in-one mineral supplement and I'm doing a fire sale right now I'm just gonna give them away because honestly I'm trying to get rid of my supply and you know this stuff it boosts the heck out of your immune

System so everybody's trying to like stop like with sanitation why don't you solve it from the core you're unhealthy that's just affect people are unhealthy as hell so I'm just gonna throw that out there I have a cool

Video explains it in way more detail on my website go ahead and check that out I'm just gonna kind of give them away they're originally like 200 bucks but you can get it now for 50% off I'm vegan too a nice man nice you got that good

Immune system immune system I'll fight it off of micronutrients people with micronutrients they say that 50% of the population United States is nutrient deficient people this is literally has 85 plus vitamins and minerals and it's

All natural definitely look into shilajit if you take shilajit every day health and wellness you guys should take him up on this for sure see look Chris he says it for himself

Sheila G was literally called in a Himalayan Indian Bible the destroyer of weakness if you feel a weak chronic fatigue it's because you're probably micronutrients of fission micronutrients is just as important as macronutrients

Micronutrients basically are your protein carbs and fats so everybody worries about macronutrients all these bodybuilders worry about macronutrients but it says that micronutrients even though their waist smaller are just as

Important so if you feel weak if you have concentration problems if you have a low immune system you get sick all the time it's probably because you're a micro nutrient deficient and the reason why it's so beneficial is because in the

Modern world right what's happening right now is that they have these you know huge like chains of food like like Publix and you guys probably know in focuses unless you're in Florida Walmart all these places selling food on a mass

Scale so they're actually doing everything in their power to find more soil we have low quality soil we literally have low quality soil which makes low quality foods and these low quality foods we're consuming them and

We're not getting as many micronutrients as we used to do you know hundreds of days ago right and this is essentially extremely high quality soil all right literally a black tar go look at if it's not absolutely disgusting but

It's gonna boost you know your immune system for a fact high-quality soil they actually put it in soil to rejuvenate the soil I'm done with the shilajit let's go back to cryptocurrency sorry about that guys everyone eating too many

Popeyes I believe in shit shield you too but watch out for sourcing and one of those small jars is not 200 you're saying yes so the I actually yes I I saw the shilajit so it trust me I know about

Sourcing and it is $200 the well at least the one I'm selling for a three month supply and I put 50% off but it was it was in 200 looking 180 something so yeah I mean I sourced it myself guys trust me I made a complete business I

Know all about it the sourcing you do have to watch out for but I have tested it in a lot of ways and it's considered one of the best she leads in America it just doesn't sell because nobody cares about being healthy do you think one

Should invest more Mineiro or z cash hmm good question I would say to invest in both of them equally or I would probably lean a little bit more – because there's less supply as far less supply and all right let's go down

Everyone's too many popeyes chicken sandwiches here let me get you guys that's it so yeah I mean any more questions throw some questions that mean let's look at more stuff let's look at some more in depth for getting more and

More people in here appreciate you guys for all the donations you guys are really the best like I really appreciate it for real and then we're gonna stay in here for about five to ten more minutes and then I'm out so hit me would have

Hit me with them hit me with them as many questions as possible let's get really quickly I want to get you guys this shilajit any other questions wave form yeah the the company is called all

Natural upgrades I'm gonna give you guys the link for that I have a full video that you guys can go check out if you want to best sharding crypto well e theorem is about to start sharding people do I use stable coins yes I use

Stable coins all the time actually there's gonna be a stable point that's coming out and talk about it next week stay tuned for that it's best sharding crypto it's gonna be a theory on people the theory was gonna start charting so I

Would say that a theory it was gonna be definitely the ultimate sharding crypto let's go back here and put another link in the description if you guys wanted to get access to some shilajit I'm gonna drop that in there for you all right all

Right again fire sale because things are popping off right now and I want to help people out if you want to boost your immune system take advantage let's see what's going on here what does my course look like my course looks like me

Talking about fundamental analysis so the one that you're currently getting now is just basics and so essentially I know you're conflicted about the course go look up fundamental analysis you're not gonna find one in crypto if you do

Find one in crypto it's very very uh I would say not in-depth I Drive I dive into extreme death and my course is basically gonna be me teaching you like alright I'm sure I'm sure you guys seen like other cryptocurrency youtubers

They're all like literally like oh they're all like oh do your own research you guys should look it up for yourself this is not financial advice do your own research do your own research I say it myself do your due diligence you guys

Always hear that but nobody sat there and showed you how to do your own due diligence and showed you how to do the research that's essentially what you're getting with my course I teach you how to dive

Into extreme specifics about any cryptocurrency in the whole entire market okay that's what you're getting with my course not only you're getting that but you're also alright man Chris I'll talk to you later not only getting

That but you're also getting you know my portfolio a live snapshot of exactly the coins that I'm holding you're also getting the fat you could submit all coins that you know I could research for you and everything like that and you're

Also getting weekly videos and I'm gonna keep constantly updating the course I don't know if you read my last message but as far as sharding goes yes of course he theory I'm sharding will make it obsolete I appreciate you

Know I understand that but like well dear iam has the most developers out of any other cryptocurrency in the market what do you think about card ah no card ah no I like the way they kind of winter cross it excuse me guys I have allergies

I like how card on Oh went you know what their process of actually implementing code I don't like how they did not follow any of their roadmap but I do like how cheap it is I think Cardona is a great coin I think

It's a phenomenal coin for sure but I think we're ending here guys I'm not getting as many questions man I want all of crypto youtubers you got my trust I appreciate it man I really appreciate it like for real I tried to come in in a

Different angle with these cryptocurrency stuff yeah they quickly of course they clickbait they're youtubers because they have nothing else to talk about I try to extreme I'm a I don't know if

You guys know like hopefully you are too but I'm a life learner I'm literally extremely extremely you know curious about life so I would never stop researching and essentially I believe that these guys are kind of just

Making videos on their old you know content their old way of thinking and they're not constantly you know reinventing themselves so with me you guys are gonna see me do crazy stuff I eventually are gonna run another

Marathon eventually try to run 100 miles my friend ran 100 miles recently and he kind of motivated me to do that you're gonna see me do all types of stuff and I'm never gonna stop so I just throw that out there I'm alone okay cool bye

Bye thanks grace to you I appreciate you guys I think everybody's kind of checking out here so I'm gonna check out I'll leave it on for three more minutes let's finish this up and I'm out of here I appreciate goes so in love in my

Livestream showing zone nations taking part in this you know you guys make it really possible for me to you know live this lifestyle and hopefully one day you guys can follow the same path you guys can make some money in cryptocurrency if

You have our but thanks guys all right man I think I'm out have a good one guys thanks for you thanks Alex right there I'll talk to you later again guys if you don't get with this technology you will get left

Behind thanks for watching this video guys thanks for watching the live stream every Sunday stay tuned every Sunday I will be dropping the live stream stay tuned for the best content and cryptocurrency by

Far and the whole entire world highest-quality quality not quantity cryptocurrency videos people are starting to take notice look out catch you guys later thanks for watching this see you in the next one

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