Can a song make you kill yourself?

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

giving us a message we her sniggle about

marina off me

Suroosh Alvi there's a song so achingly

sad that legend holds it responsible for

hundreds of suicides all around the

world including that of its own creator

the hungarian suicide song written by

rez osa resin first published in 1933

gloomy sunday' was reportedly banned

soon after in its native Hungary by the

40s it was also banned in Britain where

only the instrumental of Billie

Holiday's version was approved for

broadcast until 2002 it is no dream for

in death I'm arresting you later

recorded by artists like Sarah

McLaughlin and Elvis Costello and Bjork

there is no reason to believe that

gloomy sunday' is actually responsible

for a spike in Depression era suicides

but it was not the last time that

popular music was scapegoated for the

ills of society

Ozzy Osbourne's suicide solution is

probably our most famous piece of

contemporary lawsuit music a song that

allegedly contains a hidden message of

get the gun and try it shoot shoot shoot

you see a perfectly normal kid there who

really doesn't show any signs of any

depression at all and happy and all of a

sudden six hours he's dead no one may

explain it other than one thing we know

is he was listening to this music the

aussie lawsuit was america's first and

obviously not its last a few years later

judas priest were sued for allegedly

secretly including the message do it in

their cover of spooky tooths better by

you better than me

when nervous parents accused musicians

of inserting secret messages into their

music they're usually talking about


a fancy way of describing playing a

sound backwards made popular by the

Beatles on revolvers

most backmasking is pretty benign either

used for artistic effect

or to spoof the hidden messages that had

parents and Christian lawyers so worried

in the 80s and 90s there is one other

way to hide your secret plot to destroy

America on record spectrograms

a visual representation of sound usually

looks like this I noticed that these two

sounds are also very prominent and I can

see that they kind of go from low all

the way up to high

unless you're noted spooky bastard

Richard James of apex twin in which case

you do something like this

unlikely to lead to suicide but more

than likely to lead to you never ever

being able to sleep again in your life

unrelated to this episode but important

because I'll probably never find a way

to talk about it again this is the

spectrogram from the Venetian Snares

2001 album songs about my cats so is

there any merit to the idea that songs

like gloomy sunday' or better by you

lead people to kill themselves in the

case of Priest and Ozzy no that was just

dumb conservative heavy-metal panic but

with gloomy sunday' I am willing to

concede some amount of merit to the idea

that the song had unintended


sundae's call me

my houses

first of all I don't think hundreds of

people were driven to take their own

lives by some sad song like a musical

version of Heather's dude if I get one

more request for that big fun song

playing our song

but there is a reason why most reputable

news organizations won't publish the

details of a suicide the verdure effect

named after girders the sorrows of young

further suggests and I am greatly

simplifying here that people will

imitate a well publicized suicide and

the lyrics to gloomy sunday' a song that

was quite popular about someone thinking

about taking their own life because

their lover has killed themselves and

they want to join them certainly falls

into that category

Sunday no doubt that stories of the

people walking into the Danube clutching

the sheet music or someone requesting

the song at a bar and then walking

outside and shooting themselves or a

rich man who heard a beggar just humming

the melody gave him all of his money and

then throwing himself off a bridge are

not true or greatly exaggerated but

stacked next to contemporary

manufactured boogie men like Marilyn

Manson or mm or Ozzie the Hungarian

suicide song might actually be our most

evil piece of music what do you think is

there any truth to the legend that

swirls around gloomy sunday' or is this

all total nonsense what about other

songs with secret satanic or suicidal

messages let us know you think in the

comments and be sure to subscribe for

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Thursday so see

stealin Aeneas


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