Camera Comparison: Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Pixel 4 XL vs Note 10+

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

the Samsung Galaxy S 2002 comes with an
unprecedented camera that allows you to
zoom in further than on any other phone
and it's also got a completely
reimagined understand 8 megapixel main
camera with a huge sensor size and I
mean just look at the size of the camera
array on its back
but is this overhaul the camera system
enough so this Samsung can win back the
top spot in the camera phone game to
find out we took a bunch of photos with
four phones that are all competing for
that privilege which one takes better
pictures let's take a look in first we
kick off this comparison with probably
the coolest new feature on the s20 ultra
and its ability to zoom in while
retaining crisp clear detail but
starting at the 2 x zoom level you would
notice that the s 2003 is actually not
as detailed is even last year's Galaxy
Note and Plus that might be surprising
but there is a reason for that while the
note has a dedicated 2 x telephoto lens
the s20 ultras periscope camera only
starts working once you reach the four
times to zoom level this means that the
quality of zooms from 2 x right to the 4
x mark is actually not as good as it
used to be on previous Samsung phones in
this range the s20 ultra is just using
plain lossy digital zoom and one more
example shows that once again the level
of detail at two times magnification is
not quite as good as you have on the
other contenders but once you reach that
4 times zoom level and the periscope
lens kicks in you notice an immediate
change in the balance of power the yes
20 ultra easily grabs the win in this
round with a very clean and detailed
image we do one more comparison this
time at 10 times zoom and this is
probably the point where the difference
between the ultra and the rest is most
pronounced heck the Google pixel for
excel can't even zoom ten times it maxes
out at 8 times magnification and would
have just left it out of this round you
have a similar case when you look at ten
times zoom in low-light the presence of
the periscope lens really makes a big
difference and the s20 ultra emerges
head and shoulders above the rest okay
we have already proven that the
20 Ultra is in a different league when
it comes to zoom capabilities but what
about just using the main camera after
all you have a brand new hundred and
eight megapixel sensor here an
impressive figure it DIF also taking
pictures at 12 megapixels doll is it
combines nine individual pixels into one
let's call it super pixel to achieve
that and the results should be a
photograph with a superb quality is that
really so though we like the image from
the over here it has nice colors and a
cheerful bright exposure but the dynamic
range on the Google pixel is still
superior and the other two also capture
very good looking shots we really think
the second image shows some of the
peculiarities of the camera on ES 20
ultra notice how the image is sharp but
almost too sharp it seems like the
thorns on the pine trees appear almost
brittle and the monument has got a bit
of a halo around its edges that is due
to an excessive amount of over
sharpening as Samsung is applying in
what we do appreciate the detail that is
a bit of an overkill compare this to all
other phones that have a softer but more
realistic detail still we like the
colors and you cannot say that damage
from the ultra looks bad per se not at
but it's not quite perfect either in
this next scene you'll notice the strong
contrasted colors on the s20 ultra it
almost seems like this photo has been
shot and then already edited with added
sharpness and contrast to notice this
clearly when you compare it to the
Galaxy Note templates which has a more
neutral look to it

in our next scene number four again you
would see the striking difference in
sharpness yes 20 ultra makes everything
appear extra sharp and you easily notice
it when you contrast the photo against
the one taken by the note 10 plus the
Google pixel for Excel here shows that
it can still capture amazing images as
you can see how the dynamic range and
the depth of color that it has captured
surpasses that from other devices and
this time we'd easily pick it as the
winner in this round see number five and
let us ask you a question are you
convinced that newer always means better
it is not always the case and this scene
shows it in our opinion the older Galaxy
Note captures the better photo here with
more lively colors and more dynamics
while the image on the ultra is not bad
but the contrast is overly applied and
the colors don't look quite natural
interestingly the pixel here captures an
underexposed shot that doesn't look all
that good
this is a bit of a trend on the pixel
that you will see sometimes another
photos too in the next scene number 6
the differences between the phones are
not huge but look closer and you'll
notice that the Google pixel shot pulls
ahead it just looks good the white
balance the detail that is not overly
sharpened the dynamic range the color
depth it is the photo that we would pick
here and let's finally jump to scene
number 7 with the entrance of the
restaurant and here the ultra has
captured a very nice-looking photo with
beautiful colors and a nice exposure the
rest of the phones are also doing quite
well and this scene looks pretty good on
all of them but with Big D Ultra as our
favorite okay we have looked at a few
days shots but what about portrait mode
or live focus on Samsung Galaxy devices
the s20 ultra has the option to capture
two times zoom portraits with the live
focus mode but if use a simple digital
zoom since it no longer has a two times
zoom lens and the quality is decent but
it's a bit of a regression compared to
life focused photo
captured on the two times telephoto lens
of the s10 series or the note 10 plus
here you can notice how half of the face
of our model is overexposed and burned
and the picture is no match for the
quality that you get from the other
three devices we were surprised with the
poor quality from the pixel as well the
food was just very underexposed very
dark and you can see that you lose a ton
of detail in those darker areas of the
image it doesn't look great either and
in the second portrait there is no harsh
light to throw it off and yodhraj does a
pretty good job and we like the strong
inky colors still the Galaxy Note 10.1
the iPhone also does a very good job
when it's dedicated to time zoom
telephoto camera and the pixel here is
the odd one with a slightly different
view the view in a darker moodier
exposure next up we turn to selfies
where you'll notice something that is
very typical for samsung phone cameras
smoothening the skin it looks very silky
in this shot of our model which might be
an effect some people will like it does
look very good in this shot the other
phones you'll notice a lot less of that
smoothening and those photos appear more
realistic but we'd actually prefer the
photo from the ultra here it might not
be the most realistic one but looks good
in this next selfie on the ultra you
would notice that my face looks a bit
blurrier than on the rest which have a
much sharper cleaner detail our favorite
image here is the one from the null 10
plus it exposes my face brightly has a
lot of detail I mean has the best colors
okay most phones these days do well
during the day but what about low-light
well good news is that the ultra is not
afraid of the night it is able to
capture a great looking photo here
especially when you compare it against
the note 10 plus which struggles with
color and noise in those green patches
of grass at the bottom part of the
follow the Google pixel also captures a
good photo but it can't quite match the
insane amount of detail you get on the
ultra good job Samsung

in the next scene once again the galaxy
has 20 ultra flexes its camera muscle
and shows that Samsung has really
improved its game
tons of detail proper white balance in
an excellent photo all around the iPhone
while it has captured more light with
the auto night mold it also makes
everything appear just unknowingly hello
the Google pixel strikes a good middle
ground but detail in the grass is
completely lost on it
and finally the Galaxy Note shoots a
decent photo but nowhere nearly as
detailed as the ultra jump back to night
scene number three and it's a close call
between the s20 Ultra and the iPhone but
we do give preference to the iPhone here
it just has the better dynamic range and
a more controlled image last but not
least we included this one image to show
that the ultra sometimes has its low
moments too while it did exceptionally
well in low-light most of the time here
it bashed the photo and you notice in
both the weirdly rendered neon sign in
the bushes at the bottom don't have the
detail and the clarity that you get on
other phones all in all the galaxy s
2003 has a camera that deserves to being
the conversation for the very best
camera phone of 2020 is it the single
very best one out there well in some
cases yes especially when you zoom in
more than four times but most often
times in low-light it does a stellar job
we do feel however that Samsung tried a
bit too hard with it there's an
excessive amount of sharpening that
often makes objects in the photo appear
too sharp and almost brittle now the
iPhone once again proves that Apple is
able to create a very reliable and
consistent camera it does well in all
sorts of conditions but we're still
puzzled with that persisting yellow tint
to images the Google pixel for excel
often impressed us with his dynamic
shots that look professional and
exceeded our expectations of a phone
photograph however it was not consistent
and yo too often out did it in low-light
which is bit surprising finally the
Galaxy Note m+ proves that not
everything old is necessarily worse than
newer gadgets it's softer detail looks
more flattering and realistic in many
pictures it has a better job with
selfies most of the time it's a bit
behind the rest in low-light photography
and can we pick a favorite
not really all of those phones have
their strong points and their lows but
once you know them you can work around
those shortcomings and enjoy snapping
pictures after all that's what this is
all about and this guy's wraps up our
camera comparison between the s20 ultra
the iPhone the pixel and the galaxy note
we hope you enjoyed this little
distraction from these tough times we
wish you and your loved ones to be well
stay healthy stay at home and we'll see
you in the next one

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