Call of Duty Mobile vs PubG Mobile

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Shooters on mobile have come a long way in the last few years and the competition is getting fierce Call of Duty took its sweet time to arrive on Android and iOS but now it's a force to be reckoned with it has its own battle royale mode throwing the glove to

Establish games in the genre like pop G which is why we are here today to compare the two games and see which one should you sync your free time into I'm Vic with fawn arena and this is our first 1vs1 game review video we're

Pitting Call of Duty versus pop G and to keep things slightly simpler we'll focus only on the battle royale modes of the two games so let's get to it then and first we start with graphics and styling if you've watched our

Previous mobile game videos you already know that we consider Call of Duty mobile one of the best looking games for smartphones and with a good reason the visuals are so good sometimes you just sit and wonder how we can have a game

That looks so good on your phone the good impressions start as soon as you enter the game and see your character model extremely detailed no flag textures trying to hide the lack of polygons once you jump into the action

The goodness continues the environment is as realistic as you get trees grass mountains they come together perfectly to create an immersive environment over at pop G mobile things aren't too shabby either the game looks good as well

However the way the different elements of the levels come together isn't as cohesive instead of color duty mobile it's like someone sprinkled house models randomly all over the map and scattered some vehicles to top it off this isn't

Such an issue with the maps that were added later and focus on a certain type of environment but the default one is definitely not as polished as that of Call of Duty you probably won't notice that in the heat of the battle but those

Are things that your mind picks up subconsciously and can affect how much you enjoy the game one big difference between the two games is how they approach character models in Call of Duty it's all about looking

Badass with your matching military outfits and tricked-out guns in pokey you get a lot more freedom to customize the looks of your character starting from skin color here and so on and then you get to the clothes there

Are so many pieces of apparel and accessories in this game it's just kind of ridiculous at some point you start wondering if you're playing a shooter or another iteration of the Sims so while Call of Duty tries to make you

Feel like a highly trained killing machine out on a mission pop G gives you the choice to be as serious or as goofy as you want next up let's talk about the gameplay in general and once you start playing it's like the gains have traded

Philosophies pop G becomes more strict serious and old-fashioned while Call of Duty takes up a more arcade approach in many aspects the games are extremely similar but there are some differences it made the gameplay feel very different

You see what we mean as we go through the each of the game's features and we start with the cameras and the controls so let's begin with those basics you can play both games in either first person or third person mode one difference is

That pop G lets you switch between the two from an on screen button as often as you'd like but only if you've joined the game with the third-person mode selected the reason for that is simple in third-person you can peek around corners

Or over edges without exposing your character to enemy fire some players prefer to not have that option and choose to play in first-person mode only both games offer three modes when it comes to team size you have

Single-player meaning you against everyone else we have duo's where paired with another player or a friend and quads or teams a fourth here the extra point goes to call of duty mode for having the option to revive dead

Teammates using their dog tags a revived player will be able to join the action after jumping from a plane in a couple of minutes the problem is many players don't have the patience to rejoin the actions and leave the game before they

Can be revived making the feature redundant the similarities continue when it comes to controls both games offer extreme levels of customization you can move and resize buttons anyway you want choose your preferred way to aim or

Steer vehicle and the same goes for the looting options you can select which items your character will pick up automatically and how many of each if they should open doors automatically or not and so on with enough time you can

Tailor the game settings to fit you perfectly one major difference between the two games is that Call of Duty has an auto fire mode that pubsey lacks with auto fire on when your crosshair is on an enemy player you start firing

Automatically this can be useful since it means your thumbs are free to control movement and aim however it has some obvious drawbacks for example if you're taking a shot from a distance and the enemy is moving you have to aim in front

Of them to hit them with auto fire on you won't be able to do that overall it's better if you pull your own trigger in battle royale mode next up let's talk maps and zones oK you've selected your preferred team size and

Camera view your controls fit like a glove it's time to get in the action in both games that means jumping of an airplane in Call of Duty it's a cool futuristic one while in pub G it's a standard turboprop one but players can

Choose different skills for it what's more important is where you land and this is the ace that pop G has opted sleeve the game has four massive maps with completely different environments the original one was followed by a

Desert one a winter one and an asian-themed one you can select them individually or at random and the number of maps greatly improves replayability and ensures you won't get bored from seeing the same locations all

The time to be fair a Call of Duty is a much younger game and we're sure it will get additional maps as time goes by for now however it's trying to catch up by offering diverse environments all in the same map you have snow in one corner and

Desert in the other with green grass and trees in-between sure it's not very realistic but it lets you change the scenery in a matter of minutes each map regardless of the game offers a wide variety of substance from small

Villages to industrial sites and military bases hills and canyons no two encounters will be the same with that many locations and as is tradition with battle royale games the round starts with the full map available then the

Play area starts to shrink forcing players closer to each other the rate at which that happens largely determines the length of each round and that's where we see another big difference in Call of Duty the circle starts getting

Smaller rather quickly and if you're good enough to reach the final stages of the game around the last about 15 minutes and that means less time for looting and more time spent moving across the map and engaging enemies with

Pub G it's quite different if you land in the remote part of the map it can be 10 minutes before you even see another player and if you're the last man standing it's usually after around 25 to 30 minutes of gameplay almost double

That of Call of Duty the difference is important for one simple reason ergonomics playing a shooter is not the most comfortable experience when you're holding a flat slab of glass which can get quite hot having to do that for 30

Minutes takes a toll on your hands rather quickly and pop G's gameplay is just unnecessarily slow for that platform in both games you begin without any firearms and getting one fast is a top priority here

Call of Duty's focus on the fast-paced action becomes apparent once more powerful weapons are more readily available in call of duty then in pub G where at first you might find yourself running around with a frying pan in hand

Besides the density of the weapons however the two games are quite similar when it comes to here you can choose from a wide range of pistols shotguns rifles sniper rifles and machine guns when it comes to unique type of weapons

Book G has a crossbow while color duty has a cup of rocket launchers overall we're giving Call of Duty the edge when it comes to the coolness of the weapons it offers of course each game also provides a

Plethora of accessories for your guns stocks handles coughs extended magazines you name it attachments can improve the guns accuracy or reduce its noise output so that you're harder to locate on the map

Scopes of course lets you aim better especially from a long distance and throw balls are also plentiful mastering the different types of grenades is what separates the advanced players from the mediocre ones beyond the standard frag

Smoke and stun grenades Call of Duty also has four other types including one with poisonous gas while pop G offers the classic Molotov cocktail healing equipment is also available in both games in a variety of forms nothing

Really interesting here you spend a few seconds to bandage yourself up or have an energy drink and jump back into the fray speaking of healing however we get to another unique Call of Duty feature classes there are six classes free to

Use and four additional ones that need to be unlocked each class gives you one special ability that has a cool-down and the passive perk the six classes are Klown defender mechanic medic ninja and scout some are obvious in their roles

While others might sound confusing the clown for example lets you deploy a device that summons zombies to attack your enemies the ninja on the other hand can use a grappling hook to quickly move around

Some classes like the medic and the mechanic are more useful when playing in a team so while classes do add some nuance the gameplay on their own they're not enough to make a choose Call of Duty over pop G next up when it comes to

Vehicles Call of Duty's one step ahead once more besides the usual motorbikes cars and bolts Call of Duty has two more that are extra fun to use the first one is the buggy with the machine gun on top sure

You're a bit exposed while firing it but if there is a friend driving around that's not a big concern and yes pop G has a buggy that lets the second player shoot his guns as well but it's not quite the same what pop G doesn't have

At all however is a helicopter the chopper in Call of Duty is surprisingly easy to fly and lets you and your team traverse the battlefield in a matter of seconds the vehicles follow the theme of each game with color duties being more

Futuristic and military-grade while pop G's Soviet styling comes with some retro ones that are fun in their own way and as an extra bonus you can unlock skins for vehicles whenever you get on a vehicle for which you have a coloring

Different from the default one it automatically changes to the one you've picked in your loadout vehicles magically changing colors breaks the immersion a bit but it is a sacrifice we need to make after all customization is

What keeps these games going and since both Call of Duty and pop G are free games they need to make money through in-game purchases both games include a massive number of things you can unlock and customize from victory dances to

Parachutes and wingsuits to grenade skins cosmetics are king as we mentioned earlier pop G heavily leaves on clothing pants skirts bandanas sunglasses the list of clothes and accessories you can get for your character is almost endless

It can even get annoying when you loot an enemy's box and have the things you have to scroll through our clothes of course you can steal those as well and wear them but you cannot keep them after the round is over and if you have

A soft spot for in-game collectibles both games will have you hooked in no time so time for the bottom line the great debate Call of Duty vs. Pope gee which one is better well pop G has more maps and more clothes if these two

Things are very important to you then that's the game you should go for for the average player however a Call of Duty offers more polished and entertaining gameplay with better visuals and interesting features if

You're looking to sync hours into a mobile shooter that's the game to do it and this guy's wraps up our comparison of two of the most popular games for mobile pop G and Call of Duty Marvel which one would you personally go for

Which one do you play and why let us know in the comments my name is vic it was my pleasure talking to you this is fun arena make sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed watching this video subscribe to

Our channel to see even more videos and I will see you in the next one you

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