by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Hello everybody this is me and my lab of season 1 and today and today I have visited the Aquatic Centre in Balham which is located in London in the United Kingdom I wanted a visitor's pet shop because I needed some new boss fish for my

Aquarium and I thought this pet shop instead of visiting that usually in their pets at home or their local pet shop I usually visit so yeah I just think this is pretty cool CQC there's some duck wars there which I might be

Getting which are 16 pounds 95 there's some where couple Rhonda's 417 pounds and father you can see the one on their head is very nice and red and very you know healthy-appearing pretty nice I will have some other around the verities

Bears because he abducted Rhonda or very dark blue or on a Tuesday or white and a red and orange Rhonda I'm some other small around is there in the corner you can also see that it's all ranches for 2495 pens and it goes to soil so my you

Can stay with your pretty girl that's pretty good they have very good deals on their goldfish and they stuck very healthy courses as well so they don't stop you know disease there's like all the pet stores I mean you kid I spent on

Home for something which I absolutely hate this area so you can see some other single 12-hour to your goldfish and all the time you know if you know asked me would you keep single tail goldfish with you know fantail goldfish I would say

Absolutely no I mean it had a pond or had a bigger aquarium like let's see I can 500 liter plus the Korean you might cut you could get away with it but I will just say stay away from it because single tail goldfish for arteries could

Actually swim faster then fantail and that can cause the Santo goldfish to be very very stressed so I would say just stay away from it you know as a whole and just keep as feeder fish or just keep it as you know

You know fish just to go in the point eventually feed erawan is but don't actually keep them with find well fish because i said that's just no no not good at all but you can see at least that they stopped pretty cheap you know

A single toe fuck goldfish for about four pounds fifty so that's pretty cool so you can see so you can see the single authorities are very healthy indeed and again if you have any era Juana's or any other large fish you could use a

Mosquito fish but i am fortunate to have more space hopefully I will miss each other you can see that it's still large bowl fish as well single toe ball fish for very cheap about five point nine five very chic indeed began from ranches

Grow very large branches and the largest one to is actually agency on your right very very nice indeed and that actually kind of persuaded me to get a ranch in because you know I've seen it online and I thought it was you know whatever but

It looks really cute in real life so dispatch people for getting one but you can see some other you know like shoe bumpkins and calico fantail you see that no Rhonda with the white when very cute we have the pearl scale I should have

Another owner personal at my life and I also found them very fascinating so you never know I might get one wrench in one fell skill today so we have some other fantails some smaller Blackmore's smaller shoe bump in these have the

Telescopic eyes and we have some other fun tales we have the rather more calico fantail without look at telescopic eyes so what this cost some other fish blackballed some

Black Franchi which I found this black punchy pretty awesome because I've never actually seen a black bunch in my life and I think that it was pretty awesome rare how she wanted to get that but I might go back there and get it let me

Know okay and at the bottom there we get some more fish more colorful fishes again a lot of our tails pet shop and this is not me like advertising especially anything that I think that there's sort of this sell it extremely

Amazing as you can see you know they have very generous doctor very generous prices so you can see the large or on Dez look amazing and then I went down to the trouble section and you can see that

They have the cichlids there and you can see that it has parrot cichlids and the particulates are about three part 95 which I actually found very very generous because I went through my other local pet shop and they had these

Parrots eclipse at 15 pounds each which was absolutely crazy I tried to negotiate with them sorta to get some they declared my negotiation about you know this person's up to be amazing you know you can see even see

The setup of the pet shop is amazing okay so yeah so you can see some other sick Nets you can see some angelfish and as you know I purchase a jewel fish before from pets at home which was extremely unhealthy probably there are

Many levels were you know very high at the no water but these angelfish look very active very healthy that's kind of the achieve my perception maybe on the digital fish and I might get some angelfish in the future

You never know guys yeah so you can see some more goldfish and I couldn't resist but to go back to the ball fish section because I went to the pet shop for the purpose to actually get goldfish you know we don't make any sense if I went

To the tropical section you know the green section but I wanted to like focus down with two fish that I wanted to get which was the calico the pearl scale and but then I went down to the marine section analyst also finding Dory's some

Dory and I actually found Dory and you can see the blue tangs are amazing you could also see lemurs the clownfish varieties are really amazing this actually cost only twenty five pounds actually no 1499 absolutely amazing

Indeed of course marine fish are could be a bit more expensive than your usual freshwater fishes but they are absolutely worth it let's take that marine fish absolutely awesome but they look the detail of maintaining and you

See some more Tori's actually have an interpret River reef blossom area which is 9:46 you so I might you know get some saltwater fish in live each other but again some mobile fish very cute two more around do I buy this time I think

I've made my decision of what go fish I am going to so you just have to wait and see guys so yeah my experience here has been absolutely amazing and I would definitely you know recommend this to any of you guys like if you guys live in

London and may not the Kingdom or even if you look outside London it's definitely worth those that you know get on the train and there's my fish I got some fish so I'm heading back home now ready to enjoy our fish and acclimatize

Them yeah so about 45 minutes later you'll see me the best pet shop and the fish price there is absolutely amazing like I think I feel like 595 for one of my fish and then for 95 for both of the other ones

So I'm gonna show you what fish I grow so this is the fish which I purchased which I am super happy about and as you can see they are still very active I had to travel about an hour an hour I'll say under an hour about 45 minutes to

Actually put you know get this fish to my house so they're extremely stressed out of a mess I don't want to get them more stressed so I'm gonna do I'm gonna put them in my time but we can see what I've got I've got one sort of calico

Fantail with the sort of thing on the back you see the door tear on the back I've got one Pascal which I've always always wanted because I found like a movement you know their movement is just so cute and cool so that's why I got

That and I've also got one Rancher as well so ranches I think as well having that shedding on their head you might be thinking to yourself this tank is over stocked and I get that it's over stocked and you know I probably see a fish that

I get which is true but again guys I will be upgrading this tank very very soon and I'll be upgrading it to a 300 meter tank which we'll be seeing very soon on this channel so I'm just gonna actually turn the light off because you

Always have to turn a light off the big fish as you imagine and putting them into a different environment and that's probably more stress I wanna do now is get these two pegs and open the back to let the oxygen come in and then let them

Think sort of a kind of ties in that condition so I'm going to put my bag in now I'm gonna basically let it acclimatize now some people leave it like that and you know layer climatized that way some people like to do the

Water method which is basically adding in water in the tank slowly slowly but I don't think that method is good and the method that I use is basically I'm going to show you now open the bag first thing in the bag so late oxygen in because

It's been you know it needs to get that oxygen so you get the bag put about on your tongue as I'm showing you now and you want peg down if you can see that a bit better a bit clearer actually now so you

Peg down oh you wanna peg down the back okay and you want to take down this pot here and what will happen now is the bag you know what sort of tilt by anything so you just leave it there for about 20 minutes and then come back to it in

After so you can see my right shoe so you two aren't you he's pretty cute my fantail calico fantail and my pal skill they're still very very small movement but trust me guys to get big very very quickly I like even without

Anything you don't even notice thing so you know that'll be pretty cool for me to see all my fish actually look very healthy as you can see none of them harvey actually any disease I've only had one of my black balls having Popeye

Disease which I have to return back to the pet shop so yeah that's pretty much it but part of that guy's oh my god fish as you can see a pretty healthy better know now and what you want to do is well just rinse it out as well just to make

Sure that you know all the dust and stuff has been removed and we want to do is basically once again apologize is the limit from here when you pull it into the net and you know what a pork cookie now what happen well I had my my other

Fish shortage was it my Guppies I you I pulled it so quickly over the bucket and what happened is I think one of my puppies were like missing somewhere I don't know where somewhere and I still haven't found it yet so I will send 15

Copies and when I planted it there were 15 but then there were something else so very very healthy so I'm gonna do my skill is your post go right there you go swimming up my first kill my calico

Fantail is probably at the back probably a bit stressed on the back of that critter thing there you go coming out the fantail and my ranch ooh is right there just by that ornament in between those two bodies very very

Cute guys so there you go this is my complete goldfish collection I think my goldfish collection is pretty much complete now so I have about 10 goldfish at the moment and 11 up some people tell me that I shouldn't really keep my ones

Official I told them but I have some 17 years it's probably that it's not advisable to get it with the goldfish I don't know right do you think I should remove it I haven't have a credible time with

Guppies and neon tetras if you think I should put in there instead if it would survive in there it's about 25 degrees 20 good sometimes just 28 degrees let me know the comments section below and I'll try and see if I can fish them out and

Put them in there if not they're asleep in there with the little fish because I'm gonna get it friendly at time I'm also gonna remove all the ornaments when I told you like 20 times in this video just you know I just think I listed this

There they're cute more videos on corphish like if you want me to get more goldfish or anything I should because I think that's pretty much the most I can have got I think I have to remove two in there right maximum to has to be removed

In that time I think 10 goldfish in 300 Liat tank it's too little but again guys that is not gonna be a permanent thing I'm probably upgrade probably later on probably in the next year or two I probably upgrade to like a 500 liter

Tank maybe I'm not promising anything but I might do that like you've have enough space like about if I change you know if I get bigger rooms like it if I change my house I probably would get a 500 meter time probably even though go

Back 2,000 years but yeah that's pretty much it guys in the video don't forget subscribe to my books and fun for more videos like this and I'll catch you guys later

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