Buying ALL the Xbox One Products on Wish!

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

Hey what's up guys welcome back to another episode of wish busters this one is well kind of like the last one this is xbox themed and i'm with the man with the plan the guy with two m's and how do you feel you ready to go into xbox very excited i love xbox not only is it the pride of the pacific northwest of these united states of america but i'm just a big fan of it no so if you guys are new to wishbusters don't know what you're doing get subscribed by now

Make sure you check out the massive playlist up in the i-card or links to the previous seasons in the description tom growing up i know that was something you did yeah i did it too were you an xbox or a playstation guy i i played hard to get with ps2 ps3 ps4 and xbox uh but now i i really i'm an xbox guy we're all together that's right so we're gonna go in for xboxes on everything that wish has to offer you guys know how this works so tom i'm gonna kick it off by searching

For just xbox i'm gonna be more specific i like looking for controllers i'm a control freak starting off on mine with corded xbox 360 but they also work with windows and any pc you can hit by i like this this is uh for xbox one this is a controlling charger fast dual charging station 19 bucks 201 near five star reviews uh it looks cool it's a dock that's basically it's controller dock yes and we're buying it okay okay well i'm gonna one-up yeah i'm going for it we need

Obviously to have an xbox so i found a microsoft xbox one x one terabyte that's that's it it's refurbished now here's the question do you think we can find a cheaper xbox one x no i don't okay i really don't six reviews chad says very quick delivery and works as it should just got it two hours ago wait chad dude chad wrote this a day ago i think this is legit so it's fresh we could find do it pull trigger got in the cart all right i'm diving now into xbox 360

Territory okay but it's wish so i'm gonna search xbox 306 just see if there's a typo see if there's anything we can find all right so this has the most reviews of just about anything i've seen on xbox ones this is a controller these are thumb grips you know and you're sweating now i'm doing 300 we're losing numbers as we search it's just like we already got a dock we can dock the box we need a dock for our dock i'm looking for a headset did you get

Out today yet nope all right i'm gonna find a xbox headset in one games we've got lots of options we've got lego ninjago we got fifa we got fallout is it just a straight-up airsoft gun it's a water gun dude this is this is the most intimidating water gun i have ever seen how is it 50 cents water gun drum magazine water but how is it 50 cents what's a water bomb when it looks like that is it just this is not what we should be on time to

Get moving i found the headset dream gear xbox warner it's got good colors man i think you just get it i mean four reviews four and a half stars i'm so that's a nice cooler phantom magenta special edition sweet three reviews really cool how the top part is kind of see-through pretty color as well more io wrote that i mean okay let's see if nothing else we have six things in the cart and i feel like this is the weakest

No but they're all good things weakest in terms of quantity quality the best ones yeah we don't spend just to spend on this show where you okay how do you feel about this xbox one qwerty keyboard get it that's right how many reviews five six six reviews four stars 12 bucks easy pairing let's do it i'm running out of search queries here i got six things in the cart and that's it so i got an xbox one x vertical stand with a cooling fan

It also holds your xbox i mean it's a stand holder it's you know what it can do but what it does have that your xbox doesn't have three additional usb 3 ports nice usb ports what are our color options black looks great does a good job keeping it cool walter item works as described thank you wish these are all vintage reviews from over a year ago so let's hope let's hope you know they stored them they inventoried them and we're getting the same one

Did we we never got a game we looked at games we never got a game get a game get a game gotta get a game triple g gotta get out get a game it's a portable monitor and there's speakers on the back so if this works out we should be able to game on a 13-inch portable monitor for 113 bucks 15 reviews do we like do we like the price can we live with 113 dollars we don't have a choice we get to live or we get to die our last game and let's check out would we find on the game side should we get madden what do we say do

We do we support we don't support av's behavior but do we support this madden so yeah we import it yup we got 11 in the cart i'm gonna review it this time tom we've got a display we got a game we got a wireless keyboard for the wired controller xbox 360 pc edition not really just usb edition we have an xbox one wireless keyboard a magenta special edition xbox one controller a headset portfolio is diverse at 768 bucks it came out diverse but it

Was not the way i thought it would turn out it wasn't easy this one no no not at all you're doing it i missed that was the one job i had all right we're back and for this episode there actually was a few things that didn't show up but we'll cover that throughout the rest of the unboxing portion tom i think i'm really excited about this but compared to the playstation one i think we'll have to wait and choose at the end i don't know you ready all right

Never get used to it we only had one fall off so on everything that showed up the only thing that i could tell off the bat is we didn't get that pink magenta controller oh the special edition yeah it came out of the box like that really popped out yeah wow cable plugged in and all all right so we're gonna check them out one by one and give them a dab or a d double d so first we're gonna be checking out the maybe headliner on this episode we got the xbox

One x one terabyte for klc it's an xbox one x and i'm pumped to see the new xbox the xbox 2x this is refurbished which means it's our like new lovingly adopted shelter video game console you know it's always good to get refurbished it's like toy story you can't just you think we're gonna find a single scratch on this thing i don't know i've always wanted uh our shelter console device that was just this is this is a good start looks green i mean i think that's that's what makes

It refurbished then it's okay by me it's difficult to see it's yeah it's it's a single red on the front it's not deep or anything but on the top it's not my sweaty hands making prints i think that was just definitely a happy meal unboxing and we went right into our wish busters xbox that was brand new at the time this is perfectly wrapped in coils ended up on wish this is hilariously not which is okay it looks like an xbox it smells like an xbox it comes with a controller which is super generous

See if there any scratches on this no just some like little under fingerprints which will help us solve a murder other than that it looks pretty clean based on what you see and you see the scratch on the front i mean they might not be able to conditionally as long as it works which we're gonna we're gonna plug in this is a five and we're we're giving an xbox a second life i'm also gonna give it a five tom sorry to cut you off there i got excited product number two

This was our monitor that came in let's see how this one is okay usbc cables power brick wait wait you know this is like my this is like my asmr fascination connect to your laptop connect to a desktop dude this is really nice look at this look at the texture for those looking above us what do you make of this at first blush i am stoked to play pretty impressed right the xbox one x has more power than this has ever seen and

Will ever see or we might have found the greatest product of season three right here this is look at the brushed aluminum on the back all right let's get your i o let's get this tape off see if this is clean it's got like a not a screen protector but uh tape with a film oh almost had it perfectly usb-c usb-c mini hdmi now i have a face shield too which is very helpful these days and then 3.5 millimeter headphone jack so if you

Want a game at night i like the stand i like the headphone jack you're seeing some things you don't see but you're also seeing some tech in the future with usbc there's nothing really else to talk about this you can plug it in when it's time to set everything up i think i forgot how to stand it what is your rating do you think it's a wish a dish can you stand it i can't stand it what is uh what do you say you say uh i think i'm gonna guess you're gonna say four

Am i correct i'm gonna need to ask it how to dock it properly but right now it's a four huzzah four what are you giving four it's a wish for sure i'm ready we have a headset this is a gerks 340. this is deeply french this is so funny okay let's see if we can oh yeah it's a good start cool oh it already feels nice and soft it has the famous xbox like puke green coloring that has our soft fly would you

Not describe this as puke green i would describe that as like a a lime green um the lime's a little darker than me xbox has always had the weirdest green hue i'll give you that it's like uh xbox always had like this weird microsoft puke green that's an emerald green or a shamrock green dude i've seen the wizard of oz this is not the emerald city this is like puke mountain let us know in the comments what kind of green you describe this as if you work at a paint store or if

You're an artist this is the emoji like i'm going to throw up green okay all right i'll hear you at that point this green oh this this oh this green is darker this is this is emerald this is definitely emerald this is like pukey this is soft and nice this is you can't see the wizard not now not ever would you like a chalupa extend these cups and that's a feature on here i actually really like the headphones despite me you know completely joking on this

This feels without even testing it better than the playstation yeah and i think there's no way she just put this right you thought that would be a comparison put it right in your pocket just watch it just walk around yeah in this day and age all right i'm giving this ready ready a four because it doesn't smell like fish well fish it's a wish um i will get it i'm gonna give it a five for now because i'm feeling generous and it was very

Soft to the touch and i'm a sucker for for soft headphones and i like we've had headphones on this season that rattle when you put them on and these don't rattle these are almost like noise canceling too we've got our headphone we've got our monitor we got our game we need controllers even though there was one in that refurbished box all the way from china i like this controller it's buttons on the inner parts of the grip it's i don't want to say it's like a

Scuff definitely nowhere near as good of a spell with your undocking controller would be out of the box but this it's interesting i mean you throw your fingers around each grip and you're not expecting a button to be there but it's not as good as the xbox well pro elite controller you know the super expensive one got a nice weight to it as well yeah i always really like these buttons on the inner grips you always want an advantage you always

Want enhancement you always are googling i get that are they programmable check them out advanced gaming buttons competitive edge built-in and they are remappable tom give it this is a three because it's useful but kind of boring we're gonna kind of put the package i'm giving this a five this is awesome i have you ever seen the landscape of these bad boys it is more of a portrait mode guy but yeah two wireless keyboard well same tree different branches

It's a what wipeless keyboard this oh this says this actually okay so this is one that'll get it it says do not hit keyboard seriously sorry light yeah laugh every time you do that this is so janky really well built tom this is so janky i don't want to see it this is something i want to see every day look at this is yours like this too check out the flaps no mine's not like that at all yours is there's only so many ways oh i see what you're saying i see what you're

Saying yeah yeah yeah um mine's it won't work with the enhanced wired controllers so this is a wireless only thing just by looking at the i o all right what are you gonna get um i'm gonna give this a feel free to change your ratings once we test everything out exactly if you really feel compelled i'm gonna i haven't given a lot of decimals this system so i'm gonna give some love to my buddy dewey and i'll say three and a half three and a half it's a wish

Okay three and a half wish cause it's useful sounded like he hesitated i'm also gonna give it a three i'm gonna give it a wish i think it's well built as long as the keys function and well i don't have to sit there going we got a cooling dock okay now we have this all right let's put this away what's going on unfortunately this one is right here for the xbox one x that we ordered and well not slim let's see what this goes let's see it looks good looks clean looks really

Clean and you have now four usb ports it's nice you don't have to monkey around with anything usb adapter hanging out the front of your xbox that's just that's not good and then you don't even get to see this i'm giving it a five what are you giving it a five absolutely i'm i'm shocked we need our charging dock we want it to come in as you know in this season we want it to be white it appears our friends at wish have given us the xbox one s slash x wireless

Controller dual charging dock in black which is fine it's our whole setup is gonna be nice the packaging is good this oh you know how i love doing this this is clean this is new yay wish good job wish so these are the battery inlets dongles yes let's go with what would you call it tom let's combine them dinlets and i got the next product here we're getting a twofer perfect timing and we're getting a three-four in here we got the grip for one of the wireless

Controllers cool throw the inlets in well i'm impressed there's this is very nice as i like to say it's very grippy wow those caps just fit on well it's because the xbox one thumbsticks always had more grip it's just the difference but do you like playing with the grippies i got a better question what do you like better in terms of controller the current dualshock 4 the playstation or the xbox one and it's glory i think originally i was a big ps

Um well i actually started first playing placement ps2 um so i always liked playstation controllers just because they were but as my hands got bigger i'm serious i've grown to like the xbox more just because it just feels more substantial the concavity on the thumbsticks has always been something i've liked group with an xbox so i came from the other side of the spectrum yeah but i really like the thumb caps because they fit on and that's not something we could say for the playstation episode we're just throwing

So much shade what do you think good this so what is what is your wisher dish on the grippy someone with sweaty hands this is a five all day i would pick this up i picked virtually everything up in this episode and yeah when you dock it in it gives you a little bit of issues because there is a right hand on here but i think i want to go out on a limb and say it'll charge i'll give the grip a four i'll give the dock a five and what else were we looking at this oh

The controller itself is a five just because it's it's income didn't come with a package though just just for the record that's true and there you have it everything has been plugged in set up installed and i gotta be honest i'm i'm blown away it's not the best resolution but it's tolerable you could play a game i don't know if frames are gonna drop too much where what do you think tom i feel like i'm framed right now and my frame is dropping it's still smells like fish i'll take

This off if you if i'm talking loudly it's because i'm wearing these headphones that make me hear everything very clearly uh just in the few you know things the monitor is deeply grainy but that's okay i like carbs um the keyboard is fantastic i was keyboard works great to my ea account and it worked i will say is i wish the shift button was on the was on the side where the z is and sure

Just move that around it's a little bit more intuitive and i know you're typically a grippy controller guy but i've been playing with it and i enjoy it quite it's it's very um compared to the non-grip is it something you would maybe see absolutely it and also someone who like when i play i sort of nervously like pull and tug on things it gives me something to do like just going through it here the menus i'm not seeing any noticeable lag it looks good for being a 13-inch monitor and our cooling fan is

Working usbs i will say these don't deliver anything more than just power so tom with all that yes two games what do we got yes we have madden which is um a classic oldie but goodie always loved man this is madden 19 with our friend antonio brown on the cover he's so excited he's screaming about this episode and then of course we got infinite warfare the frail seals yeah we're gonna leave it still sealed throw madden in want to try this out see

If it loads but the xbox one x is working perfectly oh ding on it but that's okay was the disc like that yeah there's a ding on it man oh man so games off wish i feel like just just chewing it yeah just hoping to see what we got and the dock is nice i mean it shows which controller is charging right on the front and well our left one is a little low so it turns red really cool really cool there's no there's no major like there's no major

Ding on this yeah there's no major thing the game wasn't refurbished i think it was 60 maybe yeah 50. i think i put the distance oh okay we can fix that so no joke it just just lets you oh how about that still needs the disc to be inserted to complete installation what but it's already in so mad 19 came with a little poke in it but it is slowly but surely installing i love that game it makes me so sad we're gonna take wish's word for it we're gonna say madden will install if

It doesn't we'll obviously update another clip in this video but tom my favorite product was the wireless keyboard that also works as a straight up wireless keyboard because it has a bluetooth connection well my madden awareness level is currently zero but my favorite despite the puke packaging is this wonderful emerald city drive through headphones it does not work as a regular wireless keyboard you do need a power source

Good to know so this is this is my wish of the episode i would encourage you all if you're wondering what soft headphones to get for your xbox and you like the branding of our friends at microsoft i would go with this um i broke it i take back everything i said about this being my favorite product breaking hearts breaking parts we're gonna go with the grip there's nothing else that i could say no way i could break it what happened was i i bet you could break it me too

The the thing right here i'm gonna try to get it a little bit more how would you describe that tom um ow sharp very sharp but lined it up didn't plug it in right missed and starting to fray still installing though i'm confident antonio brown is gonna give us a positive so we are the 33 percent all right guys that's gonna do it for the xbox wishbusters episode it's kind of slim pickings but all in all have to

Be made you know all right that's gonna do it for this one if you guys are new make sure you can subscribe so you don't miss the next episode and let us know in the comments future wishbusters ideas that you want us to check out on wish let me know your favorite vowel in the comment section and i will i will like whichever vowel you guys like most

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