Buying ALL the PS4 Items on Wish!!

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

Hey what's up guys welcome back to wishbusters for another episode in this one it's ps4 themed episode three i'm with the guy that has two m's in his name tom that's right tom with two m's here with tech smart with three t's we're gonna make it happen so if you guys are new to wishbusters make sure you get subscribed check the link down in the description for previous seasons two and one or up in the i card for the big daddy playlist we're going for everything that is ps4 related i'm gonna type in ps4 what are you going with

I'll type in playstation for controllers because i'm already out of control so i type in ps4 and like you would expect in the 2020 day age of advertising i'm getting a lot of xbox accessories well i'm not going to surprise you but i will dual shock you to know that i have 20 20 latest wireless wired vibe controllers i'm gonna one-up you i found a ps4 pro oh heavens with one terabyte of storage and i think it comes with a controller do you want to make a bet that it does

Or does not come with the controller sure what are we betting i bet you a slap to the base done i expect two controllers actually you should change it up get a different color just so we really know oh camouflage and green just like your shirts in the cart let's do it no it's so i'm going with a ps4 what do you say that's a really boss looking headset and it's only boss because chris said they came fast at work about 11 days ago 166 bucks i

Really now can you explain to me and the viewers what instant offer means on wish and how that impacts our buying so with instant offer the price you see is the price you pay oh that's that's that's it well i instantly feel stupid i really like this controller let me tell you why i like this controller not only is it new but it has four and a half star reviews of the 19 people willing to review it this person says that world's really good this person says awesome condition and

Early fist emoji all right it's a lot of the same dual shock ps4 and get the same platinum headset let's get some energy go in here okay what do you um i want i'm asking for the energy but the energy's not coming back and asking for me ooh i'm gonna get a fan eight bucks ps4 fan long life reduced noise that panda looks happy efficient cooling and easy installation done this is an led dual usb

Charging charger dock stand this is the cradle to the grave we have this right here it's eight dollars marked down from 72 1397 reviews man 13.97 that was a year let me tell you i'm just thinking do we call this ps4 themed or do we call this playstation theme because we're putting ourselves in a corner no this is a ps4 gaming console oh i'm not worried about you i'm worried about me tom i'm not able to contribute the same way you're contributing we added that

Okay we're getting a little better who wish gods they've answered the prayer grand theft auto 5 for playstation 4 randall came fast so far appears premium shape okay i feel like a game is binary it's either working or it's not working um it's not saying that it's used or refurbished so i don't need to read anymore jessica got here pretty fast and it works really good 20 days ago i see your um gta 5 and i raise you call of duty infinite warfare 18 it's a classic game

Okay got some free keycaps so yeah they're i like the colors i mean they do match the square triangle circle and x buttons and they're free the helping with specific games are amazing says helix dylan peter great quality and it got here early and ricardo perfect size for my controller the shipping was 3.80 on a free product so okay i like this ps4 ps move i was just finding that okay so it's the joystick controller quick charge stand dock for playstation 4

It's the motion the motion cap you know it's it's ps move it's the wii equivalent but for playstation and i think for 13 dollars it is worth the buy all right so this is 167. these are triggers green so just stick with that think about the color scheme we're going to get one pair one pair because we're just testing them 167 the triggers extender this is the hardest wish busters yet i'm not finding a lot that i'm happy with i got to find a psp or a ps vita because

They were popping up previously now i can't even find them and i don't want the knockoff eight dollar one either it'll be one review on a psp game console and of course you can't find the review so we'll help bye we were convinced is it okay yeah it's an actual psp i mean for 239 bucks 234 i can trust it yeah tom all right what else we get anything dude our car is pretty full our supers market sweep i got a night light and i think this will add a nice little accoutrement that's great

Yeah our our cart that's one left yes with one left we're clearing them out we're making it sold out it always irritates me when the shipping is nearly half the cost but do you think it'll light up when it gets here slap that another one done that's two you be the judge we got 12 in the cart tom yeah let's review it one more time okay twelve hundred and twelve dollars and 52 cents you know what time it is tom place the

Order i'm excited let us know if cereal is a soup in the comments section if you think it's a soup or if you think it's a cereal you better let us know up in the icard you don't even need to comment alright guys so it's been a few months and well what looks like it didn't show up because well we need the ps4 bring that we got this guy came in the mail let's we've handled the shipping check him out that didn't work out

Nearly as well as i thought it would gta spider-man and cod infinite warfare all the discs look good do we what are your favorite ones we rated a wish or a district we got to play it i'm holding off i can hold off until it's fired up in the ps4 now for one of the big things in this video the console we got i always sit all right how did i just say console the console we got our ps4 is it a pro ps4 pro no just a regular ps4 one terabyte little slim

It's kind of cool i like that what a reveal we have a controller this is good we got our hdmi cord we got our little buggy all right here we go so did i win the bet there just one controller i think that we don't really know it's hard to say so yes i guess like i could should be slapped there was a conversation about two controllers but who knows this looks like it was pre-owned or put back but hey here it is my necklace let's get the

Controller out stand your dualshock 4 controller all right so while our ps4 is warming up let's go through some of our other jams that have come in what do we have here we have one of two different types of dual shock controller chargers both can see the micro usb ports on them and then it just charges yes via micro usb now let's document cinderella moment four went the other one excuse me we wanted to make sure the visual was right but i made a grave error you could plug this into the very

Ps4 we have right here or another power source however you have your media and gaming kind of cabinet all configured this again again so two of these showed up oh we didn't play with this before now i gotta go check the boxes to see if we got this we're good store and charge your controller and this is for look closely p4 wireless controller there's only so many ways you can charge two controllers that are stacked on top

Of one another yeah the other and that is how it's done i like the other like immediately i like the other now now i'm hooked how hard is it to do yeah i uh we say it's for the p4 tom yeah it might be for the p4 these are you know you you give it a try no we are we see this no this isn't going to work at all because look it has this little yeah she just doesn't get any oh we're such idiots we really knew what we were talking

About for a second i don't think we're qualified no about this next up we're gonna try our p4 v4 just can't write ps4 but you can't write ps4 if it's a line breakdown this is a cooling fan i think because we have a very specific product it's not gonna fit like i said i i was not familiar with this shaped ps4 yeah p4 but i got a slim jim i think that but i'll get i have the right piece for it's at home we'll try it out later uh

We have this psp and it it's glorious to see psp's back in action and i'm thrilled they're on our desk today hey it works it works from the web i'm just diving in i want to see what software this thing's on i want to see if there's a software update i gotta connect it via the internet they're not supporting not a single one of those is our network why is the stream so weak honestly i've never tried a psp in my life without an internet connection this sucks

So we gotta either get it connected to the internet or we're just checking out the home it's a good drink coaster if anything there are no games that we bought for this psp i'm gonna i'm gonna get the internet to work on here and okay then we're gonna give it a w d game on so the psp it is now time to tell you what's going on with it it's a great psp it's a miraculous psp it just only supports wpa internet connections so tom

Wisconsin psychiatric association wpa it's taken a beating over its lifetime but it's not bad so i'm giving it a four it's a total wish it just does not connect to the internet or at least let me correct the internet here i will give it a three but a wish so this we're very excited about the uh playstation controller light we don't exactly remember what the bet was but we remember saying if this lights up someone would be slapped we don't know who is going to be slapped so maybe we will just we didn't pick a

Side it looks like a board it's actually really cool i think it's like a night light dude what's so funny about this is it says number number zero zero one the first and in the series yeah and it says collect them all what are the other night lights that we can collect we didn't see any other things right oh oh oh oh oh oh it's like two triple a well keaton you tried you put in all the time and all the batteries and yet this is still not light up it's an automatic dish which is depressing because

I uh i wanted to be a good generous grader yeah there's zero out of five w's you seem so forlorn because i took time tom i yeah just once again do you want to let let the product know how you feel about it ladies and gentlemen i believe the time has come for us to fulfill the promise that you all really were hoping for in the beginning of this portion it's time to get slapped her in the bet that we don't really know which side no no neither of us were on

We made a bet without determining an opinion which is very smart and you know what happens when you make a bet without your determining opinion right you lose you both lose you both lose all right ready so here we go team two one oh i backed away so tom hit me with your best shot two one perfect that one down rung the ear a bit let's cool this down a little bit we have a playstation 4. wow and it's got the ultimate fan on the back there's an h and an

L high and low of course on off and an auto so if you have the cable that powers it plugged into the very ps4 pro itself yeah we got a big board it should auto cool itself this one is the far side is i hear something you can feel it on this side and the playstation is not actually plugged in so the only thing we're here in this would be the fan tom is this playstation 4 pro fan a wish or a dish it's a wish

It's a wish for me too how many w's three i would give it a four all right we have our platinum wireless headset here and i'm gonna go full you're gonna open this in the most aggressive stupid way it's made by sony good day sir this is a really incredible look at this alien head in here i love that season of star trek where they all look like this cool i'm really excited to check these out where's the mic where's that mic is there a mic on here no maybe a mic no mic the mic is built near the ear cup

But i don't know i'm used to more of the traditional headsets like this feels great it looks good this feels like headphones yeah so you don't want to judge them too quick no i i don't know what i like at this point but they can't hear me on on live i mean online i'm live on mine throw them on your head am i doing this right i think it's actually very comfortable how do they feel on the head they hit me light it's early to tell but so far so good

I feel like i'm yelling am i yelling did i feel sturdy yes i like these i like this a lot let's just save it we're saving it we're saving it ready for our last product sure this is a quad charging dock so the only real difference between the other charging cradles and this one is this has two holes or cutouts for the playstation move yeah controllers we don't have any ps move controllers no they can hold ping pong balls in this or so what we do have

Is the space for up to six controllers now we are only eight controllers short of all of the docks and chargers we have so with these little inlays you take them and press them up against the back tom this is what's cool about the other ones peep this yeah that's awesome it's a drop and dock this is by far the best charging favorite one are you ready to try everything yes of course do it we have two crucial accessories and products

That we almost forgot about the ps4 flaps the trigger flaps yeesh what do you got i got these button caps do you have a preferred color for your thumbtack i'm gonna do blue blues use blue on mine okay thank you and then to install these oh green do they just slide on paris accords green no maybe no but there's got to be more is it not work i feel like there's just more to this these trigger flaps have kind of this concavity at the

Bottom so if you line it up instead of john mayer song it should it should catch i'm gonna be reading the invisible instructions that did not come with this that's the picture we have we're going off that photo dare i try to do this myself sure oh god sure be my guest oh god all right i got onesie is it how dare you how dare you that was much more firm than i was expecting so

You're just you're just shoving it on there next you feel firm feel yeah so you're just jamming it on there how did you fall off it's like the slightest the slightest knock on either side will take the trigger flap off this one's not these are trash actually these don't fit that well either i know some of this might be user error but these are better served as contact lenses

Ah than anything else are we still gonna no we can't and we can't i'm just just seeing if it was you can't these these these are trash flaps and the caps tom what are you rating both of these flaps and caps uh it's a one i can say on the caps and the flaps they're not even getting a one from me they're just getting zero zero w's so automatic dish graphics look pretty good it's super clean this is not the best monitor by the way but the ps4 slim's hanging in there like

A champ how did the headphones sound clean you can hear me running you can hear peter parker panting peter parker pants on a pitiful purposeful day typically when i play games i don't wear headphones i don't i'm just playing by my lonesome so wish your dish on spider-man um i think it's a marvel i'd say it's four four it's a wish i haven't played it yet graphics look good every review i've read about this game this is

Not a new one it's well on wish yeah yeah it looks good i'm gonna give it a three and a half i can't get before because i've played it playstation platinum headphones wisher dish wish for i you gotta steal them from me real quick sorry tom i want to hear how these bad boys are i hear nothing like did it just turn off did it really hear nothing no it's still connected i uh i think it might just be my luck no i wow look at this view i'd love to get an apartment someday

Headset disconnected now i'm reconnecting it okay excuse me can i have your car oh i just broke your car i'm sorry no nothing i so you're gonna you're gonna give it a dish i don't want to i want to just put it back in the magic head now i hear nothing now okay i'm gonna i'm gonna play yeah play see if you get the headphones working they don't work but the light is on so it's user error so i'm going off tom's rating here you've

Got these a four four w's i did until now i mean i started with a four i'm gonna hold you at that review we have something that you might just pass up on wish but if you do have a ps move controller and you do have some dual shocks too you want to charge them at the same time this this one lights up correlating to this one to see how juice this is this lights up according to this one see once that's in both shows we're dead plus they're red so we need a charge they need some juice

I like because you have like this little template here yeah plug inlet it's pretty good so this one's all juiced now one the we're gonna call this the ultimate wireless charging dual shock dock okay wish your dish oh this is a wish this is a wish this is a at least a four this is a 5w for me so here we are in san andreas i'm just walking around uh you know a little bank here um i'm excited for gta 6. this game is old bring it out bring it out so this is my computer over here i don't

Know if you noticed this is where i watch tv and so i gave gta 5 a 5. i do but what do you think of this doc what's up you got a bunch of money on the screen i like the dock comparatively to the other one there's no wireless drop down kind of functionality i'd personally go with the other one so out of five wish your dish uh threesies i'd go with a three two and i'm gonna say it's a dish only because there is a better option

For the last two products well one's a game one's an actual product we have the playstation 4 slim and infinite warfare of the campaign just started off we were on the first mission what do you think of it just at first blush i'm seriously surprised by the playstation 4 slim please i think the ps4 i know the size i know this is not new i know they've made a ps3 slim ps2 slim but i'm i'm kind of just shocked they didn't mention the wish listing at all

And no not the hard way now tom what do you think on on the captain influences warfare dude it's clean it's wonderful i mean there's a reason it's like the best selling franchise ever on the playstation 4 slim although not a pro yes wish or a dish it is a wish for me and i would say as high as a four i mean it's been very good and generous to us despite you know catfishing us and saying it was a pro i would also

Give it a four what's your rating on this tom have you played this game before yeah four z's four z's and that rating is m for mature i'm gonna give it a four which is a wish and there you have it guys wishbusters playstation episode is all complete out of all these products tom what was your favorite product what called me to my duty would probably be this headphone because it confounded and also made us uh intrigued and it looks cool and sounded good looks cool on other people

But me but yeah i like this one in this episode my favorite product had to be the third time we purchased a wireless charging dock it's dual shock control it's just docks on top it's docks on docks but we finally got one we like so that's gonna do it for this episode if you guys liked it make sure you guys drop a like comment down below what your favorite product was and if you're new hit subscribe so you don't miss the next episode of wishbusters and we'll catch you guys

Next time cereal is not a soup there's a milky chance

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