Buying ALL the Nintendo Switch Accessories on Wish

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

Hey what's up guys welcome back to wishbusters for a brand new season this season is our best and most different yet because unlike the past two seasons where it's just been with me this season we are joined by my friend tom now why this season is exciting and this was tom's idea is we're gonna be checking out everything in gaming that's on the wall all the way down the hall get excited because this one got some surprises now welcome to season three of wish busters this has been a

Long planned season because i've always wanted to check out gaming on wish there's so much you can check out but i've always needed someone that has kind of an authentic gaming background and someone that just knew more than i did so i brought my buddy in tom he's from the tennis club and well if you want to talk more about yourself absolutely as you can tell i'm wearing my tennis whites we just came from the club we're very excited to be here i'm tom with 2ms hopefully you guys get to know me but more importantly we bond not just over

Tennis but especially over tech and i'm honored to be a small part of tech smart happy to be here happy to be on wishbusters with you guys uh scrolling and patrolling for the finest and fairest of all tech items so let's get gaming homie i know they're asking themselves right now was the second m added for this first opportunity or oh no that's my birth i've been at time with 2m since the fifth grade um we were asked to put our names at the front of our desks at school and i just added the extra m

And my friends kept it and my parents decided to keep me so the rest is history so how wishbusters works is we jump onto a website called wish you can check it out download the app you guys probably know how this goes if you guys missed the previous two seasons link down below or right up there in the i card how this goes down is we set a topic we set a theme per episode and now that it's not just me anymore tom and i are gonna go hunt wish down and cover it end to end

And just see what we can find on there this episode tom tell what we're going for season premiere is going to be featuring the nintendo switch we are going down the rabbit hole finding consoles if we can accessories if we can so if you guys are new to this show how this works is we scour wish we find what we can based around the theme of nintendo switch and once we order it we wait a few weeks especially now more than ever yes we're gonna be waiting a few months per chance maybe a few months maybe a

Few weeks we finally will see what shows up and then we review it we check it out dive in and tell you if it's wish or a dish we're going to jump on in tom you want us to start searching for nintendo switch i'm going to kick it off with nintendo this is seven dollars it's a nintendo switch this is more of a plastic case oh for the joy con yeah nice this has 701 ratings four stars natan said it's late but the product looks good and fits perfectly my nintendo switch

But i have it and it glass protector with the case can't fit the dock good old reliable nate enjoy cons fit perfectly too and not a single period or any punctuation so rochelle is to the point she just said good we're buying it uh so this is the nintendo switch joy con grip nine bucks 208 reviews 4.3 stars cherry just wrote it's for christmas so i hope they enjoy it um this one's in french do you know what it means it means the touch actually

They're non-functional touchies i think is what no function if you guys know french let us know in the comments tom look at those five reviews do you trust it now you newcomers around here gotta know one rule on the wish busters we're here to bust people and ads like this because there's sometimes the sellers get their family and friends around and they stack the deck against us you know french right just perfect merci which means

It's just perfect thank you yeah it sounds right but it also could be a juice parfait everyone has just stars for 17 it keeps everything organized that's one of the goals we're gonna need games and i don't think they sell legally sell games okay they don't legally sell games but i know they have games we can get what do they call this version of it uh nintendo switch mario and sonic at the olympic games honestly those the only olympics that'll happen this year

So i think we should buy it nintendo switch go play grip especially soon for big hands 1630 which was a joy-con charger kind of like a nice carousel but that's really cool actually tyler charge is great looks smaller than expected but works fine just pull the trigger on that one let's keep diving through i'm gonna switch up the search query did you mean to say that find a nintendo switch yes search query no switch up the search query confined a nintendo switch on wish tom

You're gonna win this video and i think they're gonna welcome you with open arms no people in the comment sections are always so nice they'll welcome you no matter what um i'm worried it's sold out it sold out it sold out it's sold out tom check this out so i know you picked up a controller that the joy-con fits in kind of more of the racing type games but this one connects to joycons together to make a controller you're not going to find a price cheaper than this good item quick delivery if i

Need to buy it again must come back timothy here we go okay if need to buy again so you're saying timothy didn't write that i'm worried so no one's bought this recently that's why we take the gamble on wish we have a lot of the same let's find some more okay all right no i'm not working out just no just looking at the steps i don't i hit the goal i hit the goal and that's it we don't do any more find some stuff tom okay i'm i'm showing you this right now

Okay this is a replacement switch shell is this going to be too much work for us to dress up our switch a switch that we don't have so am i getting this or no yes get it okay okay you sound convicted did you read the reviews i sound convicted i'm not even gambling i don't even have a review to go off of here but i have a carrying case looks like it'll get here this month it's kind of it's common upside yeah 47 bucks big win what do you think of this nintendo switch durable hard shell carrying case compatible with nintendo

Switch i hope so plus i'm buying it you can already tell 109 reviews i don't even need to read them let's do let's put it in the car dude we found our first game this is mario kart 8 okay deluxe so no reviews but you can buy it you have pokken tournament where you have mario odyssey we already have a mario game all right so you're you're leaning pokey so let's go poke wow check this out vr for the nintendo switch cool

You get a headset that's and the joy cons are obviously your remotes yeah yeah he loves it came early 15 bucks all right last item my first and last choice is what do you think of this my man it has it literally has rackets and it meets your basic needs what a profile yep let's do it did we buy everything i think tom we got basically as much as you could get for nintendo switch without encountering

Duplicates or getting lucky and buying a nintendo switch on the very website this show's about so with that in mind tom let's review the cart now revealing the card at 634 we just now need to find a nintendo switch now we wait truly an un certain amount of time for hopefully everything to show up and finally we are back this is episode one of wishbusters tom we did all the buying we did we waited a bit because of well you know what's happened and all the items finally did show up from

Wherever they came from are you ready let's do it i think she's not bad and as you guys know with wishbusters we're gonna give everything a wish or a dish we could rate it out of five w's we are going with our heavy duty sturdy the eye bowler oh i wonder what's in here shall we open it up we're gonna rip it in half yeah soups derbs as the derbs say will you do me a favor and we have a perfect holder for the switch

For everything nice this thing comes right off velcro just like my shoes that you can't see now i like this hard shell it's like getting to know you put the nintendo switch in where you want to put it right there nice and loving right there this is great this is durable this is strong this is soft this is a five for me a five test it maybe i'm an easy grader i think it's great how great do you think it is it's like a

Water bottle yeah and now if this nintendo switch doesn't turn on we we actually know the reason for it oh god let's hope not he's the last one to touch it so for the eyeballer case i'm gonna give it a four okay that's still a wish product two i've never been satisfied he's never been satisfied here we go to spell the company they were the hamilton of their time okay here we go and oh

That was fresh wow interesting way to hold your switch and what's cool about this is you got to test this you don't just have to hold it like this it actually tilts up like that honestly i'm surprised slider no need to remove any joy cons it's just your switch as it is it slides right down i actually really like this one for me this is a five totally cool look at that you weren't kidding yeah well you can access the stand on the back of it just perfectly connected oh how delicate oh my atlanta what is your greatest your

Rating sir after that last one there that we're yeah we're good i'm giving it a five because this this stand feature is a little bit more underrated than i orange you glad you listened to me oh mike huh product three teamwork makes the dream work upgraded large mirror which is great for a narcissist like me let's open this guy up take it out interesting material so this is like a sturdy phone

Your head here there's no place like foam i was i was confused where to put the head wait switch goes on the other side okay so let's switch vr yeah just to see if this works see it to believe it velcro it's a lot like google cardboard vr can you get your joycons joycon for your right hand yeah how does it look does it give that vr it looks better than i look right now um yeah i actually really like it because

It's um you know the world's been really hard these days so it's nice to be in the world of nintendo oh thank you for clicking things you know you're not nauseous in it which is i think the only win for vr because everyone's always just like throwing up when they're doing it does it feel high enough quality to play more than an hour on it no not consecutively whoa that's a deal breaker yeah i mean i would play but i don't do people do vr for more than an hour that sounds horrible some vr is pretty

Expensive yeah this is a wish vr for the switch vr all right so it's cooler than maybe it was just judging by your opinions of it what do you think oh no way for an hour like i mean you're your ophthalmologist it'd be more fun to be guessing the letters on a wall give it a rating three i'm giving it a two the charging grip for n switch oh look at this cool this is nice so there is a battery throw your joy cons on in listen this

It sounds pretty sturdy one thing i'm not a fan of just instantly is don't you forget no exactly don't forget 1800 mah what do you think about this it takes usbc to recharge it at the top but also give you more battery i don't know i get i think it's cool when you're switching it from handheld to console gaming i don't know how you say the word console but this just trying to set me up i like this actually a lot it's um you can see it when it's juicing has a little things here yeah you're gonna get it four giving it a four

I'm gonna give it do it save four again say it all right i'm giving it a four i know i copied you again next okay it's going so quick jesus take the wheel do you want red or blue would you call this red or i don't know the jack sparrow of cellophane or like a lunch lady good quality on all the joy-con controller but actually something you would want to play for more than one time all right it's time

To get fast and furious i'm here with dwayne johnson vin diesel we are about to determine whether or not these are good accessories for me these are utilitarian nothing to write home about but this is a solid four yes i'm gonna give it a four two all right wait a four two oh i was once told that mario was named after their lawyer at nintendo no their landlord kirby was named after their lawyer those are two very no different kirby was named after the

Lawyer i like the case do you like it more than the other case or where you need to wait a little hidden gem screen protector we have two cases to now choose from if i had to pick one i know it went daily and it's this one yeah it's awesome throw it in there oh yes it's very pretty games if you want to put a usb c cable ac brick might be pushing it if you get a thin one you could do it i'm gonna give it a five it does everything it's supposed to do surprising a little bit more room in

There than you would you would expect i mean a backup battery your usb c cable a few games so one thing i think is underrated about this while it doesn't necessarily have like a way to carry it outside of this you could actually theoretically put your belt loop through this and make this a fanny pack what's your rating tom five five it's so cool oh i like this already this is good ooh for the joy cones yeah charge them up we can get them all in there and it charges does it micro usb

It would have been cool if everything i'm assuming just lights up one chord because you know the nintendo switch takes usbc but not all of its accessories do so it says it's juicing toggles blue show this charging and then i saw it go to green so i think it goes to green when it's at 100 that is the joy con doc charger for you let it be said on wish that's the one you want i know it doesn't take usbc so give it a rating tom five i'm giving

It a four not even a half all right a four because it doesn't have usbc nothing's perfect on this website kind of looks like an elephant you know that's like a um oh i remember ordering this so it seems to be a common theme with your shells or products that just don't feel too confident about themselves you're also gonna get a border screen protector okay this is so cool this is like the vintage throwback

64 purple shell goodness that's great and you can customize what looks to be your shell honestly yeah i don't like multi-color nintendo buttons i don't like throwback i don't like assembling things that much but this looks pretty straightforward and i like that i'm definitely gonna lose all of these i just i was like we just heard something roll off the table now this unless it's a real cinderella thing where we cut off the heel or cut off the toe

Ain't gonna fit but i really do like the aesthetic so i'm willing to give it at least a three uh i'm gonna also give this a three now as a wish or a dish i'm gonna give it a dish because well we just don't have a switch light here and of course all the games are sealed they look as official as they can be maybe we are in for a surprise wish man wish mario kart deluxe eight pokken tournament dx and mario and sonic at the olympic games

All right let's open these bad boys up game one this seems so wasteful it always does all right take good care of these i shall okay we got a 17 a the 17 in one super kit cool designed for switch this watch oh this is great i got some joy-con would you believe me if i told you we got another glass screen the wonderful thing about triggers or triggers are wonderful things shout out to winnie the pooh nation a nice like hard soft shell yeah

Just oh oh that is that's very different than these silicone feel these these are like very rubbery i like it there you go yeah it's form-fitting it's form-fitting what do you think do you like it do you like the feel of it in the back it feels like the least sweat sweaty okay doesn't feel sweaty folks you're already here first but it feels a little bit more rough than slippery with the other kind of grips got a backup battery

Let's see tom any predictions yes i'm an optimist i believe it shall work this worked these little games fit in here so that's exciting all right let's get joycon one thank you there we are perfect now does it indicate that it's charging in any way shape or form well theoretically you'd hope this would light up one thing that kind of did let me down not too much is the charging dock you dressed him up so pretty though it it does look great i know it does does

Look great with accessory two and accessory three and accessories yeah but skins aside i wish there was some way i could know that my joycons were charging nice blue tower of power be cool so tom what are you gonna give it for a rating i like the uh overall gist of the 17 in one thing this is the you know the nintendo switch buffet if you buy this on wish you'll get all the goods um but i it doesn't inspire the charm and charisma that i'd hoped for so i give it

A four because it is useful but um it doesn't make me it doesn't make me i would also give it a four because it's like everything you'd want but not everything that's perfect so did we get of course we got another glass screen protector it's just underwhelming because you expect it thumb caps on thumb caps on thumb caps so more of a modular but just a super removable nintendo switch finally we snapped it on

We did tom give it a rating uh it's a blue shell it's gonna be a no for me dog we have sort of a uh a twozie situation here i'm giving it two because i i i tried two times to like it and i can't what do you like about it it's tight fit i think the snap-on case is more of a liability than the nintendo switch it's an automatic dish i'm giving it a one one z there goes the tight fit feels like the snap on case is more delicate than the actual switch here okay oh this is cool i remember when we

Bought this years ago and was excited although this is a tower and you know how i feel about assembly required not thrilled so this is going to be an auto dish no i'm kidding um getting started this has got to be the biggest thing that you're probably going to see but touch every now and then it's the nintendo switch game holder with a drawer whoa throw some stuff in there look at that i didn't even didn't even

Get them all right throw the drawer closed slide the games in it looks a lot better than it functions would you consider the assembly to have been easy pretty easy if you know how to read the instructions we don't so we had the hardest time ever and on the sides you can dock your controllers and some of the other products from this very wishbusters episode yeah we're mixing and matching rate it i'll let you go first

Oh thank you number so we're getting the same number i would give this a three and it wasn't the totally easiest setup but after reading the instructions i think it was for everyone named nom tom but three and i'd say it's on the wish i would say uh i'm being a generous grader today um i'm gonna give this a four because it holds so much once it's assembled it's it's pretty legit last but not least we have oh you put this one in your car so this

Particularly this unscrew it okay so this goes the back of your headrest and that guy pops on so the people behind you can play unless you like do this behind you nuts and bolts welcome to home improvement where we're very good at tighten it up that's how you do it for a headrest very nice make your car feel fancier i like that than it is i like it i know i often just sit in the back seat of my car i mean after think about for like uh

Taxis and ubers you'd be very cool you would have something to bring that would be five stars on uber or lyft if if you had that in the back five stars five w's one right here huh let's go test this one out it fits snug as a bug in a rug we've got oh my even this even this you know we've got some head banging going on by the driver here and uh for me it's quite perfect what do you think of it from what you can see uh i think it'd be on the floor by now but it

Gyrates it's strong taut if you brought this to every ride share that you ever had tom do you think this is something you put in your backpack and actually use more than absolutely i think the person who was driving would be a little concerned as i adjusted behind them but for me this is a wish this is a five this is great i can't feel what you're doing behind me also a five so tom yes that is the end of the first episode of wishbusters it flew by what a thrill nintendo switch edition so if there was

One product in here that you could take home which was your favorite practically speaking this satisfy you'll never be satisfied holder and stand was probably my favorite aesthetically of course this is my favorite that's two things i'm gonna give you one i like this charging dock it looks cooler they gave us a usbc option it would be a five all day but that was not something i was expecting i mean it's accessories i wish what else can you expect so that's gonna do it for this

One if you guys are new make sure you guys get subscribed drop a comment down below with future episode ideas what was your favorite i wanna know your favorite we just met am i asking too much we'll see you guys next time bye

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