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by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

What's up crypto gang welcome back to another episode if you guys are new here we do a giveaway at the beginning of every single episode and today's winner is blade Marga thanks so much for commenting on the previous video blade I just sent you some crypto on this

Episode I go over bit panda platform that allows you to invest in Bitcoin gold and over 20 assets from not only your mobile phone but your desktop as well it's going to bring mass adoption from gold investors into Bitcoin as a

Quick disclaimer this episode is sponsored by a big panda I reached out to them because I was interested in the fact that they have precious metals on the platform allowing people to move money from gold into Bitcoin but panda

Is going to allow that transition to happen not only because gold is a less effective money and store value but because bitcoin is the future and digital gold when we look at the market capitalization of gold that's over seven

And a half trillion dollars and we look at the market cap currently a Bitcoin that's about two hundred billion dollars there is a massive Delta between those two and the platforms like big panda that can come out and allow that wealth

From the seven point five trillion to trickle down into Bitcoin to reduce that gap between the two the better education is key for platforms like this so I was really excited to get in touch with the bit Panda team work directly with them

Dive into the dashboard and really showcase everything that it can do in addition to gold and a bunch of other assets they have things like a OS neo aetherium if your classic a lot of the basic ones that a lot of the commenters

Have been mentioning in previous episodes one of the biggest ones people been talking about is Cardno and things like – in the comments section after the masternode series but what I want to do on this episode is I want to go over

Their website and also show you guys the actual dashboard so you get a chance to see the 20 different assets that they have available and the most important part that I want to drive home from this is the fact once again

That they do allow trading gold and Bitcoin on the same platform I have not seen this done before so allowing a gold investors to move their wealth into Bitcoin is a mega mega big deal so without further ado let's dive into the

Overview of the bit panda platform alright as you can see right from the dashboard when you're signed in you have all the different currencies above you you have Bitcoin pan toast chain link cerium ripple all the big blue chip

Pretty much tokens at this point and we also have the best ieo so best is your bit panda wallet and this is basically their way of bringing more users into the platform and doing an IE o which if you seen on the channel is called the

Initial exchange offering phase 3 is beginning this week I believe it's beginning today as of filming this and it's gonna be going from 19 cents to 10 cents and then listed on the bit panda exchange the big panda exchange is going

To be going live on August 7th of 2019 it's important to note that very similar to Finance they raised I believe it was 20 million and big panda is already surpassed at 30 million once I click on wallets at the top you can see all of

The currencies euro US dollar Swiss franc British Pound I got my pan wall up my BTC wallet and you can see that they have all the different cryptocurrencies that you could ever be interested in having here all the blue chips you can

Add new wallets to it and the one that I really wanted to highlight is the metals category right here when we click on that you can see the gold and silver wallets in this was what I was mentioning before this is really

Exciting that they're doing this because this allows people to literally store their gold on this platform and move it between cryptocurrency just seeing Fiat crypto and metals all aligned like that is super bullish on this platform I love

The idea that you're gonna be able to toggle between these two moving wealth from gold and silver into let's say bitcoin and litecoin be the last one I wanted to cover here is of course Fiat you can't

Really skip that one if you're a wallet your US dollar wallet your Swiss franc and your British Pound so they're covering the basis of all of the kind of heavy-hitting currencies out there when people want to move their diversified

Portfolio they can go into their Euro they can move it into crypto and they can also move it into metals and vice versa they can put their metals in the Fiat metal into crypto and there's a lot of

Different combinations they can do there but very exciting that you're allowed to store all of these different currencies and stores of value on one platform to move in between the two in exchange between the two because they have a an

Actual exchange built in here the last tab at the top here is prices and this is very much like a coin market cap style but you can also see that we have gold at the top here and look at that market cap seven point seven

Trillion dollars and that graph is not looking anywhere near the Bitcoin crap so we have gold and silver I love the way that they've laid this out because not only is it a good comparison of the graphs between gold and silver to

Bitcoin and let's say if you're a man like coin it's just an impressive way of combining everyone's mindset around okay these are all stores of value and it's just such a unique perspective so let's go through the one year to see the

Comparison of the graphs and you can see gold is trending upward and then you can also see bitcoin is trending upwards silver seems to be little rocky right now there are some silver bears out there like tone bass that constantly

Talk about how silver is just not worth anything and everybody's gonna move from gold into Bitcoin and makes it psychologically easier when you're looking at them as stores of value and all equal and the market cap is nuts

Look at that gold market cap seven point seven trillion compared to looks like bitcoins now at 168 billion which is just a fraction of the size of this thing look at that so you can click on this and swap sell the

And send you can add a price alert which is super cool you can literally just swap this for Bitcoin right away if you wanted to or you can do you know I don't know why you would buy gold with Bitcoin but the last

Is the ability to deposit you can deposit fiat and assets they have all of them listed out including you know you're stable coins like eur/usd C and your USB tether bit panda is going to be rolling out an iOS app this year that

I'm super excited about because I am an Apple user I want to dive into their quick 2 minute overview of from some of the executives of what the token is going to be doing on the exchange itself best is pretty much the big bundle token

We have designed best in a way that you have different levels that means depending on how many best you have in your account at a certain point of time you will get access to even more benefits basically the token which is up

For sale for interested investors as well as people who love bit panda and want to participate in our ecosystem and also trust us and want to follow our vision with best you get benefits rewards all over the platform and

Especially you get reduced fees when you buy trade or sell our digitized assets you can invest with any kind of asset that is on bit panda so even with gold of course with a stable coin with Bitcoin in theory whatever you name it

With the exchange combined with best we are going global pip Condor coming from the heart of Europe from Vienna Austria has one big advantage bit Panda is a company seated in Vienna Austria this means that the

Legal framework of Austrian law applies to us this is one of the reasons why we are dead confident that we can say yes we are a role model in the whole industry and furthermore we are definitely a benchmark for other

Exchange platforms working at the Panda is really amazing you have so many people from different nationalities from different cultures with completely different mindsets and this creativity having in one place and

Bringing that all together people who are highly motivated to change the world of investments is a place where features and products can be built which really fit the needs of our customers and the view as a user directly on our platform

Best is actually the fuel of growing the bit panel ecosystem bit panda has a clear vision we want to change the investment rules and fit panda definitely is a driver in this game and in this revolution that is it for my

Overview bit panda I hope you guys enjoyed it I'm really excited about the fact that there is a platform allowing gold money to flow into Bitcoin as well as other precious metals allowing people to put that money into Bitcoin because

People are starting to realize that it is a significant and efficient way of storing value compared to the old school way of metals now I'm not saying that it's an either/or there's definitely room for both in this world and

Especially a lot of distributional investors that just primarily like metals I think that there's good diversification with them basically hedging against the future and the past I think it's a great thing for them to

Utilize on top of all of that having the mobile application in addition to desktop and 24/7 support is one of the key components to success in any industry right now majority of traffic coming to pretty much the majority of

Websites out there now is mobile even this video in this channel that you're watching now the majority is coming from mobile so I think that having the application first is a key component to success so when you bag all of these 20

Different assets all these metals into one you had stable coins in there you have a very robust exchange in the for people to fluidly move between all of these different assets providing them the diversification that they need in

The future and bringing their assets from their current holdings into that futuristic portfolio it's a really exciting project and I was glad that I could connect with the team and present it to you guys today that's it for this

Episode I hope you guys liked its laughs alike to support the channel it really does help with the algorithm and presenting this video to more people so if you like its level like if you've new here don't forget to subscribe and I

Will see you on the next episode of hacked crypto

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