Button vs Alonso: The rematch! Epic battle between F1 champions at Indy

published on July 2, 2020

let's go for the final race of the day

at Indianapolis round two of the Triple

Crown competition

Coronel hits the front papist secondly

up Seaford travis pastrana is up into

fourth position there's chaos going on

there as Alonzo gains alone a place as

he's suddenly up into ninth position and

also now going past button and up into

seventh spot what a charge this is from

from Fernando Alonso I've been to the

seventh position it's three for the lead

Pappas Cornell and Tonioli oxy but I

know Alonso and Jenson Button probably

the two to watch here fifth and six can

they come through and get in amongst

Coronel Lee it's Ian packet sewer right

now keeping things very clean out from

button and Plato are fighting over

fourth position that's the view of Plato

from buttons car Alonso is in that fight

as well just behind button hits fourth

place button getting up pretty high

there and losing a bit of momentum

there's Bowl that's Pastrana out of

shape big lose for Pastrana and he

wrecks coming through three along so now

right with button as those two now will

they work together because they work

together they can get up to the oxy

Coronel Pappas fairly straightforwardly

as Coronel goes back into the lead of

the race but they're going side by side

through three there so but defending at

the moment from Alonso here they come a

long time button of joint plato is there

or there abouts with them let's see back

now to the inside of Coronel

and there goes along so immediately on

the attack and up into third place a

little bit of a wheel bang with Pappas

that allows button through

Fernando Alonso and Andy Priaulx the

last two that could win the Triple Crown

and along so he's charging to the front

straightaway but he's got button coming

with him down the backstretch into three

Coronel covering the inside super close

now Jenson Button fourth place that's

the lead just there now they've both

Falls Pappas who's down in fifth and now

Alonso drafting outside of Litzy he's

gonna go inside a Coronel he is and

Jenson Button might come with him as

well will Hanzo to the front Dan Jenson

Button trying to go past the long so

will he go to the outside or will he

just sit in he just sits in behind

Alonso and gets up into second does he

Coronel is still gonna be there

somewhere but I think they've made the

break Coronel got out of shape and that

allows me you'll see up into third talk

to her gone look at that Alonso and

button now have gone from fourth of this

to breaking away at the front in a

matter of two laps

it's the runs of the line it's the final

lap that's where the race is decided now

they just need to not have contact with

each other and just keep pushing each

other along what what do they do now how

are these these two guys I know I said

all the legends are there to be

successful in motorsport you got to be

pretty smart and these two uh some of

the smartest button than Alonso but now

going through to the inside I think it's

a chess game now between the two of them

where do they want to position their car

when do they want to be ahead Alonso

they're not defending from button either

either he's not too fussed about the

lead right now and see he met Jen to be

inside but where did he go next and what

does Jenson do to to react across the

line comes button again to start lap 17

out of 21 still with a long so sitting

in behind five to go why I am

hypothesize the button wants to start

the last lap first and Alonso wants to

started second

really Fernando's not trying to pass

button now at all he's just sitting

there there's no attack just yet maybe

that will change right now he's brought

in the draw but he's just happy sitting

there in secondly there's no fight yeah

and button we know that he wants to be

in the lead and the last lap here we go

Alonso now now you've got to be trying

to push early let's look at the the

draft then behind Jenson Button it's not


they'll scratch it ahead for Fernando

very very chill here we go then you

might be right here you know through the

left-hander of four and onto the final

lap has button changed his that well

he's got what he wants last time he

wanted to be on the lead on the last lap

white flag is out Alonso has trailed

button for the whole race what is he

going to do onto the back straight

buttons surely covers the inside

straightaway and also in the draft this

time he doesn't ease off he goes to the

outside coming into three Solberg still

running in third position through three

and Alonso's got it crossed up and he's


Alonso spins Alonso throws away the

Triple Crown and Jenson Button out

across the line wins in Indianapolis a

great race and a delighted button

Solberg his second and Pappas is third

so along so finishes in fourth doesn't

even make the top three and Jenson

Button is the winner for

and oh we saw you following Jenson

following Jenson and then the last lap

was gonna be the move I guess what

happened yeah it was all planned for the

last lap I think the slipstreaming was

huge today so he had blondie from the

magistrate and if not on the on the line

after him for but yeah running very

close to the car was was quite difficult

at the end of the race so I tried to

lane always little bit of a space with

Jen's from the laps before that

obviously good points let's see how they

overall classification is after this one

Jenson congratulations on the win last

time at Indy you wanted to be ahead

going on to the last lap didn't quite

work out look like Fernando was happy to

be behind you today yeah awesome to get

away with these guys you know and

they're all so different the way that

they drive you know some some guys will

happily sit in and help you fight to the

front and fight with you and other guys

just it's just action action action but

it was it was really cold weather no we

didn't know when the last lap was until

it said last lap and we were on the last

lap so I wanted to be in front and and I

knew that if I blocked and very

difficult a get me down force as there

as you saw this thing wasn't me this

find out it was Fernando so a lot of fun

very happy


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