Buttercream Piping Cupcake Decorating Masterclass | Cupcake Jemma

published on July 20, 2020

welcome to crumpled Early's HQ may old stomping ground fire is here welcome back thank you and I'm here with my pal Sal not her real name no never call me Sal please anything but and well maybe faxing it so there's a good reason why

I'm here and that is because we have just launched a bunch of new stuff on the cupcake Jemma comm website you might have seen a few bits and pieces from some of the videos that Sally's been doing while I've been away and I thought

It'd be really cool to show you how to use one particular item and that is this piping nozzle set yeah this is awesome I've used it a few times in videos before but we're going to show you how to use all in others and get great

Decoration kind of skills so in this kit we've got the round nozzle a multi star nozzle a classic kind of star nut or a rose nozzle and a petal nozzle along with a lovely reusable piping bag so you can wash it use it again and a couple

Air which means you can really easily change from one nozzle to the next and you know there's so many piping roses out there you don't have these ones the techniques we're going to show you today you can use the different nozzles as

Well and so it's not all about these we just want to show you some cool tips really this will just get you started is there like five of the really sort of basic ones in like everyone should have in the cupboard or draw yeah totally so

We'll get started with the round nozzle because this is kind of like one of the essentials not only can you use this for cupcakes and cakes it's also great for like meringues that you knew that new unicorn poop and macarons and boundary's

Yeah this is a ace nozzle to have so we are gonna start with the classic swirl we're gonna start by squeezing a nice blob in the middle of the cupcake spreading it around a little bit bringing it up and sweeping it off and

There you have like a classic kind of nice well that's what we use mostly in the bakery yeah it's kind of nice and round is not too much I think but I know a lot of people like to have any Whitney kind of emoji Pooh so it's pretty simple

It's pretty much to say and we're gonna start in the middle of the cave just the same as we did just now so squeeze in the middle make one layer then bring your nozzle up keep going

Bringing it into the center squeeze and consistently all the time and then sweep up at the top and there you have lots of lovely layers of buttercream look an awful lot like an emoji food it does but it's quite good for like high hats when

You dunk them enjoy yeah yeah this is really great for that so that is nozzle number one Gemma you're next I'm next and I'm using the second most popular novel in probably the world and certainly in the bakery

And that is the regular kind of classic star nozzle it's a six-point nozzle it's really useful for just pretty swirls you can also kind of do flowers with it you can also on big cakes to like nice ruffles and I'm just gonna show you two

Recent ways of using it starting with the classic as well so just like with Sally's first one squeeze out a generous blob to start with and then in the same way build it up a little bit finishing in the middle at the top and then gently

Sweep it off I love this it fits me this one and your first one like a classic cupcake looks yeah it's beautiful isn't it and the color is really nice Gemma yeah what's your next trick my next one is basically the same as that but with a

Different squeeze so you end up having more ruffles more I think and more ruffles copy of everything perfect and at any time if you feel like you just want to have a practice and not waste Pixo icing grab some greaseproof paper

Or clean surface and you can have a practice of piping in the new pin I'm gonna scrape it up and use it again and actually this one this one does it seems really simple but it takes a little getting used to you know this is a

Really good one to practice that with so we're gonna start at the side rather in the middle for this one and I'm gonna work a bit slower squeezing out more icing as you move so you create this lovely ruffle effect and then keeping

The same direction just swirling all the time ending up at the top sweep it off and I think this one is this one just looks a bit more decadent than the other obviously cuz there's more I think yeah

It's kind of looks like a frilly swimming huh so next that we're gonna do the multi stunner and a little top tip that I just saw Gemma do sneekly off-camera is she wiped the top of the nozzle with some paper and it's really

Important to keep your nose nice and clean because if you have any kind of dried ice thing on it it's really gonna affect the way it comes out yeah and also sometimes it just kind of squeezes out by itself and you don't want to

Start with something that's already kind of oozed out yes you'll end up with a knot or kind of in a regular shape yeah we're not absolutely topped it there right so multi-star that's all we're gonna start again in the center a nice

Big squeeze go around the edge of it and squeeze consistently all the time then come up into the center all the way up to the top and sweep off I love this I think looks really fancy and that's it kind of like a temple do you know I

Realize but you go clockwise and then I get untied it's like how we turn the ends of our bags differently to right the next one of these is a little bit more fun so we're gonna do one squeeze in the middle give it a little bit of

Pressure as you pull off and then we're gonna go around the edges all the way around you could leave it like this but I like to go in the gaps layering it up with loads of little blobs maybe one on top of that – how fun is that Gemma I

Love it and it kind of looks like it's character it does like cactus I take a high I think one cactus is a cacti name anyway the other way around tyranny we've been told but very pretty and it's like I'm like a tentacle yeah you like

Sprayed it gold really some stain feminine would love to spray this girl anyway well what's next is the petal nozzle which is a little bit intimidating I think some people because it can be used to make flowers which can

Be a little bit kind of daunting but I'm gonna show you two really really easy ways of using them so the first way I'm gonna do is just a really simple multi petal flower so with the fatter part of the nozzle on the outside and the thin

Partners on the in I'm going to create little petals going around and around to make one layer and then I'm going to change my colors to get a bit more drama and it using the same position just go over and do

Another layer with it and then to finish it off just to make it look a little bit more like a flower I've got some little beads I'm gonna pop in the middle which i think looks so pretty that is really pretty and it's quite simple – that

Didn't actually look too kind of technical cuz I'm the same I find that a little bit daunting no stop it I'm not like I stayed away from that yeah I'm trying but no I love it yeah I'm gonna do another one which is similar but with

The nozzle the other way around so with the pointy bit facing outwards so we're going to start by making a roughly outer layer and as you can see I'm moving it really slowly but wiggling it about a little bit just to create these lovely

Little ruffles and then rather than take it away I'm just going to keep on going and then finish it neatly and then if you want you can put some little pearls in as well oh oh pretty it'd be really

Good for like a florally kind of cupcake like a vanilla rose or lavender maybe yeah yeah you know actually you can think with all these no you could create a kind of a bouquet or maybe turn it yeah and another one that's really good

Kind of simple a bit simpler than that of getting like a floral kind of effect it's the Rose nozzle and you might have already seen Jemmy use the time we do this affair at the bakery super super simple but it gives a great effect so

We're gonna start in the middle so start in the middle with a nice big splotch and then you're going to wrap around it keeping really close to the center each time letting the shape wrap around itself and it creates this really lovely

Rose and I'm just going to sweep off in the same direction and that is so simple but it looks so kind of fancy and look fancy and you know I love about this one as well is that it looks amazing but you've hardly use any icing yeah to the

Other ones so it's very calm lastly we're gonna do what kind of looks like a hydrangea and Gemma's done a kind of more in depth on KY change of buttercream piping masterclass I guess we'll put that down below but we're

Gonna start with a little sludge in the middle giving a little ruffle like Gemma did in one of the previous ones and pulling off we're gonna go all the way around tiny little splotches giving a bit of pressure when you pull up and

Then more layer it up again and one in the middle and there you go like super pretty and what's a really nice little to do this is to tone it as I put two different kind of colors or slightly different strains of the same color in

The piping bag that's what I do in the hydrangea video so we'll definitely put a link to that in the description box below obviously this is just ten things that you can do with five nozzles and there

Are millions maybe millions but there's a lot of models out there you might not have these ones I want to see what you guys come up with even if it is these nozzles that you have because there's tons of stuff you can do

And make sure you take lots of pictures put them on Instagram and use the hashtag cupcake Gemma so that we can check them out yeah definitely and also head over to cupcake Jim welcome to get yourself some nozzles if you don't have

Some already we've got other things on there too like these are more kind of like cookie decorating I'd say yeah I know that was there Monday so if you want to see a cookie different look decorating a video will do that because

It means we get to could eat cookies yeah that's the main reason next week without the video for you guys so we'll see down tune in tomorrow what's your favorite that one Oh mine too so pretty

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