Buttercream Piped Cake Masterclass | Cupcake Jemma

published on July 17, 2020

hey guys welcome to Chrome majorities HQ I am very very pregnant right now my cupcakes on a trim barely fits around my bump but hopefully it's gonna do the trick to there and keep me nice and tidy because today I'm gonna be getting a

Little bit messy with some different colors of buttercream because today's video is a decorative piping masterclass now you might have already seen on cupcake jammer calm my website that I have added a bunch of cool cupcake and

Cake decorating tools as well as my lovely merch and we did a video on the big piping nozzles that we sell on that website a few weeks ago but today I'm going to show you the small ones so we've got a petal nozzle a

Grasp on a leaf one a closed star an open star a simple round nozzle this is a coupler and this is a reusable piping bag and it all comes in this lovely cardboard tube which will post out to you no matter where you are so I'm just

Going to show you how you can use each of these but don't worry if you don't have this set and you have sort of various other piping nozzles that you've been collecting over the years this is just to give you an idea of how to use

Some of some of the more simple and more complicated piping nozzles and it's just going to be lots of fun so I'm going to start with the simplest one which is the round one I've already got my piping bag loaded up with orange buttercream and I

Always think it's good when you're practicing to start on greaseproof paper because that way you're not wasting buttercream you can always scoop that back up and reuse it rather than going straight onto your cake and potentially

Ruining it you know if you haven't quite got the hang of it yet so the round nozzle is best for straight lines curvy lines writing dots you can also do some really beautiful simple trims with it so I'm going to start with lines you want

To make contact at one side and then lift up your nozzle a little bit so that you get a nice straight line and then they contact at the end and that same rule applies when you're doing writing or curves you want to have

Your nozzle a little bit away from the surface that you're working on because that way you can control it a little better and I have actually done a really in-depth royal icing piping nozzle video where you can see how to decorate and

You've got do writing and stuff like that so I'll put a link to that in the description box below I'm going to move on to dots now because that's a really useful really really fun so at this point you want to keep your piping

Nozzle vertical and just a little distance away from the surface and start to squeeze and depending on how big you want your little dots squeeze for a long time or a short time and then lift it up but don't lift it up while you're still

Squeezing because otherwise this happens and obviously you can adjust the size of them just by not prolonging the squeeze and I can make big ones and small ones and if you wanted to you could finish it off with a little

Roundy roundy and you can also use this nozzle to do really simple really delicate little trims so for example on the very bottom of your cake if you want to just match up that join between the board and the cake so a really simple

One to do would be this one where you start with a blob and then you pull it and then you go back over that and you pull it and you go back over that and so on now to then apply this to a cake you can

Do lots of things I'm going to decorate decorating this cake with really simple draped lines so I'm going to sit down for this because I can't put a key and also it's just a bit easier so I'm going to start at the top rim and I'm going to

Use my line technique a little bit different because obviously we're on a vertical surface here you have to go a little bit closer and I'm going to double that up looks a little bit like a smile at the moment but I'm going to get

All the way around now before I move on to my next nozzle I'm going to use this same nozzle just to do a few little dots as an extra embellishment now the best thing about

This coupler that we include in the piping bag kit is that if you want to switch up your nozzles but you want to use the same color it's super easy you just literally it's really not the coupler take your old nozzle off put a

New one on and this one I'm going to be using is the open star nozzle and then screw it back on and voila you have a ready filled piping bag for your next nozzle this open star nozzle is really really handy for a whole bunch of things

I'm gonna keep it really simple to start with and just do little ice Gemstar blobs so in the same way that we did the dots with the round nozzle keep it a little bit away to start with and then start to squeeze and then as we pull

Away keep squeezing and then you get this lovely little tip you can also use this nozzle to make really nice trims again for the bottom or the top of your cake so I'll just show you one really simple one it's a bit similar to the one

We did in miniature and the round nozzle so squeeze a little blob pull away and then go back over it and then in the same way we can do sort of what I call shells and that's what I'm going to be doing on this cake just

To finish it off where it's basically just a single version of that so squeeze push forward and then come back and then pull off squeeze push forwards and come back and pull off I'm going to use these techniques just to finish this cake off

And make it look extra special that cake is finished elect it's a little bit old-school but I actually quite liked this style really frilly and really pretty and obviously there's a

Bunch of stuff that you can do with that nozzle so go nuts so I'm gonna move on to the next nozzle and my next cake so I've got my pink base cake and I'm going to be using it to start with the closed star nozzle which is this one and you

Can use this this one in a similar way to the open start just has a slightly more roughly intricate shape you can do similar sort of ice gem blobs if you like even the similar trim and fairly really likes it when I build up her a

Nice tall blob so I just show you how to do that for funsies so again with your nozzle vertical start squeezing and allow it to come out and ruffle and just build it up high as you like you can try and make them as tall as possible Sally

Likes to put little googly eyes on them like little people I just think they're really sweet so obviously that's you know not necessarily as versatile a decoration for lots of cakes and stuff but it is really fun so have a go with

That and can always when you're practicing scoop it back into your bowl and reuse that buttercream so no wastage there you can also do a really really cool trim which is kind of I don't know what it's called but it's kind of like a

Figure of atrium so it's a similar trim that you'd put around the bottom or the top of your cake so start by pushing forward and then bringing back like an S but then going back on yourself in the opposite direction

and I'm going to do this trim around the top of my pink cake which I think looks really really lovely and pretty you could do that on the bottom as well if you want I'm going to switch up my

Nozzles though and get on with doing some Leafs with the leaf nozzle now this is really fun to do but there's not really a whole lot you can do with other than leaves but I'll show you a couple of things that I like to do on this cake

So using my coupler magic switch up the piping nozzles so you'll see that the leaf nozzle has a kind of v-shape and don't be tempted into thinking that you need to follow the V with your direction you actually need to follow the point

And you'll see what I mean in a sec so put your icing down and then pull off in the direction of the point and you'll see that it creates this lovely little leaf with a slight vein in it as well

So I'm not going to use that technique to do two different things one is to create a kind of border a straight up-and-down border and one is to create a kind of cluster of leaves so here we go

so this isn't quite finished yet because I'm gonna move on to my next nozzle which is the grass nozzle that's the one we have lots of little holes in it and

I've put it onto my orange piping bag because I want to give these some orange embellishments but first of all I'm going to show you on my paper what you can do with this so the first thing is obviously grass so I'm using orange so

It's not going to be quite like grass you'll get the idea so with your bad vertical make contact and then pull away as you squeeze II they're really useful if you need to cover an entire cake or cupcake wash an entire cake ok gauges

With grass all kind of fuzzy hair this makes a really nice and pinata kind of style so you could change up the colors and cover the entire cake with like a shaggy pinata pattern which would look brilliant and another thing you could do

Would be to just create piles of spaghetti which is just brilliant to do basically and it's as you would expect squeeze onto the paper and then just pick it up and wiggle it all around

But perhaps the simplest thing you could do is to create really teeny tiny little daisies just by applying a minimal amount of pressure onto your surface you give it a short squeeze and pull away quickly and that is how I'm gonna finish

This cake off just by giving these little clusters of leaves and flowers so that's that finish I mean you could go around the whole cake if you wanted and doing the similar thing but I think that looks really nice it's kind of like a

Little picture frame so in the last nozzle we're going to use it's actually gonna make my favorite three cakes that I'm going to do for you today using this snazzy turquoise base and I have a very very nice bright pink icing and it's the

Petal nozzle which is this one slightly flat at one end pinched at the other like a teardrop now we also include a really big version of this in the other piping nozzle kit which Sally and I showed you how to use a few weeks ago

They're really good for making petals on cupcakes and ruffles and stuff and exactly the same applies to this one obviously will be a very much smaller but I'm going to show you my favorite way of using it which is be kind of I'm

Going to call it with squiggle wiggle so I'm going to show you on the paper first and then go straight onto the cake so I've got my piping bag on a slant and I'm going to start wiggling and as you can see I've got the pointy part of the

Nozzle facing up I think it looks a little bit like a ribbon almost like one of those gymnastics ribbons are kind of ghost googles and so I'm now just simply going to apply that rule to this cake to make

It look a super awesome pretty cool huh but I'm gonna finish it off using my old trusty small round nozzle just to do a little bit of beading at the bottom using dots

and that's that that's six nodules used in a variety of different ways and don't worry like I said if you don't have these nozzles and you've been collecting random nozzles for half your life and

You kind of don't know what to do with them just get practicing make yourself some buttercream or some royal icing get yourself some greaseproof paper I just have a go there's so many things that you can do but obviously these are my

Favorite things so I'll be back next week and we will be back team Sandi will be back and we'll see then let me know how you get on in the comments box below and do you take a picture of your work cause I love seeing it used the hashtag

Cupcake Gemma if you post to Instagram so that we can check it out I'll see you next time

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