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published on July 2, 2020



okay good evening didn't even get

anything I hope you're all here

mm-hmm I hope you don't so you can hear

me illicitly front crop if Jim okay

we're going to build a firm you x-37b

the US Air Force secret spy yeah okay we

know what's fun I built last night so I

had a goal just to make sure I couldn't

do it

so since we behind there's a few tricky

parts in I don't know if annex and

you've got wrong to printing down the

parts and sales and if you don't did we

did in a three because it's quite small

okay so a few things you will need

before you actually carry on with this


you're gonna need well I'm assuming

you've cut out all your little bits and


okay so glue glue PVA glue whatever you

call it or a glue stick I'll be using

this hopefully and we have to tap into

the glue as we go along and this is for

scoring the paper go along there be

little bits that you won't have to fold

just to swing again even more on to the

next section let's mix nature just to

make sure that people people can band

okay and a wooden spoon very handy

you'll find it but that's for and

glasses if you need them like me okay so

you will be my glasses on and here we go

okay we're gonna start is then there was

cool of the spacecraft no way a sweet

parts to the nose come and start so for

this tiny tiny tiny tiny little daughter

so we're gonna stand up diner for a


no i x-37b and then she started off as a

NASA project and the Air Force came

along submitted it's good so it's

basically it would be usable


and there it's been it just launched

again at the weekend

I'm ordinal is funny for sixth mission

I'm just going to show you why you need

a wooden spoon so these bits need

opinions so it's gonna form a circle so

if you take your wooden spoon or a

sharpie or something like that I'm just

gonna grind you'll get a nice little

curve that's what you want move the band

for you almost so at the end of the glue

say give any ways to use the Elmer's

glue whatever rock turbines are signing

this seats just a bit quicker albums of

slides okay so we're just gonna hold up

for a second and they're not a little

dot but she showed you to start that

becomes the initial tip of the aircraft

and I say and it's through three times

already six times taking away some money

it can access a few years unions mission

anything it stand for over two years in

space doing whatever it does I think the

Air Force is that's my avionics and

renewable technologies and say God we

believe will force no way because of our

goodness I am having difficulty reading

whatever comes up golden the chat let me

just burn me universe I can see her in

workbooks okay

it is a great little trick with

Indiana so okay so I would put the front


I'm good try and stick on because you're

dealing with such small bits of paper

sometimes it doesn't stick the way you

want it we are gonna also try and stick

em on what if I have to sit for a second

and again this is where you wouldn't

spring comes in put the tip down in

there get your waiting spoon in the end

and just and hopefully you'll have a

little tip yeah it's the it's like a

mummy shuttle and the daddy shot got

together and have it baby

it looks like the Space Shuttle but it's

it's not just so much smaller we're

talking about a x37 see which would have

been probably not quite twice as on his

butt and we're working up to 6

passengers we have thought it would be a

grade of it here you're eating impacted

in the SS unfortunately didn't take that


I was scrubbed so a wing you obviously

went ahead with stormy

come on out of here

now that's quite pointy so I think

that's probably why the glue is not

setting and that if you can just trying

to light a little mark on the paper

strongly keep a little siemens together

leave it for a second little thing that

will set and this is our thread over

again you want to curve it in a little

bit with it cheek came we just didn't

know school there shall become busy in

three parts you have the spacecraft

itself and you almost got the stand

which is part of all of their family

so what's certainly trying to through

building the rocket anyway so again this

is going to have to fool around like

that so we just give it fine da destroy

there's a bit of a pain because these

bits are actually quite small it's a bit

of a pain to try and get to join

together no I

on paper it comes out an American sign

you think it's letter something to get

by 10 years or something we're in the UK

we have a four which is similar but the

person a I managed to print up in the a3

a4 white and fitted so sixteen seventy

percent aside this'll be really

difficult to work with if you did go

during the a for it so again

I said okay that's our new step just

feel around old thoughts and then we

want to join up once you get past if

things didn't join up there is a

fallback for background it's called

superglue if we have to bring I think we

will of course a promise if eclis is

when she did it's done there's not any

way back just just run into lip really

horribly and because if you do smudge it

everything is once the strikes well

actually romance let's not talk about so

I think if this seems together


too bad this isn't some little falls

apart and may have to find a secret room

because this is not sticking you any

wonder the stick what's not too bad

okay so we can leave that and hopefully

it won't see it so I'm sure yeah mark

you should have I don't know where you

didn't do you know they come but why

you're upset

go and look for some mix 37b space folks

that won't get us disappeared here so

force in this guy a little cool not

quite a skinny time someone but then

I'll just fire off the shelf

no I'm wearing luck okay so we've got

the nostril I'm gonna move on to next

thing that's gonna have a look ok so

this is the next section we're going to

be dealing with okay

little critters and we're gonna have to

this is where your little scoring to

from day you can use something like this

or her tweezers it's really just to make

it easier to be into paper okay when you

are scoring just follow the blue dotted

line you have to press that or where to

turn it on the corner music just make it


so again





you can listen up we'll see society

bigger it is easier to pierce and get it

to stick together

I'm just trying to feel a bit of a curve

in that so we're going to make that's

gonna be your base well hopefully

through certain be is beginning to take


nobody is always lit I know my internet

and playing up today as well so

hopefully it doesn't drop by at any


we so you can come with

and dates mark and you're talking about

old paper little tricks thanks for give

me a heads up can you do this quicker

please new particular physically it will

take as long as it takes

do you think the wingless mind rushing

new things of course then you'd better

creative paper than moody it's coming

together early on this one of course you

see I get this line outfit in there

screwing what's your rush you going

somewhere rollin isolation and so chill

and you can't

good thing that's for sure either sir

EastEnders so good or come in a little

damp just on the inside here McKinnon

reminder is looking sick why no key



well the coming out is actually probably

yeah it is something I know a little bit

of us is challenging because it does

take it I had probably longer to cut out

then there's the built-in shoe model but

ahem spearmint okay so we will manually

so one point six so I would trailermate

instructions as it go along here with a


on sex night this is where it gets a bit

odd because if you look at this picture

of let me see

so what's the size comparison off the it

looks 37 being here

that's a special just give you an idea

and high let's say X 3 7 see what's he

talked about and considered and which we

carry people then they says that's what

they were really gonna be looks like one

so on say they I was five or something

but that's someone to show you okay

listen you wishy we're looking at here

is this little thing at the back the

back that's actually quite complicated

humbly not soon enough

but that's one place we have to watch

for okay back to the build

okay so we just have to screw those

lines there's no line and each side here

which needs to be scored as one so

that's just wrong or score input



and then just in here again I'm gonna

give a bit of a contest


for instance kids

okay not where the base is going to be

someone independent

it's going to glue they be assumed

saying you fine

stick it just seemed sitting quicker

than using the Hilmar screen with the

pvat at the front a secret mission

yeah I was going to use tweezers or

thunder see quite a bit of a pansy use

okay we'll leave them just glue home

we'll move on I could then export really

which is the BS and your two bits you

have which is going to make up the

undercarriage and you have tires similar

to the special enough this that grooves

on the top I did think about this

because when you fooled all of us in

will think these for all the bits are

just going to sit on top

so looking move and they thought mean I

just cut those off I'm glad rectly onto

it so I'm not sure it's just to give the

illusion of a bit of width through the


we get the wings really

so that will reflect immediately cut

dramatically that's a bit of a nuisance

that's going to go on like this and if

it doesn't match precisely its wading

through it online at hand so that's why

I'm not sure what's the point of the

trolls and lives on it's got a little


mrs blinnder city physician case the

sort of disappearance so but sniffing

Haven awfully know where they look at

are not sweet lipstick here we go didn't

make sure that go down

we're building any type of

does take your time and why there's no

point pretending it doesn't don't force

it in there so we want us fools over

we do




so we're gonna turn this on to that

that's going to be a piece of the

planning everything will build

so I'm just feeling the Chrissy here no

I'm taking a pine grace

don't forget the agent still shaken with

the light to see

just go man with the glue think it's yes

we're just gonna hopefully this will

just get on top and I mean of course

she's not gonna be sick even if you make

a mistake you can maneuver the people

distilling the agents make sure they are


discreet bass we've been screwed funny

okay so I'm gonna go back to these two

pieces of widows mundo so they need to

be equal as we head towards the

midsection of so ugly

just right here


again I'm surrounded the lip of the


just make sure Italy

I've seen the dog lines come up in its

greatest wonder stop don't run it in the

mind those lines as best you can

you know what you think it was made for


I mean inside just keep pressing the tab


since to go looking like that it's no


you just reinsert again which is keeping

all the seams together

okay so we're third at least up way

through I'm building and x-37b please

you need to spend hundreds of millions

of dollars

so we're not going to be getting the

payload Bay made up of four sections

through science to better see the me

after little end of the it'll be so you

can elicit I'm actually quite

straightforward I like that it's I need

and the curve over the top I mean just

that a the synchronous can stay in space

for an extra minimize the time before I

was all about a minute so whatever dance

it doesn't meet anybody wanna stay until

only yeah

why sure only needs a new business this

is gonna go lay here and then we're

gonna bloom the exam let's have a moon


so you


me and will the slide just clean on the

backside real thank you simply under

that will be hunky-dory as well

if Glee

if didn't give you course doesn't wanna

work we will land up in a schooner

no sweat

next thing is to try and get this

attached so plenty of glue on these two

little strips this lines up springe Coon

and then just to push down this for a

second just to make sure it sticks

okay sweetie

so look at the first third of the pins

so these snippets we just kept on to the

side and then these will band over the

top so I've been easy but first

they can drive me okay that was for

Slater in there just mutton he is


he's got a pretty stunning


just for a few seconds

nassim on this side

we just ordered and matching up with

thee my flying and fold it for a few

seconds then we go and we're well

underway in the to take ship at least

now we're going to put on the top of the

pedal bang and again that's where we

need cheap works which Juno basically

like that

so the first surpluses and again we need

to curve this

let's go get it along here on these

pieces and edges here and here so this

is gonna bend over stick



I get this alliance

you're born to go away oops I think

you're just pressing underneath to make

sure they stick



it's just a matter of rolling around the

joints and keep pressing online and town

USA all day to cool but it is new

partner size it's not a terribly

difficult one was anything else oh

because I hate in here maybe he was

taking the word set and I normally would

Oh pizza – I know what it really asked

for and we've called a four or never

Pearson which is quite small so gravity

Lord said to a three which is about its

percent larger was



ok so it's 1/2 the paint'll beta see if

you really brave and you know what

you're doing you can use super glue and

some of these words I say once you plant

and stick your monitor that's it you

don't have the maneuverability of it's

about okay so next bit something sooner

go on top there so again we need to get


we're getting you slip hopefully on

there and then you cut rope it'll be of

the baby station ready to go

Cheeta purely igloo I tell all family

just like any excess little so yes just

yet is it aunt Brenda have to meet a

straight line I'm just a line a little

marks at the top I'm working one side at

a time


they listen in skew everything lined up

space for town

it's just just a matter of pressing

tonight all the joints waiting it on the

glue takes hold

I'm the other one why not selling it

over for a second okay

this no this was it

it's the mark one this was a different

belated for single night in serum in

terms of Sundays because obviously it's

you know work the hard work for this is

doing little creases around the outside

when you in trying to replicate the

welding that's know I built flaps a

quick trundle and that's great killed

and you can watch son about when you use

paper you can build something like this

for this in five – five dollars five

euro really what you need is paper in

abilities some did you got a printer

you're ready together stand in super

this is one they did last night

so we're difficult it's coming up this

is meant to be pretty level and excited

you're going to bulge out I can get the


so whether I can do tonight will see the

leaves honestly will work so just a

little bit of fun like building Spears


okay so here we go on our way

you know swings a bit shifted but I can

swim in Ladera it doesn't need a better

notion that one meant something we rely

on to go to the payload Bay turn I don't

19 this is where it gets a bit of it so

three purses but if I'm fine

so this is going to render top but these

bits inside which gone we begin to bulge

out to make the rear of it right I just

have to cut out three little ankles here

we've cut away from your children never

cut towards you don't want anyone losing

a finger

okay and we're so screwed on these lines



so again disaster and the Penal be in

the size the wind spoon will we must use

if there's two curved beam massive okay

the question is doing with a little

first and then that this for doing

antiques and then work it

gonna be cool again needs but after so

from bit here I've got a bit of a panda

wooden spoon time begin see it will not

just ended like that I think we all do

witness on first listener goes on just

make sure I'm doing this from it on

those extra

it's pointing to the rear of the craft

so they were going like that watching up

with the red lines we're gonna have a

band happening steady

I mean on the other side we have he's

more of a band with the red lines

seem convinced though it's true that's


not just one to hopefully pataskala

can't actually do that

he's from the pond full of in about a

second to dry and I see we can get ahead

a piece of swim in it so keep going

forth with this which is again towards

the final tail section of the plane so

I'm just going to square where I'm a

spit dries it's many spins

at the end is where you want to preach

the sin of the drink again this isn't

need to be




no thank you so back to this oh oh we're

gonna have to cook this here trying to

keep up and keep that friendly this will

be fun let's get the glue on this

Layton's gonna get kinda sloppy here he

doesn't turn to let's see if we can so

much that's the little dot there just

work away right here




nice you're working with a number of joy

so you've got to present the bottom

sides and then work around at home

children to do the opposite side kingís

stayed in it it's good to see it still

has that band treating it and yeah it's

diverging office is going to see and

again just run your finger around inside

at the joins just to make sure it all

sticks together

so for poor

flipping news gunk which we can fix :

which we will fix it in all right exist

feeling to hear some Cheers alright some

secrets miscreants are servants rock

blimps with rocket frames will

Schuester's just justice and it's good

for me

Gina's I think it's just the folding of

the camera and covered including least

it's not ever being mobile be a fun line

we need to continue looking the body

just for the engine section akamalik



creative innovative coming in the middle

section is actually quite good for

patience Claudia Nene once the new city

just can't rush it

it's the way it is Opie do glue the

straightest just see little right

slipper finally existed and x-37b is

bullets way I don't think I'll begin the

job avoiding any time soon but hey ho

but I say I know it's not a bad little

model to make make it as large as money

clan even when it's written right in a

fusion a4 paper just enlarge it and in

if you have these extra sheets I

certainly wouldn't want to try and do

this at a4 size I don't think ever be

hosting the Franken that's right they

work wonders again I used to work with

little bit scaling it up see one size up

with Trina I don't think I don't exceed

that to keep it has the problem that

they did not be difficult when tomorrow

but in terms of patience is the scoring

of the paper I mean isn't cutting rates

per has no she's Jo those schools to

give it a look

okay I'm seeking it from the corners

just okay here we've almost got the next

370 bit with the blinking over me

it's a specialized model and I'm very

quickly he's because the verdict

straight along here and we've managed to

produce well I'm I did one last night

just since we've got father okay I'm not

sure what it is but last night doesn't

it look since the one back there

okay so we're getting towards he could

you hand it really just excited see it

is he

so just think I'm just gonna find

insurance you're about to put on the

engine section here which is very

straightforward quickly he's then that's

also the purpose of doing it doing room

the night before because at least it

gave me had some bad stuff somewhere

she's particularly right here if you

don't go enough can incite the throttle

for this they do have a rubber bullet

SBS type model Jersey I create one of an

astral which I think they'll have a good

he's planting them area flag in the soil

so it's a good but definitely do another

live stream with the mark one because I

think I said several and again for fur


unlike anything it's just so much fun as

of you have kids so if you don't

have kids

well their kids come pierced so the

people so really here we are

so this is where the rocker the rock was

quite interesting and the whole figure

find out that's because it is a

incredibly small bit of paper so I'm

just going to need a schoolroom ice

rattling that's the finish they're

pretty straightforward so we're just

gonna score and look here and on x-37

it's almost ready for flight just the

phone very interesting because yeah

maybe not thinkin it's the Machoke yeah

it's where she says there's coming

panting you just cut billions of it will

have a go anyway

spiritually get rid of it because it is

a mint typical round of Italian so clear

glai glai glai glai see should all be

doing this move to make sure some people

witness so whack the play on here

okay looks good wait up I see my hands

are short so this summer gorgeous so

there is the middle line see this is

where the time they don't last night

work but consist look fit

listen ain't well you can you think of

one something to fit on the other side

it's just new or near so we may have

today a bit of sculpting with the

scissors in a minute because yeah you

can spend your life trying to miss a

bike with the paper trying to get it

Mandira will it's just funny we get half

of in the world will have a smile but

see that was turned out not too bad

I've even surprised myself so that is

looking hook anyway it is an interesting

giggle fit you know on but there's a gap

so the graffiti this word

and those can see if it's ticking want

to just trim those off if it's just

can't get it to fit and say you spent

all day missing a little bit

so really Percy we're gonna do some


okay tree purchases are sin the better



yeah it's one of those things become

that's it

some it doesn't fit richest just make

much sense so a company really roll

through that so quickly we really all we

have is the Finn's the pre-owned and

then we do a bit of a base


so also I don't think they look like him

mmm KSP I'm gonna have to get them

tonight I bought it on a string or

stings right and they keep meaning to

connect see play it but it's we need to

do lists and they get people saying no I

will be playing curveball cuz I've never

played terrible that's probably why

we're almost finished you almost


we're just doing this sticking a rocket

on the bottom I don't want to make a

tiny gifts for it we can I mean what we

just cheat who needs to know the meat

from the last night because there is a

fearing particles with it and I hope

it's difficulty with it

I think the card I use just isn't second

look for it

okay so just glue this there's one Finn

okay two fins don't worry I will help

you finish at dinnertime

they don't will tell me how to hurt or

what I would answer but we will be


some of to Finn's we this is just a

little bit this is the pin I think this

is going to be the real connection

listen so let's see if we can this may

have to be a super glue just take this

and this first okay and this is where

you need your wouldn't spin I've also

got some other things that are doing it

but I've actually got a one of those is

a LEGO sets but Jimmy did build some

time I don't know I tried to think how

long that's gonna take

I've also got a SMS Lego set

I've also got any SLS ripoff Lake Merced

I've also got a Apollo 11 Saturn finds

love Lego since but I think it's a rebel

said which seemed legal just pick me off

a girl a new group when she started ago

you're gonna be there for a year today

so and we have to get in so much they

will fail the baby home


see this will not end this circle for me

they do a super great you're gonna sit

release convolute

because I knew a thing is just an

aerobic li-listen like on a stick okay

so yes it looks brilliant there he said

it's just the time to do it in New York

this perfecting flukes it is and we've

been here long but another formal takes

are legal said it's gonna okay see

that's a problem but wait don't you did

you're struggling whatever you get I

just need to preach that up down here

when kids are in bed by nine o'clock and

that's where I've got this to keep me

going just finally that will go


mr superglue this will land up sticking

were sticks fling in there please see if

I can do this

we have just built in x-37b in and our

fingers are stuck to that that was great

for me no the only thing is the new

Coons a bit off if we don't fix it I'll

get a bit of a V show down there

what's up to actually fix some of it

I don't doubt we actually managed to

work on the hips like mr Yarmuth

abilify a go we're good

Finland's it's not gonna go anywhere I

do it lad dr singh's just a new

building spaceships was so darn easy

then a paper analytically live in charge

nothing a 35-minute pinion whatever it


it's one of him

two things

we're ready to fly I mean it's super

super mission

it's quite interesting to see last

night's version murder that's nice no

there are two you have 30 X 30 7 beans

actually what the hell of I always say

like combined bitching booth because I

was a last week's news coolness better

than this one this one yeah I'm gonna

have to work on the newsprint one that's

not cheap and we did all right there you

go folks they're just built in x-rays

haven't been no no there's there is it

for me to go with it

it'll have the picture over the hand but

another big furniture


so 370 well I spoke to them really to

run ballistics basically some quick

place for that the same the Corinthian

paper models if you got a printer some

paper card and you're actually flying

you looking do anything with chills you

see this thing I mean you know a few

quid the paper cost me two volumes two

dollars to euros total see you say move

people helping you if you have kids you

certainly help you align your eyes so

it's it's easy enough to build so we'll

do that next we'll do the work one some

other time and then we'll think about

maybe there's a good stuff quick around

it but it was great fun

okay I'm gonna keep this folks thanks

for saying that they feel lost I earned

10 minutes

stay safe and keep well Cheers


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