Budgie Buddy (Interactive Toy) – Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey guys my box is party today today I
have an unboxing of the budgie body and
interactive pet from living world and
this is a pet a budgie it's a budget
I'll be putting in my cage and my two
other parties so they can play with when
they need it
and what it does like a little sense
that it's really cool please put in your
cage and it's a really nice toy and it's
a toilet with sound for buddies it
includes motion sensor the toy states
will approach to or played with okay
they say the same thing in other
languages so it's really really cool toy
tub and in this video I'm just going to
show the boxing of it how our bodies
react a little more then when I put that
in a cage and yeah how well done so
let's just get to a boxing so this
product again a very good item for a
bird you know you have to keep some
tablets for you inside there so they can
play with okay so let's just tilt it out
okay the toys out now I'll put aside and
the batteries are quite surprisingly are
supplied with the product most toys out
there budget our supplies Leonard this
third product years ago the back you
just tells you some several guide or how
to put the battery in I guess everybody
knows one for battery soon and the good
thing about this toy is you don't even
need a screwdriver the battery in yeah
you just put it like that and you just
place the two
it actually them to budget in their
issue with no batteries they use they
just pay to come up below
I don't know why anyone would ask that
so I'd want that hit book on one here
it's really hard to get these batteries
um okay take that this you just lose it
okay this is very difficult job to get
in as you can see okay and I'll put it
so what is it like you can put on for
quite a lot of times I have until it
doesn't do that again but it's just like
it's mrs. noise so it attracts the
bodies to the area it's not very good
toilet if you ever have for your bocce
and if your body is all anything or
equal parties living as one as itself or
little by itself then obviously want
something to make it happy so I think if
you have fun together bhaji then just
check out the store for about eight
pounds from Amazon you get from pest I
have like ten pounds but again it's
worth it
I'm still getting on the body so I hope
you do if you do guys I'm going to
subscribe to my channel again very very
well made shape here this is not really
either to file it whether it's male or
female I think that just because in case
your body my reaction in for too little
way but anyways I thought about that
thank guys I hope you enjoy this video
don't forget subscribe to channel more
than fun ticket

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