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by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

my people my people it's about that time
live from the USA helping you get paid
every day Vista boasts a Bitcoin the
crystal of crypto is your boy DJ and if
you don't like me you must not like
money thank you for joining me everybody
Sunday actually I'm gonna upload this
Monday morning so it'll be April 8th
2019 I do already know BTC sitting above
five racks like a boss you know I'm
saying I showed y'all about on my chart
around 36 38 you know we made that slow
climb from 42 43 44 damn BAM hit him
over the head with it with five g's back
for the first time live and direct I
appreciate you for joining me today make
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what it do make this money tradingview
dot-com if you haven't been to this
website jump on over to false of Bitcoin
comm click this link right here free
Bitcoin price technical analysis Young's
and jump on the boys page BT Kelly 1203
right yeah and you will see all the
different charts that I've posted I
haven't really done too many lately you
know I've been chilling I moved halfway
across the country actually all the way
across the country but this is one I
just did
April 2nd I say we got a continuation
pattern form it and for the VIP group on
the boss of Bitcoin website actually
made this whole chart into a video and
what I said is you know it's it's one of
two things will happen we either go pop
and go up quick you know with this first
arrow right here or we go consolidate
and go up long right and so when you
click that little play button one of the
beautiful thing trade of you does is it
exactly what happened and what you can
see actually both of them happened we
popped quick but then we still have this
long consolidation right and so now I
have picked a date on here on this chart
of April 7th as what I thought would be
the continuation breakout the day that
that would happen and so we'll see if
this thing holds you see that we're
basically holding in this orange bar but
once we break through that orange bar I
got another bar up there right there
around 5,600 that I think the next
ladder the next step up the ladder could
be so will April 7th you know find 5,600
is yet to be seen you know but I think
we do have a strong possibility on this
chart and so what I'm gonna do now is
I'm actually gonna break this chart down
you know make it make it relative for
today's market so we'll draw over it a
little bit let's see I'm just gonna pull
up a whole new chart right and this is
what it looks like right here right I
said this is the ceiling essentially
it's already became the floor is what
it's doing now and once we break through
this top which it looks like we're
literally doing as we speak then we will
probably find ourselves at 56 right and
how did I get that let's jump down to a
33 I'll show you what's going on inside
of it when I feel on the 33 I really
don't need the candles anymore
I took a fibonacci from that breakout to
breakout right and what that does
I'm sure I got this thing oh yeah what
this did is it giving me like the
maximum energy of the floor and that's
that bar right there so as long as we're
above that bar that's fan in a forty
eight hundred forty seven hundred as
long as our we don't spend two days
under forty eight hundred this thing is
just gonna keep going up right it's a
strong strong strong continuation
pattern for me right
in addition to that we take the side
ways of horizontal fibonacci this way
right put it at that little same little
spot and this is where I start to look
for two crosses this is essentially
where this white line is upper here is
like where all of that energy completes
and where we should have the next wave
of energy move in and because I said
that this energy is gonna be going up
and to the right then that means this
zone right here should be a positive
zone now on top of that we got a couple
psycho lines that I drew right there's
the capture the capstone momentum in
between it and what I noticed down here
is that we have a peak of both cycles
that's why I picked that April seventh
day as like the next step up
continuation day keep in mind that if
you go to the other side of it you could
have a delayed reaction and that'll be
like April 10th so what I'll do is I'll
just like you know bump this thing over
and say between April 7th to the 10th
you know that's when this thing should
have another round of positive energy
the biggest thing to remember and any of
this stuff is don't give the CJ B's any
of your currency ak8 energy ak8
pay them attention because the charts
already said this stuff is already done
you know I'm sure they're gonna come out
Bitcoin sec oh just like just like this
pop right here oh it was April Fool's
some fool on Twitter read a reddit forum
and dropped two hundred million dollars
in the market you know in a matter of
three hours you know
don't believe the hype right don't
believe the hype the chart has already
said the energy has already said all we
need to do is understand where we stand
within that energy cycle right the past
does not predict the future but is it
very indicative especially when you
correlate the present with positive
correlations so one plus two equals
three if we know the past and we know
the present then by definition we do
indeed know the future there's a own Sam
so it's like I said BTC looking very
strong to go up to 5600 in the next few
days here before the next week you know
this was this was posted to my trading
view page so again if you have not
joined these communities make sure you
do so go to boss of Bitcoin comm also
click on that link to join the number
one Bitcoin group in the world where we
got twenty thousand of my best friends
coming together seven days a week
keeping each other empowered and in
profit in the marketplace this is people
helping people shout out to the mods
that that called
you know a lot of charts in here what am
I meant and you say fractal heart –
that's all I'm saying
here's the reason Bitcoin broke out
fractal art mountings right it's like
it's like it's already done it's already
you know I'm saying you just got to get
yo site man see inside the matrix right
ain't no surprises in the matrix neo
knew exactly what he was doing at all
times he owns and so yeah shout out to
mr. Andrew don't Jones shoutout to miss
Diana Rodriguez let me jump in here on
the website
really because we do have one-on-one
lessons available diana is one of the
people that we have doing these Bitcoin
coaching lessons right you can jump on a
meeting with her as little as $50 to
reserve a meeting or if you like you can
jump on one with me you know as well
that is an option for you I'm still you
know trying to clean this website up and
make everything all nice and clean you
know organize oh and then lastly you
know before I forget we do have the top
10 all coins which just released you
know this week so make sure you jump on
that if and haven't done it if you just
you know want to know you know what
direction the energy in this market is
going to flow what 10 coins will benefit
more than any other coins in the market
this is your best list if you want
direct access to me I do have to private
telegram groups one is for the profit
package and that's the type 7 coins to
swing trade every 7 days like a boss you
know and then we do have the VIP trading
group for the boss alert messages this
is my premium group right here these
people you know about that life put down
to say they could pick up six and I do
everything I can to make sure they make
money to pay for it I realize is a huge
commitment a huge sacrifice you know but
uh like the tracks like you know and
ain't nothing haven't you know anything
worth having is worth paying for
right worth trading for right so there
you go that's what we got man BTC 5600
I'm calling it right now before April
10th you go see another wave come
through and we'll be up in there
leave me a comment if you made it this
far I appreciate you let me know what
chart you want to see I'm gonna go into
these comments over the next 24 to 48
hours and I'm probably gonna do two
videos from the comments so whatever
chart you want to see I know we had some
problem knees ago last week
vivix ADA you know I'm saying litecoin
LTC XRP whatever y'all won't let me know
we go
to do keep this thing on wheels and keep
on rolling thank you for joining me if
you appreciate me I appreciate you hit
that thumbs up button you already know
what to do like subscribe share copy and
paste this link to yo mama tell him to
jump on that Money Train man it's about
the leader station once we break 6400 is
about to leave the station
that being said everybody it's that time
of the day signing out
both boy BK no matter where you stay
Brazil to Bay California all the way
back out through jerk money good night
good morning and good day thank you for
listening thank you for your time like
subscribe and share if you appreciate
mine but above all belts stay in power
stay in profit most importantly stay
cryptic y'all please

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