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by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

live from the USA hoping you get paid
every day this is the boasts of Bitcoin
the crystal of creeped up is your boy BK
and if you own like me you must not like
today I got a PSA a public service
announcement for the crypto community
you know I'm saying a big coin the
bottles around the world do not trust
the boys in blue I've said this before
Facebook Twitter all these logo
companies PayPal coinbase if it's one of
those nice clean blue Suavecito logos
don't do it it's in your best interest
not to skype don't even get me started
listen I don't come on here and you know
talk about the CJ B's and all-day games
and you know all the messed up stuff
that's happening to the world and why we
got 97% of all working people you know
about to pay cycles out of poverty this
is a system of design and you have to
realize that gold logo in the middle
although it's not perfect it's the best
chance you've got to be free while
you're still alive insofar as today is
who knows five ten years from now I'll
probably have a better option for you
but this one is the truth right now
right and if these big Lolo companies
own Steve Jobs and Apple thing they do
so much good work old Bill Gates and
Microsoft oh look at a line Mustang did
you hear about Jeff Bezos of Amazon if
these superheroes were in business to
make you rich you would already be rich
you see I'm saying oh you know Warren
Buffett limps in a $30,000 huh I wonder
why should I buy eighteen billion
dollars I live in a tent
sleep under the stars not worry about
paying rent they take a living a thirty
thousand dollar house but that they tell
you he owns all of Montana him and him
and uh that that that that two-faced an
old down out there in Atlanta was his
Timmy Turner Ted Turner Turner as autumn
start calling him he looked like he was
on the short bus when he was little he
got made fun of a little too much you
know I'm saying now he's taking it out
on whole world you know that that's what
they made Thanos after no your research
do you history this is about blockchain
security man this is a little info
graphic it's funny when I used to work
for a big bank they would show these
little logos all the time and I just
thought it was so cool like oh my god
we're gonna connect people's credit card
and their websites and their YouTube in
google history next to their medicine
and it's all gonna be so us it's all
gonna literally call of order to caller
it's gonna be so automated and
streamlined and there will be no
inefficiency and then there's no trust
because see once you've given away
everything you have nothing to gain and
your identity is already connected you
know through about four or five of these
right now so why would you willingly
throw the blockchain on top of it that's
you might as well call it at the lock
chain if you tie your blockchain – yo
medical account
– yo visa – yo gmail – yo a google
finance shopping cart call it the lock
chain cuz it will lock you down and sink
you to the debt set of ocean – which you
will never be found again you know we
already lost that seat maritime
Admiralty no law no you research through
your history but it's like there's like
you know but now they sneaking in
through the back door and they trying to
buy your identity on the black team for
$25 complete your identity verification
you claim your xlm $25 free crypto
no don't do it they'll do it you see
that black box on the right hand side
that blocks about black box we'll be
there forever it don't matter how many
commas and zeros appear behind that box
they won't know why won't they know cuz
they're not in business to make me money
they're in business to take my money how
do I notice just follow the breadcrumbs
PayPal withdrawals now available on
coinbase why would point a swan to work
with PayPal hmm who owns PayPal eBay
what is eBay who owns eBay the same
fiduciaries that own 99.9 7 of all the
money in circulation the banks this is a
backdoor ploy to trick you out and pimp
you out to the fiduciaries that be so
that you have no privacy on the
blockchain link your PayPal account and
withdraw your money from coinbase which
never really existed in the first place
because we've never stamped it on the
blockchain we're more or less a digital
conversion company that extorts the
population and have suppressed all of
our competition back in the day we had
about five or six competing Bitcoin
providers on the app store now there's
one there should only be one coin base
download your app today this is reality
there is no competition for bitcoin
merchant providers on Google Play who is
it coin base what do they won't know
when you set up an account I never ever
ever ever put my social security number
on there I was vowels flipping BTC you
know I'm saying back back back when it
was a couple hundred bucks
now you jump on there they got
they got output – so she's cleaning them
put your put your email address Oh make
sure you upload a Facebook photo Oh link
at the Lincoln PayPal no stop it stop it
and then that picture it took me about
five minutes just to find a picture that
could capture all this you know
up stuff that they do them behind the
scenes but it's like but then it come
back to big blue big blue if you don't
know what big blue is that's that that's
that three-letter organization right
there you know see JB's they always like
to operate in threes what can I say
transforming digital identity into
trusted identity so anything you have in
the digital space including your
blockchain transactions will now be
trusted by who not by you because you
ain't trusted right now right and so
this is a conscientious effort on behalf
of the aladár Co Co what is it takest
accurate corporatize multi conglomerate
corporations to find you and lock you
down on the blockchain
hey we got a nice little video let's
check it out access to it who has access
Russia the Russians did it Portishead
Natasha did it don't believe the hype
man wise the systems of Records it's
just funny hold on let me move this
forward man I mean what is for right
here is where we get interested ID
issuing secure payments Universal
patient records I have know your
customer everything and all use cases of
digital identity that can be embedded in
nice transactions so what are the two
major drivers for change no let's go
through that again let's form the way we
interact Mendes set back for ourselves
so let's rethink how identity we think
shins transform the way we interact with
the world
drink your Starbucks ID issuing secure
payments Universal patient records know
your customer and more ID 2020 they know
where you live where you've been where
you're going with you haven't been and
where you ain't going and when you won't
get out if they revoke it credit card
visa connected to all you pay payment
history now we got it online PayPal you
know Google Finance Apple pay patient
are you sick good morning get these
pills and KYC KYC oh you want to open a
bank account let's make sure you're not
a terrorist
are you homeless not yet okay good come
on in oh it's pink
go on mortgage you know oh you want more
than $10,000 I'm sorry we can't do that
we don't actually have money at the bank
I tell you what I go in there and clean
them out every time I'd get paid I walk
in that brand to be like give me this
much in cash please thank you maybe look
at me like I'm crazy I come back I go in
there jeans and short sweatpants you
know looking like I'm going Walmart just
to let them know let nope nope nope not
a drug dealer
and be a University of Notre Dame boss a
Bitcoin look me up
no I'm saying you still trade your life
for $12 an hour I'm retired
listen don't do it just because they put
these cool little infographics and had
the damn 5 or $10 promo video songs
playing behind you
don't believe the height it's not worth
it do not pick yourself out forever for
damn $25 at xlm write learn to train
like a boss follow the money and empower
yourselves for the rest of your day
that's all I got man doesn't yell I'm
saying I don't even want to take this
longer this coming I don't even like
given these type of companies that
attention on my channel you know example
when in doubt if you ever have any
question of that on what you should do
do not trust the boys in blue that being
said it's that time if they sign it out
both boy became no matter where you stay
Brazil debate California all the way
back out Phu jerk money good night good
morning and good day

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