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by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

Today is Friday April 26 2019 and my people my people is about that live from the USA hoping you get paid

Every day this is the dose a Bitcoin the crease though of creeped up is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody Friday wanted to jump in man and talk

About what just happened a lot of people are gonna be coming on speculating talking about bitcoin is dead take your money back to the banks go buy some negative yield government bonds you know I'm not here to do that

I'm here to let you know it's the other way around the dollar is dead by Bitcoin instead and all we got right now is some you know I'm saying white collar handshake CJ B's one holding each other accountable to bring money back to the

Same pyramid Ponzi scheme of debt death and destruction known as the USD if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as that crypto traitor

A number both these charts as you will soon find out every day i grace this microphone with my voices another day you can profit as a result so make sure you smash that like button hashtag it retweeted join the money team

Come on in the doors are always open 25,000 subscribers and countin yuen-han and I'm just getting started man typing the Big Brother USD T and this is what they go so now granted you know I'd rather I'd

Rather see a validated crypto source at the top of big brother and I would Wikipedia so we clicked this one you know a theory of world news see what's going on my man Nick Sean April 26 it's crazy man basically

What happened if you if you you know day late and a dollar short waking up 30% on Bitcoin trying to figure out what happened more or less the New York Attorney General's I didn't even know I don't even know New York had its own

Attorney you know I just thought it was one attorney general you know the President appointed and they put the little warning label on the cigarettes the Surgeon General okay maybe that's somebody else anyway New York the Empire

State the Attorney General has revealed that it will be suing us DT and infinite that's crazy I'm not mad about you as DT they they been scamming people a long time this is the crazy part

That's that's that's that's huge right and actually that might explain why there is arbitrage in the market right now if you go on to coin base which is probably tied into a lot of that illicit bit for next money cuz you know

Young-sam them see JB's on the 33rd floor they just drove each other off under the table see who gets next million so one pot leave Young's and we don't fit for next coin base let's jump back over to and banks go back to

Coinbase you know now actually coin basis Bitcoin prices legit a hundred and fifty dollars is lower than by net right now look it up so they said uh you know the Empire State is suing BitFenix an tether they say they got to get paid hey

They can't get the people to stop using Bitcoin they go shut down set it down from the top yeah 850 million dollars is what BitFenix sent to a panama-based company if you don't know about panama let me tell you something about

That is the canal of money that they built between all the illicit illegal activities in South America and the fine great red white and blue impacted States of America as long as they control it act it now they control the flow of

Money understand money is currency currency is energy and energy always returns to the source from which it came so if you put out negative energy to the world that's all you will have coming back to you

And this looks like it's exactly what's happening with Bentham that's right you got the damn Empire State you know I'm saying general you know point in his sphere over at BitFenix and you owe me 1 billion dollars and as a result all

These CJ B's you know they in business and make each other money they like oh he might be going to jail I ain't trying to go dill let me get up out of here you know and the enterprise drop about 30 percent right in a couple days right

Look at this dropped from five five on base to forty nine and as the last count is 51 on I think that's coinbase but it's about 52 or 53 or not all right man so China China's China money whatever y'all doing

Over there keep doing and we good you know so let's go ahead and jump into this this is what I wanted to share with you guys this guy big the next this is the truth this dude actually is the one that's been covering all the

Corruption and illegal activities that US DTM BitFenix have been doing he's been doing this for at least a year you know people just now waking up like oh my god bid for next they're criminals and this dude been tweeting about it

Like non-stop for better part of a year or two I remember seeing him like last year that's why I don't use BitFenix cuz I'm like this guy's like showing you legit like how they're scamming people from the inside of their platform I see

You right here trying to use faint money you know to pay the camera barrini right you think his grain you buy into it nope dump as it right yeah he said they were liquidating hundreds of millions of dollars you know and this is this is

Literally what this guy does so I think the powers that be or at least I'm the big money tied to the powers that be were made aware of this and that's like a crime if you know about a crime and you willingly don't do anything to stop

That crime well now you're complicit you're compliant and and you stand you know subjected to the same maritime Admiralty law as everyone else right so shout out the bit for next if you don't know who this guy is definitely uh you

Know follow him on Twitter for the most up-to-date information on this debacle and if you don't know about the Panama papers essentially what it is we live in a game we live in a world where if you have a piece of paper you get certain

Privileges right what to count a piece of paper it doesn't make you go inside 38 pieces of paper and now oh oh here come on you want a mortgage you want a car you want a student No you want to sign over your

Firstborn children's right the lip what do you want pieces of paper so the Panama papers are essentially all of the organization multibillion-dollar conglomerates that have sent trillions of dollars through power – more or less

Keep them out the hands of the United States government which will ultimately so we're told benefit the people the sheeple that willingly pay taxes I call it extortion you call it taxation whatever it might be the theory is that

The more money the government has the better two people will be problem is that people value bread and circus more than they do the pursuit of truth unlike my man BitFenix young-sam and a lot of people don't even know what this stuff

Is so save yourself ten minutes jump on these two websites read it you know and you will be a lot more enlightened as as some of the people pulling the strings this is what real criminal looks like how do I know because I used to work

With I wear no student app so you know if somebody got on a suit and tie you should be like I don't trust you right now I don't I don't trust anything you're saying to me just flip through

Them a little public TV channels on Sunday morning was everybody wearing don't believe the height don't do it this is what a criminal looks like this is white-collar crime stealing hundreds and hundreds and notice ain't got too

Many brown faces doing it we don't make it that far up the ladder they get the luxury of ripping off the world hundreds of billions of dollars disappear through the backdoor agreement the inside arrangements and the straight

Market manipulation that has become the status quo and this is why that end is near not for Bitcoin but for those willing to continue property on behalf of the plummeted

Plundered people I like a little races you gotta use three in order to let it be I'm saying that's why I made this video bitcoin is not dead but trust me this is a step in the right

Direction to hold those accountable that are willingly killing your future see the way the black chain works it takes all the money and the power that is captured at the top of that pyramid that they've come so used to that they

Can write off $10,000 suits and have 18 hookers at night you know with a corporate visas and a mixes and discovers you know and then we while we while we you know we got the MasterCard but we don't know what that card is our

Master museums and the blockchain is liberation it's in its emancipation it's it is the salvation for financial liberation if you choose to transfer your value to it or welcome to y'all nearest Wells Fargo shake the

Branch managers hand sit down and sign your life away died at the cross notice why banks always put an X right there right where you sign is he um there this is real this is real if you appreciate this

I appreciate you what I'm doing is I'm actually releasing a an email for everybody signed up on his website about five or ten new people a day signing up so this weekend probably tomorrow I'm gonna sit down and I'm

Gonna put together a private video just for the people on this email list so if you want to get the video analysis of what I see happening in the market right now and so far as bitcoins concerned arbitrage play between coinbase finance

You know what I see over the next week for BTC I will be releasing it to this email list is a few thousand people aren't ready and I want to do more for those people biggest thing I'm trying to do is get this knowledge out to

Everybody I got twenty five thousand subscribers we averaged about two you know fifteen hundred views per video I want to get that I want to triple that over the next couple months so if you can engage with this video leave me a

Comment down below let me know what you think if you made it this far I most certainly do appreciate you you are the reason I do this you are the reason we have grown to a hundred thousand plus people over four platforms inside of

Eighteen months you are the reason this is that number one crypto trading community in the world thank you but everything do you do most importantly realize that you know in the darkest at times is when just a little

Bit of light Oh difference that's what we go right out to that being said it's that time of the day signing out both boy became no matter where you stay Brazil bait cow phone are you all the way back out food jerk money

Good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time make sure you hit that thumbs up button one time do that for me do you appreciate my till we meet again

Stay cryptic god

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