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by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

my people my people it's about that time
live from the USA helping you get paid
every day this the boasts of Bitcoin the
crystal of creeks dough is your boy BK
and if you don't like me you must not
like money thank you for joining me
April 2nd and as you already know BTC
didn't hit them over the head with it
but $5,000 what I'm gonna be doing today
is jumping into the charts doing a
little sentiment analysis see what's
going on in the macro and the micro part
of the cycle so if this is your first
time tuning in congratulations baby
you are now writing with the best my
name is became known as a crypto trader
and I'm them both of these charts as you
will soon find out what we got when we
type in Bitcoin price and the big
brother Young's in see what Big Brother
got to say 47 honey BAM
it's beautiful thing man not too long
ago we was down you know I'm saying
around 36 38 39 just clinging on trying
to make it work trying to make a doll
out of diamond a nickel you know and now
it's looking a lot better a lot stronger
especially over the last month look at
that 3700 you know to a 4,700 that's
significant crease right significant
round right there okay Business Insider
just posted a article sometimes I just
like to type in a big brother you know
generally search terms to see you know
what the CJ B's and their corporate
corporate back acoustic rita journalist
accounts are speaking about so let's see
more than 23% surge past $5,000 yes it
is and this is what they're doing
because this is now the second article
that i've seen to where you know they
want you to be the April Fool that
believes this big 23% increase was
fueled by a
reddit thread that was a April Fool's
joke so in other words someone spent
close to 20 what is it
20,000 Bitcoin 200 million dollars and
that was fueled by an April Fool's Day
don't don't don't believe the hype guys
it was just an April Fool's Day joke
someone didn't get the memo
and now bitcoins about to hit his head
on five thousand dollars this this type
of stuff sitting even be legal but I
showed you to one article you know a
couple months ago
we're propaganda is actually legal they
can they can say anything they won't and
it doesn't even have to be legitimate
because they've legalized propaganda for
corporatize caki stockbridge journalists
right you know so don't be the clown
that believes everything you read you
know one of these logos on it right I
told you about the ethos pathos logos
you know if they got a logo you should
be very wary of the message that they're
delivering you and the message that
you're receiving right a lot of a lot of
money was lost on that short – a lot of
people thought Bitcoin was going down
going down going down and a lot of
people bet on the down do not short do
not gamble do not play with margin
Bitcoin was made to outdo all of that
and and and when you do it
the only thing you get is more dollars
say you short Bitcoin and you win what
did you win you went you won more fake
stuff fake digital losing a wealth you
gnomes in so it's it's really not the
point of the blockchain and so a lot of
people lost a lot of money good for them
hopefully they learn a lesson I'm never
short ever ever ever ever ever ever
short I've worked for a bank I've I got
my education I learned how to trade
options back in oleh donut you know I've
been in this game for a long time
and so I know about the Greek the Delta
that I'm gonna roll you know the bottle
spread you know in the money out of the
money puts cause all that but no no no
no we don't we don't do that here we use
the boss method you know and it has
absolutely nothing to do with the CJ B's
and their willingness to take your money
that's the point of this video
everybody's talking about what's going
on with Bitcoin oh my god mystery buyer
who did it
I don't know April Fool's no no no no no
no no the reason Bitcoin went up is
because the people with money wanted it
to go up and it's just that simple just
the same as when Bitcoin went down from
6,000 after being there for about three
months it didn't go down because oh my
the Commission didn't approve the
Bitcoin Bitcoin ETF and now all the rich
guys are so disappointed they're just
gonna go buy some Apple stock instead go
buy some 20-year government bonds at the
negative yield interest rate you know
the real money capital gains lost we're
gonna write it off and depreciate it
over five years gonna go put put some
money down in Bolivia and build out the
emerging economies up no no it went down
cuz they took their money out it goes up
when they put their money back in it
right that's it
so we just followed the money let's jump
on the charts BTC to the USD on the 343
see what's going on no i'll joette hey
they make all his money and these steel
Chinese store Chu on advertising mislead
you with with the information and extort
you wanna advertiser BTC to the USD
alright so for my
Premium Group the boss alert messages I
actually said April 2nd was the day to
look forward to and I said that as long
as we were above 44 we would be going
higher and we held above 40 for that
whole time I made this video like a week
ago so we was like up here somewhere and
I said as long as we stay above you know
this line right here 42 will be long
higher and we just broke out I didn't
realize we was going all the way up hell
but that's what happened so let's jump
down in the charts like I said this this
if if you want to believe that some
April Fool with two hundred million
dollars to blow is follow it and read it
for financial advice and that's how he
decided to you know liquidate two
hundred millions of dollars inside of a
couple hours well by all means you know
go go go believe it you know I'm saying
I got a bridge in Brooklyn I'm trying to
tell you to let me know let me know you
know let me know let me know you you
want to do that work
is really no technical analysis before
this yeah oops it's it's literally that
we had a buy signal over here so if you
if you're using the balls method eunos
william bitcoin for dollars you know
congratulations you you would have got
in right around four grand and just been
riding the wave but we still might be
able to pull something out of this so
let's see let's see first thing i want
to try to do is figure out how they got
up there it looks like that's how they
did it 42 that's a big one
look at that
okay so this look like it's like two
little quick cycles this thing is
pulling too and keep in mind even though
you know the CJ peas have the capability
and the willingness to just dump absurd
obscene obstructs amounts of money into
the market at any given time it still
follows is still a chaos theory right
that because anything in the world can
happen that at any given time you know
it still has like some order within the
pre assumed randomness and so that's
what I'm trying to do now is is like
break down well what does that order
look like you know where do the patterns
start stop and continue right and so
with the Fibonacci sometimes you can
just start to play with it to get
different invoke different cycles and so
without talking too much that's kind of
what I'm looking at now I think I'm
going to just gonna focus on this last
quick cycle I'm sure I was trying to
pull something from Mike over here but
don't look like I'm gonna be able to do
it nothing concrete so I'm just gonna
focus on this part notice I'm only 33
it's a quicker chart you know like I
said it's not much we can do but I think
it's a little bit of information we can
pull out of here if we look at this bomb
down that up right there we can draw a
Fibonacci from that which caps us out
exactly where we're at right now
right and this is literally just the
same as any other chart we would do
break out to break down but instead of
doing it from the intersections because
it's a quicker chart a quicker
turnaround a quicker breakout we do it
from the bottom of the seven you know
where that intersection happened at and
the top of the seventh before it came
back now is you know
and once we do that you know we do have
this right here I do think that if we
don't pop above this top then we will be
falling down to catch and confirm at 45
and that's fine that's actually really
45 anything above 44 is good and that's
what I told the group I'm like if we
once we get above 44 you know
then we're like backing the money and so
we have this right here I can also try
to do sideways one with the same
duration right boom boom start to get
that yeah and that's looking better this
is a quicker chart bear in mind and then
also something else I could do something
else I could do sometimes you think
alike backwards with it
and on this one
so this is our ceiling for now
this is our floor right
five grands at the ceiling
somebody had a nice limit sale right
there limit sales y'all could cash out
if y'all know how to do living sales man
somebody sold that five thousand you
know just waiting you know to jump back
in and this is our floor
now I think what's it gonna end up
happening is we may take a break here we
may keep poppin if we take a break if we
say like this is the cap the peak right
then we'll still be coming back with
positive energy inside of a week see
that right weirdness thing pops out and
that's how I said to my group April 2nd
was the data whites granted it happened
and the wee wee wee wee hours of April
2nd but it was still April 2nd this is
how I do it
I look at look at the waves you know and
then you have another little quick one
up in there right and so yeah April 8th
April 7th we should get another wave we
may consolidate down if we break through
this 5 grand
then we're going much much higher and
this thing is like you know going up to
like 54 5600 right because then it'll be
like somewhere like right that you know
52 yeah 56 somewhere down there
right there
right so if we do break through five
grand and we're going up to that 56 but
for now we'll play this lower bandwidth
right and that's kind of what we're
looking like this is the cap right here
five grand is a cap so we play it down
over to the next a couple of you know
quick fragments at a cycle we know we
have a strong floor right there at forty
five we let you know the sideways energy
fill out and then we know April 7th we
should be retesting 47 right and this is
if we sell off if we hold right here
then like all bets are off and we'll
probably just bang bang bang boom you
know and we'll just treat this as kind
of a quick ceiling and when we pop
through that we'll go up to that for it
another quick ceiling and we pop through
that and then we go up to be a 56 just
like before right and all that will
happen inside this same window of time
so it's like two options either we
consolidate quick to go up quick or we
consolidate long to go up long right but
because we had you know such a positive
shock to the ecosystem I think it's it's
a very very very very very good time to
start looking at learning how to swing
trade taking less putting less emphasis
and notoriety into the cactus tactic
capitalists out there that control the
corporate Bop media and they
intentionally want to disinformation you
and this inform you and disallow you of
your sovereign rights to be free they
want you to be a slave to a machine that
is broken you have three men that are
worth more than half of all people
living on this nation
notice I said on this nation do you
research know your history NOAA maritime
Admiralty law if you have puppets
granite they're very animated puppets
and they've been on TV a long time they
know how to read the teleprompter real
nice you know just like that last guy
did but it's all divide and conquer
understand that BTC is a network of
value understand that it is it is the
answer the solution it is unbreakable
right and so you don't need all these
presumed labels to self-identify with
all you need to do is understand that
the blockchain is the largest
decentralized value of network network
of value in the world and that as you
convert your worthless fiat dollars over
you will be highly rewarded in the long
term how do we make money in the quick
term learn how to chart like a boss type
it in the Big Brother go over to boss a
Bitcoin comm youngs and see the products
and resources we got but in the long
term BTC is the best vehicle financial
vehicle in the world
put something on four wheels and go
price it out you can buy a Bugatti for
like two three million dollars and
bitcoin is sitting down at four grand
that doesn't even make any sense new
mercedes-benz s-class $85,000 Bitcoin
$4,700 change your values change your
worth like my man nipsey said if you
ain't appreciate you depreciation yums
in and even though I don't jato you know
I trade like a boss I can't be mad at
those that do do what you do do what you
do you know and I mean we will make it
work so with that being said everybody I
wanted this to be kind of more of a open
pull from different aspects at an
Internet to see what the CJ bees are
talking about but you damn sure know
they ain't in business to make you money
to in business to take your money and
let Bitcoin BTC be yo selfish we don't
need no like legislation we don't need
no regulation all we need to do is
believe that BTC is the salvage can I
get a witness
that being said everybody is that time
of day signing out votes boy BK no
matter where you stay Brazil debate
telephone are you all the way back up to
jerk money good night good more than any
good day Before we jump up out of here
thank you to everybody that has
supported me on patreon as you know I
told you I left my job with the CJ B's
listen they was flying me all over the
country I have free Jarek one of them
nice 401 k's I wasn't gonna never cash
how I do this stuff for the people I
live off of the donations and the
support and the revenue that I received
from the products on this page right
here so if you want to support me jump
on over to Boss a Bitcoin pick yourself
up a profit package top ten coins in a
month I'm coming out with this new list
tomorrow the first of every month you
get the top ten coins delivered you and
if you actually want to make some real
deal money I'm building this stuff out
right here you know we gonna be doing
webinars we don't be doing conferences
we don't be doing a lot of stuff over
the next couple months
but the boss alert messages is where
it's at like my people knew that April
2nd was highlighted right and they knew
that like last week when I want to get
my weekly updates crypto reviews right
so thank you to everybody that supported
me thank you for everybody that's held
me down you know I'm saying there's been
a cold winner but like I said as a new
cycle and new season a new reason to be
believing and together we will all be
achieve and thank you for listening
stay empowered stay in profit most
importantly stay cryptic y'all please

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