BTC Futures Gap? Cardano ADA, Ripple XRP, Algorand Algo

by birtanpublished on September 8, 2020

Hey what's going on guys kevin cage back with another cryptocurrency update be sure to watch until the end of this video and let's get right into it so hope you all are having a great labor day weekend wanted to show you just a few charts and

Simple looks that we're looking at again i'm just going to be overlaying the fractal doesn't take a genius and i promise that you know i personally don't expect to see anything go like for like

Um some people might overlay you know ada and compare it to card like ada again in the future for example march 2020 so we'll just do that and just to give you this little show so really i'm not

Focusing on this part it doesn't have to follow suit i just wanted to see the behavior right here so i know mr level up was doing the same thing and kind of just looking at the moving average of

This 50 ma notice when it cuts through and starts curving down we have a bit of a downtrend same thing when this you know yellow starts curving up we kind of have a good uptrend when we were watching the moving

Average behavior so i literally just copied this little fractal for ada and was just watching the behavior and it is pretty similar so i'm going to kind of be watching the behavior here

And if it continues to follow suit i mean it you know pretty good indicator um but again a lot of more advanced people will typically look at different time frames um notice the patterns that reflect

There and then also even maybe uh you know mix kryptos or for example put an ada an ada fractal over an xrp so just simply watching the behavior we'll see if it follows suit

Um again i know what this downtrend guys we've cut through the 50ma we've cut through the 100 on some assets and on others we've come down all the way to this 200. so if it did do that 200 you'd see about

You know 7.7 cents now just to be clear i'm only going over um you know ada algo and xrp in this video i love all of the projects again i'm just showing you a short-term

Perspective if we did kind of match this march 2020 dump um to be realistic you know i'm incredibly bullish with xrp with a lot of the digital assets that solve a real

Problems have you know actual teams or true roadmaps in true proof of concepts not just imaginary by any means and it's not just all 100 speculation but what you have to understand is this

We have various regulations that have already come about and more to come soon per brian brooks announcing in the coming weeks we have september and you know august typically extremely

Volatile months for you know the equities market in particular dow jones of course at 29 000 reached a new high um again guys they're closing gaps we're seeing all these markets across the

Board and they're all manipulated but again that is where the opportunity lies if you are a holder in this asset class i wholeheartedly believe you have nothing to fear provided you are in legitimate assets all right it is simply

A matter of time i'm again just pat yourself in the back for being here before you know 99 of people are so really quick i want to talk about obviously in july we had the news

You know we can talk about the volk rule we can talk about again brian brooks of the occ of the united states banking system essentially literally comptroller officially made declared that national

Banks in the united states can custody digital assets so we saw that we said boom we're going to the moon all the cryptocurrencies that you know are legitimate are going to skyrocket honestly it makes

More sense in hindsight now because i was an idiot thinking the same thing it almost seems like you know maybe there is going to be one dump manipulated who knows who's gonna buy it on the low you guys can speculate as you

Will but again markets need to breathe um was it a bit of a trap potentially and we'll see if this kind of repeats and gets you know down that low um i would be so so shocked to see wix

This low but anything is possible same thing with xrp i think if you got extra p under 30 cents 50 cents you were still a genius you were in great hands have no fear but a lot of other people

And analysts say you know obviously if btc you know went lower it would pull the rest of the market down okay but again i'm looking at this as the necessary rubber band

The slingshot to pre you know push i should say this market forward okay so again we see you know across the board i talk fundamentals on this channel see ripple hiring new people expanding

The team expanding you know and developing the corridors should be no surprise so looking at cardano we see again talking about the 50 you know m8 moving behavior we're kind of seeing it like

For like again not necessarily here we're just looking at this little part of the fractal i shouldn't have you know drawn that again we'll see what happens

We'll see if we can come down to that you know seven six region um if it did wick good luck trying to get a buy that would be an awesome awesome accumulation point i mean any anybody guys if you can say

That you bought xrp under 30 cents in the future that is still going to be a legendary story so again whether you're a trader you know holder doesn't matter we are all on the same team

Okay so now looking at you know ada i want to show you let me do um algo and then we'll do x or p and then the btc cme is future gap um i had some people in the previous videos asking what that specifically was

So we'll go over it all right so all i did with elgo again we're just looking at this drop from march so i literally just copied this guy again and pasted it right here and it seems like it is fitting a little

Bit now it doesn't mean it's going to come up the same way could we do a vicious bounce could it be slow and steady potentially anything's possible i'm just looking at this drop because i have a

Little money on the sidelines where i want to accumulate okay again i'm still sitting on the sidelines i have my long-term bags of you know cryptos that i like such as xrp they're not touched um and obviously you

Know my portfolio for long term holds is a bit down because it you know went with the rest of the market but i have money on the sidelines waiting to buy back um if i miss it so

Be it i'm just a minnow in this game but i'm trying to capitalize and hopefully you know double up my position so right here we can see the 50ma is cutting through again what did we see in march the same type of behavior now ignore you

Know how the 200 cuts through here we're just watching the 50. okay so when i see this i think that we could still go down a little bit more doesn't mean it's going to follow march 2020. i know there's

Going to be some people that are triggered thinking that that is what i'm saying i am not saying that i'm just showing that as an indicator and again i want to watch the moving

Average behavior as well okay so notice i just pasted that guy starting right here again a little consolidation here and fun fact guys we actually had a gap in the price

On algo as well so this gap theory um is pretty pretty interesting again mr level up is the one that showed me that as well so we'll see again we're just gathering data i'm looking for confirmation

Looking for validation that the trend is in the correct direction i'm just trying to make moves accordingly all right so i'll go we'll see if we go down again we're at the 100 ma on the daily these are all just daily

Looks i'm not you know doing anything crazy um you guys can look at you know the one hour two hour if you'd like and keep an eye on obviously btc and watch you know the gap as well okay

So then 200 would be around 28 cents and remember in march 2020 we went relatively low um you can also draw a trend line okay so again between these fractals i know that's just a mere wick but you could do the same thing

You could do candle you know wick to wick you could do i mean body really whatever you prefer you know body to body body the wick etc okay so we'll see i mean anything under 30 cents under 20 cents algo um

Cardano you know 88 under 8 cents that would be absolutely absurd could it wick down like cardano even showed to 5 cents potentially but again that would be such a difficult buy if you know trading bots are already

Involved ai is already there and when you're putting in limit orders if you know there were such a thing as that type of conspiracy where ai is really just kind of reading

Everything um you know i would be worried about not getting my order to be filled if it was a significant size okay so let's take a peek at xrp as well so then oh i already put it up here so

Okay right here so extra p us dollar just using bitstamp one of the back in the day og gateways so we can see um we're kind of just coming up i know

We were following that omisego fractal and then again still following suit but the downtrend took over again because btc is king of this market unfortunately obviously largest market cap i know market cap is a metric that

Really holds no weight but in the crypto space obviously very little regulation we can see what's you know occurring here so interestingly enough if btc did fill

The gap would xrp follow this fractal from march 2020. notice how we came up a little bit people were probably starting to buy back again that would be

Getting us up to that 25 cent region 26 cents potentially with a wick everyone would buy back thinking we're heading right back to 30 34 cents and then takes you know takes advantage of you again that is how these markets

Work guys um the charts honestly are just you know are psychology mapped okay so we'll see if we kind of follow suit there and again we're at the 100 ma 200 would be right

Around the 21 cent region i mean if you got under 25 cents you guys are a genius you know pat on the back we might not even go down but i'm just showing you xrp behavior

Okay so i know other people remember that wick back in uh 2020 absolutely insane a little consolidation around that 15 cent region as well um so you know your guess is as good as

Mine i'm just simply watching the data um and we'll see if we follow suit okay so we're watching this guy and again a similar type of flag and then drop so we'll see if that occurs i thought it was pretty interesting

To see that as well and then again you can do the same thing and just watch this yellow line the 50 moving average come up curve down and the price goes down okay so we'll see what we do

Um if you guys think we're gonna get a bounce awesome um personally i think that this market is going to go down globally temporarily with you know the stock market real estate

Um and people might think that metals might be a really good hedge i would love for them to go up but um you know even looking at the silver chart it just seems a little interesting that it might go down

You know 10 20 percent keep in mind i mean even in march silver per ounce was roughly 12 so again do i expect higher highs i hold you know physical silver i wanted to appreciate in price

And go towards you know those all-time highs yes but i'm just simply sharing what i'm seeing with the charts right now if they change i'm absolutely going to be adapting to that as well

Okay so let's look at the btccme futures gap again guys this is you know highly subjective for certain gaps because you can argue does a wick or candle close it so just want to show you what you know one of them that a lot of

People are talking about per the gap so notice in let's start further back you see right here bitcoin cme futures gap again this is the one day you see how there's nothing here for anybody that doesn't know anything about

Charts see how there's no candle or any wick against just a you know a gap all right so what happens is typically 90 99 percent of the time we're seeing this and when the market is

Actually open for cme futures we actually see this gap get close so what happens is we're down and we had to go and close this so on the right side the corresponding side we close the gap

Okay notice right here you see this little gap right here instead of going up it closed it it went on the right side and closed that gap so same concept can be noticed through over here so notice this

We thought it was a gap but then you can see kind of the wick before going higher and higher it wicked down so let me know if you guys consider this gap to be closed per a wick or you actually want to see a physical candle

Again this is you know right around the 6600 region all right so i'm sure there's guys that you know are really familiar with this market um i'm not too familiar with the cme gap

Per se so i'm just kind of you know showing you what i'm seeing feel free to correct me down below um but all in all guys if you know bitcoin goes down whatever the excuse is there's gonna be something it's gonna

Either say that covid accelerated or you know who knows what you know there's gonna be tons of narratives at play it's gonna be geopolitical tension

Something's going to occur um whether it's you know the stock market the fed printing it's essentially going to be anything but the fed's fault that's my assumption okay not that you know the market simply

Has to breathe after being artificially propped up for so many years because that's just you know makes too much sense all right so now what we're seeing and you guys could argue there are some

Other gaps but again it's it's just tricky to say so then right here we have this gap around you know anywhere from let's see without the wick let's just say candle 9660 to you know 99 but we see this wick

Came down all the way to you know 98 85 percent or eight you know 98 90. so let me know if we still have ways to go okay again today is labor day um could we expect something tonight

Potentially just wanted to share that and so you guys tell me what it means if bitcoin does go close those gaps um historically holders do phenomenally and exceptionally better

Than traders okay so be smart during these moves obviously be aware of tax implications do what is right for you listen to a variety of people but sometimes the best thing to do is absolutely nothing okay so i'm not

You know advising you guys to trade simply showing you some price moves and we're gonna watch if they follow suits all in all the crypto assets that solve a real purpose are sustainable i'm not the biggest fan of proof of work

Per se as you guys know but again the future is bright so notice these gaps are getting filled we have a little gap here we'll see if we can kind of go lower i mean you guys can even look over here if there's any

Other gaps again and they seem to be all you know relatively closed per the wick at least okay so we'll simply see guys let me know your thoughts and expectations for xrp

We can absolutely disagree if everybody agreed it would be quite a boring world there would be no opportunity to make money if everyone agreed there would already be price discovery we'd all know what

The true price of an asset would be there would be no you know difference in opinion so that is where the market you know obviously or that's where the money is made is by us differing in opinions

All right and just keep in mind none of us know the future we are simply just trying to gather data and speculate and again if we work together hopefully we can find something out interesting regarding this market

Keep in mind there are other gaps that have not been filled in other markets specifically you guys can look at the dow jones industrial average and look at some of those gaps that is not meant to scare you there are some low gaps as

Discussed before um does it mean that we will fill them i have no idea because again could it take a month could it be 10 years in the future who knows your guess is as good as mine

Let's just simply watch if xrp continues to follow suit you know following these types of moves and obviously unless you know i see you know ada you know xrp go right through 34 cents

I am going to be sitting on the sidelines awaiting because personally per just the way the market is looking right now i think that we'll you know get another dip and that is just my opinion i could

Be 100 wrong um and just because i see the market dipping short term meaning potentially this week or in the next few days does not mean that i do not believe in this asset class guys i'm

Here to make money and i'm here to accumulate and improve my long-term bags i have my bag of xrp i do not touch it the trading bag i have is additional money that i have that's play money i'm

Trying to grow that and anytime i get you know good amount of profit i again take that and i add it to my long-term holdings of you know hbar xrp whatever asset that i believe in okay

So be smart guys obviously i think the winners in this space it's going to be all or nothing so if you are upset with this downtrend don't because in the cryptocurrency

Space it's going to be all or nothing literally these assets are either going to fade away and become zero or they're going to make you massive returns um again this is not too good to be true this is

Truly a revolution occurring if you guys understood the tech um if you just watched charts please go and research the tech if you just you know watch um you know fundamentals and news

Please go and actually look into the technology we can all grow there's always something we're missing here um again ai voice cyber security machine learning um vr dlt which again blockchain

Is just that um they're all the future they're all going to revolutionize everything it's way beyond just cloud computing um you know storage capabilities you know tiny ai is another interesting concept

Um it's everything's going to become more efficient everything is going to be a lot more autonomous there's a lot of projects that i'm excited for but again nothing and i repeat nothing is guaranteed

In one of the best pieces of advice i could give to someone that is currently you know working and simply looking to you know diversify their money and be a little proactive in this market is to do their research and

Never invest more money than you can afford to lose all right and for those of you that have been holding x for p for quite some time you guys are warriors i think that this generation i don't

Care if you're 20 i don't care if you're 60 you that have been an extra p for quite some time are really going to earn this money your friend your family your friends

They're going to tell you that you know they're going to assume that you just got rich quick but we all know the truth is that we got rich slowly right and again i know a lot of you say this but holding

X or p holding digital assets that solve a real problem is literally like winning the lottery in slow motion all right lastly there's also 20 discounts for the ledger nano s's and x's if you guys do

Not have a cold storage wallet that will be in the top of the video description um with the discount code back to school and i believe that that expires on september 21st so again let me know your thoughts down

Below if you guys want me to cover you know other assets or look at v chain potentially and see where that low could be um i absolutely am happy to do so um but honestly guys sit back relax and

Just enjoy your time off this market is going to do what it's going to do um until then we simply just got to sit back and enjoy the ride so thanks so much and i will see you in the next video

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