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published on July 3, 2020



good evening and welcome to NTD news I'm

Stephanie Cox here in today's top


new evidence presented by the Brooks

family lawyer

Rashard Brooks who suck shot twice in

the back by an officer after running

away with an officer's taser

the Department of Health and Human

Services is rolling back an Obamacare

rule it says the former administration's

interpretation of the term gender and an

anti-discrimination law was an overreach

president Trump's campaign manager says

1 million requests came in for his Tulsa

rally this Saturday he also explained

his team's plan to deal with virus

worries during the event officials in

New York disagree over how much to

enforce reopening regulations the

governor threatened to close areas that

are allowing large crowds to gather like

Manhattan and the city's mayor is firing

back and Beijing sees a new surge in

virus cases many worried about a

potential second wave this as

authorities say it traces back to salmon

but many aren't convinced

an update on the race yard Brooks case

the family's lawyer presented more

evidence saying the officer was reckless

to shoot rounds in a Wendy's parking lot

the Brooks family attorney says there's

no justifying the atlanta officers

decision to fatally shoot Rashard Brooks

he called the reckless and showed the

cameras new evidence a witness today

sent us his vehicle which was hit by one

of officer Ellis bullets while he and

his kids were in the car a couple feet

up and we would have had another loss of

life officer Garrett Ross shot Brooks

twice at a Wendy's parking lot after the

suspect ran away with an officer's taser

and shot at one of them the Fulton

County Medical Examiner declared

Brooks's death a homicide but not

necessarily a murder but his family

insists that his death wasn't warranted

there's no justice that can ever make me

feel happy about what's been done I can

never get my husband back I can never

get my best friend his death ignited

protests and a Wendy's burnt to a crisp

and I just asked if you could just keep

it as a peaceful protest that would that

would be wonderful

because we want to keep his name

positive and great other members of the

Brooks family voiced their concerns the

trust that we have with the police force

is broken and the only way to heal some

of these wounds is through a conviction

and a drastic change with the police

department like sitting be where we have

to feel some type of way if we see a

police or somebody of a different color

the district attorney says they'll have

to figure out whether the officer shot

his gun to only capture the suspect or

save a person's life but the lawyer is

arguing that a Taser is not a deadly

weapon and that there were other ways to

capture him the district attorney says

he'll decide whether or not to charge

the officer by Wednesday

President Trump is expected to make an

announcement on a police reform

executive order specifics have not been

given but the president has reportedly

been listening to ideas from across the

aisle and across the country and here's

the dramatic footage of the interaction

between the officers and Brooks Atlanta

police on Sunday released this video

that showed the moments leading up to

the fatal shooting of Rashard Brooks

whose autopsy reportedly showed he was

shot twice in the back footage from

officer Devon Brosnan's body cam shows

him waking Brooks who was asleep at the

wheel of a car in a Wendy's

drive-through lane a party drive to

right now once fellow officer Garrett

Rolf arrives the video showed the two

officers questioning Brooks just take a

deep breath in and then performing a

sobriety check I think you've had too

much to drink to be driving the

situation then quickly spun out of

control the video then showed Roth

attempting to put handcuffs on Brooks he

struggled with the two officers before

breaking free and running across the

parking lot a second videotaped from the

restaurant surveillance cameras shows

Brooks turning as he runs and possibly

aiming a Taser at the officers before

one of them fires his gun and the 27

year-old falls to the ground the police

department has fired Rolf the officer

who allegedly shot and killed Brooks

while Brosnan was put on administrative

leave the killing of Brooks in his

encounter with the two white officers

ignited fiery protests in Atlanta and

prompted the city's police chief to

resign meanwhile authorities on Sunday

announced a 10-thousand dollar reward to

identify those responsible for setting

fire to the Wendy's restaurant where the

incident took place president Trump's

campaign manager tweeted that there have

been over a million ticket requests for

Trump's upcoming rally in Tulsa Oklahoma

it's Trump's first campaign rally since

CCP virus

lockdowns began the campaign says it's

the largest number of requests ever for

any of the president's events guests

will get temperature checks hand

sanitizer and face masks at the rally

which is scheduled for Saturday

President Trump accused the media of

trying to shame him for holding the

rally before the virus is fully stamped


he said the outlets had quote no covin

problem no problem with the rioters and

looters destroying democrat run cities

and an Obama era health care rule is

being rolled back by the Health and

Human Services Department the agency

says certain protections on the basis of

gender identity are an overreach the

Department of Health and Human Services

or HHS says the Obama administration

overreached when they issued a unique

rule one that prohibits health care and

health insurance discrimination on the

basis of patients internal sense of

gender the agency has now finalized a

rule confirming the overreach according

to the HHS director of the office for

civil rights Rodger Severino HHS

respects the dignity of every human


adding that the department vigorously

protects and enforces the civil rights

of all to the fullest extent permitted

by the law the agency says the new rule

could save hospitals insurers and others

almost three billion dollars over five

years by cutting down on regulatory

burdens the new rule deals with

provisions in the Affordable Care Act

also known as Obamacare that law

declared it unlawful for health care

programs to discriminate on the basis of

race color national origin sex age or

disability in 2016 the former

administration interpreted sex to mean

sexual identity or gender identity as

opposed to biological sex the new HH

rule would reverse the Obama era of rule

the Trump administration's reasoning is

that if Congress wanted to forbid

discrimination based on gender or sexual

identity it would have done so more


critics say the new rule could endanger

transgender people HHS says the rule

continues to provide for enforcement of

federal civil rights laws

the Supreme Court rules in favor of a

75 billion dollar natural gas pipeline

environmental groups sued to halt the

pipeline because it crosses under the

Appalachian Trail the US Supreme Court

ruled that the federal government can

allow a 75 billion dollar natural gas

pipeline to cross under the Appalachian

Trail the 7 to 2 ruling on the Atlantic

Coast pipeline was a victory for

Dominion energy in president Trump's

administration both of which appealed a

lower court ruling that halted

construction the decision removes one of

several obstacles facing the project

conservative Justice Clarence Thomas

wrote the decision liberal justices

Sonia Sotomayor and Elin Kagan dissented

environmental groups sued to stop the

pipeline after the us Forest Service

gave the green light for it a court of

appeals found that the Forest Service

lacked the authority because that

portion of the trail is overseen by the

National Park Service and Monday's

ruling the Supreme Court agreed with the

Trump administration that the Forest

Service retained the authority to

approve rights away across the trail the

proposed pipeline would be 600 feet

below a section of the 2,200 mile trail

the head of the Sierra Club's beyond

dirty fuels campaign vowed to contest

the remaining permit applications the

Supreme Court's ruling will also affect

that proposed 300 mile mountain valley

pipeline which would also cross the

trail officials in New York are in

disagreement New York's governor is

threatening to pause reopening for areas

that aren't enforcing safety guidelines

and New York City's mayor is firing back

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio fired

back a New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on

Sunday a City Hall spokesperson told Fox

News via email they don't believe in

prison alure taking away their

livelihood is the answer this response

was over Cuomo threatening earlier in

the day to reinstate closings in areas

that fail to enforce regulations if we

have a high number of violations of the

policy yes there is a very real

possibility that we would roll

back the reopening in those areas the

governor says the state received 25,000

complaints over reopening violations he

singled out Manhattan and the Hamptons

as problem areas the warning comes a day

after he criticized a Twitter video it

showed people tightly packed on a New

York City Street many without masks

the governor says it's better to tackle

this at a local level before going

statewide he caught a local officials to

stop allowing large gatherings saying it

could spread the virus enforce the law

you have large gatherings that are in

violation of the law this will most

probably lead to a spread of the virus

do your job and enforce the law if you

do not end this continues we would have

no choice but to take state action call

most of the state is prepared to take

action against individuals who violate

open container laws as well as

restaurants and bars violating terms of

their licenses up next

China's capital bracing for a second

wave of virus outbreaks after a surge in

cases Chinese authorities say the virus

has been traced to salmon suggesting it

comes from Europe but many aren't

convinced find out more after the break



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China's capital city Beijing is bracing

for a potential second wave of the virus

outbreak after Beijing's new outbreak a

neighboring city also announced wartime

emergency status the new cluster of

cases has spread to three provinces

waiting in long lines residents in

Beijing prepare to get tested for the

CCP virus commonly known as the corona

virus the Chinese capital city is under

wartime emergency mode after new cluster

of cases emerge at the city's largest

wholesale food market 79 new cases over

the past four days most have contact

history with the market some visiting

there around two weeks ago officials say

over two hundred thousand people have

been to the market since ten more

neighborhoods nearby lockdown bringing

the total number to 21 the now closed

market is only ten miles away from

China's central government complex stole

non-high Beijing is conducting testing

in the neighborhoods officials knock on

every houses door to check if anyone

visited the market those that have get

tested daughter baklava a writer

teaching mamita

a Chinese medical expert who has become

well-known during the pandemic made

comments on social media gyeongwan home

stood that all cases linked to the

market so they can be traced but the

huge amount of traffic passing through

means it's not easy to predict where new

clusters will emerge supplying nearly 80

percent of Beijing is vegetables the

market is also well connected with other

cities and provinces

officials say cases related to the

market have spread to three other

provinces including club a loaning in

Sichuan another neighboring city of

Beijing also announced wartime status at

least 10 Chinese cities and provinces

have issued warnings to residents not to

go to the capital and asked me all who

went there recently to report to

authorities to district officials in the

general manager of the scene fatty

Market were fired on Sunday for failing

to control the outbreak Chinese health

officials say they don't know the

original the outbreak saying it's

definitely not from Beijing but is

imported state media quoting a Chinese

CDC expert says that the virus could

come from European countries or from

American countries or could be from

Russia Beijing has previously claimed

the virus originated from the US then

said it could be from Italy or France

the virus first broke out in Wuhan China

Chinese Vice premiers son from Lund said

it's highly likely that the outbreak

will widen and now Chinese authorities

seem to have narrowed down the culprit

for Beijing surge of new virus cases yet

many aren't convinced NTDs Tiffany Mayer

brings us more according to Chinese

authorities the CCP virus has been found

on cutting boards used to slice imported

salmon tartar major supermarkets in

Beijing have started removing salmon

from store shelves some markets and

other cities are also doing the same

other kinds of fish and even some

vegetables have been impacted and are

being thrown out to leading salmon

suppliers in Denmark and Norway told

Reuters that they can't send any salmon

to China because the market is closed

they also noted that none of their

employees have tested positive for the

virus it is commonly believed to be rare

for fish to become infected with the CCP

virus that's because the sea

CP virus is a kind of pneumonia an

illness that targets the lungs but fish

do not have lungs

according to Chinese state-run media

genetic traces of the virus from the

Beijing market outbreak suggest it could

have come from Europe Keith Neill a

retired professor of epidemiology at

Britain's University of Nottingham says

any link to salmon was likely the result

of cross contamination

he explained that China gave the world

this virus and it was always very likely

to give it back to them

finding a strain prevalent in Europe

probably reflects people returning to

China after travelling to Europe some

Chinese netizens appear to be doubting

the Chinese communist regimes imported

salmon narrative one user wrote that

Chinese authorities are misleading

people to believe the virus is from

abroad like Norway Canada the US

Australia and others China's 50-cent

army may now be turning into a 20-cent


that's after it became a partially

seventy Center Army in recent months the

colloquial name describes how the

Chinese communist regime pays Internet

users to post or circulate propaganda

online and on social media but China's

economy is suffering it's 50 cent army

may soon turn into 40 cent army or even

20 cent army according to one job

advertisement those hired will be paid

40 30 or even 20 cents per comment it's

been one year since protests began in

Hong Kong back then Hong Kongers were

worried about an extradition law that

would have allowed Beijing to extradite

anyone in the region to stand trial in

the mainland now a new law a so called

national security law has many people

worried wealthy Hong Kongers feeling

uneasy about the communist regimes

threat to their freedom are making

emergency plans to migrate overseas Hong

Kong residents are looking for an escape

route overseas they're facing a

so-called national security law which

could erode the nation's rule of law and

surrender its freedoms to the Chinese

mainland one local businessman is

selling all his Hong Kong properties and

has already transferred ten million

dollars to Singapore

you'll live there from now on another

investment banker will relocate his

family to Australia so that his kids can

have a better environment growing up and

they're not alone

illegal my home going on you wish you

now seven million people basically

everyone can immigrate but this is not

what hong kong people want right

maybe those rich people will go when

they are scared but everyone likes

living in hong kong those who leave are

forced to go they may not want to go but

they're preparing for the worst anyway

an immigration firm says it's received

five times as many inquiries as usual

since the national security law was

introduced Google search interestingly

of course what tops the google stretch

of course is the national security law

but what was equally popular was the

word immigration so you can imagine

people in Hong Kong are generally quite

worried the US and British governments

have stepped in to help Hong Kong

they're preparing asylum plans for Hong

Kongers who want to leave the unrest

began one year ago when the government

tried to introduce an extradition law

the law would have allowed the Chinese

communist regime to bring anyone in Hong

Kong to the mainland to stand trial

the law was eventually scrapped but

protesters continued fighting for

democracy and investigation into alleged

police brutality many believe the

Chinese Communist Party is now trying to

crush the protests through its national

security law up next our v's are now in

high demand as people who take full

advantage of the country's reopening and

get back outside here more on that and

more when we return




viewers have described China uncensored

like The Daily Show but about China at

the beginning I was super excited when I

got 500 views and now shows grown to

about half a million subscribers on

YouTube one episode reached 79 million

people I am a little freaked out that

that many people have seen my face in

five years I see China uncensored as the

sole source of edutainment worldwide




following the widespread decline of

virus cases in the us RVs are gaining

interest many Americans are eager to get

back on the road and out into nature

now that lockdown restrictions have

relaxed stay at home orders and lockdown

restrictions have been a beam away

across the us thanks to decreasing

numbers of virus infections now people

who are itching to get back outside have

turned their attention to RVs the

portable campers make for an excellent

getaway many see them as a way to escape

the months under quarantine and so now

the RV industry is on fire campgrounds a

common destination for RV owners have

also seen a rise in activity Thousand

Trails campgrounds has seen an upsurge

in bookings and camping pass sales this

summer we've seen a significant spike in

reservations for the remainder of the

camping year this year as people are

released from shelter in place and

starting to move around the country a

little bit RVs or recreational vehicles

can also help people avoid hotels

restaurants and other places that may be

overcrowded you can still travel you can

still go on vacation but you know that

everything is sanitized is yours

yeah I think it's peace of mind in my

case to that and RVs are helping some

people discover that going on adventures

while being safe is still possible post

pandemic the Federal Reserve will start

buying corporate bonds tomorrow making

it easier for companies to borrow money

here's more in today's business briefs

the Federal Reserve said today that it

will begin purchasing corporate bonds

Tuesday it will ensure companies can

borrow through the bond market during

the pandemic the buyer will be from

highly rated investment grade companies

stock markets rose on Monday after the

news boosted investor confidence long

lines of shoppers snaked around stores

in England on Monday as shops reopened

their doors after 83 days of lockdown

stores look very different though as

shoppers must line up outside to limit

numbers inside for social distancing

it's estimated the lockdown has caused

the UK's non-food stores two point three

billion dollars per week in lost

revenues electric carmaker Tesla is

reportedly negotiating possible

incentives with the Texas County it

could bring a new auto assembly plant to

the area near Austin the county court

will discuss terms of the deal on

Tuesday Sun clear weather Tesla has

picked the Austin region as the site for

the plant in the past Elon Musk also

mentioned Oklahoma as a possible site

the number of public charging points for

electric vehicles jumps 60 percent of

2019 biggest increase in three years

according to the International Energy

Agency the increase reflects efforts to

boost infrastructure for an expected

boom in electric car sales according to

the IEA

electric car is only accounted for 1% of

global car stock last year coming up the

Academy Awards are delayed by almost two

months because of the virus's impact on

the movie industry find out how the

awards show is adjusting after the break






the Oscars have been officially

postponed for only the fourth time in

the award shows history it comes after

the virus pandemic halted the film and

entertainment industry delaying film

releases and locking down movie theaters

the 93rd Academy Awards Show will now be

held on April 25th 2021 eight weeks

later than originally planned the

Academy Board of Governors is also

extending the Oscars eligibility window

for feature films and will display the

opening of the Academy Museum of Motion

Pictures for the first time ever the

board is also allowing movies that have

only had an online release to compete

for awards it's a big win for streaming

services like Netflix Academy leadership

has not yet addressed the format of the

show and whether it will be virtual or

in-person and sporting events around the

world are starting up again some games

are still being held silently without

any fans while others stadiums

they're packed with visitors rugby has

returned to New Zealand and the fans are

loving it over 40,000 of them showed up

at Auckland's Eden Park the biggest

crowd in the past 15 years they got to

see the Auckland Blues get a winning

start as they beat the Wellington

Hurricanes 30 to 20 the Australian

Football League has returned as well the

first live game this year was the

eagerly anticipated game between the

Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide power

which was won by Port Adelaide power 110

to 35 the state of South Australia is

the only one in the country to allow

fans in their stadiums but the number is

limited to 2,000 also Spain's top soccer

league La Liga has returned after its

three-month break caused by the pandemic

Real Madrid played its first game after

their break against Aybar winning three

to one they chose to play at their

practice facility because their main

stadium is under construction meanwhile

the European Football Association's

Executive Committee will soon start

planning how to resume the Champions and

Europa League some changes might be made

to the playoffs media reports suggest

the Champions League final may move from

Istanbul to

in Frankfurt or Moscow and an Olympic

cyclist from Columbia was doing his

usual training when he peeked behind him

to see a worker from a flower farm

easily keeping pace behind he was so

impressed that he equipped the farmer

with a brand new biking gear and that's

all for now

thanks for tuning in I'm Stephanie Cox









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