Bronies have a thriving music scene

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

Bronies — adult male fans of the show My Little Pony:

Friendship is Magic — represent a thriving
subculture They have conventions around the

world, movies produced by Q, and, naturally
tons of sweet tunes Like trotstep, which is

dubstep, but about My Little Pony

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the
creation of former Powerpuff Girls director

Lauren Faust The fourth generation of Pony
television-tie-ins, it made its debut in fall 2010

on the Hasbro-owned Hub network Targeted
at girls aged 2 to 11, it's fun and bright

and positive and feminine And dudes love

Bronies are an oft-derided culture of grown-ass
men who enjoy a cartoon about magical ponies

Let's get this out of the way — bronies,
you do you Andrew WK has written about brony

culture and spoken at brony conventions

A fan of Pinkie Pie, the "most party of the
ponies," he crucially notes "It's amazing

that a cartoon show about small horses can
teach us how to be real men" But he doesn't

have any brony songs yet

AcousticBrony are two bronies from the UK
Like many My Little Pony musical enthusiasts,

they started with covers of songs from the
show — a gateway drug that Friendship is

Magic songwriter Daniel Ingram encourages,
because he seems like a super nice guy

That comment came from a MandoPony video
MandoPony might be even more popular than

AcousticBrony — their collaboration track,
"Loyalty," a reference to the popular Rainbow

Dash character, is kind of a certified brony
hit, like if Coheed and Cambria sang about

cartoon ponies

It's worth noting that Rainbow Dash is actually
voiced by Ashleigh Ball, vocalist for Hey

Ocean, in case you were looking for a way
to tie Vancouver indie rock into this whole


Trotstep It's part of the remix culture that
permeates My Little Pony and any modern internet

fandom But with a way funnier name

Discord is the evil former ruled of Equestria,
where Friendship is Magic takes place He's

voiced by John de Lancie, Q from Star Trek, who's actually made a movie about brony culture And he is the inspiration

for this song by Eurobeat Brony

Wish there was a metal version of that song for you to listen to? Don't
worry, Bronyfield's got you with his

Brony Metal Medley

How fun and harmless is all this? It's totally
fun and totally harmless A lot of the general cultural queasiness

around bronies stems from everyone just thinking that they're pervs Which they're not

Unless they're cloppers

Cloppers are the sexy ones, making sure that
the internet's unwritten Rule 34 –

if it exists, there is porn for it – is abided by And
if there is porn for it, there is music for it

Still gross Let's keep it lighthearted and have
Q sing a bit about hipster bronies Keep it all positive

If you're not a brony,
could you ever listen to brony music?

Keep in mind that Archie V, a Russian brony DJ, was just signed to Kontor Records,

which is the same German label as Tiesto

And Bronies? Did I miss your favourite brony artist? Let us know
in the comments, and subscribe for more This Exists every week

And that's how Equestria was made

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