BREAKING: Fed Printing INFINITE Money | What Does This Mean For Bitcoin?

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Look I'm not trying to see here and add to the whole scare media thing or anything like that but I'm gonna be just completely honest with you guys the world economy has never ever shut down this fast ever okay guys millions of people are losing or already have lost

Their job okay the C virus is spreading extremely fast it's going parabolic you see financial influencers on stantly talking about the current state of the markets it's almost impossible to get away from

This news but I never thought it would come to something as crazy as this this is truly history guys the government is giving the Fed unlimited unlimited power to print as much money as they want as a stimulus package what does this mean for

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and more importantly what does this mean for the whole economy of the United States and the rest of the world guys I'm gonna do some predictions here keep watching

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Have created it myself there's a website in the link below all relevant links are gonna be in a description below you guys think I'm playing here this is literally the New York Fed or you can literally see right

Here I'm not lying this was the schedule for yesterday today is the 25th and then you can see headlines everywhere and talking about the six trillion dollars that they're pumping into the economy okay this might

Seem like a good thing short term and you know I was talking to my dad and kind of older people that have been you know obviously on this earth longer than I have and they're all like like positive about it

What what's positive about diluting the supply of money I'm gonna explain in more details I'm gonna give you guys historical evidence I'm not just gonna go on charts and everything like that I'm give you the historical evidence

Hundreds of years of evidence why this is not that good of a solution is actually a very short-term quick fix solution that you know this the common theme of you know modern society is seem to adopt and how it could be really bad

Long term guys it could be really really bad long term look I'm just gonna quickly go over this video by 60 minutes it's gonna break it down in more detail and we're gonna jump into specifics on what's exactly going on they kind of

Just spill all the beans in this video they straight-up just spill all the beans in this video this type of information whether you want it to be involved in your life or not it's very important if you have money in your bank

If you have money a Bitcoin if you have money and goals you have a million stock if you have money anywhere this information is very very important let me jump into the video millions of people are going to lose their jobs

That's what's so scary about this millions of people have already lost their jobs let me show you I'm talking about this is the unemployment charts really scary this is gonna be very scary for you guys but look the unemployment

Chart this is 2008 recession okay we're looking at you know this big recession that every everyone wants to talk about you know my mom always talks about it you know how she survived the recession and I'm sure you've heard of it you know

Time and time again this is the unemployment this is a prediction by Goldman Sachs there's actually six days ago they predicted that is scary in that short amount of time that's just extremely mind-blowing that is

Mind-blowing so it's not that they're gonna lose they already have loss are we in a recession if we're not right now we will be soon so he's just kind of he's obviously trying to sugarcoat it we are already in a recession people the

Pullback in the S&P 500 has exceeded 30 percent even though it just recently bumped back up this is the fastest 30 percent decline in the history of all you know united states so I would say we are clearly in a recession my basic case

Scenario is we will at least have a mild recession like after 9/11 the worst case would be we'd have a deep recession like the 2008 financial crisis we just don't know right now okay so they keep saying 2008 but I'm gonna show you historical

Evidence that it's more like the Great Depression and less like 2008 for sure people they're definitely sugarcoating this but you know even though he's sugarcoating this as much as you possibly can you know he does spill a

Lot of beans that it's so funny that people think it's a positive thing but it's just it's almost like they flip the script on you they make such a bad thing look so good and I don't show you what I'm talking about will the Federal

Reserve ensure that banks have all the cash they need to satisfy whatever withdrawals may be coming yes this is the fundamental reason the Federal Reserve exists we call it lender of last resort this is literally why central

Bankers exist more on this for the rest of the video they're very scared for you guys to pull out your cash I've already pulled out my cash from the bank just to let you know if everybody gets scared at the same time and they demand their

Money back that's why the Federal Reserve is here is to make sure that there's liquidity that there's money to meet those demands we will absolutely those demands what he's basically saying is they'll do everything in their power

To print as much money as they can to meet the demands of the people pulling out money from the bank or and you know the recent case which is basically the liquidity you know there's no little quid everybody wants US Dollars nobody

Wants any of these you know horrible investments so the government is printing six trillion dollars to try to combat that is the Fed just going to print money that's literally what Congress has told

Us to do that's the authority that they have given us to print money and provide liquidity into the financial system and that's how we do it we created electronically and then we can also print it with the Treasury Department

Printed so that you can get money out of your ATM are the banks sound they are right now they are right now now we're hearing from big businesses across the country including in Minnesota that big businesses are drawing down their credit

Lines they're borrowing money from the banks just because they're nervous and if they're all drawing down these credit lines at the same time it puts stress on the banking system and that's where the Federal Reserve steps in to provide that

Liquidity to make sure that the banks have enough money to get out to their customers that's where the reserve steps in to print as much money as they possibly can to keep their failed system from falling okay so you know I have

Kind of the same views you would think that obviously you know the whole premise is video they're printing the money it's a bad thing but for the short-term you know guys I was actually talking to somebody and he has some

Pretty good insight you know it'll be a catastrophe if they didn't do any type of stimulus it will be post apocalyptic people are gonna riot hit the streets do everything in their power so I do believe in short-term you know you got

To do what you got to do right essentially so that doesn't mean that this system is a flawed in the first place and I'm explain what I'm talking about longer term solutions to this

Devastating problem 49 year experiment that America has you know basically been using Keynesian economics I'm gonna explain what I'm talking about guys this is historical I have historical evidence hundreds of years back to the Roman

Empire of why these systems do not work can you characterize everything that the has done this past week as essentially flooding the system with money yes exactly and there's no end to your ability to do that there is no a number

One we were always too slow and too timid in responding of the crisis the reason is we didn't know how bad it was gonna get and we didn't want to overreact and it turned out it got really really bad and the right answer

Should have been overreacting to try to avoid the devastating recession that we ended up happening so today whether it's healthcare policymakers fiscal policy makers which means Congress or the Federal Reserve we should all be erring

On the side of overreacting to try to avoid the worst economic outcome quick here's a trillion of course I'm not oblivious to what's going on I could see how this is gonna be really good for the economy in the short term but it's kind

Of like I would say you know kind of like somebody is addicted to something right there you try to take so an alcoholic off of alcohol they start getting sick and start getting really sick and the only way to kind of solve

That in a short term is to give them more alcohol even if it's a little bit right you give them a little bit more alcohol they feel better but what that does is it prolongs the problem so when I think about a problem I think the best

Way to solve it and maybe you have the same opinions is to go to the root cause of the problem and purging okay go to the root cause of the current financial system we're gonna be diving into some history here and I'm gonna show you

Exactly what I mean but this why this quantitative easing why this money printing is six trillion dollars that they're putting into the market it's not necessarily a good thing okay so the first one I think of is rise stones okay

If you guys don't know a rise stones are they're basically a form of money in the island of Yap this is you know hundreds of years ago right and basically just large donuts shaped rocks right here as you can see now the reason why these

Were so valuable to the people is because it wasn't native to the island you would actually have to go to another Island to harvest it and it was just really expensive to do it kind of reminds me a little bit like

Proof-of-work and Bitcoin right and the thing is is that they actually worked a lot like Bitcoin because these stones wouldn't be moved there'd be literally placed and if you were to sell something and you wanted to buy

Something with the right stone or something like that you should do some type of commerce then you would essentially assign the right zone to another you know citizen of the society right essentially like Bitcoin public

Ledger the bitcoins are technically on the blockchain it doesn't move anywhere when you send a transaction they just assign it to another person right that's essentially what this was now this all went south okay when they started

Basically devaluing their currency now it wasn't specifically the native people of Yap but it was this guy it was via his name is David Dean O'Keefe he okay so he basically shipwrecked on the island I'm trying to make this as simple

As possible he shipwrecked on the island and while he was there other people kind of helped him out he saw a really big opportunity with coconuts so he saw that this island had a ridiculous amount of coconuts and he wanted to sell it to

Coconut oil makers right so in doing so he tried to get the people of the island to basically join him and gathering his coconut and basically just taking part in an export exportation of these coconuts but the problem was is that the

People didn't value you know David's money right they didn't they didn't value Dave it was just a piece of paper they didn't care about they cared about rice stones okay so he didn't want to take a no for an answer being an

Entrepreneur so he goes right he leaves the island and he goes and finds a whole bunch of dynamite and a whole bunch of like you know modern technology to harvest this this rice stone so he goes blows up you know this huge Rock starts

Harvesting a ridiculous amount of rice stone takes it back to the island of Yap and he starts trying to pay them in their own currency but the problem was is that specifically the elders of Yap they were basically saying that you know

The rice stone wasn't gathered in the ancient ways they're their traditional way so it wasn't valuable essentially there was like funny money funny Bitcoin regardless of that people still started accepting the payments like under the

Table they're getting this rise stone there was coming out and they were coming out of nowhere and basically this devalued the rise stone because it was really easy to get ok essentially it was easy money printing six trillion dollar

The same thing okay we can see this also and Agra beats okay Agra beats basically of in Africa same thing they use this glass these glass beads as a form of payment okay it was really hard for them to make these

Glass beads then Europeans came in with their you know glass making technology actually a lot of people you can look it up for yourself started calling Agri beads slave beads because they came in they devalued their money by putting

More instead of supply and people are essentially used as slaves and we could see similar situations all across history back to the Roman Empire we can see it currently right now a hyperinflation a whole bunch of

Countries hyper inflating their money and it's being rendered useless in Venezuela we see it in Venezuela now we see you know United States of doing it now this is gonna blow your mind a little bit when I saw this video I

Really didn't believe it you know usually when I see something like this I do the exact opposite and I already did it I did it like weeks ago but let's look at this right here so this is from the FDIC glove and they're putting these

Weird videos out guys they're putting these really weird videos we're living in unprecedented time at a time of a pandemic like this it is way too easy to get confused and to have fear about what you should be doing with your money in

Your accounts especially as you're looking developed at the volatility in the stock market and the financial sector this is what I would like you to take away from this your money is safe at the banks the last thing you should

Be doing is pulling your money out of the banks now thinking that it's going to be safe for someplace else you don't want to be walking around with large wads of cash and you certainly don't want to be hoarding cash in your

Mattress it didn't pan out well for so many people and I will tell you this no depositor has lost a penny of their insured deposit since 1933 when the FDIC was created so if you're talking about having your money in a safe place

Keep it in an fdic-insured Bank no usually with videos like this it's kind of funny to me I do the exact opposite of what they say cuz it's really weird that they're putting this video out in the first

Place the fact that they have to convince people to leave their money in the banks is really weird they're panicking they're freaking out people and everybody goes and withdraws their money from the bank this bank run is

Gonna cause an economic collapse people if you look right here they say specifically that they haven't lost a dollar since 1933 which is kind of laughable because you know for people that don't know anything

You notice that makes a lot of sense maybe they haven't lost a physical dollar since 1933 but we know that's all bs look as you look at this chart here at the bottom right this is inflation people this is the purchasing power of

The dollar this is what actually makes sense in a dollar so as you can see from 1933 the power of $100 okay so literally right now with $100 if you would have purchased like an item or something 100 bucks you'll get an

Equivalent of 5 dollars in 1933 so you spend five dollars in 1933 the same amount you'll get now with a hundred so it's not the fact that you know they're taking physical dollars the fact that the purchasing power the whole reason

The dollars work in the first place are being slowly inflated inflation people they're taking away the most important part about our money slowly over time under the radio radar without you actually knowing it's because people

Don't have don't take the time to learn economics they don't take the time to learn simple supply and demand right people it's not hard things here it's a simple supply and demand and to couple with that look they're actually you know

Tomorrow March 26 this they were used to fractional reserve so essentially if you put in a hundred dollars into your bank account they only are required to keep ten percent which is ten dollars in your bank account they're dropping that to

Zero so if you put a hundred dollars into your bank account essentially they don't have to keep any of that physical cash so they're trying to convince you to not pull your money while simultaneously taking away the physical

Deposit for the cash and the banking these are all red flags what is going on they're freaking out right now they don't know what to do six trillion dollars in two hour is the biggest the biggest stimulus

Package we have ever seen ever in the history of United States it's just you guys are living in exciting times I will admit now we looked into the history and by the way guys I'm gonna be making my videos a lot shorter a lot of people

Been talking about you know they're asking me hey Alex can you make your videos a little shorter so I decided to make this a little more concise so what does this mean for the United States right like what's going on like what is

This how is this gonna have effect on our lives well one I pulled my money from my bank account I have physical cash and you know probably really oh they literally say in the video oh don't put it on your mattress well why not who

Cares you could essentially deposit it back if I was wrong about that you could easily deposit it back but you know what's happening with the current state of the u.s. dollar guys this hyperinflation here well what it goes

Through is basically this weird loophole and we've seen this time and time again so essentially what happens is these big businesses they don't want to take out any more credit right people stop making investments they're scared right and

They want to go into u.s. dollar they want to hold the dollar okay and when they want to hold the dollar there's a liquidity problem in stocks and investments all traditional assets there's acquitted they literally coined

The term there's liquidity problems in the United States right now right now it's hard to find liquid cash right so what happens is the Fed comes in and they solved that liquidity problem which in turn scares more people which in

Turns making it having them they have to solve what they have unlimited power so they solve it again and it goes through this cycle of them hyper inflating the dollar they're printing more and more to solve the liquidity

Problem people getting scared so all the liquidity problem people are getting scared and just keeps going until they're printing just way too much actually six trillion of my opinion just way too much in the first place and this

Is kind of wringing the same Bell of the 2008 crash right now it's not exactly the same but keep in mind guys Bitcoin was created after the 2008 crash right they printed to three trillion dollars here so we're gonna do some price

Predictions so you guys can see like some cool stuff here but this is a really cool article during the crisis of 2008 the Federal Reserve United States printed over two trillion in order to prevent global you know credit bubble

Same thing this is a good basic a big credit bubble right there capacity rocket with a three so essentially they're taking on the debt Bitcoin was introduced in next year following which the cryptocurrency

Market we know today came to into beginning so Bitcoin was literally created for this reason this exact reason we're happening right now Bickham was created okay it's going to rise because of it okay on the day of the

Collapse the Fed announced that would be utilizing the repo market basically they're explaining here that the first claps that we saw recently they started printing the heck out of the money they did everything in their power to

Stimulate the market a repo or repurchase agreement is a form of short-term borrowing mainly in government securities where organizations who already own a lot of securities are allowed to borrow money

At a cheap rate essentially what the government doing is they're bailing out the banks people that have been making horrible decisions investment decisions get free money and it makes no sense to me because these banks are just way too

Big and essentially if they go down then a lot of people's money go down so they do everything in their power to keep them going right whenever a financial system goes south the central bank prints money that is

Their problem for anything if there's anything wrong with the economy they just print money it's just horrible think it's Keynesian thinking however as people move towards the US dollar the printing of the enormous amount of money

Depreciates and people start moving towards crypto once they start realizing wow like the federal government you know this this modern economics is not working it's never worked they're just pushing the problem into the future

That's all they're doing right every time they print pushing the problem into the future there's going to be a economic collapse I don't know if it's gonna be now I don't know if it's gonna be five years

From now but it's going to happen and the more that they push it into the future the worse it's gonna get it's it's gonna get bad and I'm telling this is you know simple supply and demand I'm not throwing anything crazy here

Everybody kind of knows this so in 2008 when they did you know the two trillion dollars 145 billion in capital found its way to Bitcoin and etherium okay that's specifically only Bitcoin a theorem so let's do a little quick private price

Prediction now keep in mind guys like this is when you know Bitcoin first started and this is obviously in a five-year period right after first printing cycle in 2008 2013 it was claimed about 145 billion okay so you

Know currently we are we have much bigger exposure as cryptocurrency Bitcoin has ridiculous exposure compared to before there's a lot more people in this economy the market has in 2017 essentially a lot of people learned

About bitcoins 17 so it's much bigger now they're more much more likely to go back but let's just be really conservative here so if we take you know for example 145 billion okay and this isn't a five-year period

We're just cut it down to like two years because I think that's especially with the bloc happening I think a lot more capital is going to dump into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency guys remember we've seen a total market capitalization of

One trillion dollars before so this prediction here that I'm making is gonna be very conservative so 145 billion here let's add that up with the current market cap of cryptocurrency as a whole so it's another 185 wait we have to

First multiply this by 3 so essentially they just printed 6 trillion right so back in the day and they only printed 2 trillion so if we multiply this by 3 we have 400 and you know 35 ok whyme whyme why am I getting that number this is

Very rough calculations but the reason why I'm getting that number is because again they captured 145 billion what a two trillion printout I'm essentially multiplying multiplying it by 3 this is the biggest stimulus package ever and

You know I gotta kind of match that so let's say we capture another 435 billion the reason I'm good is because a lot of people really don't believe in Bitcoin they really think that there's 6,000 dollar you know is really expensive and

That is not the case ok so that's the total market cap let's add it up with 185 billion right here and I'm just gonna show you how easy it is to see how cheap Bitcoin could potentially be and this is a very bad prediction I have

Better prediction videos you can go check that out for yourself but 620 billion now bitcoins dominance is at 66% so multiply that by 0.66 so bitcoins gonna capture 409 billion divided by the total circulating supply very rough

Calculations it's at 18 million let's just do like 19 million just to make it conservative 19 million okay so that's a $21,000 Bitcoin can we see a $21,000 Bitcoin again you will we've already seen a $20,000 Bitcoin we've already

Seen you know look as you can see here 314 the market cap of Bitcoin right here three hundred and fourteen billion dollars or fifteen billion dollars okay I've already seen it before to say something like this can't happen

Again in the next two years is absolutely ridiculous it's going to happen the market capital of cryptocurrency is way too small and as people start realizing what's going on with this you know devaluation of the

Money okay when I start doing a little bit of research I start reading some books start seeing that bitcoins not the place for drug dealers like less than 3% of all transactions go through drug deals actually if you were to do

Transactions through Bitcoin it's a public ledger it's a public ledger there's nothing safe about doing illegal transactions on Bitcoin if anything it's much easier to hide your footsteps with US dollars than it is Bitcoin it's if

You're a real criminal it is stupid to try to use your criminal activities with Bitcoin does it make sense but that's it for this video guys if you like the quality as content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticisms

Subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with it you will get left behind

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