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egg yolk what is going on with my people the chica army in any newbie who can be considered a viewer of the – my name is Tyler host of the crypto channel that needs to replace clip from Monday are you on Instagram now let's just watch

This clip from a 1947 French film you love the city the bus you're not good you know how the French predicted it it's time for Chico crypto well today decides it will the markets be bullish

For the 4th like I predicted yesterday will they be pumping for America's day of Independence well as we know that June jobs report came out and it was better than expected four point eight million net payrolls were added an

Unemployment came out lower than expected at 11.1% thus the Dow yesterday had a big old opening pump and then a slight dump and then it settled down into a range over 231 points more than yesterday the stock markets they were up

But Bitcoin it went down what the Freak Tyler I thought the two were correlated well I didn't see this coming and I don't think anyone did the biggest news to rock the crypto markets was dropped yesterday and coin Telegraph

Dropped the news in an article titled BitFenix investor reportedly detained by Chinese authorities with the sub heading that says Zhou dong was taken into custody by the police with no official statement as to his detention the

Article states were reports circulating in Chinese media alleges a dong head of the over-the-counter crypto lending platform renren bit has been detained by local police the validity of these reports is not known at this time

Son se dong is currently in a police station in hang Zoo others claim he is in yang Cheng although a you gram of sino global capital said this on Twitter seems confirm that rinrin bit CEO xiaotong has in fact been

Detained by hang zoo police it's extremely important to be clear that number one detained is not the same as arrested number two it does not necessarily follow that this is in relation to rinrin bits business

Operations I'm sure it has nothing to do with his OTC operations and involvement with tether us DT yeah what you're saying Matt is a bunch of BS and that is most likely what it has to do with because your boy Chico has been covering

Xiaotong his relation to tether and one more that is not talked about by anyone finance let's watch a previous clip of mine in which I covered the connection now remember Zhao dong bits neck shareholder he is extremely tight with

Bits necks even posting this picture with CFO Giancarlo Devin EC claiming to have seen tether bank accounts fully fully fully full well Zhao isn't only a shareholder in BitFenix but he's also an angel investor and advisor in finance

According to the first release of their white paper need more evidence that cz is a part of the tether cartel how about this conversation with the crypto art now I did want to ask you as well there's been a lot of accusations made

Against the guys over at tether how do you feel about that situation what what are your thoughts on it my general feeling is that there's always more flood in the community than there are positive things so and the father

Usually more usually more over reactive I did meet with the key guy from before next in person a few day couple of weeks ago and we did talk about this issue and there was a couple of other guys who I trust to a pretty high degree they said

They had a look at that accounts yes cz met with the tether execs and a couple people he trusts looked into their accounts a que vão dong so thou is connected closely to both tether execs and finance execs

I wonder why investor of course but what does he provide for them well let's just look at a rinrin bit timeline they were created in august of 2018 i wonder what was going on with tether us dt during that time

Well let's look at another nice timeline of events put together by Amy caster in June banking problem started with no bank their banking relationship going down the drain and then another banking relationship with HSBC goes kaput so

Just a coincidence as a launch run run bit then an OTC desk would step directly in tether know they needed cash money pit the next and tether so the plan was to take Bitcoin from Chinese investors through OTC uset trades and get cash

Flowing because as we know they lost 850 million dollars of it then going back to that rinrin bit timeline after rinrin launched wallet apps and trading super-quick they supported the BitFenix le o token sale and Zhou was a major

Component of winning Chinese trust back in BitFenix and Ezard okay Tyler I get he is connected to tether and is a major component of OTC trading in China how is this bad for the likes of Finance besides them being an investor while

Yahoo covered the rest a bit deeper in an article title China police said to detain crypto OTC traders amid money laundering crackdown and the article says as Chinese police step up efforts to crack down on illegal economic

Activities crypto over-the-counter traders are being detained to assist investigations and another sign Chinese law enforcement are targeting crypto currency trading so dong a prominent Chinese crypto OTC trader and the

Co-founder of crypto lending platform rinrin bit has been held up by police in the city of Hangzhou it continues to say as the rumor drew wider attention given Zhou's prominent status a representative of rinrin bit said in a statement on

Social media platform Weibo that one unnamed OTC trading desk in Beijing had its whole team taken away by police late last month it does not appear that any of the OTC traders were outright arrested rinrin bit said south who was

Involved in the OTC team but not involved in the day-to-day trades returned to China from Japan in early June and is now actively assisting local police and anti-fraud and anti-money laundering invest

Jayson's yeah oh he is a pawn for police giving away details to save his own bootay and look at this coin Telegraph article posted in June of last month finance reportedly trades crypto in China despite ban says it runs test site

In the article it says top crypto Exchange Finance seems to be providing trading services for mainland Chinese customers despite the local ban a report published yesterday by China National Radio or CN

R alleges according to CN r finance CEO Chang Feng Zhao also known as C Z has been promoting a website called Finance gh comm on his Weibo page and then in September of last year by Nance announced that they would be launching a

Fiat to crypto OTC desk for the Chinese yuan was cz stepping on some toes Chico thinks so but this goes deeper and I covered what was going on in the video posted in January of this year with a video titled bitcoins deadly use case

Revealed China cartels and druga money laundering of course that video is in the description if you want the full picture but we're going to watch what is important right now the rogue hundred OTC desk finance and Hawaa be financed

Wahby and other crypto exchanges across the globe are indirectly or directly involved with a massive money-laundering operation which involves a Chinese mafia Mexican cartels Chinese underground banking systems in Chinese OTC crypto

Brokers so let's begin with the OTC brokers as they were named in the chain alice's report they called these brokers who specialized in moving illegal funds the rogue 100 and the rogue hundred is moving hundreds of millions of dollars

With total volumes increasing month by month since 2017 the chain alysus report describes what the rogue one hundred does very well the problem however is that while most OTC brokers run a legitimate business some of them

Specialize in providing money laundering services to criminals OTC brokers typically have a lower kyc requirement than the exchanges they operate on many of them take advantage of this laxity and help criminals

Launder and cash out funds usually first by exchanging Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and to tether as a stable intermediary currency before they presumably cash out into Fiat which happens in a complex web always

Involving more than one OTC broker by analyzing their transactions in the chain Alice's reactor they visualize how to corrupt OTC brokers taken funds from criminal sources on the far left we see funds start at a criminal entity move

Through an intermediary wallet and then move on to two OTC brokers both of whom are on the road hundred lists the OTC brokers then move the funds to Wobby most likely to be converted to USD T they also visualize an example of how

Corrupt OTC brokers frequently transact with one another moving millions upon millions worth of BTC back and forth through each other to try and trick analysis software and hide the trail but tether USD T is highly important to

Those OTC deaths as it keeps the criminal clients value stable until they are ready to cash out into fiat well I wonder which exchanges have the most tether according to the tether rich list number one finance number two fine hands

Number three Wahby number four Wahby how about we just look at the volume by currency breakdown for finance and Halabi 80% USD T or over for each of the exchanges finance being slightly worse than hobby which makes sense because

According to chain alysus they were receiving slightly more illicit funds so the reason for these high tether amounts on these exchanges is because these OTC desks need to keep criminal funds stable before cashing out

On the Fiat exchanges another OTC desk which provides fiat services and more so again if you want to see the full connections to the Droog US and cartels please find the vid in the description but the point is this that finance and

Wahby they are relying on these OTC desks to keep that volume flow in and if they are shut down and nullified things are not going to be good for either of those exchanges and their coins and investigations being performed might

Just lead police right back to the execs of each exchange who worked very closely together because of the money laundering and actions back to funds being moved for the druga cartels I can guarantee you

This is pressure from the United States to shut down the rogue hundred Chinese OTC deaths which is a lifeline of Finance Wahby which makes it a lifeline of BitFenix and tether so what is going to happen to

Bitcoin are the markets going to tumble well I can tell you this it's good to stop illegal activity like that but we all know we're all tethered trading volume comes from China and Bitcoin right now relies on USD T to keep it

Going so it's ups to tether bits and X their Chinese partners are going down like Charlie Brown will they do a massive print soon well they think they are the feds so I wouldn't doubt it for a second

Cheers viewers I'll see you next time

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