by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

Yeah why is he looking at me like that what's up little bud you got a staring problem huh like what dude is just looking at you you baby look at his face stop yo Sam get your boy I think this is actually probably gonna be the most likely thing over the next

Few days day or two maybe another hundred or two dollars to really test this and if we can actually test that then maybe we can move above that but again we really have to wait and be patient we're probably gonna be heading

Up for a move over the next day or two Wow target hit lock and loaded well Bitcoin continued as we break the 66 currently actually pumping as I'm recording this video what are the targets to the upside guys we have a lot

To take a look at on this chart as we as you can see from the clip from the beginning this was a very significant area we actually got a quick bounce off of it and rejected but currently we're bouncing back up now if we continue with

What levels of resistance are we likely to find as well if we take a look on this chart guys this is a very key pattern these lines are absolutely crucial we're gonna be going over this this structure during this video and a

Very key level to the downside as well as so upside what is standing in the way Wow and as we've been talking about for weeks guys this ascending triangle that we brought to light many many days ago what are the targets for this upside

Okay we have so much to look at in regards to this and there's a lot of other patterns going on in here as well where can we find some significant resistance and also guys what are the chances that Bitcoin rallies into having

And as well what about the end of the year 2020 will we see new all-time highs at any point during 2020 let's get Charlie what's going on you guys welcome back to very exciting update we're actually getting a pretty

Big move so we tweeted this around 2 o'clock Eastern Standard Time earlier today as we were coming down to this very key level now we knew we're gonna get some kind of reaction here we've already been down here once twice 3

Now's our fourth time down here and guys as you know from the charts we clearly did get a pump and actually finding resistance right now at our other line right here so very important this is a very key thing and I want to spend a lot

Of time talking about this as well so guys buckle in also congrats so much to the winner yesterday we did send that out today but guys you're gonna win this ledger make sure to leave a comment below hit the Lights

Hit the dings hit the subscribe and let's do this so because this is kind of the first time we're talking about this specifically I want to spend some time talking about this guys so this pattern actually really interesting to look at

All of these lines are completely parallel our favorite types of patterns when they're just like line up perfectly with each other you can see all of these lines hold a very important level here so we have it originally falling through

Here finding support here on the bottom bouncing three you guys see found support on certain levels resistance and support on certain levels their support on levels here support support fell through you saw in

A for our to a different for our then found resistance found support resistance and now we're actually finding resistance again so we think that's absolutely key as well we do have this light red dotted line as kind of

The lowest target for this pattern to dip into and still remain valid as you can see here we came down here once we wick down into for our candles is what kind of kind of went significantly blow that obviously back on the initial drop

On that for our candle which was pretty big but we do have this down here right about the six thousand is where it would be if it came down right now which also perfectly lines up here with this where this sloping resistance is we're gonna

Get into this chart as well and also the six thousand actually lines up perfectly with this level this following level of support here you can see that Purple Line which would be right around the six thousand two if it came down to this

Line right about here so that's real important we continue look at both of those charts but I just wanna finish up here this one is on the four hour I think this one's really important for the next few days specifically so we're

Gonna be taking a lot of time looking at this one these lines have been amazing these lines have been pretty much hitting target after target so these are really important as you can see right here we're facing our first level of

Resistance here we bounced straight from here basically all the way up and we can put it on thirty minutes so you can actually see just how like precise it is zoom into the thirty minute you can see pretty much all the way straight up in

30 minute candles and you can see it wikked all the way up to sixty seven twenty-three now it's currently at 66 82 about a fifty dollar difference there bounced right off of here so if we're gonna continue upwards again next level

Of resistance would be seven thousand now that's huge seven thousand let's zoom back out to the four hour seven thousand would be huge because also seven thousands the very top of this move of this ascending triangle that

We've had on here for about a week very key pattern seven thousand if we broke out of there that could initiate some sort of a blast off right there now obviously seven thousands a big big resistance zone eight thousand being the

Biggest as we've been talking about but on this chart as well seven thousand might take a lot to get above but as well we also have this descending line which as the time goes on this is about 7,000 right now as well so

Again we think 7,000 obviously is gonna be pretty big resistance moving forward after 7,000 would be roughly about 75 I think based on this on the daily chart again I think that's really important there but again as we're right now we're

At 66 which is what we talked about yesterday as the target if we're gonna continue upwards 7,000 is going to be obviously very huge resistance for a lot of reasons it's on every single chart all three of these charts right here has

7,000 is a pretty big level okay all these lines line up perfectly 7,000 ascending lines up here we have 7,000 descending on the daily chart this is the four hour on the daily 7000 lines up with this line and then is well on a

Different four-hour chart 7000 is just the biggest the highest level of pump pitch on this ascending triangle they've been talking about and if we zoom out and actually get all of the volume over the past about two years here actually

Start about one year 7,000 is a pretty big level in terms of the volume right about here this is 7,000 but again guys 8,000 is by far the biggest you see that right here it's the point of control here on the VP VR this red line okay

This is kind of like the biggest area so 8200 again it actually lines up very much with a lot of these different things here 7,000 huge 8,000 huger even huger and then we said as we move forward ten thousands gonna be less and

Less of a giant significant level if we get above some of these key levels that I think structurally on the daily and weekly charts that 10,000 looks a little bit weaker than what 8,000 currently is as well guys this descending level of

Support I think is the biggest thing as we consolidate more and more in this overall pattern if we zoom out as we consolidate more and more you see this pattern getting work more and more crunch time okay things just getting

Smaller and smaller and tighter and tighter and eventually say we'd go all the way out to let's say may even and we get here this is only down at 95 if we broke 95 by then I think probably come back and retest it but by then I think

That would just be that would be blast off sound okay I don't think we need to get back up to like 14k first and I don't think we would need to get up to 10.5 K first I think this is probably the prevailing resistance of this entire

Giant pattern now this goes back two years this goes back to the actually over two years to the end of 2017 so very important there I think that's gonna be the biggest thing to take a look at so as well I have these red

Lines guys I think the red lines are going to be the biggest obstacles for Bitcoin moving forward it's cool because we're so close to them already we're we're like you know within $1,000 again as the price consolidates we're getting

Crunched into this crunch time so it's more and more important there but overall these charts are just extremely accurate so far this one specifically is actually really amazing to look at this is ever since it fell on March twelfth

Year so this ascending channel and these perfect parallel lines I think are just crucial you can see they're the exact same slant upwards but also they're basically the same spacing in between as well guys so that's just absolutely

Crucial now I want to take a look at this before we dive too much deeper this is basically a article talking about the all-time high being in 2020 so this chart this article on coin deaths actually has the chances of Bitcoin

Reaching all-time highs by the end of 2020 at 4% okay and they're using the options market as the signal there how about that is I guess we won't know until about eight months from now but most important I want to draw your

Attention to this part of the article the odds of a post having rally which is less than 50 days away now it states here historically reward having has led to monumental economic growth for Bitcoin and other

Cryptocurrencies giant vertical lines here they do that price pumps exponentially in the past now will that happen every single having I think there's I don't think people really know for sure yet because there's only been

Two while they're having so far so it hasn't been around long enough Brennan Mintz CEO of Bitcoin ATM provider Bitcoin Depot said that in Matthew did the co-founder of stack funds said he expects the having event to create

Upward pressure on bitcoins price over the coming two months investors will take up positions in anticipation of rapid appreciation post having and because I want to say this as well I think if the economy or everything it

Doesn't have to get better but as long as it doesn't get a lot worse I think that's the key thing as long as the economy and all the news surrounding everything doesn't get exponentially worse it doesn't to get better as long

As that happens that I think there could be renewed excitement in the Bitcoin having coming up guys remember less than two months away it's coming up on only a month away so that's very exciting I think that's one thing to get excited

About and as well Bitcoin seemingly could be decoupling a little bit anyway and I get again it's like the long-term goal if it never decouples then it pretty much failed right that's not the point of it so definitely some key

Things to pay attention to other than that we do have a target here this is our sending triangle I personally think that this is a actually gonna go on maybe maybe for a few more weeks but I think this will

Probably break out before it definitely before I definitely think it'll break up a for April is over we still have 30 days left in April is the very first month I personally don't see us trading below 7000 and in between 7,000 and

6,000 for the next 30 days okay I definitely don't see us trading in between this price range for the next 30 days I think it's gonna happen a lot quicker I think we're gonna see a weekly continuation if we do continue upwards

Guys cuz there's no guarantee we're gonna go up remember we still have the targets on this chart just because we're going up today we still have 54 and 5000 specifically as like key target areas to look for for some downside specifically

50 for still 54 is like the very big level that we want to watch out for if we go down those levels that would break out of this pattern though so this is kind of like the bullish pattern we're watching for right now we still could go

Down to 6,000 and that would remain kind of in this area if we got a pretty quick wick up like we saw here only about two four-hour candles but then that guys that this charts looking real good real nice so let me know what you think make

Sure to leave a comment below guys and I'll see you in the next one you

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