by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Wow the absolute biggest mega moves her Bitcoin happened right after a similar consolidation pattern that we are currently about to exit you guys I'm going to show you seven other times this has happened on the chart over the past

Few years again the absolute biggest explosions the biggest percentage of moves with Bitcoin happen after we form the pattern that we are forming now Wow and a number seven above this key line we actually got a very quick quick last

Night dropping from 99 hundred to 9600 in matter of actual seconds less than a few seconds you can see where we got that bounce it was right on this line so is this bullish or bearish for Bitcoin guys well neutrality is still at an

All-time high and with that being said Bitcoin price volatility hits a three month low meaning we have been seeing the least amount of volatility that we've seen in about three months and we're gonna get into some details about

That because that is a very telling signal on the weekly charts when volatility is low it means Bitcoin is about to go let's do those Oh what's going on everyone welcome back to an extremely extremely webisode of Bitcoin

Guys we say this a lot I'm sure you've been hearing this all around YouTube Twitter trading view everywhere it's about to get big and we're gonna show you on this chart seven other times this is on the weekly timeframe so this

Is pretty substantial it's not only looking on for our charts or 1-day charts or anything like that these are pretty substantial signals and every time Bitcoin does this a massive move comes afterwards so we're gonna be

Taking a look at that and showing you some examples from the past guys there is a lot we gotta delve into and as well as we have a custom little outro at the end of this webisode so make sure to stay tuned for that but as well guys if

We can just smash up to 1,500 lights on this webisode we'll be giving away this nano in the next webisode so just make sure to hit those comments likes throwing with dings turn on subscribes and we can get into the demo wow so if

You guys were watching the charts last night we're actually climbing up actually approaching the 10k dollar level it was a slow climb and a lot of people are watching the charts for about an

Hour and then immediately on the minute candles we got a very big rejection okay so this is pretty big so we can actually get into the chart and show you exactly this this is on the minute chart so you can see what was happening here we can

See here this was about a period of about an hour and a half we started around 9700 and you can see we're slowly climbing actually peaking at about ninety nine hundred US dollars is where we peaked and you guys can see this this

Is a one-minute candle we went from nine thousand eight hundred and fifty-two Wow look at this nine thousand five hundred and seventy so multiple hundred dollars instantly in a single minute candle so clearly bitcoin is still

Struggling to break that 10k level but where we got that pullback to actually was at the very top of this line which is the two and a half year resistance still okay so we got a nice little balance there you can see was actually a

Pretty significant bounce so nine thousand five hundred and eighty all the way up currently it's around like the $9,700 area but overall a pretty big pretty big move there Wow and you can see that on the daily chart as well got

That pullback right to the top of this ascending line you guys there is going to be a massive move soon and to illustrate that I want to show you this weekly chart here so this is on bitstamp okay every time we have a consolidation

In a very very tight range like we are seeing now with 9700 being the weekly top basically where we keep getting these candle closes right around like ninety seven hundred US dollars and eighty seven being the bottom of the

Past like six weeks we've been squished in this one thousand dollar range for over well over a month now now every time we see sideways consolidation like this this is exactly what precedes some of the biggest moves in cryptocurrency

Most of the price action for Bitcoin to the upside actually happens in very very small time frames so like less than less than 5% of the entire history of Bitcoin accounts for some of the biggest moves in Bitcoin what I mean by that is for

The most part in terms of percentages of time bitcoin is boring most of the time the biggest explosive moves happen in a very very consolidated very short amount of time so for example we haven't gotten this breakout just yet because it's what

We're talking about we can show some previous ones so when we traded for multiple about a month and half back here at the end of 2019 that was preceded this was the inverse head and shoulder actually right here you can

See it a little bit on the weekly chart was like this this broke out pretty massively okay and you can see there was a very large amount of sideways trading there and you can see that as well back here there was about a month of sideways

Trading back in April which was right before it proceeded one of the biggest explosions in cryptocurrency in the past few years actually going from five thousand seven hundred all the way to fourteen thousand US dollars same thing

Here now this was a bearish example so again it's not always bullish it just means a huge move is most likely coming one two three four five six seven eight over two months of consolidating right here we talked about this in yesterday's

Video a little bit trading in a about a seven hundred dollar range for two months if you think what we're going through now is boring imagine trading in a seven hundred dollar period for over twice as long as we've currently been in

This current sideways trading and that was preceded by one of the biggest dumps a 50% slash in like three weeks 50% dump in three weeks right there okay so that was another huge one you guys noticed these biggest moves usually come

Right after some sideways consolidation there was a little consider is consolidation for three weeks here before a massive move same here is about five weeks but specifically here about a month and a half back in May of 2017

Which really kicked off when Bitcoin was right around that 2000 dollar level and this is actually right about I got into I actually got interested in Bitcoin a little bit before this so I think I actually started actually getting

Invested in a Bitcoin back here now you can see after after that we went on a nice sideways consolidation for a few months here about three months where we did not do much but then things got really explosive had a pretty big move a

Little bit of a tradesman but then things went completely parabolic the last few months of 2017 and then if we go back to the similar bear market of 2016 we can see a lot of sideways trading especially on this 21 day our 21

Week moving average and then a very nice increase there same thing here this is about three months of sideways consolidation right here before a pretty big pump there what is this was a take a look at how much that was that would

That was about a 70% yes 76 let's say 75% increase a similar percent increase now 75 percent would actually put us all the way up to over $17,000 so it may not look like a huge move on this chart

Right here but that was actually our this one right here but that was actually 70% which is pretty big this one even much bigger than that we can take a look this one was about yea over a hundred percent gains so that would

Put us well above you know seventeen eighteen nineteen thousand US dollars per Bitcoin but the key factor is here that when it trades sideways like this when it doesn't when it doesn't really do much and it gets boring those are the

Setups that we get before the absolute biggest moves in cryptocurrency there's not necessarily a bias depending on which way it's going to break but it's just more an indication of there's about to be a really big move and

Actually when I jump into this first before we continue so this was published on coin desk by Ankur Kotwal and completely 100% relates to what I just said it actually goes into a little detail here so bitcoins price

Undulations become the calmest in three months since March of 2020 talks about volatility declining the only things I really want to say here the declining volatility may be associated with the lack of clear directional bias in the

Market 100% we talked about yesterday it's pretty neutral right now but Bitcoin rallied over a hundred and fifty percent in the last two months after that massive drop since then however buyers have repeatedly failed to

Establish 10,000 and at the same time downside has been restricted to eighty six hundred so Bitcoin has been in between eighty six hundred and ten thousand but more specifically most of the time it's been between eighty seven

Hundred and ninety seven hundred over the past few weeks that's where we've gotten all our weekly candle closes and that's where most of the time has been spent now finally here a prolonged period of low volatility price

Consolidation often paves the way for a big move on either side the longer the consolidation the more violent is the breakout or break down okay only Reed then again the longer the consolidation the more violent the breakout or the

Break down is so good as you can see here six to seven weeks depending on if you count this one we've been trading in this area and there's definitely going to be there is definitely going to be a massive break soon now I'm not here to

Tell you which way and nobody knows people saying they do they know they don't know nobody knows exactly which way this is gonna break out but you need to be prepared for both scenarios I will say this a breakout here at the very top

Where we are right now of this pattern a break here I really highly doubt that we would ever see anything below $9,000 ever again the only reason I say that is because if we do get a break out here I

Still anticipate there could be a pullback over the next month to kind of cement that because when we have breakouts usually there has to be a consolidation and a price

Support after a nice rally but it really depends because if it is a full-fledged bull market at a certain point then you see for the most part sometimes it doesn't have to pull back too much there always has to be pull backs you can even

See on this massive run the biggest bull run we've ever seen in Bitcoin they culminated in twenty thousand US dollars along the way let's go back to like here let's liken it to this here pullback massive rally pullback specifically this

Was pulling back to the twenty one week IAM moving average this blue line here but you see massive rally pullback same thing pull back so even in a bull market there's still pretty substantial pull backs however they're very short-lived

And that really is what dictates our identifies itself as a bull market so huge I definitely think and this is unanimous across the board I've been hearing a lot of people say this guys this sideways consolidation is just

Priming for a big move and what's more what's different than this one then this time back in December and also what's different from back here in April of 2019 and even October of 2018 the reason this time is different is

Because these aren't just sideways consolidations for the heck of it right this is the biggest sideways consolidation that we have seen for a reason because we are now within the past two and a half years of this entire

Bigger much bigger pattern in a prime spot to explode one way or the other okay when you look at this macro pattern if we would take a zoom back and maybe go back to here this isn't really that substantial like even if we got a

Massive break which we did we traded sideways for weeks and then we got a massive break even though we did we kind of used up all of momentum just to get to the top of this triangle now we're starting this is like the start of the

Actual pattern so if we get an actual breakout here we can have plenty of juice to go on very very very very high there so there is definitely going to be a massive breakout besides the fact guys that we're consolidating sideways that's

One thing but again besides the fact that we're at the peak of some of these longer-term extremely long-term patterns is just yet another reason it might be getting a little repetitive hearing everybody talk about this day after day

But very very very soon we're not going to be able to talk about it because we're gonna be in the middle of a breakout and you were I mean it sounds silly but you're gonna be wishing that you were watching these videos and

Preparing and doing what you need to do with your portfolio whether you're buying or selling or getting ready for whatever you would be wishing you were doing that now instead of you know a day to three days from now when it's

Actually happening Wow so guys make sure to smash it up to 1500 likes and we'll give away this ledger in the next webisode and as well for everybody in tea for you guys we have updated these charts as well because we've been

Changing and just updating some of the technical analysis on a lot of these charts if you want to access to these you guys and as well any of these as well all you have to do is enter the code June it's gonna be our last sale of

Version 344 before we move on to t4 v4 t4 version for absolutely massive and is what we do have a special outro for you guys today so thanks so much for watching this webisode and we will see you in the next one and guys one of

These videos we're going to wake up or experience it during the midday there's going to be a massive massive explosion leave your comment below do you think we're going up to $14,000 this week or do you think we are going down to 8,000

7,000 even some of you mega bears even down to 5,000 this week make sure to smash the comments to let me know peace

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