published on August 2, 2020

whoa in this webisode we're gonna show you the two most likely scenarios that will happen for bitcoins price as we exit bitcoins lease volatile trading range for the last year and a half this is absolutely massive Amit last

Night's episode we talked about the most bullish in bearish case but in this webisode we're gonna show you what I think is the most likely bullish scenario and as well the most likely bearish scenario hold on to your cat's

Because this one's going to be explosive we're gonna show you the exact most likely price ranges and some very interesting timeframes that we took exactly from some previous breaks on the charts that line up with some of these

Other indicators such as the Bollinger Bands and as well we're gonna be covering some altcoins today two new coins that we haven't covered on the channel yet both of them looking prime for especially a strong run up over the

Next few weeks and as well we're gonna be going over some crucial information when it comes to these symmetrical triangles and show you our most likely scenario for this absolute mega bullish explosion cycle lock your door grab a

Tissue and let's get chocolate Wow what's going on everyone welcome back an absolutely enthralling Saturday mega soda we have a lot to get into in today's video if you guys didn't catch last night's very late upload about

Seven or eight hours later than I usually upload I was busy the whole day there is some very interesting information in there and in this video we're gonna be expanding upon that a little bit because yesterday primarily

What we covered are the absolute most bearish scenarios in this next cycle and as well of the most bullish however what I neglected to cover in that video were the most likely scenarios so in this webisode we're gonna be covering the

Most absolutely likely bearish scenario and the absolute most likely bullish scenario both of them to me look extremely accurate based on these timeframes based on the charts the horizontal resistance and support going

Back for years for Bitcoin so you are not gonna want to miss that and as well we're gonna be adding in some more alts into our daily coverage today both of which I am very excited to cover and both of which I as

Well do have in my portfolio huge in as well you guys we covered even more altcoins in the update just recently here under active investments so if you guys want to join make sure to take advantage 20% off with the coupon code

Platinum at checkout whether you want to learn trading charting getting access to these charts in as well the ability to follow along with which coins I'm investing in which coins I'm trading and which coins I'm looking in that is down

Here in the active investment stab me and is why you guys we are gonna be giving away this ledger in this webisode however if you want to enter it for the rest of these Ledger's make sure to leave your smash being turn on the

Comments and we can jump right in to the web as well so guys before we delve into these two specific scenarios what I want to do is give you a little background on symmetrical patterns here so the first of these two you see there is a bullish

Continuation and this is more of a bearish continuation so what I mean by that is okay as you can see here we're coming from a bullish break and then we consolidate here and then we continue that's why it's called the continuation

Pattern and this is the opposite we're coming from a bearish you know downtrend consulted and ultimately breaking down so let's go over these two patterns here and then we'll get into exactly what we're looking at so we've seen two

Triangle patterns you can see an uptrend in a bullish market and then one from a downtrend which looks bearish which is the second one here however symmetrical triangles are thought of as continuation patterns

Developed in the market that are actually aimless in direction meaning it's a little more indecisive than some of these patterns potentially like an ascending triangle is usually a bullish pattern and a descending triangles

Usually bearish now this is where the indecision comes in during this period of indecision the highs and lows seem to come together in the point of the triangle with no significant volume which we're seeing and investors just

Don't know what position to take however when they do figure it out it heads north or south with huge volume the breakout is usually huge especially on this 25 year pattern that we have forming for Bitcoin I have no doubt when

We get this break it's going to be absolutely insane of volume guys it's going to absolutely explode so it says here nine times out of ten that breakout will occur at the direction of the existing trend so huge let's actually

Now jump into our symmetrical triangle here for Bitcoin so if we go to the BLX brave new coin liquid index for Bitcoin the longest chart of bitcoins price history this is what we see here guys so these in my opinion

The two most likely scenarios and as you can see these Bollinger Bands are the tightest they've been since back here at the end of 2018 we talked about that in yesterday's video and a few other times over the past two weeks but specifically

These are the two scenarios I'm looking for okay so in the last video we actually talked about the potential of breaking out of this as the most as the most bearish scenario here for Bitcoin bring us all the way down potentially to

The high for thousands however this is what I think would be the most likely of the bearish scenarios which would be this say we did get a break I think we had obviously find support right around this 200-day moving average right around

84 however as you can see here if we fail to hold that then we could go substantially lower the other thing I do want to point out is the V PVR on here is pretty strong and that V P V are the strongest point within this triangle is

Actually right here on the 64 6500 so that's exactly why I think this would be the most accurate for this downtrend if we would get a bearish break the most realistic bear scenario we would find support around to that 67 – 68 hundred

Dollar range right here maybe trade along the bottom of this before getting a break here finding resistance maybe as we try and break out of it and then absolutely when we do break out of it completely moon shot and the time frames

We have for this and this is again probably the most realistic bearish scenario the time frame of this we might be actually testing all-time highs within the next eight to nine months or so now keep in mind that is the most

Bearish likely scenario if we're gonna have a bearish break now let's actually take a look here on the bullish scenario because again this is what I think is more likely overall if we have any option for this Bitcoin cycle this is

What I think makes the most sense exactly what these price targets so if we got a break I think we would easily head on up to that 14 or 15 K range even right around 13 potentially find some resistance there because again that is

Basically our last level of resistance where we come before that isn't the all-time high around 20k and then I do think it is possible that we could get a pullback one more time and this would shake a lot of people out this would

Have people freaking out so again keep in mind this is the most bullish scenario that is realistic in my opinion however it still has the possibility that we break from 9,000 all the way up to 13 even like 14,000 and then

Potentially come back all the way down to 8 or 9,000 85 or 9,000 before continuing up and then reaching all-time which will show you exactly when that could also play out but again this is a scenario that I think nobody is really

Thinking about because if we do get this break and we break 13 a lot of people are going to go insanely bullish okay I think Bitcoin will 100% be all over the headlines plastered everywhere again if we shatter 10k and within a week or

Two shoot up to 13 K guys everyone will be mega bullish but then imagine what would happen in the market imagine what would happen in psychology if we get a pullback back under nine thousand US dollars people would be freaking out

People would be selling like crazy it would be absolute chaos absolutely nuts however you know shortly after that what if within the next few weeks after that we're already breaking 15/16 heading up above 20k and then a few months from

There maybe even breaking 30k or something like that within the first few months of 2021 now talk about that scenario people would be absolutely freaking out because they would think oh wow bitcoins failing little do they know

This could be the last pull back before absolutely moon shotting to new all-time highs astatically incredibly fast so again I think there's so much value in showing you that possibility because the simple idea of getting a fake out right

Here and then another fake out where we absolutely moon right after that is absolutely insane right and again this could happen within the next two three months that's what this projects according to this chart if we zoom out

Really far and we just take a look at this okay and just compare the simple movement of the market based on what it's done before this looks completely realistic if we just look kind of at the wave the cycle of this market okay we

See something like this we continue here something like this another pullback this all looks realistic it looks like price action bitcoin is done before so without a doubt I think those two scenarios are incredibly important to

Watch and specifically with this bullish scenario do not be freaked out if we would end up coming back the test is two and a half years symmetrical triangle by this point this pattern will be three years long so you want to talk about an

Explosive move if we got a pullback to here after breaking out to 13 K and then confirming that that would be the absolute munis scenario we would absolutely explode after that if we tested that for support and continue to

Up guys they would basically be no bearish momentum left in this pattern and I think that's exactly when we would see a lot of a lot of bullish break and then again it is also possible that as we approach the all-time highs 20 K you

Can see here say we come down here to about 8 or 9 K and then we head back up and then we're right here at about 19 20 K all-time highs if we see another pullback here potentially we could see that retest

Ment back of around that 1314 K where we had here and here is resistance because again previous resistance becomes future support so say we see something like that here get pulled back here and then after that absolutely moon past this 20

K and guys think you get explosive we could I personally think that we could even be seeing 40 K by about this time next year and again that could end up being a an extremely low estimate okay it is possible as well that we break out

Of here and we don't come back to test this triangle we've already spent enough time in here we don't necessarily have to but again these are just the main two scenarios I'm watching and again this bearish one I think would make the most

Sense if we did get a very bearish break yeah if we're gonna actually break down here to the 6k level guys I would be excited as heck to show you what alts I'm investing in as well because again I think that would be an insanely insanely

Bullish opportunity to also pick up on some alt coins and guys as well if you're interested in actually doing some swing trading you can get some very nice bonuses if you use my link specifically as of right now we actually have higher

Bonuses than the normal bonuses up to a hundred extra dollars of trading with just a small deposit of Bitcoin when you start trading so all you have to do is deposit that small amount of Bitcoin to start trading and you get that nice

Bonus when you claim it their instructions are on the site Wow guys know when I actually cover some alt so we can just real quickly look at link which we've been covering for the past few days again still holding very

Strongly there I'd love to see that pending a Bitcoin pullback though xtz guys I'm really watching this one cuz I want to see this one explode and it looks very primed to do so I really don't think we're gonna be going under

That two dollar level for xtz maybe ever again but specifically here this is on the Bitcoin pairing so this is oMG Omi's ago here I actually do think over the next month or so we're gonna see a swing with oMG potentially up to that 30,000

Satoshi level okay so right in this range of about 31,000 to about 33,000 Satoshi's ultimately definitely trying to come up to test this 50,000 Satoshi level before you know completing and absolutely breaking out even more so oMG

Is actually still down like 90% in its Bitcoin pairing so this thing is basically bottom doubt as you can see absolutely destroyed which is something we really look for when we're looking for these alts because it's not doing

Well and personally I think there's a lot of upside oMG is a coin I'm pretty excited about we're looking at basic attention token on the BTC pairing which is actually currently only about 2,000 Satoshi is

Pretty destroyed as well in this chart I think the next move after this would be around 4,400 satoshis and then all the way up to a potentially 6,000 Satoshi's here so definitely looking for that guys and as well I just want to cover as well

Did you bite we're still within this Bitcoin pairing for digi byte and guys I think that we're probably see a move looks like towards the very last week of this month where we could easily see a move out of this I definitely think that

Again as we talked about continuation symmetrical triangles this would be more likely to break upwards and I'm really excited to see get the gains on that because it's a coin I've been holding for a while guys and as you can see we

Are pretty far away from some of that all-time high on the Bitcoin pairing guys this is absolutely insane it used to be so much higher and currently did you bite is actually only trading at about the 220 satoshi level so

Absolutely very low potential all the way to go up to about the 400 satoshi level at this break here absolutely mega big so let's actually do this giveaway all right changes to last six videos okay number three okay one two

Three right here copy this alright paste it in here and get YouTube comments and guys while we wait make sure if you wanna get those bonuses for trading use dudx and as well 20% off on t4 v4 and yeah let's pick the winner here 204

Unique comments for this webisode and let's see who the winner is let's get ready for this next week I appreciate the update Wow Johnny make sure to shoot me an email the link is in the description there and we get you this

Ledger sent out guys and as well make sure to enter for these other letters make make sure to leave your comment subscribe turn on the dings make sure to sign up to crypto comm if you want 50 free MC oh when you complete sign up and

As well if you want 20% off t4 v4 where we are consistently making new updates and adding new information when it comes to trading charting my portfolio specifically because my entire portfolio is within these videos and as well we

Have the active investments tab where I talk about all coins much more in detail and I am specifically very excited to give an update if we actually do get that bearish drop that we're talking about a bearish drop like this would be

An absolute field day for me and I would love to share all the information on old coins guys I'm extremely excited again I do kind of hope this move does happen it would be a little more boring but again volatility picking up I think that would

Also just increase interest as opposed to the last three months where we do nothing in this small range here absolutely huge guys thanks so much for watching I'll see you next week you

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