by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

really sticky slimy massive goo alert wow the juice has come

Loose you guys a bitcoin wallet that's been dormant since early 2009 from an unknown wallet just transferred a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of bitcoin off of the address this is huge news we

Gotta get into this just one month after bitcoin's first block was mined these are ancient bitcoins and bitcoin smashed through this triangle finally guys it's about time actually

Bouncing off 9300 will this continue or will we dump massively lower we have to talk about this in the video specifically with these triangles there's a very weird thing that sometimes happens and we'll get into

That in more detail later in the video we'll take a look at an ascending triangle's definition tactics and what exactly the most likely target is and what the target of the breakout is too and as well guys captain crunch time we

Only have mere moments until we finally see a sharp rejection or a massive blast off and as well what are the chances of bitcoin hitting 20k in 2020 there's actually some bitcoin options market data showing a low

Percent chance but we want to show you some other factors that we have to take into consideration as well guys this does not happen often let's get into it skipping dude

What's going on everyone welcome back to another extremely extremely episode of bitcoin today we have a lot going on guys there is literally uh no eyes on this planet that hold bitcoin that are not glued to

These charts everybody's waiting in uh extreme anticipation for this massive move that we should be seeing soon and as this is happening we get this breaking news that

A bitcoin from a wallet that is 11 years old just transferred off the address guys this is huge this rarely this is this is insane these are ancient bitcoins it's an unknown wallet

Is it possible again this is not confirmed whatsoever it's highly speculative but is it possible that these coins could be uh belonging to satoshi now there were other people mining back then

So it doesn't have to be him obviously but we'll get into that as well this is breaking news so uh a lot of information is going to come out over the next 48 hours most likely about this guy's absolutely massive wow so guys

Thanks so much we actually smashed way past the light goal the last video so we will be giving away this ledger to this episode but as well if you want to enter for this next one guys uh if we get this video to 1400 likes

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Wow so guys before we actually get into these breaking news stories with the bitcoin whales actually i started filming this just a few minutes ago and we've actually gotten

A break out of this triangle now could this be significant you just saw this happen live on the screen you see that big drop right there with the candle first time breaking significantly out of this

Pattern in a very long time could this actually be the breakout to the downside are we going to get a rejection currently below 9600 guys so that is absolutely massive maybe we are

Finally finally like we've been saying for days finally going to break out of this sideways consolidation it is about time more on that later in the episode we'll let some of this ta play out while we get into some of this

News here guys so this is huge okay 11 year old coins mined all the way back in february of 2009 just moved according to whale panda this does not happen often

You can see that here last seen receiving over 11 years ago that's massive okay we take a look at this whale alert about 400 000 worth of bitcoin transferred

To a possible possible okay this is very speculative uh satoshi owned wallet again it's very possible that it could be someone else it doesn't have to be satoshi uh it's just there were a lot

Less miners back then but there still were other people mining bitcoin the coins in this transaction were mined in the first month of bitcoin's existence this is huge so you have to ask yourself why are

They doing this now and maybe not during 2017 or 2018 why didn't they move these coins back then are they expecting something huge to be happening in the near future very telling and as

Well joseph young here says 50 bitcoin moved from february of 2009 just one month after bitcoin's first block okay not a lot of people who can do this but there are other people besides satoshi

Potentially they could be associates of satoshi but for the most part they would have to be pretty inclusive in bitcoin some of the very first few people ever involved in bitcoin most likely

Uh it would have to be them his question is is why not who is sending 50 bitcoin for the first time in about 11 years guys this is absolutely huge so leave your comment below this is a breaking news for sure it's actually

Interesting that we're getting a drop as this is happening so we'll continue to monitor monitor that throughout the episode because let's actually look at what an ascending triangle definition is

So currently uh let's let's take a look at this so they're usually considered a continuation pattern and it kind of follows the trend that happened before this pattern now i have this small one drawn here but some people are including

Some other data including these two levels here so for this this looks as it would be a continuation of the previous trend which was an upward momentum for the past uh two months

Really so it's been going up for the past two months so this based on this time scale would usually be an indication of continued upside if it's a continuation pattern these patterns are never guaranteed it's

Always probability every single thing in ta is always probabilities so obviously we see us breaking out of this now uh it's breaking down significantly but there are certain lines that this is

Holding up we want to see this smash between uh below 9200 to really confirm that this is a massive break to the downside but to be honest this is a pretty big break so i would say at this point

It's most likely completely busted so a long trade is taken if the price breaks above the top and a short trade is taken if it breaks below the lower trend line and according to this chart this is

Below the trend so there are probably going to be some people shorting here increases in volume help to confirm the breakout so let's actually see if we're getting a breakout to the downside here increase in volume so far nothing

Significant on the four hour you can see we were descending in volume for a while volume getting smaller and smaller so the main thing i want to point out here the main problem with triangles is the potential for false breakouts which we

Could possibly be seeing right here which is absolutely nuts i actually have seen it many times with triangles specifically where it breaks you know you think it's breaking to the downside and ends up

Completely reversing and actually breaking out the opposite side within that same time period of just maybe a few four-hour candles so it can happen pretty quick the price may move out of the pattern

Only to move back into it or the price may even proceed to break out to the other side basically what i just explained right a pattern may need to be redrawn several times as the price edges past the trend

Lines but fails to generate any momentum in the breakout direction so that is actually perfect for this video right now as that what i just read is literally happening right now

We get a break down um but it could be a fake a fake breakout and then we continue much more to the upside so basically what i want to say here is this could be and again this is all probability so we

Won't know but one thing i do want to let everyone know watching is that many times on these types of patterns we will see a breakout going to one side and everyone thinks this is what it's going to do but it

Actually completely reverses and gets a full breakout to a target that it's supposed to according to the measured move of the actual pattern so for example we've seen things like

That happen before and it would have it wouldn't happen like immediately it would take a few candles usually some four-hour candles maybe it max a day or two daily candle on these moves especially with this size

Move so definitely keep that in mind guys so huge absolutely massive and we're gonna actually get back into the ta in the charts but i want to read this article first guys

And guys and as well i cannot advise you enough if you want to learn my strategies and have a strong understanding of ta i 100 recommend t4 pin to the description and comments below what you're going to get is the ta

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Do the course it's going to be me doing it and if my way of explaining and talking about these topics is something that you can follow along with and helps you learn then i 100 recommend it guys so guys

Activity in the bitcoin options market shows bitcoin has a nine only a nine percent chance according to this on the bitcoin options market only a nine percent chance of reaching the all-time highs for bitcoin

Within the next six months so that's a really bad forecast for people expecting uh breakout above 20k this year so we're gonna talk about this and if it's likely or if it's not really um or if it's actually more possible that

We could see a massive break above all-time highs this year given bitcoin's tendency to see a prolonged rally six to eight months after a halving is activated traders in the options market are

Relatively cautious about the medium-term trend of bitcoin according to data from ecoinometrics the cme bitcoins option exchange recorded 22 costs for every one put in basically meaning for every 22 people that bought

Bitcoin one person was selling so a lot of people are buying right now and when a crucial level gets tested three times whether it's support to the downside or resistance to the upside it has a higher

Probability of being broken the more it gets tested bitcoin tested ten thousand dollars a total of five times just in the past less than two weeks okay so that's a lot

So a lot of people are basing what bitcoin is going to do after this having on what it did the other two havings which again they weren't even exactly the same the past two havings so i think it's a little silly to expect

The same exact thing from the previous two havings in the last eight years so in the last two it took uh over six months to really get into a prolonged rally the similarities though are that after six months it did

Absolutely explode but also it's just saying you know it takes a little time after the having for it to go up so with that being said people in the short term right now are not extremely

Bullish on bitcoin most everyone is extremely bullish for bitcoin over the next year okay uh even even eight months from now people are extremely bullish but for right now some people are not as

Bullish but there are some data points according to this article that support bitcoin actually breaking all-time highs by the end of this year so the last few months even in the quarter four of this year and

This is another bullish sign uh bitcoin is far removed from showing oversold conditions on higher time frames like the weekly chart the weekly chart shows various momentum oscillators indicate ongoing rally can

Extend further uh about another 2 000 us dollars in the short term okay which would be perfect which is a lot of people are predicting for this as well so guys now i'll actually take it back look back

And see what's going on here yeah so we got that sharp rejection so there are two uh this is happening in real time so by the time this video gets uploaded most likely the price won't be where i'm talking about in this video

But there are two things i want to talk about for you people watching in the future to see if they actually come true so like we mentioned earlier in the video with these types of breakouts uh usually

Like especially to the upside it very often happens where we get a false breakout to the downside and then over the next 24 even slightly less than that hours it actually reverses and goes up

Now it's holding so far it got a little bounce right around 94 which is good if we get down to 92 though so we're gonna look at if we get down all the way to 92 which you can see is right about here

So if this candle gets even longer and we extend down here then guys we're gonna throw that scenario out the window if we get that low then i don't think that we're gonna do something like this okay right now it's

Still possible especially after we got that quick bounce it's still possible we could reverse over the next day and get a break out to the upside to about 11 000 us dollars so let's

Actually zoom out so you can see that something like this okay but if we would do something where we actually come back a little lower even if we get near that 92 i don't think that's likely so for

People watching in the future uh obviously you'll have a different chart in front of you you'll have more data to extrapolate but as long as we continue bouncing here and we don't go lower uh than 92 then i do think it's possible

This could be a very big breakout to the upside if we go to 92 then we could be revisiting the bottom of this line and specifically 9800 which is a huge level on a lot of

These charts and when we actually look at this daily chart here uh this move is actually i mean it's relatively small it looks kind of big on this this triangle right here but on the

Entire uh you know on this chart here where it goes back about a month or two and it's on the daily chart this looks like a very um you know a normal rejection off of this line and this is a really good

Illustration of just how condensed this price action is guys it's just you can see that the tension is just literally pushing towards this line and it desperately wants to break out i got a little small rejection can we get

A break up and as well this is another perfect demonstration on the daily chart the 21 day moving average right around that 92 is another strong reason why that has to hold if we come down here and break that then

That would be bearish but until we do that we're still we're still literally trading in this normal range that we've been trading in for like two weeks now okay guys so let's do this for the last six

Videos okay video number two paste it in there okay get youtube comments let's see here wow 293 comments i don't know if it deleted some of those wow congrats fred jay bullish short term

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