Brave Browser Tutorial 2020 (Reward Payouts FIXED)

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

Brave browser is a revolutionary browser for everybody in the world but with this brand new browser no one's ever used before it comes brand new problems so in this video I'm gonna give you guys a complete step-by-step tutorial and then I'm gonna try to solve a lot of the

Common problems with this browser keep watching what's going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video and today I'm giving you guys a deep dive into the various features of the brave browser it's gonna be a

Complete tutorial I'm gonna dive into specifics of this browser and I'm trying to solve as many problems as I possibly can all the common problems like for example referral codes I made a video on how to make four hundred and fifty

Dollars in under 30 minutes and a lot of you were asking hey Alex how do you get the referral codes I'm gonna go over the creator site so how to make your own creator account so you can kind of like tip other creators and receive tips from

People as well as share your referral code and get seven dollars per download I'm gonna dive into you know the people are having problems with going into their websites certain websites won't let you do certain things again guys

This is a new browser comes new problems and has features that you're not used to so I'm gonna break it all down for you as simple as I possibly can but before we get started guys if you haven't already subscribed to the number one

Youtube channel on the internet cryptocurrency youtube channel I have no idea what you're doing do do yourself a favor and do me a favor of course hit that subscribe button as well as the push notification bill so you can get

Videos like this all the time I try to keep it down at her if I try to update you with the latest and greatest cryptocurrency information guys and also you know I have a private group by the way that you can actually get paid for

Engagements yes if you actively share information in the group I will pay you for it so go ahead go to below its telegram and you know join the group it's 100% free so let's jump into the video first thing you guys got to do is

Of course download the brave browser I'm not gonna dive into that because it's pretty self-explanatory just click the download button for 64 bit alright most people have 64 bit and then install it on your computer it's going to take you

Through a process where you can actually take all of your information your history your cookies as well as you know your bookmarks and transfer them from google chrome to the brave browser go ahead and do that if

You want to make this browser default all the you know the basic things that you kind of do when you get a new browser I'm not going to go through that so first thing I want to show you guys is kind of like the home page here so as

You can see this blocks adds trackers and just to give you guys a quick overview a quick overview have way better videos on this I have one video on how to make money with this I have another video that reviews it and

Explains the ecosystem of this brave browser but just to give you a quick overview this is a chrome source code browser so it's exactly like chrome but it has a little spin it basically pays you to watch advertisements as well as

Simultaneously blocking ads blocking HTTP upgrades and saving hours of your life they even claim to same save battery life and they claim to save like your phone bill rates because people are using data or whatever so it's basically

The best browser ever made and you get paid out and basic attention token to this day I've made almost seven hundred to a thousand dollars worth of basic attention token just for doing what you're already doing okay this uses one

Tenth of the resources that chrome uses so it's actually easier on your computer because it's blocking all these trackers and it's the greatest most revolutionary thing I've ever seen I have other videos you guys can dive into it but like let

Me show you something really quickly so they pay you out and basic attention token I know a lot of my viewers already know this but basically tension token is a cryptocurrency that's worth real money as you can see here it's worth USD you

Can sell it for US dollars cash it out to your bank account and use it to go buy food or whatever you want right they pay you out just for doing for what you normally do you browse the Internet right for watching ads so that what

They're doing and how why this works and why they can do it and I know a lot of people it's too good to be true but the reason why they can do it is because they're taking the huge inefficiencies of the current Internet infrastructure

And they're kind of cutting the middleman out there's a lot of people doing some funny business on the internet and they're kind of cutting those people out and making it a lot easier for people to make some money and

We're getting a piece of that market share paid out in basic attention tokens so that's basically an overview of it and I've made some money off of it so let me just jump into the so this is the you

Know kind of like if you open a new tab this is what's gonna look like you can see I save some time in my life you could see the most viewed websites now this is the advertisement this is the ecosystem thing I'm talking about you

Can actually advertise on yourself on this browser if you pay for it and then you have the reward settings I know the juicy part is the reward setting so let's dive into that first really quickly then I'll go over like the brave

Rewards creator how to get your own affiliate referral code and then I'm gonna dive into why doesn't work for certain websites and how you can use these features to your advantage so first thing let's just see the brave

Reward so if you click right here it's gonna give you kind of an overview of your bravery Ward's you can see I've made you know $20 USD to this date let me click this real quick and this is for just watching ads and receiving tips and

There's a and I'm gonna explain what I mean by tips I'm gonna explain the ad thing right so right here you can either turn off every single ad you've ever viewed or you can watch them and get paid for it so if you guys ever go on

YouTube we're gonna hit at from ads even from my videos you get head you know ads for left right in middle the video you can block them all by simply just turning this off if you turn this off it'll never show you an ad again now if

You do want to get paid for watching the ads for your attention that's what's called basic attention token if you want to get paid for it you can turn this feature on and they will pay you for watching these ads okay that's how you

Get paid right now there's an auto contribute feature so brave rewards are actually they actually have this kind of like brave creators ecosystem to where if you create content which by the way almost every single person on the

Internet creates content if you have an Instagram if you have any social media you create content so this is for you to okay if you create content you can you know auto contribute to your favorite creators on a month-to-month basis kind

Of like a subscription and I'm going to show you how to set all those up but just that's kind of like an overview over it and right and this is like a monthly comic creator of course you're watching my videos so I get monthly

Contributions obviously nobody's really using it this is a really new feature and you can get tips too so if you make a really good content and people like it go ahead and tip you know you could even say it in your video so I think that's

Really interesting and I'm gonna dive into brave creators but let me first go over some settings and some various features that was different from Chrome that might kind of trip you up so first

Thing first I'm gonna go to the siding right here just to quickly show you if you are into cryptocurrency they actually have a built in meta mask which is an aetherium wallet wallet with ERC 20 tokens that you can store here if you

Wanted to interesting cool downloads just like any other you know Chrome browser it shows your download history bookmarks same thing you can manage your bookmark split different you know I guess we know if you want to do

Crypto news whatever you want write history same thing everything's the same right so let's go back to brave rewards and I want to go into settings so this is where it gets a little bit a little bit different so everything's the same

You know you can change your theme to whatever color you want you can on start open a new tab page and instead of you know continuing where you left off you can pick whatever you want but I think the main thing here that differs is the

Shields so I'm just gonna click the shears right here so the shields they're blocking the tractors and the ads and you can see that by clicking right here this brave shield right now it's off and I'm gonna explain a difference between

It being on and off so if I go to a random website let's go to like this website there bitcoiners you can see that this shield is on and it blocked eight things I don't know exactly what they blocked but if we click the

Advanced view here Oh tell you it blocked eight cross-site trackers and this is what I'm talking about so if you go to another website then the Bitcoin s will know that you went to the website and and then you're probably asking you

Know what do they need is information for will they use it to sell you things to advertise to see your your internet psychology to make predictions they take it it's called micro data put it all into you know these algorithms that

Predict things and trust me they're extremely accurate if you don't already know that so I picked certain settings I kind of left them to default but I just want to go over it really quickly with you guys so you can see it block the

Whole bunch of stuff so let me go back to the settings here and then you can go to additional settings and then you can actually click privacy and security and this will I'm not gonna dive into the specifics details because it can get

Very complicated and you might not know about all you know a lot of this stuff but if you wanted to go ahead and read the form go into those I mean if you're if you're looking to look that deep you probably not

This video but for the main person for the basic person the only thing you really need to worry about is this right here so click shields and it shows you right here cookies and device recognition okay they're simply the the

Cookies is probably the most important part that you want to block so what cookies are basically they leave crumbs so that's why I call it cookies like I told you they leave crumbs into your browser you go to different

Websites and they track your history right they tracked where you went I only block usually cross-site cookies because if you leave the other cookies then it'll actually enhance the experience that you have on the website

It'll make the website load faster so I don't mind if the Bitcoin is leaves their cookie for just for this website but I don't want them tracking everything else so that's what I do it's kind this is the default settings so you

Can play around with this right now if you wanted to you could also switch the search engine this is this is basically the only thing different that I've noticed from Chrome okay everything else is the same and I'm sure a lot of you're

Not messing around with chrome like that anyways and you could obviously change the printer the download all this stuff the languages etc code just like Chrome okay so you got the bravery Ward's that we went over how you get paid right the

Different features you know you can turn on and on that on and off the ads right you can auto contribute to your brave creators and your monthly contributions now one more thing before we go to brave creators is if you have a website that's

Supposed to be doing something specific but it's not working okay I've seen this all the time it's usually look like a pop-up box or something like maybe you go to a website and they have like a cool like Google Maps feature that shows

A part of the Google Maps but it's not showing it's not working for some reason it's because the brave browser is working too well all you have to do is turn off your shields and they'll give you the features that you're looking for

And by the way if you turn off your shields every time you go to that website and notice how you know right here it says it's show notifications if I click it again if you go back to that website though it actually saves that

For you so there's a lot of websites are using cryptocurrency that require a pop-up right it requires and you know decentralized apps I'm not going to dive into that because I know a lot of you're gonna be confused but the apps require

These pop-ups to kind of interact with my devices right so if there's any pop-ups anything that should be working the webpage if it's not working on your website whatever you're looking for it's because the brave browser is most likely

Blocking it okay it's not the browser there's not because the browser sucks or anything like that it's simply because it's doing its job too well so all you have to do is turn off the shields and every time you go back to that websites

The shields will automatically be off so you don't have to keep turning it off but I don't want them to show notifications so I'm just gonna turn that back off okay so if you guys understand it that's probably one of the

Biggest problems people are having with Sprave browser is that if it's not if the websites not doing theirs this add this to your checklist of ways to verify if the websites not working just make sure you turn off the shield's for that

Website okay so that's that problem right there now if you want to get affiliate links so I have the video how to make four hundred and fifty dollars in less than thirty minutes I show you how to make money and I do it in real

Time right in front of your face you guys can go check out that video but before you go and do that there's something called brave creators so if you just simply I'll leave the link in the description below to brave creators

I'm just going to Google search it for now leave the link in the description below that's the Creator the brave creators will actually um pay okay it's not giving me the homepage but I want to let's log out because I do want to see

It so this is kind of the main home page for great brave creators you can earn four more for your content and publish it to the web so the overall gist here is that there's a lot of people that that create content that want to get

Tipped or want to get rewarded for this and they actually give you the referral code to sell the browser to people it's not even selling because you're it's free but you can share the browser and they'll pay you $7 worth of basic

Attention tokens so let me login one more time all right I logged in I didn't want to show you that but what they're gonna do is they're gonna send you a verification or login essay it's not even a verification link it's actually a

Login link and you have to go to your email click that login link and I'll take you there and if you don't have a brave rewards creators account then they're basically gonna ask you to write out your profile put your information in

Now one thing that's gonna trip people up to get you know before getting this referral code is they're you know I don't have a website it's gonna ask you what's your main website right what's your main website your platform as a

Business owner or a creator you do have a website all you have to do is go to Instagram take your main explorer page so like your your profile and Instagram take that and that's your website or if you have a YouTube take

That that's your website those are actually websites and then you sign up for brave creators and it's gonna take you to this page here okay so there's a couple of things you can do on brave creators the first thing you see at the

Top is a statement it shows how much money you've made and brave you know I'm not gonna dive into that like I told you guys I made about you know 2,000 brave total which is like six seven hundred bucks or something like that depending

On the price of brave at the time but yeah I made I made a pretty good amount because of this referral program and because of brave creators and you don't even need like a YouTube like I'm doing now you don't need any of that you can

Simply every time you meet a new person hey yo bro you ever heard of brave quickly explain it to them get it downloaded on their phone or their you know computer and that's seven dollars worth of basic detention token at the

Current price keep in mind the current price is like four it's divided by four from its you know top price so if that seven dollars can turn into like 32 bucks if you just keep it in there so you know and I talked more about that in

The video I'll leave the link in the description I already talked about that a couple of times but you can see here two statements you can see how much your balance is and what they're gonna pay you so this is one thing that's really

Tripping people up is referrals get paid out on the eighth of each month and your rewards get paid out on the fifth if you're not receiving your rewards it's because most likely you have a verified your account so if you come here and

It's gonna have to actually say disconnected but all you have to do is verify your account verify wallet so you click there and this basically KY sees you now I said joint uphold but I already have an uphold account so let me

Just log in to uphold so this is uphold and all you have to do is kyc so kyc is no your customer you just upload your idea it will guide you through it they want you to kyc didn't want you to get paid or not trying to hold it back I

Know a lot of people are saying oh they're stealing women they're not stealing your money you just have to verify your identity okay once you verify your identity by uploading your driver's license and a picture of

Yourself alright this is so that you're not spamming the internet and making all these new accounts and trying to like basically take advantage of them you are going to be connected so it's gonna take like sometimes it's click

Sometimes it takes one to two days but you do the KYC and then it should say it says disconnected for me but when you click that it will say verify while I see how it's authorized and then it's gonna ask my two-step authentication let

Me open up my Google Authenticator real quick and if you don't know what that is basically like a way to secure a council let's just type this in real quick ok so there you go so it's it doesn't say it there but it would mean that you're okay

There you go verified wallet look see and it shows all the shows that I'm connected ok so if you are not getting paid out it's for most likely that reason and it the problem I had is I had to uphold accounts so because I made one

Like four years ago I've been in cryptocurrency for a long time and they they said that you can't do that so just make sure you have one uphold account and they had to delete one of them and then verify it and connect it ok once

You do that they'll pay you out and uphold ok so that's gonna solve the problem so again just go over it on the fifth they pay you out for the rewards you receive from advertisements and then on the 8th you get paid out for all the

Referrals that you receive by kind of promoting this website now let me just show you my graph my referral graph that shows downloads it shows you know installs and it shows their 30-day use now quick thing you know you can see

Here referral promo stats and you see that 81 people have installed it and 143 have downloaded I don't know why these people are not installing it or whatever the case may be but there's one thing that there's there's actually tiers so

As you can see here if you get if you get people in Group one which I believe the United States you get seven dollars and fifty cents and then it goes down below for different countries let's see the details for each group so we can see

And make sure so right here Group one United States and in Australia Canada and in all these different countries and they give you less and less money per country so that's basically kind of like the the breakdown of how much you can

Get paid so let me go back and show you guys how you can get your referral code and some of the tipping banners so one thing you could also do is you can add a channel so I added my YouTube channel you could add a website basically

Anything where people are you know having traffic to your website you can add it and then it will basically make this tipping banner so I'm just gonna customize my tipping banner this is what mine looks like

And this you could see it at the top of my youtube channel so maybe if you already have brain downloaded you can see at the top that I have a tipping banner right just click this right here and I'll show you one of these buttons

And I'll show you right and you could add your YouTube channel you could add you know your Instagram and it basically kind of like a mini website it's pretty cool so I'm just gonna press done and I want to actually preview it so I can

Show you what it looks like so if I go to tipping banner preview banner so this is exactly what mine should look like okay and then you can make it monthly and that's what I mean by monthly contributions it'll automatically do

That so that's it right there that's for the tipping banner for my creators and stuff like that and even if you don't have like a YouTube channel I suggest you guys make make use the website create this and create the tipping so

That you can get this referral link right here and this referral link right here is what you use to share with people to download the browser so literally if I type in this this is my referral link which hopefully you guys

Used it because I took the time out to make this video you can see that I'm the referral right there and if somebody downloads it I get paid in that way okay so just to go over it again brave browser revolutionary new browser

Uses a small amount of resources and it actually is really really good when it comes to blocking trackers and restoring your privacy on the Internet making it so that you know they're not spying on you and you can actually get

Paid for your attention hence basic attention token basic attention tokens worth 28 cents at one point it was worth a dollar so you can get paid a pretty hefty amount and if you have problems with your shields you know on certain

Websites make sure if your website's not working if something is going on and you think it's the browser turn off your shields before you think that and then retry it will automatically refresh the page if you're having problems getting

Paid well it's probably because you don't have your wallet verified right if you don't have your wallet verified they're not going to pay you out and once they do like let's say for example like let's say they have you got paid

Out 660 bat like that right if it's like the 20th of the month which today is the 19th then they're not they're gonna pay you all the past balances that you should have received on the fifth and the eighth like it explained to you and

You'll receive the lump sum of the cash and then you can move that to any wall cryptocurrency if you're having you know trouble buying and selling cryptocurrency by the way I have a whole course on this and I also have other

Videos on my YouTube that teaches you how to buy sell store and receive cryptocurrency and you know just the best safe practices and blockchain technology internet 3.0 is you guys see this you know

Distributed decentralized technology is very revolutionary and you can get paid in a lot of ways in which I've been doing for years and it's crazy how people are just catching on but you know it's very simple guys that's how you do

It you get your referral code right here if you didn't know and that's basically everything I could talk about if you guys have any problems leave a comment below we'll talk about it join my private group and if you have problems

I'll try to solve it in there I'm answering questions you know in that private group and of course you get paid for joining the private goop but that's it for this video guys if you like the quality of this content hit like if you

Don't leave some constructive criticisms subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys catch you in the next one

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