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published on July 9, 2020

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Beauty to let them know that we sent youthat's a function of beautycom / beautyokay so today we want to talk aboutbrands that have been dethroned by otherbrandsyeah and this is a concept that we've

Sort of seen a few channels talk aboutso we're not saying that this is oh ohmy god but we are yeah there's a futurechannels that have spoken about thissort of concept but we don't know it thefirst one that did it so makes it hard

But we thought it was interesting sortof makeup discussion topic that make agood sort of visual or audio podcastyeah while we're away and we have beenfollowing the beauty community and beenusing makeup for beauty community for me

Is probably 10 years yeah I wouldprobably wouldn't be quite that longit's probably more like eight years yeahbut owing makeup brands have been waitlonger long so you know we do I dodistinctly remember when things were

Popular and that aren't popular anymoreand Iremember they're like the effect thatsomething like the Decay Naked palettehad on the beauty industry so you know Ifeel like it's a interesting discussion

To have so yes that's what we're doingtonightexcellent so let's start with probablythe oldest juggernaut of the makeupworld well the the really popular onethat we because we can look at things

Like ah Estee Lauder yeah there's beengoing around for 100 years no but thisone is probably one of the mostwell-known and at one stage hugely lovedand coveted Mac yeah definitely Mac wasI remember when YouTube and the beauty

Community online first started peoplededicated channels to map just to Macnow we have other brands that they'rededicated to yes and one that we weretaken over but definitely there werepeople that had a lot of you know Mac in

Their channel names and no civ massivething yeah things like um you know Macstarter kits and yeah best products fromMac and all that kind of like a wholecollection yeah of like their eyeshadowswatches lip swatches like just massive

I kicked off a lot of channels it did soI really really did it was you and alsoif you were sort of watching YouTubeBeauty videos in the early days youwouldn't nobody if you weren't using MacI'm just going to put that out there

There are still countries though that'lllike that I just me like the sort ofWestern culture has changed completelyand agree with that that's partlybecause Mac has sort of the scapegoatfor animal testing yet we're not going

To get into that at all but I knowplaces like we've got a friend that isfrom India and she grew up here butshe's back in India at the moment lovelyso she's doing she's a makeup artistthere and she would say that she would

Have all these brands that are reallycool brands like fenty and all kind ofstuff but um they'll always be clientsthat go do those nook yeah so you knowMac is still really well known in othercountries as well

It's just yeah evil have boycotted it tothe shithouse yeah but the first brandso we actually think there's it's sortof like a it's a little tryin to changeyep I think the first brand that sort oftook down Mac and just an element of Mac

And it was there Mac it was about eyesshadows was definitely makeup geek yeahprobably about five years ago whenmakeup geek released a lot of singleeyeshadows and you could make your ownpalettes and whatnot which is what you

Could do it Mac as well but Maceyeshadows were always a couple of timesmore expensive like in Australia they'restill like $3000 a little pan which isridiculous they so expensivebut at the time I think they might have

Been 15 or 17 dollars in the US whateverthey go but because makeup geek came outwith $6 I shadowed it totally changedthings did so the quality it was good itwas comparable it was absolutely like Iwouldn't say Mac eyeshadows are the best

Quality in the world at the time thoughvery popular and I wouldn't say that wemay not get too much to compare that'ssomething that's really importantingredients yes stuff has evolvedabsolutely so I think they were very

Comparable and I think Mac took a bighit with eyeshadows because of makeupcake and how to reduce their prices toomuch a sense in us that you reallyreally did now makeup geek didn't reallylast so they were also surpassed by

Another brand that is even cheaper yeah:so again you know we're looking at abrand that no it doesn't have the bestquality eyeshadows but it's certainlycomparable and they are definitely

Cheaper you know also widely availablenow you can find colour-pop in storesthey ship globally it's affordable andthey always have some sort of sale ordeal going on with their eyeshadows yeahif you look at back in the day making an

Eyeshadow palette just of Mac oh it waslike hundreds of dollars done it yeahdone it hundreds of dollars and theneven makeup geek they formulated andrebranded and brought out big eyeshadowpalettes that are still hundreds of

Yeah whereas you can do the you knowbuild with colour-pop and they end upbeing like $40 or something so theytotally cut the costs and they delivereda wider range of colors and finishes andeven though again they might not be as

Good quality compared to some makeupmeow and some mac but overall people arewilling to take the minut hit on qualityfor range and price yeah definitely andlook I know that if it came to me beinglike oh shit I got no eyes shadows and I

Want to make a custom palette I wouldjust shop at color pop because for themost part their formula is fine I canwork with it why would I spend the moneyon Mac when I know that I'm not gonna besuper happy with the quality compared to

The price tag yeah I think if you lookat look at quality versus price yeaheven yeah it depends on what you'reafter if you're after just quantity yeahor you know but even then Mac aren'tthat great quality you go somewhere else

Quality so I know I would yeah don't getme wrong Mac in terms of just eyesshadows sometimes they release somereally special stuff see I literallymarry for Christ's sake yeah and they'vehad other like beautiful sparkly

Eyeshadows that a topknot and I look atthem and I'm like okay you're specialbut if I'm buying like a 20 poundpalette of ten mattes and ten shimmersand I'm just looking for the like thebasics to sort of create something to

Start with I ain't going to Mac you knowI think one thing that like makeup geeknever did that color pop is doing a bitbetter is that they're bringing out awider range of things I think yeahmakeup geek tried to bring out they've

Brought out blushes and highlighterbronzers and lip products and likepigments and whatnot but they sort offelt flat and whereas I think color popa better at widening the range which Ithink also makes it more comparable to

Mac because Mac is a makeup artist brandyeah starters and makeup artist friendsso they have a really wide rangeone thing I do have to say and I stilllike max oh sure yeah yeah I do thinkthat their versatility in their range is

Far better than color pop and if you didwant something like drops or this orthat or whatever it happens to be I haveto agree they have a lot like theyactually have a lot the eyeshadows ofone of the least my least favorite

Things yet arranged I agree so I thinkthey do offer a lot in terms of Rangersoverall Mac still surpass Avella pop andyou know I think about if I wanted tobuy a highlighter right just like onehighlighter because suddenly I lost all

Of them I wouldn't go to color pop tobuy it I'm good at cuz I would actuallygo to Mac and I'd buy like alightscapade or something like that notto Josh yeah soft and gentle cuz I knowthat the quality is outstanding and it's

Gonna last me a fucking lifetime anywayso it doesn't matter investing thatlittle bit of extra money whereas wouldcolor pop I'm like look you got it butit's cheaper nasty so yeah so I think interms of where it sits in the market

I do think from makeup lovers mmmcolor pop has taken the because againthese days you do see Instagram accountsand channels dedicated to exactly popsyeah I think they've taken over thecrown from Mac I don't think they've

Replaced me no no I think people reallylove color pop because they are so soaffordable they do try to innovate andbring out new things and keep thingsfresh but if something does fall flatit's not too bad it doesn't eat your

Pocket too I'm not too expensive and ifit's a good product then it's you liketalk to me like eight bucks and it'sfucking awesome I love it one thing Ijust thought about as well is that whatwhere they are parallel as well is Mac

Were always well known for bringing outcollaborations and color pop havetotally taken that over and they'reelaborations foster collaborations morerelevant collaborations and cheapercollaboration yes that

Don't compromise on packaging or qualitysomething that they are both doing thesame though is repeating the sameelaboration people like let's do roundtwo or three and four magazine very sothere you go mainly UPS worse at that

Look color pop is Mac yes that's what wedid to juice we did Jenna right next oneoh this is interesting one no no I'msorry back in the day and I don't knowexactly when the brand's first releasedtheir products no back in the day if you

Wanted to get a brow product before browproducts were popular to the fear thebrand that actually did make rival polarbrow products products popular wasanastasi Beverly Hills hundreds soAnastasia Beverly Hills started as like

Anastasio was brow like artist beautybeauty salons then but they it wasmainly for brows and then they broughtout the brow range and then they broughtup dip brow pomade which made theInstagram browsing yeah pillow so they

Brought brows into the market but if youwere savvy and wanted to get your browsdone prior to that you would go tobenefit yeah so benefit had like thewell bus yeah they had their brow barsthey had like their waxes and powders

And I had their gimme brow that wasreally popular if you were a brow personyeah but at the time not many peoplewere doing brows no it wasn't not out ofsomeone's regular route it wasn't likeit wasn't a critical part of your

Routine for most people where you'd belike I'm buying a full face muscat browsyes it would be like foundationconcealer powder blush blush yeah yeahbrows you know ignored so even thoughI've been so I think benefit was a brand

That was totally surpassed by Anastasibillion yeah they did try to claw back afew years ago by widening their browrange and they've got some really goodproducts and they do absolutely browpomade that I think is better than the

Anastasioand you know MicroBot brow pencils cuzAnastasia had the whatever their microbrow pencil was yeah but that was prettymuch like quite innovative at the timewell like Mac had them but Anastasio

Definitely brought browse to the partyeah so I think yeah benefits in termsof browse they would definitelysurpassed by Anastasi Beverly Hillsyeah for sure and abh really put browson nightmare like conjugates oh yeah for

Surecontour kids highlighter q yeah I putthat on the map they did I think theonly thing that benefit is still holdingon to was hoola bronzer it's goodbronzer it's good ones eye that's cool

Don't ever discontinue it otherwise yeahwe can't be friends anymore yeah butthat's the only thing I think that theyyeah still we're like we've got thisthing that people like yeah there's onething hold on to it alright next brand

That we're gonna talk about was one thatwas beloved my many it was stand so hardand then a lot of things happened andAlong Came another brand to just takethis wrong yeah like there's a fewthings that you can try to guess but

There's a few things that are comparablewith these brands one they are notearned entirely there's a parent companyyeahand also they both have a face of acelebrity at a out of them

At Vonda Beauty and finchy so I thinkthe two things that made Kat Von DBeauty really popular was firstly thissort of vibe of it at the time wasreally populist that alternative sort ofGothic almost style yeah was really

Really popular in the mainstream youknow people were getting out of the emophase and getting into like the Gothickind of think we're looking for makeupthat was really bold and colorful thatyou couldn't find elsewhere also when

They made a lot of vegan products andthen transitioned into only veganproducts that hit a sort of genre thatwas really hard to get elsewhere sopretty much if you were a vegan winningvegan makeup you had a whole collection

Of Kat Von D yes correctso waslike a few years ago yeah and it wascool yeah it was like yep you have maderight I think that skateboard god I waslike yeah so yeah it was definitely the

Popular thing I think what killed itdefinitely recently capped one dayherself killed it man I think what alsokilled it was that sort of trend got outof fashion and so many other brands weremaking vegan only cruelty-free and vegan

Products so it you couldn't think whatit was people would go into Sephora andbe like where's your vegan makeup andthere'd be like Kat Von D whereas nowit's like where's your vegan makeup isthat is that does that take a pic oh I

Think that sort of killed it butdefinitely fin T came in and I thinksmashed it yeah sort of now in thecoffin Olivia when she came in beforeKat Von D Sona went down in a screamingheap of hatred yes and I think the thing

That senti did really smart was theylaunched a massive range of fairlypopular foundations and he campaignedfor wide shade right yes yeah at a timewhere other where there wasn't or notreally doing yeah yeah and people what

Community was asking for it but brandsweren't delivering it correct so theydid start off on a really good foot andit was just a natural progression forFenty to take the throne once peoplepushed Kat Von D Beauty off it yeah and

I think you know the parent company thatowns and bows is there probably yeahit's owned by Kenya yeah they probablylike this it's fine because whatever theother was making money but I definitelythink that you know pretty much the

Premise of what they did was similar andin just different ways so you have acelebrity that's campaigning for veganmakeup at a time where that sort ofaesthetic is really popular and nowyou've got a celebrity campaigning for

It inclusivity at a time where like theaesthetics that they're going for ispopular so that it's the same conceptand yousee in the future that fenty will betaken over by someone else probably once

The shine wears off yeah I think it'sstarting to like I think people stilllove 50 yeah but I don't think thatthey've released anything as popular asa foundation range and maybe their lipgloss yes

Yeah I get that vibe this and thosereleased in their first yeah batch ofreleases so I feel like they're thissort of still you know popular yeahthey're you know they could definitelyfade away and do it Kat Von D in the

Next few yearsyeah yeah I I think so someone coulddefinitely come along and take theirplaceyeah let's do some high-end brands we'llstart with YSL Burberry Tom Ford yeah

Kind of brands they would like aboutfive years ago if you want it to be afancy schmancy listen you only I've it'sa Tom Ford quad all very very good yeahthere were quads for some reason we'relike people were just like quad mad and

You'd see you know so many videos belike testing out the blah blah blah quadand people like oh my god I can'tbelieve you can afford that this waslike when paper was dying to delve intohigher in yeah and it was like the bee's

Knees oh absolutely it was massive yeahnow as we look at some high-end brandsthat have sort of come along andprobably pushed them out of the way withI suppose the fact that they just freshwe would look at brands like Natasha –

No no definitely Pat McGrath I did haveanother one shown to Brazil at Tilburyyeah yeah yeah Charlotte Tilburyprobably in the more affordable range ofthat but still massively popular I wouldquestion that though because in a Serie

If you would abide online yeah would mmmeighty Australian no so I would not saythat's more affordable because you canbuy a pallet of Natasha de Noronha forjust over a hundred or whatever happensoh that's fair so yes they're still very

Very expensive I would just say thatCharlotte Tilbury is more of acomparison to the Burberry absolutelytoward quads because they're very verysimilar they record you got basic colorstories they're generally not very

Inventive but yeah I think that's a moredirect comparison yeah and I thinkCharlotte Tilbury probably what keepsthem going is their whole range ispretty solid like if you are intoquality but like sort of maybe not wild

Colors the world finishes it's more likerich white lady makeup yeah it's lightit's made to enhance what you've alreadygotand like perfect yourself yeahbut they do make good quality products

Like I gotta say she worth it yes worthit so if you're into the quality likeyes yeah but um yeah I definitely thinkprobably what's more like so I thinkthat's more comparable but I thinkwhat's really more trendy definitely

Natasha Jinora smashed it out of thepark with better quality eyeshadowsquestionable summit better summeryes but Fiorina my shadows yeah and thenalso Pat McGrath came in and was likeyou want some bougie eye shadows yeah

I've got some bougie eyeshadows for youso now the status symbol is more I'vegot Pat McGrath rather than I have goton board yeah yes yeah I think they'vesort of taken over there as high-endroles for sure I agree I have to agree

Yeah we do have some more high-endbrands I think we should talk aboutbefore we move on let's do Estee Lauderand Lancome the dinosaurs the dinosaursso these look these are brands that Ilook at and I'm like this is where I

Send my nana yes oh I wouldn't even sendmy mum there yet but I send my Nanathere yeah and they I just feel likethey have never ever tried to reallycatch up with like modern times orthey've tried to necessarily failed well

Yeah you look at Estee it is for exampleactually yeah yeah trash they're gonnatry to get down Millennials with thatand Estee Lauder I dunno because I usedto have a friend that worked there theyreally try

To be like look we're coolI've got a skateboard – no yeah reallyfails stay off that you get bored you'llbreak a hipyeah yeah I do I feel like the issuewith estee lauder

In particular is that there's a divideof the people running the show are oldmen and they are completely disconnectedfrom what women our age younger and evenolder really want and also men I imagineany man that wears makeup going in and

Being like how would I to check outEstee Lauder yeah like like I wait tocheck out that you can get a bit of aside on from the old decrepit personthat's trying to serve you occasionallyestee lauder look like they're trying

And what I can say is sometimes theyhave good products these are goodquality like if you don't Sheila yeah soyou know the potential is absolutelythere but they're just not reallyhitting the mark but who is hitting the

Mark is hourglass yeah fucking are theya brand that I look at that I considerto be very mature high-end couture tbougie as fuck but still very much intouch with a lot people yeah a huge agerange of people who want to shop and

From both sexes yeah and it's not it'snot alienating like I'm yeah and thatthere may be their concealer releasesrecently yeah that was didn't like theshade range and whatnot and I respectthat but I also feel like what they do

Is they deliver products that it againenhance beauty yeah so that is that butalso give you a bit of bold element ifyou want it okayboldness they'll have it otherwise theyhave the sort of softer enhance yeah but

It's something that younger people andolder people gravitate for everyone inbetween what in between where is I thinkEstee Lauder it's sort of like youeither go there because your mum got youon to haven't looked elsewhere yeah or

You Nana knowthat you'll love makeup so she boughtyour own Estee Lauder red lipstick yeahalright like yeah yeah hey yeah wouldn'tsay no if someone gave it to me fornostalgia that's true but I'm definitely

I know they're the way they make mosttheir money yeah is by the rich oldwomen that come back every month andjust buy yeah as the house of Dogg'sworth of stuff yeah and that's the wholemakeup and skincare yeah like possessing

For it I think that so that's how theymake their money whereas I thinkhourglass is definitely come in and gonelook we can tap into those people andother people yeah make people look goodfeel good feel a bit bougie while doing

It and they're very much in touch withthe market and who they want theirmarket to be yeah and they're likeeveryone you got money you are ourcustomer they have said that I think bythe end of this year everything's going

To become vegan yeah it's beencruelty-free but I'm making it all veganso they're trumping estee lauder dayyeah anyway yeahthey are yeah they're they're smashingthey're actually in tune with what's

Going on correctyeah alright so we've got a brand thatprobably about five years ago again wassort of like dominating massive you canprobably say and even probably goingback would it be fair to say like six

And seven years agoyeah well ank that their big release was2012 2011 was there their shine whatthem on the map yeah so that's everydecay so ever decay actually likesimilar to how we were talking about

Anastasi Beverly Hills changed the browgame yeah Urban Decay changed I shadowgame by releasing the Naked palette soThe Naked palette was the first timepalettes were a thingyeah and that people wanted palette yeah

You could get like small like a nicehandy because yes they made up it likeprofessional makeup stores or the buildyour own yeah that Mac and well but ifwe were looking at strictly consumerbased

Eyeshadow palettes wasn't a thing nowasn't a thing and Urban Decay camealong and went to and they were justthey were just likeyeah well everyone was like what yeahand that was the start of palates yeah

It was masters prior to that it wasquads trios I remember I had a Quintfrom Revlon that I loved yeah or it wasyou know makeup artists building theirown that was pretty much your optionsyeah so urban decay was massive I think

They were riding the wave of the nakedpalettes for quite some time yeahand then they'd sort of took a bit of anose dive and they tried to cool theirway back up and they're not they're notthey haven't gone exactly I still around

Me they all still love them I still lovesome of their products but we do think acouple of brands have taken over fromthem in two different elementsyeah over decay were always known aslike the alternative similar to prior to

Kat Von D yes so Kat Von D was like thealternative gothic sort of thing priorto that the sort of grungy vibe yeahurban decay Street edge yeah anythingyeah was ever been denied yeah for sureand they had a lot of drug references a

Lot of yeah and their makeup becausethey started you know in that kind ofway yeah so they were they did push theboundaries a little bit with color andthen they became quite popular for theirnaked range sorry they had sort of two

Elements people came to them for coolcolors and also their naked palettes soI think their naked palettes were takenover by two-faced two-faced brought outthe chocolate bar palette yeah I've justbeen going the naked route like bang

Bang bang ever since it only my firsthave sort of fallen from grace here andthere and they pop back up and then theydisappear againand they put back up with the peachstuff in the back appear again thanks I

Can revamp themselves they say even nowif we still look at like naked stylePalace the Born This Way new one is thatfucking is the bomb it's the bee's kneesit actually is like I'm gonna go get ittattooed on my thigh with a little bee

On my knee because no I'm not gonna dothat but it's really like it's a greatpalette yeah they're they're stillha – vase is still sort of holding on totheir like they could think of the pastbut still trying to revamp I think

That's why they still manage to maintainsome relevancywhereas I look at urban decay now andI'm like if you release another nakedpalette I might actually kill you butalso the naked palettes are becoming

Less and less native they are becausethey're having to adapt yeah yeahbut where I think a brand has taken overfrom their color story and all theircolor side and this isn't of like grungyaside is melt or melt have ever had

Their stacks and they had like theirneon stack and they had their you knowrustic and there's now focusing onpallets and London pallets are a lotmore grungy ER and a lot morealternative in a lot more interesting

Yeah little bit old-school urban decayyes it's a yeah it's it's it's theirunique like they go to out forValentine's Day pretty much a pink and agray palette which is that color storylike it's okay it's probably been done

Before but yeah a fresh take on it likeit was a sexy little palette yeah so wasit for me but it was I think especiallylooking at their holiday collection lastyear they could really put together someinteresting color stories and I think

That's where they shine and they'vetaken over from urban decay also smashit with their packaging yeah remindingme of that holiday collection like thatwas outstandingyou know urban decay used to do a lot of

Really interesting packaging you stopyeah yeah yeah alright another sort ofcolorful take over in my opinion andthis one is probably controversialbecause of the friendship yeah yeahwe're gonna into a little friendship

Triangle which we're not going to talkabout but you know they were friends andthe other noise yeah yeahlime crime were well known for sort ofindie color makeup yesmassive they brought out their unicorn

Lipsticks changed the game man thoseunicorn livers eggs – or epochs are goodand they look great yeah and then theybrought out nail polish they poured outa shadow paletteor whatever so and then they stopped

Being in because I bought out whateveryeah so Lime Crime were like if youwanted color and like pastels and funcolors you go to Lime Crime yeah thatwas a show massive also if you wantedgood colorful eyeshadows you go to sugar

Pills a pill were the ones get prettypricey you could build your own paletteor buy the cause yeah they started withthe cords and they had the biggerpalette and then we build your own orwhatever but so if you wanted lip

Products Lime Crime if you want to callit eyeshadows sugar pills yeah took overthat Jeffrey Stehr yeah Jeffrey star forsure yeah I mean and steamrolled thathe's just like beep-beepget out the way bitches I'm coming

Through I'm coming through with thelipsticks the eyeshadows and thehighlighters and everything else and gofuck yourself and they were all at thetime sort of indie brands there werefairly big indie brands and successful

Indie bands they're all sold vegan Ilike atoms yeah and he came over andhe's just like I'm gonna tell you allget fucked again to bombard you withoutmy shit and he he did if you did anotherbrand that we could sort of put in this

Category as well as taking overespecially in the aspect of sugar pillsI shadow it would be Julia's place yeahI because they offered similar sort ofcolor story yeah similar color story issimilar concept it was designed much

More for women of colorto you know offer them the richness andvibrancy that they need but I feel likewhen I look at Julia's place I see somehints of sugar pill I agree and I seehow they they took that and they turned

It into something special for themselvesyeah and I think what they've done thatwas smart was sugar pill has always beenpretty pricey oh yeahso if you buy a single or you buyacquired or you build your own you're

Generally digging pretty deep into yourpocket for the quality and to know thatit's going to an indie brand and donethat whereas I think Julia's place didthat ora budget yeah so they can offer the same

View on a vibrant red match or a vibrantpurple mat you can get them from dubiousplace okay you can't get them in thesame format you can't buy them insingles you can't make your own palletsbut you can buy a palette that has some

Pretty bold comparable colors and theyhave sales all the time so I think theysort of took over a bit just becausethey offer a similar thing not justbetter value yeah they did what like ifyou look at Mac versus colors often yeah

Sugar pill versus dubious place sort ofthing yeah sorry yeah yeah I agreea brand that I don't even know if youguys will remember this brand hands upif you do Coastal Scents yeah I rememberand we're also going to put sleek in

This family as well so what we'relooking at here is very very affordablemakeup yeah that is quite trendy it'syou would probably consider it the colorpop of like five plus years ago maybeyeah windows yeah in that movie Val yeah

Yeah I think I was yeah one of the sleekpalettes was probably one of my firstreal like yeah palettes that I boughtyeah and I restore sets one actually butI remember Coastal Scents you knowpeople would have the one massive

Coastal Scents palette and they would dolike that do yeah there's like a hundredand something yeah yeah oh god Iremember I remember yeahso these brands yeah they basicallybrought super affordable makeup to

Analog of it yes a lot of it and whotook them over was morphe definitelymorphe just sort of come in anddominated them they fucked themdefinitely because the big palettesmorphe took over they they just it they

Were like this is our thing now but yeahand they are continuing to do that thereI also think that when it comes to theother morphe offerings so their bronzerstheir highlighters their lipsticks sleeklike they're pretty much potentially on

Par with sleek or a little bit betterthan sleek I wouldin terms of quality yeah and yeah andthey sort of have totally replaced likesleek is still trying to be like withtill here

Let's do an looks like is still on myradar cuz I loved it our shadow pelletsthey just need to release more and Iwant color stories that are like yeah Ithink my issue we're also talking froman Australian perspective where we see

UK and US yeah it says sleek isdefinitely more popular in in the UK soyou know people might say sleek is stillpart of my daily life yeah and it couldbe but I think worldwide sleek was likethose two places like orders all the

Time yeah I like I'd be like look I wantthis and this and this and this and thisand this and this I can't wait to orderit yeah an order and it's really amazingyeah we're the head of style I'm likeI'm definitely buying these three

Pallets whereas I think that hasdefinitely been replaced with morphe soyeah Coastal Scents is not even a fuckinthing anymore no I don't even know ifthey still exist they might they mightnot am i right I know I know we've ever

Mentioned them in B news no no let'stalk about a brand that was hugelypopular for their masks glam blurmassive so they they had the glam glowthe mud mask I understand why peoplelike that you put it on it was great for

Oily skin then you wash it off and scrubit off lifts your skin like so goddamnsoft so soft there's three pocketexpense is so expensive and also hot Icannot lead that great for your skin butyeah that's true we're not here to judge

What people like to use the skincareyeah but I think they took a nosediveand they probably probably people stillthink they're really popular that'stotally fine but I think they took anosedive when all they did was Rask's

Different colors of the same masks andodd this is a glitter version of thesame mockery by but it's more expensivebecause we're collaborating with fuckingPower Ranger yes they use could theyjust they almost did a beauty blender

Where they just change the color ofDaddy they like you need this tomb likeno I don't you need to fuck all thedarkness well I don't want your fuckinggloom ahnow the glitter in it I don't I don't

See the benefit of it I'm not paying $80for it going up fuck yeahthe problem with glam blow is they rodeon the coattails of that one amazingrelease yeah and they didn't innovatequickly enough to maintain maintain the

Momentum yeah that you know they didbring out new masks like hydrating onesand cleanses and all that stuff but noneof them really hit the mark of theoriginal youth mud mask and you know nowthey're bringing out I think they

Brought out like other they brought outa moisturizer with tinted base and stufflike that don't Ram this dude try doingstuff but it's not you're not doinggreat but if we look at some skincarebrands that have come in and sort of

Changed the game a little bit drunkelephant yeah I think definitelyshifting focus yeah yeah yeah drunkelephant for sure yeahdrunk elephants a funny one thoughbecause I don't just very expensive what

It is very expensive yeah and I don'tthink they're well formulated in myopinion they have you know actives andwhatnot when it's not balanced wellenough that's actually good for yourskin hmm

I get sensitive skin so for me it's justlike I can use actives from other brandsmm and then I use the same sort ofactive from drunk elephant and my skin'slike you're getting contact you but Ijust today I just think it's overpriced

Similar to glam glow so they're on pathyeah overpriced not worth it in my Unionbut they definitely going from strengthto strength and they are marketing yeahfor some reason they've been blessedwith some good fucking reviews or

Something they got crops they got cropsyeah Illuminati confirmed crop the cropswere we're good that season in thereyeah they keep them going another onethat you could definitely say isoverpriced it's not what it's worth and

Doing good with their crops is for Sallyagain this is like people love to dropshit on their face like they'd like tosee theit's not the gist oh yeah that's thefunny thing about that dog America yeah

They rode the wave of and it wasn't evenfor Sally right they thoughperpetuating it yeah yeah they're whatmade there were Instagram accounts thatbecame dedicated a lot overnight yeahbecause it looked like there were women

Who were beautiful women droppingcome on their face yeah that's where andthen people will click on it and peoplewho view it and they would be like blitzlet and then all of a sudden it's likeoh it's a fucking crime a big fucking

Deal but that is honestly what launchedfor solit hundred percent and launched alot of Instagram accounts yeah which isridiculous yeah gimmicky product that'snot actually that good for your skin butexpensive fourteen year olds gone whoa

Is it born no skincare you dumb fucksbut that's what launched that doll isridiculous preach the other for thecamera man that the concept is just solike outrageous but that's how it worksanyway yes yeah yeah so there they have

Taken over from that sort of gimmickyyou know Instagram pushing making itlook and again like Glenn glar they relyon people putting fancy looking masks onpeeling off that fast there is a stencilfor your glitter shit yeah so there they

Were lying on the same sort of liketactics wouldn't last in marketing and Idefinitely think that you know Glennglow on their way out drunk elephant aregoing from strength to strengththey aren't relying on G's face which

Yeah good but Casali yeah they aretrying to innovate like we've got somenew lip products and moisturizer andstuff coming to from them yeah sohopefully they're like look we can dodrops again in the future but let's just

Rein it in a little bit because we'rewriting something that's getting oldfastnow one brand that I reckon is I'm gonnacome along or is it's sort of like it'sdead there in the background hasn't

Fullyyeah but I reckon they could that's blowrecipeyeah so they are tapping into a marketof beautiful packaging really goodformulas yeah they're expensive but they

Also have tapped into that sort of yousmell like fresh fruit yes the pineapplestuff that smells like smell they sawweight soy sauce they're watermelonrange is very popular yeah yeah I reckonthey could be a little like ya always it

Comes in here I think they're going tobe coming through and I think they'regonna be sort of on par with drunkelephant yeah um you know not as activebut he's still effectively giving youthat sort of I feel like I'm doing

Something great yeah um but ya know I'mgonna say these brands that we okaymaybe besides glow recipe because I dothink glow recipe is yet to really takeoff really oh my god but I definitelythink drunk elephant and for Solly they

Will be replaced by something else verysoon because they sort of rely a littlebit on not drunk elephant so much butCasali definitely relies on gimmicks andthat that is only there only lasts untilthey give me until the gimmick gets old

Yeah and someone comes along withsomething with a different gimmick yeahyeah it's true so I think definitelyyeah it's an interesting one hmm sothat's it that's it for our brands thatwere dethroned yeah let us know down in

The comments section if you have anybrands that you want to add here maybeyou have a slightly different differentperspective which is really fun which istotally cool maybe it's like based onyour location or whatever or you've

Thought of a completely new one whereyou're like this brand was totallyshadowed by this Brandon yeah let usknowyep we hope you guys enjoyed it if youdid give it a thumbs up and we'll see

You in the next one bye

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