Brad Pitt Fury Undercut – Males’s Hair 2020

published on July 2, 2020


hi guys I'm Rasmus and you're watching

slick hair TV I was watching the Grammys

and I just saw that Brad Pitt won the

best supporting role

men's role and why not go back and make

a Brad Pitt from fury I think will not

make it that short but definitely we're

gonna take some inspiration you're fired

man I'm all fired

let's let's do it

let's all be ahead to be we're saying

the lines of two degrees and 9:00 to

5:00 and I know working after work since

last September gets a plate on the

weekdays and never tell when we say


and wish I could've been I'm never gonna


they are putting in so take a chance on

face your – please take a chance

please try to get something


turn tickets on



it's too late now something I never want

to say stand my ground



no no I gotta face I never look back and

wish I coulda grid

I never come to a good the hours I've

been putting in so take a chance on face

your mistake


it's too late now

something I never wanna say stand my




and with showers all right we almost

done so mad how did you cut my hair

three millimeters from the bottom and

faded it up made an undercut in each

side and cut it together in the back I

just applied a little bit of water after

the haircut and then I put in sidekick

blend it together with the water

straighten it back with the blow dryer

and finish off with some gold Digga hair

wax to get some separation and texture

and as always remember to write in the

comments section down below what do you

think about this hairstyle and like the

video and be a subscriber and you can be

a part of the secret giveaway so see you

guys next time


some face


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