Bose Soundbar 700 – Listen to the Audio Samples! – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

Hey everyone this is the bose sound bar 700 review it's not cheap it's not for the average consumer and for some reason it's been a hot request lately on the channel so I personally paid for this at the retail price of seven hundred and ninety nine dollars and at that price

Point it's not too bad for a premium sound bar most of my premium sound about reviews have been over on that price point but what the competitors offer that boast doesn't is a sub woofer that alone from Bose was sent you back an

Extra $700 which is insane it not to mention we don't even get Dolby Atmos and this thing so what I'm thinking it's gonna sound really good but for the price it might actually kill a deal but I could be wrong here but we have to

Wait and see until the end of this review folks I'll leave my affiliate links down in that video description below click on those links for the most updated prices in real time you never know when this sound bar might go on

Sale I'm Jimmy with jims review room and I'm here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another video

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Back to that review so first going over the physical features here's everything that you get very straightforward but one item that is truly unique here is the headband that you wear to calibrate the audio other than that the only thing

That doesn't come included is the wall mounting bracket that's about $40 more direct from Bose now that sound bar itself is gorgeous with a metal wrap the grille on the front the top is tempered glass that helps supplement the

Aesthetics of your entertainment area now although it looks super premium here it is a fingerprint room and a dust magnet over time it's not an issue for me personally since it's a trade off for the looks but my bear concern does it

Reflect the TV screen it does at some angles though but when it does reflect the TV I never felt as though it was glaring or tracting even those with recessed lighting in my case I have simple track

Lighting I never said holy crap it looks horrible I don't think it will bother most consumers out there but it's something for you guys to look out for another thing for reference my TV in the

Background is 65 inches as you can see the soundbar doesn't go all the way to the left and the right here but it still fits perfectly fun I think it still complements the TV in that center console the TV console as well you can

Be the judge with your own setup finishing up the top there are no playback features but there is a touch sensitive area to activate Alexa or mute the microphone so you don't activate her that's the newest feature on some bars

These days and more some bars are now including voice assistance to supplement the experience having Alexa built in is highly convenient here and with testing the microphones from various distances it's working great even having very far

Distances I just wish that Google assistant would finally update onto the sound bar it has not yet done so at the time of this video now taking a look at the rear the most important connection is HDMI with audio return channel

Connect all of your media to your TV and if your TV has the audio return channel abbreviated arc if has that HDMI port only one wire needs to run to the sub bar then if you don't have this port on your TV the sandbar 700 gives you an

Optical cable port as the alternative the last physical item I want to show is how big this darn remote is it is huge but it is a backlit universal remotes eliminating the two other controllers that I personally have here at the

Studio one for my blu-ray player and the other one for the TV also it uses bluetooth so you don't need a line of sight you can behind stand behind a cabin or sup like that behind your desk you know still function perfectly fine

Now last but not least here's a rundown of the other features before I jump into the audio performance and you guys get to sample the audio as well so there is bluetooth out here so you can connect your phone to this and play music

Wirelessly that's a plus there is no HDMI pass-through for the new sambar 700 and 500 again all audio sources connects to the TV and then one Abel goes through the soundbar the sambar 700 and the smaller sambar 500 at

Least at the time of this video does not work with Bose soundTouch products meaning there's no multi room playback that's a bit unfortunate since BOCES main competitor these Sonos playbar which is very similar in price can play

With other sono speakers that you can purchase over time and build up your audio establishment in your household here you can play music in multiple rooms basically now from my research I also found that Apple AirPlay and Google

Assistants will be coming to the sambar very soon which is a huge plus for me they said early 2019 but here you are I'm still waiting but just imagine calling or telling Google assistant to turn on your TV to play YouTube or

Netflix with your voice only that'd be really cool alright folks be sure to put on your earphones or headphones to get the 3d audio experience especially for these sound bars here as I'll be using my by neural microphones and to help

Support channel please subscribe you haven't already but be sure to like and comment down below with some fire emojis to show your support for team jims preview room all right folks here we go

Sucks I luck on three but a dumped his ass all right that makes sense and there you have it folks

Of course audio recorded on my end here and then played through your speakers are not the best depiction of audio quality but hence my review here the sound bar 700 sounds impeccably clear I know I haven't tested every sound bar

Out there in the market obviously but I have tested a lot of the best models offered by very good brands out there such as LG clips and Yamaha Bose has this extra Sparkle this resolution this detail that beats out everyone so far in

The studio the closest that I've gotten has been the LG sambar and the Bose beats that by just a smidge but jumping into bass here Bose has the least amount of distortion the scene from Bright's I know it's not the best movie in the

World here but the audio sample was really darn good in person that's seen with the gunfire and the dogs in the background both even without that subwoofer provides this refined punch in each bullet fired and when I mean

Punched that's possibly the best way that I can describe its fast as punches direct the LG comes very close to it but it's a little bit more muddy and not as punchy as the bose sound bar getting into the mid-range this is where the

Boast really shines bassam bar 700 pushes the vocals and voices to the very much forefront and does the sophisticated execution of audio separation not only do you have clear and distinct left and right

Channels not only do you have this airiness of audio coming from different angles you can interpret audio maybe slightly to your left here and some to the very far right but the fact that audio separation is very apparent you

Can hear each sound affect the audio is not performing on this one single plane you can sense layers of depth and that's very impressive now the biggest outlier and many will debate this both is missing Atmos from my testing Bose does

A phenomenal job for not having a true Atmos setup you can still hear our audio slightly above you from there very well to to soundstage but having trudeau be at most speakers then you can clearly make those sounds above you above your

Head those are noticeable then I wouldn't knock Bose per se for not having Atmos because they're still getting a very good audio experience it's not there yet but very good now touching on the high frequencies I never

Had any listening fatigue in every kind of your screeching or ear piercing moments especially during those high-pitched noises screams jets flying buyers some sort like that those high frequencies are very much kept within

Reason no overall just a sound bar by itself it's the best that I've heard so far I love my clips RSB 14 when it was released but it's starting to show its age that LG's sound bar which is a newer sound bar that I've

Tested is amazing and has very similar characteristics with Bose but that Bose 700 had a bit more refinement and again the key word here is clarity even though the Bose was smaller that thing still produced as much bass as that much

Bigger LG sound bar that I have and now this leads me to that subwoofer for the extra $700 is it worth it assemble for in general and my humble opinion here it is a must for any home you need to quote feel the explosions you need to feel the

Vibration of the truck rumbling by and fast and furious this stop of the jaegers and Pacific Rim the explosions and infinity war the base module bose provides fulfills all of that without a doubt I would say if you can get it this

Leads me for this sound bar plus the subwoofer now we're talking about a total package of $1500 you know I haven't tested Sonos yet but at least I can say the LG model is around $1000 at the time this video which includes a sub

And Dolby Atmos so you're saving about $500 but I'll admit it's just not as clean sounding I would say if you're on a budget so your budget conscious I would say look at LG maybe some other newer sound bars are the way to go but

If you can shell out that additional $500 make a couple more deals at work final dollars is not a big deal to you or maybe you can back off and eat ramen and Bagel Bites for a while you can get the best audio

With boats right now it's crazy how boats always seems to be overpriced but when I test them to execute really really well again I just wish that Google assistant was on here I wish there was multi room capabilities to

Compete against Sonos as well but other than that man this sounded so flippin good on that guy's down in comment section below let me know what you think is it overpriced over budget for you or do you get what you pay for

I'm Jimmy with Jim's review hopefully this video helped you in some way helped you in making that purchase decision I'll catch you guys on the next one bye

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