BLU G90 PRO – The Worlds Cheapest Gaming Phone!

by birtanpublished on October 4, 2020

Yo what's up everybody it's your boy floss back again with another video and today we're going to take a look at the blue g90 pro now this is blue's first gaming smartphone and blue's best phone to date now you can pick this one up on amazon i'll throw the link up in the description the price on this one as of today is 219 bucks i repeat 219 bucks now it comes in one color purple haze and it's gsm unlocked so that means it's going to work on all your carriers except for verizon

All right so let's go through all the specs now you got a 6.5 inch ips lcd display with a resolution of 1080 by 2340 that is 396 for the ppi patrol for the processor you got the mediatek helio g90t with the mali g76 mc4 gpu what does that mean in english budget specs bro budget specs now you got four gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage and a micro sd card slot for expandable memory now it's running android 10 with blues

Ui skin on top which is basically a stock version of android now you got a 5 100 milliamp battery that features 18 watt fast charge and 10 watt fast wireless charge i repeat wireless charging for the cameras on the rear you got a quad setup you got a 48 megapixel wide angle an 8 megapixel ultra wide a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro on the front you got a 32 megapixel wide angle lens

Now you got a single bottom firing speaker you get face unlock you got a rear mounted fingerprint sensor and you get a headphone jack alright so all of that for 219 bucks let's see what it is first things first shout out to white shoes back in the building down now the side note this is my second time making this video the first time i recorded it my sd card got corrupted and that's the same thing that happened when i did my galaxy s20 ultra real review

And i never uploaded it again but this time i'm shooting this video twice because in this day and age times is hard people struggling for money i think it's important for me to show y'all a phone that you could get for 219 bucks so like i said let's try this again blue g90 pro now the back of the box all the specs that we just read now the whole theme has purple so you got the purple box purple haze color phone now like i said this is my second time

Doing this so when you first get it it's going to look a lot more nice and neater in your presentation okay so inside now try to put everything back here's your device you got your blue troll stickers all right purple in color just in case you know anybody that spent a thousand bucks for a phone and you want to show them that you're all about that savings life hit them with the blue troll sticker now of course you got your usual books and pluck them and follow them nice little

Velvet case i love the details check this out now the phone came with a case not just any case look at this case y'all know how i feel about carbon fiber look at that all right samsung apple google pay attention this is how you present a phone the phone the case and accessories and not just a cheap gel skin case a decent case and in this case a carbon fiber case in this case a carbon fiber case i should check that out for quality

Here's an 18 watt fast charging brick i should do your thing now it came with some headphones and a nice little uh pouch but i ripped it open 3.5 jack in-line controls decent set of headphones all right shoes check that for quality control one of the best things about blue phones is this the micro fiber microfiber the usb type-c charging cable all right usb type-c charging cable tangle-free and it has that metallic look to it i think all

Phones should do this i like this all right now speaking of microfiber cleaning cloth does have a microfiber cleaning cloth because check this out as billy mays would say wait there's more tempered glass screen protector so to sum it up you just spent 219 bucks your phone came with a tempered glass screen protector came with headphones the metallic tangle free usb type-c charging cable got a troll sticker microfiber cleaning cloth and a case all right in my neck of the

Woods we call that one stop shopping all right now for the phone itself same specs we just read through check this out now let me go to wipe down for the dramatic effect blue g90 pro purple haze now this color is beautiful let me do the smell test on this one smells like savings all right y'all know i love the sweet smell of savings this phone has that all right so i'm gonna pause the video i'll set everything up then we'll breeze through the os talk amongst yourselves all right guys so we back in now i said

This before i'm gonna say it again and i'm gonna keep saying it for the people in the back it's 2020 in this day and age there's no excuse for you to be walking around without a phone and there's also no excuse for you to be walking around with a trash phone in your pocket your parents shouldn't have some old-school nokia phone you shouldn't be walking around with a motorola flip phone from back in the days and your kid shouldn't be walking around with a tracfone from walmart 219 bucks

Will get you a quality phone in 2020. first things first let me show you how the case now one thing i like about blue they didn't just drop in a little gel skin case they went above and beyond and gave you a nice protective case which hit my heart with the carbon fiber trim i love this so here's how it's gonna look slaps right on maximum rativity on this one slam boy certified there's your cutouts buttons cutouts buttons big rubberized buttons

Cutouts cameras nice and deep giggity adds a little bit of extra weight but you're going to protect your investment next for 219 bucks now you're getting wireless charge watch this wireless charger and deck not even power up the phone i wanted to show y'all that the wireless charge works look at that wireless charger on deck for 219 bucks all right next let's talk about the build quality now look y'all know i've been on youtube for over 10 years y'all seen all the

Phones that i've been reviewing do you remember back in the days if you bought a budget phone for 200 bucks how it would have looked and felt it would have been cheap plastic garbage welcome to 2020. 219 bucks you got a glass build which i will say feels good in the hands ladies you know the procedures glass build with wireless charging bro 219 bucks all right now if y'all want to play a drinking game at home every time i say 219 bucks have a shot let's get to the wipe down

Build quality on this is a1 now it's not water resistant but again 219 bucks we're not going to nitpick we're just gonna be happy that we got this purple haze with this beautiful build quality that actually looks modern all right you got quad cameras on the rear how modern is that even your iphone only has three cameras on the rear alright so even the new galaxy note only has three cameras on the rear you're looking extra modern with this fingerprint sensor on the rear beautiful

All right now i will say this the phone is definitely heavy but that's due in part to the big giant 5100mah battery now i said this in my last video i'm not looking for the thinnest lightest phone in the market i want a phone that i can use all day long and i'll sacrifice adding a little bit of extra weight to have a bigger battery and this phone does that well and again it just gives it more of a premium feel to it

Doesn't feel like a 219 phone at all and i can guarantee you if you walked up to somebody in the street and dropped this in their hand and said guess how much i paid for this they're not going to say 219 bucks all right trust me now fingerprint sensor in the rear that might show you that it's not flagship status but still alright that build quality is killing the pixel 4 xl uh you're the pixel 4a xl the pixel 4a y'all know what i'm saying all right

That plastic build i hate it look at this have another shot 219 bucks next now there's a couple of different ways you can open up the device you swipe up putting your pattern in your pin you got your rear mounted fingerprint sensor which works nice and fast bang bang you know what i'm saying let's do that again there it is and of course you got face unlock now i'm not looking at it i just looked at it now i'm gonna look at it

One more time face unlock fingerprint sensor wireless charge 219 bucks let's get drunk next display big beautiful display now you got a little teardrop notch all right nothing to really complain about with that beautiful beautiful ips lcd display now i will say this it could get a little bit brighter but again i'm trying my hardest not to nitpick about little stuff because in the grand scheme of things this is a great phone

For 219 bucks i wish this phone would have been out when i was buying my daughter all of those walmart phones that she kept breaking and losing then when she started to get a little bit older she didn't want to be seen with something that looked too outdated this phone would have been perfect all right so if you're looking for a phone for your parents phone for your kids a phone for you you already got an iphone 11 pro max and you want to play around with an android phone this is a nice little

Phone to check out anyway i digress back to the display no problems with that let's go through some of the basic stuff all right so here's your toggles you got you do got our screen recorder i don't see anything else that we need to look at and of course you got your mobile hotspot and of course you got night mode night mode and dark theme now you got night mode and dark theme look at the dark theme now i'm going to turn that off because it looks a little bit easier to see

Things in white in the video let's take it over to settings okay now one thing that is missing from this phone is nfc all right there's no nfc now if you go to about phone let's say just a rookie you buy this for your parents tell them to make sure that they go to about phone and look at all this good information so it shows you how to use your face id show you how to use your fingerprint sensor shows you how to use portrait mode in the camera because believe it or

Not a lot of people don't know how to do that it shows you how to use the 108 megapixel super zoom all right scumbag status you got your ai intelligence and it shows you the navigation bar because a lot of people don't like using the three buttons on the bottom you want to use the swipe gestures it'll give you a little tutorial and show you how to use everything and also if there's any information that they got a call for the carrier everything is right here so you got your

Me id your sim status all your legal information everything on deck next let's go to uh more data like i said no nfc but you do got vpns and private dns all right so you ready to uh you're ready to stream that mike tyson fight that's coming up and you ain't trying to pay for it bong vpn's private dns don't tell anybody i told you that let's take it over the display okay now this is on max brightness

Let's see anything we need to check out all your basic stock stuff you got screen color mode let's say you got standard vivid color and customized little net just got me i show you different screen colors i know let's see uh lock screen display okay now if you want to you can add users from the lock screen you can have a little message you got screen cast and you got printing navigation bar like i said if you don't like the three buttons on the bottom you can have full

Screen swipe gestures or if you're one of those people that like having the back button on the right you can swap that around i like having the back button on the left let's take it over to sound watch this one bottom firing speaker but it's nice and loud though it's nice and loud it's pleasantly loud now i'm gonna play youtube video so you can see for yourself matter of fact let's see anything else we need to check out for security you got face unlock fingerprint sensor and you do got smart

Lock let's see you got your now if this phone is kind of big for you you can use smart touch when you open that up that'll give you that little ball right there all right let me let me silence that real quick smart smart touch will give you that little ball so if you got small hands or if you're buying this for a little kid show them how to set up smart touch put this little ball in the bottom then you can have the little ball for your menu mode

All right so you can have it change all different things or you can just have it on straight gestures and you can also set it up to single clip go to back double double click take it to your home screen long press take you to the lock screen you can change these up and reorganize them at your leisure now i'm going to turn that off i don't need it let's say anything else digital well-being and parental controls again if you're buying this for a kid you got your your parental controls on

Deck all right because some of these kids are scumbags nowadays and you got to watch them use your parental controls fellas i don't have your kids being too savage too early digital well-being if you find yourself online all day every day monitor your digital well-being take a break and uh go into the real world every now and then let's say anything else um let's go to one more thing i wanted to show y'all

Let's see accessibility do we have it oh here it goes that was it right there all right accessibility now i know a lot of people that's hearing and visually impaired so i try to make it my point to always show this in my phone unboxings you do got all your access to accessibility features all right so if you're hearing or visually visually impaired you can still enjoy this phone so you got color version large mouse pointer remove animations you know you know say epilepsy turn all that stuff off all

Right let's keep it moving so that's pretty much it on that stock ui basically no bloatware on this right out of the box everything is running nice and smooth no hiccups all right so here's your google page all right if you want to see what's going on in the latest world of tech let's see we got the sopranos now look this this is a new part of my video that i'm going to do that i'm going to incorporate into some of my phone reviews real world testing all right real world

Testing let's act like we got the phone and we're going to use it in the real world all right now matter of fact i'll save that for a minute i'll save that for a minute first let me show y'all the uh web browsing speeds go to opening web page this is my first time doing this so i might have to set up my chrome oh no i actually already went through all right look at this nice scrolling speeds the full website let's do a little split screen

Multitasking let's see let's throw in youtube on the bottom keep in mind this is a 219 phone with amazon on the top and youtube on the bottom let's see what uh now y'all know i'll be watching um chris hanson all right watch a little hanson on the bottom have a seat you don't always get to see all these guys and shopping on amazon at the same time check out this lg tv i mean a detailed story to try to get themselves out of trouble all right

Checking out the lg tv and watching chris hanson bust some predators online at the same time multitasking on a 219 phone that you can't even do on your 1200 iphone how dope is that now let me pull up a youtube video so you can check out this beautiful display and listen to the speaker okay now in order to test the speakers out we got the official flossie carter sound test for my homeboy mark rubio check this out

One bottom firing speaker baby it is nice and loud like i said one bottom firing speaker but it gets pretty loud ladies and gentlemen mark rubio now let me pull up another video so you can watch the display alright here's my classic sony video check this one out full screen here's your viewing angles

Beautiful 219 bucks ladies and gentlemen let's go look at that let's keep it moving all right so for this part of the video i'm calling it rda regular daily activity how does the phone perform for regular stuff first thing you do when you wake up in the morning you're gonna hit that fingerprint sensor open up your phone now what i do i go right to my gmail check my messages all right so let's go to updates

Let's see do i got anything coming in the mail okay go through all of my stuff read all my emails regular daily activity the next thing i do take it right over to instagram all right so we're gonna go over instagram let's see what mr mook is up to i hate when i check my transaction history and it all adds up i hate that too let me go ahead and like that i'll just scroll through okay somebody paulie walnuts

Some beautiful looking food looks delicious let me get in like that okay we got a happy couple right here expecting the baby i'd love to see that let me get it like that okay we got a little buns on deck like that too i've got my man gilly he probably cracking some jokes i'll save that for later because i like to see all those little skits and we got my mad star chilling on a giant milk crate trying to look all cool all right i see you star but basically

Instagram works fine i'll check my feed and see if uh anybody sent me anything okay now somebody commented on my world star post because worldstar now this is just daily activity worldstar posted this iphone concept video like oh this is how iphone is going to look let's get a little sound this is how iphone's going to look and um me exit out of that somebody posted that at my comment let me go to my comment hold up my comment i want to show y'all real quick let me turn the volume down

My comment was you wish apple was that innovative i see a couple of people uh like that i don't know i thought it was i thought it was witty it is what it is all right anyway let's keep it moving alright so that's how instagram is gonna look then after that i'll take it over to facebook let me see what's going down on facebook okay my man peter therapy time what's he gonna do play some golf okay looking all right see what's going on a bunch of

Ads okay okay uh tanya okay i see you happy birthday i'm a man just turn big 40. how'd i see you bro happy birthday you know basically i'm just going through facebook chilling seeing what's going down seeing the latest developments on the race wars all right see what's up my new gadgets oh new gadgets coming out that looks cool i like that again i like to see happy couples doing their thing okay everybody shining i dropped the

White flags hop cakes all right let's keep it moving all right so after that i'll get off facebook then i might have to go take a dump so while i'm doing that let me take it over to tick tock see what's going down in the world of tick tock i we'll do the update later okay my dude get a little workout okay you know what i'm saying the family show right here mariah carey back on the set okay i don't like that okay now take it over to

Me now i'm only following one person on tick tock and that's my daughter you know i'm saying let's see what she's up there on tick tock meet my dad you know my daughter doing our thing you know she loves me how could you not though how could you not all right so like you didn't like that basically now after i finish that next thing i want to do take it over to youtube click on youtube watch some videos y'all seen that already now watch this

I can exit out of youtube and still have my player let's um let's see what else let's go over to um the play store see if there's any new apps coming out while i'm watching my youtube video okay see any new apps it is what it is paul's exit out of that now it's time to go to work boom jump in the car go to work now i'm on my lunch break oh i'm chilling at work you know pretending to do some work now i want to do a little bit of gaming so let's try out some gaming we're going

To load up asphalt 9. now this is my first time loading this up so give me a second let's let everything load up y'all know if you ever first get this game it takes a while to set things up so i'm going to set that up all right here we go asphalt 9. let's get it in look at that rory keep in mind y'all this is a 219 phone that we get ready to do some gaming on all right here we go i'm out of the rory let's go okay driving automatic

okay here we go hold the drink okay okay hold up ah alright there it is hold the drip okay all right tap for the nitro all right here we go nitro watch this next drip y'all you know that nitro into the drip let's see uh okay now you can swipe for different options yeah i actually like this game i don't know why i don't play it more often

All right here we go let's swipe to the left or swipe to the right we'll take the left and nitro it over to the left little drip nitro now watch that ramp yo i'm going for that ramp all right here it goes i'm going for the ramp let's go let's go nitro oh what am i doing i like it though all right there it is i didn't wrap the rory

Okay i know i'll be having too much fun basically gaming on your 219 phone now there was really no lag i might have seen a couple of frame drops here and there but no lag nothing to be complaining about especially on a big heavy game like asphalt 9. all right this is a big heavy game okay unlock that car there's your cut scenes and we'll keep it moving all right so now let's take a look at the camera now you're in the cafeteria having your lunch minding your business

You see two people arguing it's starting to get heated you know blows are getting ready to be thrown grab your phone hit the world star hip-hop button i that's the power button press that twice that'll activate your camera yell out worldstar start recording all right so let's go through some of the basic camera features okay so you got video let's go to settings maximum video quality 4k let's go to photos you got four times zoom and if you want to go wide angle wide

Angle shot you got beauty mode alright so if you old school and you're trying to look a little bit younger activate beauty mode soften up your skin and you got more so you got night mode you got pro mode you got 108 megapixel scumbag zoom you got hdr got your animated gifs you got filters panorama slow motion time lapse intelligent scanning and macro now intelligent scanning is pretty dope

Let's open that up real quick take a picture of something with words and a bung brings you right to that website all right scan your barcodes that's pretty dope let's exit out of that and again like i said you got your macro shots one thing i will say after testing out this camera the macro shots actually do look pretty good they look pretty good all right so let's take a look at some test pictures and videos that i took

all right so overall on a scale of 1 to 10 i'm giving the blue g90 pro a major go and at 219 bucks as bob barker would say the price is right 5 100 milliamp battery big beautiful display wireless charge split screen multitasking works for gaming has a decent camera i mean for the price you really can't complain like i said earlier

Your parents you your kids there's no excuse to be walking around with a trash phone in your pocket in 2020 all right if you're looking for savings 219 bucks save some money get a blue g90 pro hit me up in the comments let me know what y'all think about this one shout out to everybody rocking with me on facebook foursquare twitter google plus shout out to all the google gangsters i see y'all holding down that facebook page

Shout out to everybody hitting me up on box up and a special shout out to everybody rocking with me on instagram y'all know that's where i'm at full time 100 full throttle and a special shout out to everybody rocking with the new stream on sundays y'all already know stream gangsters on deck get your drinks ready no meat boys oh yeah special shout out to everybody following me on snapchat

Flossy underscore carter that's where i'm at and a special shout out to the notification squad i see all in the comment section early salute oh yeah one more thing i almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all y'all haters all your trolls close your eyes and pitch and be rolling it's your boy floss your mouth energized


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