Blowing up stuff in a microwave (from the archives)

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

what's up shitheels old school

microphone here again because we have

another delicious old school clip once

again I got married last week and it

turns out that that just sort of

destroys your brain with both love and

planning related stress so this clip is

extremely sick it involves Greg the

drummer from Tokyo Police Club myself

Justin Taylor behind the camera and a

microwave in my old basement so if

you're a fan of all of the great science

shows on YouTube and you love to sort of

expand your mind this is the opposite of

that we just put shit in a microwave and

watched it blow up with no safety

precautions and you will learn nothing

but it was one of the best times I've

ever had

so please enjoy putting stuff in a

microwave with Tokyo Police Club from

the archives the first show that me and

Justin ever made called toxin a juice

box manner the fires are worth it

here we are in our basement with Greg

from Tokyo Police Club and a microwave

we're gonna put things into it Greg

thank you for for coming to put things

in Michael oh yeah I always come if you

have a microwave oh yeah I have this

condom that I just said yeah it's full

of wire okay so this first myth is

putting a Mike or condom in the


is it awesome yeah okay let's say three

minutes oh yeah all right it kind of

looks like a ciggy or one of those

cartoon faces inspiration yeah big old

condom boobie is it gonna pop oh yeah

what's the logical conclusion of this

myth it's totally convenient but it's

awesome and you're gonna blow up I may

be all right number two putting a bag of

chips in a microwave is it awesome no

wait don't win the empty the chips head

really so let's say it's gonna eat a bag

of chips all right good to go

finish the baggage is how long three

minutes I think so here a one two three

oh man

Greg you and I are discussing at one

point when the cameras weren't on that

this is sort of a delayed adolescence

for both you and I because we you know I

mean you live the rock and roll

lifestyle now but for the most part as

kids we were timid yeah it was a geek

yeah as a huge nerd and so you know all

this science

would have been read at Mohali but I was

never brave enough to do anything with

my mom's microwave this is like danger

science that's the thing is it went past

like I don't know what you feel like I

would spend a lot of time in my basement

like learning programming languages and

stuff oh yeah C++ yeah I made the best

number guessing game and QBasic uh-huh

it was fucking awesome on my sister's

VTech computer I made a role-playing

game where I was the hero are you just

like fight bullies in in my child a

bully is there like nine now not when

I'm in control

wow that's way better than my Djibouti

knows their math game basically Duke

Nukem yeah what's up okay

play that sorry John we've had some

disagreements as to whether or not the

light bulb that has burnt out well I

think the same thing is gonna have all

some shit in the microwave what's that

what's it supposed to do okay yeah all

right this is not gonna work just watch

this is magic I feel like I'm seeing the

Northern Lights for the first time yeah

it's like a roaring borealis this is

amazing it's totally the most beautiful

thing I've ever seen

whoa whoa it's going green Oh acting


yeah actually got that by how to stop it

no don't do it great what do you think


well who said three minutes what do you

think Tesla would do Sam Tesla would let

it go now I'm just bored yeah well you

know it was awesome I was right it it


David City you can't love that that's

totally reusing light bulbs and stuff

you have a burnt-out one just keep one

in your fridge that's like a nightlight

keep it in the microwave yeah I decided

for like four four minutes while you

make your sandwich and then go back to

bed are you off to the washer yeah yeah

just gave a microwave in every room you

have we also have neighbors who live

above us

fucking must hate the shit out of us

because when there isn't a band playing

down here we're burning microwaves so

we've got a fire extinguisher

through yeah we got a safety team next

myth on my list of myths to dispute okay

uh so far if so

anybody got any great soap stories they

want to share just baby think three zero

zero five ready TV show go fine

so nothing awesome so yeah it's just in

first five seconds suck so Greg is this

is this typical of like interviews that

you do I mean I guess now the band's

popular you must do a lot of yeah we get

to make a rider for every press junket

that we go to and yeah I always say you

know you better microwave something

awesome oh it's so totally puffing up


holy fuck well I say growing claws how

big do you think it's gonna get no no do

you think it's not it gets deflating

naturally let's stop it at the choice

moment when you think that there's an

aesthetically pleasing is yeah

okay Greg you called yeah you're come ah

all right there yeah that looks like you

sweet to me yeah it smells beautiful oh

yeah it's like a cloud what do you guys

see in it um I see like like a what's

called a seal sort of like cresting over

a wave what do you what do you see it

kind of looks like a fetus that

shouldn't be okay so many those monster

babies you know oh my god what's

happening oh it's so light we created

clouds yeah oh my god fucking amazing

it's like styrofoam or cotton candy oh

it looks like these look like frog eyes

and little frog smile let's put this on

eBay later and see what happened oh I

think Greg should be able to give it to

his girlfriend oh yeah

happy 5 years favorite put a match in a

microwave standing up and it's supposed

to be something like a fireball okay

yeah you just have a good time it's like

a little birthday party guess it went

it's kind of bright bright Sun was

himself well you know what can't be

disputed the fact that Greg from Tokyo

Police Club is the nicest guy ever

because all in a great scientist all

that c++ training earlier yeah I'm glad

my PhD came in years

hope you guys enjoyed that final

archival clip we'll be back next week

with new episodes of this exists and

every week forward thanks so much for

your support and I hope you guys have

enjoyed this little sort of nostalgic

self-indulgent trip down memory lane

while I enjoyed getting married be

excellent to each other

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