Blockchain Cuties – The First Multi-Blockchain Crypto Collectible Game

by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

What's up crypto gaming welcome back to another episode if you guys are new here we do giveaway at the beginning of every small episode of today's winner is CBB thanks so much for commenting on the previous video CBB I just sent you some crypto on this episode I want to go over

Blockchain cuties it is in addition to the crypto collectibles series and I'm working directly with the team full disclaimer all crypto collectible projects have donated two to three different NF TS to actually give away

Via grow your based I Oh as well as this channel so this is not a sponsored video but they have actually provided the NF T's to give to the audience on grow your base as well as open sea and as well as this channel watching cuties is a new

Game and that allows you to breathe lizards cats Cubs bears all these different types of fantasy creatures that allow you to breed them play with them go through an adventure collect different collectables and ultimately

Battle against each other similar to the other project in the crypto collectible series that I included crypto kitties where you're allowed to brief them the biggest change of between blockchain cuties and crypto kitties is the fact

That you can swap these different blockchain cuties between different block tanks like Tron aetherium and iOS and FTS is a non fungible token like I've said in the past that makes it unique it means that you fully own that

Piece of the blockchain and that unique item that you can actually trade just like any other cryptocurrency with other users you can buy them you can sell them you can just trade back and forth on platforms like open C so you can collect

Them you can breathe them you can battle with them to test their skills and you can arm them with different types of entities within the adventure game and ultimately if you choose to you can use the smart contract to trade them freely

Amongst these different networks as I mentioned before if your Meos n Tron so it's a very exciting concept and I wanted to dive into the overview video so you guys get a chance to see what their video looks like that they're

Talking about the overview of blockchain cuties and then I want to go through the open sea listing to show you guys the NF and the most popular ones on the platform which is usually what I do with this series and I also want to show you

The market cap as well as some of the trade volume and the activity that's going on on open c4 blockchain cuties and then finally I want to show you guys the different entities that were going to be giving away via the grower base

Platform so a lot to cover in this video let's dive right into it blockchain cuties is a new crypto collectible game where you can collect the cutest pets breed them give them awesome gear and send them on adventures

To get precious loot there's a huge range of cuties to choose from you can breed and collect a wide selection of animals such as cats puppies bear cubs lizards hedgehogs and so much more in the future you are the sole owner of all

Of your cuties each cutie is a hundred percent unique and completely belongs to you forever you can trade or transfer them anytime to anyone just like a regular cryptocurrency in the case the value of your cutie increases you can

Actually earn money by selling it you can test your cutie skills and battles and level them up if you are brave enough you can challenge your cuties abilities and battles against raid bosses your cuties will get not only a

Unique experience but can also obtain an item or a gift as a reward breed unique cuties our cuties are made of different parts that are combined together according to their gene set each animal species has specific gene combinations

Which if selected properly can result in a unique looking cutie you can also buy a limited edition unique cuties that is not only powerful but also super rare these pets can also go on special adventures on which only unique pets can

Actually participate want to get a personal unique cutie made from your own drawing well now you can our artists will create a cute pet version of your characters that not only looks amazing but also is extra strong join the game

By a cutie and send it on adventures to become the most powerful cutie Lawrence you are on the blockchain cuties listing on open sea you can see the total volume is one hundred and ninety six point eight nine eath and that is just for

This past week it's up eight point six percent compared to last week the average price is point zero six eight her item and then the items in collection on open sea is 90 1962 so some solid volume every week here on

Open sea for blockchain cuties as you can see here the most valued ones if you scroll down from the blockchain cuties activity you can see here that they have one seller that is actually pretty adamant about selling this and you can

Also see that they have sold this previously for 11 I'm not quite sure how to pronounce this but it looks like crown 1 scold Smurfs 7 I suit alien 6 and it says last sold for eleven point seven nine as you can see from two

Months ago this was listed the sale was started and it was actually sold two months ago from this user to this user so you can see confirmation on the listing that it was sold for almost twelve each which is very impressive in

Terms of ranking blockchain cuties is number fourteen currently on open sea and this changes weekly so they have been in the top ten for quite some time they fluctuate back and forth but it is very impressive to see that they are

Still in the top 15 one of the more notable aspects to it the ranking is the number of owners here you can see that there are thousands of owners when you get down to about ten cuties you can see there's 2600 owners of ninety one

Thousand different items which is very impressive when you have over a thousand owners on a platform that is really really good for a marketplace they have a lot of these different characters on here and this is the recently sold

Category and you can see that a lot of people are selling these pretty frequently this one even has a little jiff that is moving with an OBE a hat that is it for my overview of blockchain cuties one of my favorite parts about

Blockchain cuties is the different types of breeds and the messaging behind them you have regular you have tribute and then you have unique with tribute there paying tribute to things like pop culture cinema video games in the past

You kind of unlock these different breeds when you get the right gene common when you're doing your breeding between blockchain cuties and then you have unique cuties and these cannot be

Reproduced by players they're given out by the team and traded by other players but they cannot be reproduced so for example you can definitely breed with the proper gene combinations to get a tribute beauty but the rarest type of

Breeds you're going to have to get from the developers themselves and that is what makes it extremely valuable for the team to continue developing these unique breeds because that is how they are getting rare breeds out into the

Ecosystem applying more scarcity to this different type of asset within the game another one of the awesome things that I love about blockchain cuties is it is community driven development and I've covered this in the past with the crypto

Collectible series where a lot of these games are played to own the concept where you can go through a game and as you collect more items you are almost owning more of the business in some cases in some extreme cases you're

Actually sharing some of the revenue of the business with blockchain cuties you're actually able to contribute to what comes in the future they're extremely transparent with what's coming and the community very much decides

What's coming next a great example was hedgehogs and wolves for blockchain cuties that was suggested by the community and was implemented by the development team so in other words if you're in the community and you want to

Have something add into the types of breeds or anything about the games maybe it's the arms that you want to be able to reach and get in the game then you can actually reach out to the team into the community and the probability of

Getting an added is quite high so as I mentioned before the highlight feature here for me at least in blockchain qts is being able to play on multiple block teams the traditional NFT is just deployed on aetherium using ERC 7:21 but

With octane duties they're actually toggling between AOS Tron and a theory which is very much a powerful move because you're not just plugged into one and stuff one blockchain you're able to toggle

Between all three so you get access to all of those ecosystems and once you crack open those gates to all three of those different ecosystems you can actually provide unique experiences for each of those ecosystems when they're

Interacting with others when they're interacting with the game itself there's a wide variety of things that can happen when you open up the doors to all these big ecosystems like eos tron and aetherium so now for the moment

Everybody's been waiting for we're going to be giving away three different NF TS the first one as you can see here has like a little youtube shirt and it is block ten cuties eight eight seven three two all these entities were bred

Specifically for this campaign and this series to be included in this series so there is an eight transaction history that I can show you guys it because it was literally birthed a few weeks ago just to show to you guys and to show to

The career-based community the next one is blockchain cuties eight seven eight six six and the final one has an extremely cool mustache and that is blockchain key QT eight seven eight six seven shout out to purpose – for having

An extremely wicked mustache so those are the three different entities that you can win in the link in the description below that is on the grow your base platform you go through complete some assignments share it out

On social media for your chance to win that different NFT and I'm very excited about this game because not only is it allowing people to breed battle and go through a game itself arm they're different cuties and breed against other

Players creating that scarcity aspect creating rare breeds when you're breeding I'm really really interested in the multi blockchain concept where they're toggling between Trani OS and the theorem that is super bullish for me

When you're creating a game that sits on top of three different ecosystems that is a very powerful very powerful concept that's it for this episode I hope you guys liked it if did slap a like if you're new here don't forget to

Subscribe we're gonna be doing a lot of these in the near future and the link to everything will be in the description below go sign up for open C sign up for grow your base sign up for block ten cuties give it a test and I will see you

Guys on the next episode a crypto

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