Blessing Loom Cash App Money Circle | The Hidden TRUTH

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Okay so the truth is you could make money fast easy simple for free look at the stimulus checks you guys getting $1,200 without having to do anything at all now where the difference comes in between you know the scams and the real ones is that you have to separate the

Facts of the truth from the false information and the lies just because others in the past have been scams doesn't mean that all every single business model is a scam the truth is that the blessing loom is going viral

Everybody's talking about it actually I have some information that nobody wants to bring up for some reason by the Federal Trade Commission yes the Federal Trade Commission I'm gonna read it for you guys in this video about the

Blessing loom that you need to know about and the truth is you know it's real real bullish now I'm just kidding guys but seriously like the blessing loom

Going viral a lot of people talking about this kind of business model here my name is Alex if you don't know who I am I analyze business models for a living you know I've been able to live off of this for the past five years I'm

Only 25 years old I've talked to millionaires you know I've helped people you know make six figures hundred extra money with cryptocurrency and different blockchain technologies and business

Models investing techniques cash arbitrage mumbo jumbo you got I'm not here to bore you but what I want to do today is I want to show you guys my perspective as a professional on this blessing loom scheme that's been going

Viral a lot of people been talking about it it looks like this kind of like you know kind of chart here where you got the person in the middle and then somebody gives $100 whatever you guys know all about it pretty sure by now a

Lot of you I've read about you know the blessing loom but I'm gonna break it down you know from the Federal Trade Commission we're gonna talk about you know pyramid schemes and if they're like you know legit can you make money now

Again like I wanted to reiterate from the intro is that just because you know there's their schemes in the past doesn't mean that all of them are schemes I want to teach you guys in this video how to be able to you know point

These out in the future because there's a lot of free opportunities I've taken advantage of and you know what I'll do for you guys is I'll give you a free opportunity towards end this video you can make like one hundred and fifty

Eight dollars or something like that with like you know watching literally two two-minute videos it's crazy and I'll show you and I you know I've done this in the past a lot of my followers already have done it before

I've done it took advantage of the thing and I'll show you towards the end some people see things like this they get so skeptical and crazy and mad yes there's a lot of scams right but it doesn't know how to distinguish the facts in a

Reality of the business model versus lies and you know scandals and everything like that so I'm gonna pull up the Federal Trade Commission right here we're gonna read some things this is basically what the laws are gonna be

Written off of about pyramid schemes not everything is a pyramid scheme but let's just read this really quickly they promise consumers or investors so it's basically asking what is a pyramid scheme and what is legitimate marketing

They promise consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join the program not based on profits from any real investment or sale of goods to the public okay so that's just a red flag

Right there so if I come over here to the loom I'm gonna explain to you exactly how it works so essentially Richie here starts this kind of like cycle here it's this person and this person in okay

And he asked him for a hundred dollar investment and doing so you know he gets these other people in for a hundred investment and gets these other people in and I believe the people right here get like a little percentage of the

Hundred dollars and then eventually you know once Richy receives all the money from every single person and this you know kind of pyramid here this person in the pink will actually start their own loom okay and move forward okay so now

The problem with this it's very clear if we come over here to the Federal Trade Commission they promise consumers or investors large profits right so when you're going through this when you're going through this chart essentially

What you're doing to get people in to invest 100 dollars in the first place as you're saying hey if you invest as hundred dollars you can potentially turn that into a thousand dollars later on if you make your own scheme so essentially

That's exactly what they're doing they're promising consumers or investors large profits based on primarily recruiting others to join their program not based on profits from any real investment or any real sell of goods to

The public that's the big problem out this this is the big red flag with this Ponzi scheme here that's been going viral and everybody's been talking about it the big red flag is that there is no real product there's nothing now where

They could have made this better right or make it actually legitimate and real is they could have potentially offered maybe a marketing program right like we even come over here there's just literally nothing like you complete

Fractal with fifteen people and then you're essentially just kind of pushing people in their own thing and the whole thing about this business is it all falls apart if you can't get more and more people that's essentially what a

Pyramid scheme is that's that's the whole problem but if they had a product so I actually offer them value maybe you can be like a course on marketing because essentially that's all they're doing is they're teaching people how to

Market to get the hundred dollars so maybe if they had a program on a teaching people know how to market right they can actually learn a real skill all right think about you know nowadays in school people spend a hundred thousand

Dollars and the degree right they're spending a lot of money on a degree right to hardly just to get a job right if they actually learn real skills it might be something of value and we've seen a lot of products out there that

Offer these marketing skills you can't learn in school and then they make money and they essentially do kind of the same thing so it doesn't mean that everything's a Ponzi scheme the problem with this is that there's no product

They don't do anything it's simply just passing money and whoever gets in first wins right so let me just go back and read this over again so you guys can kind of distinguish this Inn from the future this is the most

Legitimate it gets the Federal Trade Commission these people write the laws right these people are the the top of the line this is where you come to get your information you don't get it from a

Random youtuber you know it's funny cuz I'm a random youtuber but you don't get it from a random youtuber okay because there is money-making opportunities and I'm going to show you firsthand that if you just find a company with a product

With something that's actually working and being used and they give you free money who's to say you can't take advantage of that free money because it's actually it's not a it's like a Ponzi scheme just some companies

Actually give away things for free so you can onboard new users which is a phenomenal tactic onboarding you new users are so effective that there's actually this story on marketing you can read the book influence where they talk

About how it churches instead of just asking for donations what they would do is they'll give you a free flower even if you didn't want the flower they'd just give it to the free it actually became so effective at receiving

Donations that they were banned from malls they were banned from you know public places they essentially had to stop because people were just giving them a lot of money and they're making a lot of money off donations giving away

Stuff for free is not a bad tactic it who's got to distinguish the bad from the good businesses and imma show you a business in this video but just just to kind of make sure that this hits home right here and I'm gonna show you

Something even crazy about those stimulus checks but just to make sure this his home if this occurs through a company's distribution system the people at the top of the pyramid reaps substantial profits or a little no nope

Even though little or no product moves to the market so essentially this is like the best case of a pyramid scheme what's going on what a lot of people are talking about is the best case of a pyramid scheme now it's gonna blow your

Mind why does this work right why do these pyramid schemes actually make money why is it going viral now the best way to explain this all right so I have this you know kind of I'm gonna make a bad drawing just to bear with me here so

Essentially what's going on is you have two subjects so I'm put two little squares here right and then you have a line between like a space between the subject and then you have or if it wants to give me a second square give me a

Second square yeah so two subjects so in this case you know for you guys the subjects for this Ponzi scheme the first one's gonna be like yeah I want to make money fast I think possible you know most people and the

Back of their mind they think that and then the second box is you know people that are just like they know that fast money is not real it's too good to be true which they're both true right neither

Both of these are not false right that's what I'm trying to tell you guys is that people use this like for example Trump didn't is that election I'm not saying I don't talk about politics but it's called polarization okay what

Polarization is it's basically a marketing technique to split the audience and doing so cause controversy and for people to talk about them more you're gonna have to kind of believe me on this concept

I just know marketing like the back of my head been doing it for a long time but basically the only difference between a famous person and a non famous person is something called familiarity you can see it specifically like for

Example this got out of released in Pleasant sukashi six nine everybody hates him everybody hates who this guy is right some people loved him though and look he the only difference between a person that's not famous and a person

That's famous is familiarity now you could take it overboard like Takashi six nine of course and get arrested and go to prison for this stuff but there's a lot of people out there that do this they execute this and it works it works

For them and you know they just don't take it overboard right like for example Trump obviously is not gonna get arrested he kind of plays in the middle here alright so you got the one side of the people where they believe in fast

Money to believe you can make money and then the other side of believe is completely false is always gonna be a scam so what these companies do is they say a statement semi in the middle they say in the middle so close controversy

And you've got the you know news outlets talking about this scheme you got you know people trying to promote it and everybody kind of fighting each other it makes it talked about the thing a lot and then what it does is it polarizes

Everybody some people get into it and some people don't right the only reason they got to that point is because they're familiar they got all this attention everybody knows about it so it has to be legitimate in

Some way or it has to be a Ponzi scheme you know what they say all press is good press right now there's no face behind there so there's no person who's you know credibility or reputation to ruin so that would me that's what even makes

It better there's nobody actually doing it so now that you guys understand how this works how it's a pyramid scheme you know how they do their marketing and why people are even getting into it the first place let me show you something

I'm gonna invite you to understand something really quickly that I think is really relevant to you because like I told you there is past to make money fast and quick you know without really having to do anything

There is such thing as free money i'ma show you exactly one I'm actually a lot of people follow me for this reason because I showed him something called coinbase earn okay what coinbase earn is it's basically a platform where you can

Watch these two minute videos about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and stuff like that and you earn you know money you earn fifty two dollars like I've already maxed mine as you can see I earned the 52 dollars I earned six

Dollars there are fifty dogs there fifty dollars there ten dollars there you can cash it out directly to your bank right you can cash that directly to your bank and it's literally two minute videos let me show you what I'm talking about come

Over here let me show you like I'm not lying right here look so what is orchid you just watch this you won't afford olives you weren't for dogs your own follow us now I wasn't 100 percent transparent it says you know you can

Make like one hundred and fifty eight or something like that but that's not the case so you actually have to invite your friends and you know if you invite them you get an extra forty bucks but without inviting them you can make like forty

Dollars so without invite one person you can make forty dollars cash it out directly to your bank I'm trying to help you guys out I know a lot of people in this bad situation you know with the whole economy and everything like that

You got the free stimulus check I'm telling you guys the difference between a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme and a legitimate company is is the company have a product they're giving away free cryptocurrency and they actually have a

Very lucrative product by the way let me show you what I'm talking about coinbase actually is worth buy like it's worth like 1.3 billion dollars so if this and they have faces you can see Bryan Armstrong here they have CEOs it's a

Legitimate company it's like it's worth one of the biggest cryptocurrency companies in the world that has like a top you know 100 website or something like that in the world it's a legitimate company that people know about okay so

Obviously coinbase is not a scam they have millions of users making them money what they do is they offer cryptocurrency so you can buy kryptos from your bank and then turn it into like Bitcoin or you know a theorem or

Whatever and then they take a fee just like any other exchange right if you guys ever got into Forex any exchange in the world your bank does this if you go to a different part of the world and you try to get there you know fiat currency

Like for example if you go to China you try to get some yen they're gonna take a little fee of that yen and that's how they make money and I just keep on you know this liquidity for the people that I need to exchange their money

That's essentially what coin base does for you so it's a legitimate company they have a product but they just offer people things like this so they can off on board new users so they can get new people to involve with

Cryptocurrency learn about cryptocurrency which by the way is a whole nother ballgame I hope my whole channels about analyzing business models and cryptocurrency investments and entrepreneurial businesses and

Everything like that but let me show you another kind of crazy thing so you guys saw the beginner like the beginner loop about you know the media kind of probably taking advantage of you or you tubers or some person I just wants to

Make money off of this stupid you know chart that wants to make you money that you got taken advantage a little bit cuz maybe you're a little bit confused well I'm gonna blow your mind a little bit more so stimulus checks stimulus checks

They paid you $1,200 and that's the greatest thing on earth of course people love getting free money now the thing about free money is that it comes with a cost there's nothing free in life so as you can see here this

Is the purchasing power of $100 since 1913 so the side effect of getting free money is the fact that you actually lose the value of your money it makes perfect sense think about a glass right you make

Juice you have juice in the glass right the juice is pure it tastes really sweet it's good most people like like the sugary juice right if you pour water into the juice it gets watered down it's the same thing with

Our money supply if the the Federal Reserve prints money and gives it to people which by the way you guys heard about a 2 2 trillion dollar stimulus check that's a lot it was really a six trillion dollar stimulus check they gave

For two big banks and big corporations and bailed them out and then they gave like five percent of two trillion they didn't even give us the full two trillion they give us like five percent of two trillion you can verify all the

Words I'm talking about you have other videos for that my youtube channel but you know they give you five percent of two trillion to us so essentially our money is now if you have money in the bank your money is literally worth less

Because they're diluting the economy the the supply of money okay and this is apparent with this you can see it right here the rise and fall of the dollar so every time they print money Wall Street Crash Black Thursday they bailed out the

Banks right Bretton Woods Agreement that was basically when the gold standard was thrown out the window printing money oil crisis printed money second world crisis printed money dot-com bubble printed more money real estate crashed in 2008

Print more money right there longest us expansion in the world great no there's nothing wrong with that but look at the value of $100 from back in the day from what it's worth now so it's almost like

They force you to invest in the stock market right if you're not investing you have money sitting down you have piles of cash or whatever your money was literally in the past couple of months made less value it is purchases less

Items than what it used to be and this is happening in real time and this is the benefit of cryptocurrency if you guys don't know what blockchain technology this is why block 10 technology if you think bats upon just

Came to the pyramid scheme yeah let's blow your mind real quickly so bitcoin is literally the exact opposite of inflation okay so if you hold in money you're losing like three to seven percent a year and depending on if the

United states are going into a crisis or not if they are going into a crisis then they're gonna print more and you're gonna lose more by inflation so essentially you're losing something called purchasing power okay the power

For your money to purchase items decreases so it's not that you lose physical cash and we see this in Venezuela we see this in countries all over the world right hyperinflation you lose the value of your cash right so

What bitcoin it's literally the exact opposite view think bitcoins a Ponzi scheme well I have other videos for that I'm not here to convince you on you know this revolutionary technology obviously it's not a scam you got people like what

You got Richard Branson billionaire the creator of Virgin Galactic convergent Airlines one of the biggest billionaires on earth that's in cryptocurrency and has publicly talked about it you got the

Winklevoss twins that you know happened to be on the cusp of Facebook and Bitcoin cuz they're one of the bailing one percent of all Bitcoin it got into Bitcoin at $7 right right now bitcoins were seven thousand a thousand X their

Money they turned like a couple million until like a billion dollars so there's just obviously you know they know something that we don't know because they were in facebook the whole commotion over there what girlis of what

You believe which I've reached researched at and you know in great detail regardless of what you believe they've been on the cusp of innovation two times in a row right you got all alone must talking about dogecoin

There's billionaires and millionaires the guy that made McAfee you guys know the little of McAfee program people that are creating the Internet John McAfee the people are creating the Internet before are now shifting to blockchain

Technology and cryptocurrency and the reason why is because they do something like hold your purchasing power they don't lose you don't lose purchasing bout it's called a stock to flow model here a lot of followers in my

Youtube channel have seen this before basically that bitcoin actually instead of being inflationary instead of them adding to the mother money supply Bitcoin automatically decreases the amount of Bitcoin you can have so the

Only you can only have 21 million ever and about every 10 minutes date they shoot out 12.5 Bitcoin amongst the miners is not a video for that there's other videos without my YouTube channel but just think about the miners are

Mining they're trying to get this Bitcoin there it's basically a lottery to try to get the Bitcoin they're mining every ten to ten to fifteen minutes depending on an algorithm there's about twelve point five Bitcoin that shoots

Out they split up to twelve point five Bitcoin amongst themselves and they literally have made money for mining that's how it works right in about 25 days 25 days I believe I could be wrong about that anywhere from 20 to 30 days

Okay something called the Bitcoin having so that 12.5 that gets split out every ten minutes or so it's gonna go to six point two five okay so they're doing an exact opposite of the government the government is decreasing your purchasing

Power and bitcoin it's increasing your purchasing power so your money's gonna be worth more and this sharp chart reflects it you could use the stock the flow model for anything in the world you can use it for oil you can use it for

Gold it doesn't matter it just happens to be I'm showing you for Bitcoin it was actually used originally in gold and and you know precious metals for this reason because so accurate so as you can see here you know the red line is the actual

Stock of Bitcoin right and the red over here so you can see that the chart is like green and red and blue and everything we're far away from the happening so like I told you this having is happening in 25 days we're close to

The happening there's about you know 30 or so days we're really close it's purple right so what happens and notice this this difference here and I want to show you something else right here the tip the tip of here to

The tip of here this put chart basically predicted a hundred and sixty seven dollar worth Bitcoin so they're they predicted in 2014 the Bitcoin is gonna be worth a hundred and sixty seven the actual reality of it is that bitcoin

Ended up being like almost twelve hundred dollars that's like a 6x difference okay over here notice they're predicting that bitcoin is gonna be about six thousand dollars but notice how this one was

Right on par but this one was a little bit further right they're predicting bitcoins gonna be six thousand or something Bitcoin ended up going to twenty thousand so that's a good I was like a 4 X 3 X difference so if you take

The law of diminishing returns meaning that the more money that goes into Bitcoin it diminishes of how much money you can make over time you still take that long to consideration we can accurately predict that we're gonna move

A little bit more over here more like right here right right here right we're gonna be right here when Bitcoin booms and we're not gonna go over 4 X 3 X we're gonna go like a 2 X so a 2 X right here so we're looking at 2023 the end of

2020 to 2023 look at this number people 1 Bitcoin is gonna be worth 150 to 200 thousand dollars right one Bitcoin now if that doesn't blow your mind let me show you what I'm talking about here we go to coin market Capcom one Bitcoin now

Is only worth $7,000 so even if you and you don't have to get a whole Bitcoin you get a fraction of a Bitcoin if you put in a hundred bucks you can technically like 10:10 exit almost 10x is probably to like 15 exit all right

Which means that you could turn 100 bucks into like 50 hundred dollars all right now this is why people are so bullish this is why people have been you know looking into this for a very long time it's not a Ponzi scheme the only

Thing that's a Ponzi scheme is United States government with them printing money and everything like that and just to show you again the purchasing power of the dollar guys your money's gonna be worth less and less over time if you

Don't find a way to reserve or hold your purchase if I'm not all Bitcoin man you if you guys get into gold it's the same thing anything with a limited supply right anything would eliminate supplies the actual product actually working

Doing something is the best way and you know Bitcoin consider one of the best forms of money on earth it's been completely dominating the US dollar and all fiat currencies for the past 10 years since its existence it's been

Doing way better if you were to put $100 into US dollar 10 years ago versus $100 into Bitcoin you could potentially be a millionaire and Bitcoin okay off of that hundred dollars but you would have lost a whole bunch of money if you just held

The US dollar so there's a clear you know I mean a lot of people want to talk about this for the same reasons they do the same thing you know with the Bitcoin you know reputation that they with for example the what we originally

Talked about the pyramid scheme the loom pyramid scheme they make Bitcoin look bad like as the drug dealers coin or it's obviously it's a public ledger I can't dive into all the specifics in this one video but it's a public ledger

Actually there's people out there that that tracked down criminals on the internet and they wish people use Bitcoin because it would be the dumbest criminals ever it's a public ledger of all the transactions ever made in

Bitcoin so if a criminal try to use Bitcoin are you literally putting their information out to the public okay that's how Bitcoin works you can verify this with anybody in the world you know that's completely false they're

Doing the same thing what they're doing is they're talking smack about Bitcoin because they're scared banks are scared of the power of it why are now banks talking about creating their own digital currency because they know it's superior

They know superior they know that the US dollar is being over diluted and they're decreasing the purchasing power making the rich richer just trying to get you out of that Ponzi scheme I know that's a lot more concept to understand but just

Just to recap this video guys not everything is a Ponzi scheme you have to be able to analyze the differences between a Ponzi scheme and not if you can't if you can't you're gonna lose you're gonna miss out you're gonna miss

Out on the free quick cash you know I told you guys I'm gonna bunch money and cryptocurrency I made six figures in less than three months right my girlfriend made like forty fifty thousand like awful like a two thousand

Dollar investment it's real okay it's real I really experienced it I have a bunch of videos you guys can check out you know I'm doing the same thing I'm giving you guys free money free information as you can see here in

Coinbase ern I already maxed it out alright I already maxed it out I don't need any more referrals I literally do not make money for telling you guys this video I'm just simply trying to put you guys on to something news so that

Reciprocal altruism you guys can subscribe to my channel and potentially you know watch my videos and you know and want to do businessman in the future as simple as that nobody's trying to no gimmicks no scams is a simply coinbase

Earn one of the biggest platforms on the internet when it comes to exchanging currencies a multi-billion dollar company with millions of users per day visiting this website it is not a scam they're giving you something free and I

Hope so you can do business with them in the future like what most people do it's very effective but that's it for this video guys if you like the quality's content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism subscribe for

More video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind for watching this video guys catch you in the next one

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